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  1. Happened several times to me as well today, on different characters and servers. Client version 4.1.113(371ae1e) Rainbow was or was not there.
  2. I will definitely show up and imp whatever I can find around. I can also provide 99ql yummy pizza (perhaps some other food too, for random affinites for the impalongers; please let me know if food delivery is a necessity or not, @VirusMD )
  3. Mmm, what RGB has the house to the right? (the blue one)
  4. I see Katrat's - and ONLY - Katrat's screenshots the same as Ayuna; if it was any adblocker involved, would have been more screenies from various users involved (and no, I do not use any adblocker on my last version of Firefox); I'm pretty sure is the way Katrat uploads her images (because once in a while I can see a screenshot of hers like I see everyone elses).
  5. Best screenshot so far! I loved and liked all of them since the update, but this one is absolute astonishing.
  6. Finally, @Malena!! Most wanted Art Developer! Congratulations, and I hope your short term role will last for at least 10 years from now on!
  7. Do not discriminate kitties, please!! Everyone needs a cat in their lives! preferably not a wild one
  8. Best thing is to try and make/buy a small boat (a rowboat is possible and easy to be made at any level, and because you don't plan to take much stuff with you, it will suffice). Take your tools, armor, weapons, some food and water, then go out and pay a visit to other servers as well. Each server has unique communities, some more friendly, some more distant, but you can find helpful players anywhere. Each server has plenty of free space where you can deed (and I strongly recommend you find a spot at water edge, because why not? it will provide you with water, food (fish), rice and reed farming, dock, boats and easy sailing wherever you like); there is enough waterfront where you could deed. Xanadu has the widest landscape, and you can find a spot without neighbors on a radius of an hour, if not more, but it has a few cons as well; smaller servers are more balanced and still offer you a lot of opportunities to find that place you can call "home". Of course, I would recommend to you to come and visit Pristine, which is the best server of all The N-W area has some great spots, and I would recommend you to check around G11 (no close neighbours there, and worth being seen). Either way, wherever you will settle, I wish you good luck and a lot of fun!
  9. Waiting for coffee and breakfast on a Sunday morning
  10. A must see for a (good) giggle!