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  1. To get the extra guard, the tower has to have the max number of "regular guards" - 5 - spawning, then a 6th one will appear, hence the tower needs to be imped to 50ql first.
  2. All the love in the world for your beautiful floof, @SweetSusie, he is a gorgeous boy, who deserves to run and jump and enjoy a full life on four kitty legs. He looks as cool as a British aristocrat in disgrace, who hasn't lost his dignity even in a kennel, wearing the cone with grace.
  3. Update: I cooked another pizza a few minutes ago, for a friend, on the old cluster, and I have the same issue: "If" cooking with processed ingredients, stored in a FSB, is affecting the timers, then it is an unannounced change, because, as I said, I cook the same way since the cooking update came to live and I NEVER had this issue before. Moreover, a decrease in timers from 15 hours to 1 hour would be simply ridiculous, no matter how stored the ingredients are! I "count" on a bug, and I hope it will be fixed soooon, because affinities from cooking are a very important feature in our day to day lives!
  4. Only if cute fluffeh bunnies cannot be killed!
  5. It happened once, because I cooked the day before Steam launch, and played on the new servers ever since.
  6. I always chop around 150 of each herb and veggie, and ground 150 of each spice, and always use them from FSB, where I store them already chopped and never had the timer issue until now.
  7. My priest has 99.76 HFC. For years I cook and feed myself, my alliance, and not only once i supply food for various public events (impalongs, etc). My usual 99.05 ql full house pizza, without any special ingredients (no sausages, no bacon, no fish, no baked/cooked ingredients, etc), gives around 15 hours affinity from one bite. Right before the new cluster launched I cooked a pizza which - surprise! - gives around 1 hour affinity after a big bite. I have it stored in the small magic chest, in the kitchen, where I keep the regular food for consumption, separated by specific affinity food. The recipe is the same one I use for years - chopped herbs, chopped veggies, ground spices, cheese and feta cheese, nuts, raw meat, dough, passata. Nothing changed (sure I could add more insect than canine meat, or beef or lamb, but that shouldn't have any impact on affinity timer!), is the same 99.05ql, ~30kg pizza i keep making since the cooking system changed. Please check what is happening?
  8. I had no idea you took over the map (other than the technical support), but the map is still used; there are less people actively playing on Pristine right now because we are trying the new cluster, but I can assure you we do not plan to abandon our home! Thank you for the update!
  9. Hell horse attacking from behind a fence, from few tiles apart. I have 3 hell horses, hitched to hitching posts, outside the enclosure where I keep my farm animals. While I was in the pen, one of the hell horses aggroed me, kept attacking me and almost killed me (when I made it out of the enclosure, I was at 0 health). The attacker The Almost_Dead_Is_A_Miracle_To_Be_Alive one I'm pretty sure there is another report somewhere, but I couldn't find it (could it be because of the red tunnel?).
  10. Many happy returns of the day, Amadee! But you made a typo, I'm sure you meant 17 yrs
  11. Happened several times to me as well today, on different characters and servers. Client version 4.1.113(371ae1e) Rainbow was or was not there.
  12. I will definitely show up and imp whatever I can find around. I can also provide 99ql yummy pizza (perhaps some other food too, for random affinites for the impalongers; please let me know if food delivery is a necessity or not, @VirusMD )
  13. Mmm, what RGB has the house to the right? (the blue one)
  14. I see Katrat's - and ONLY - Katrat's screenshots the same as Ayuna; if it was any adblocker involved, would have been more screenies from various users involved (and no, I do not use any adblocker on my last version of Firefox); I'm pretty sure is the way Katrat uploads her images (because once in a while I can see a screenshot of hers like I see everyone elses).
  15. Best screenshot so far! I loved and liked all of them since the update, but this one is absolute astonishing.