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  1. Not sure how well "Gratz!" works for a title, but have a second one from me
  2. Congratulations to winners, that's some serious creativity involved there. Glad to see you're still on the team, @DemonaNightshade
  3. Best weapon skin, so far, buuut .. it has the look of a mage staff, not of a melee weapon and, on top of that, once applied to a coloured staff, it darkness the colour way too much. Purple or skin? Purple or skin? I'm afraid the purple is winning here.
  4. Bumpity for the Saturday Night Fever!
  5. Also Lows Column, Tower of Fool, Last Stand of Cat and Squares Tower (foundation pillars on Red Dragon island), #932, 220
  6. Please add Last Stand of Shame (foundation pillar) at 1675, 503
  7. What knapsacks are those?
  8. They are system spawned for the missions and can be found on wild; the surviving ones do not despawn after the mission is over (complete, expired or failed).
  9. Once again, I will try to remind devs about this bug. Three and a half years passed, the issue is still affecting a lot of us, but no update was ever given, we do not know if anyone looked into this, plans to do it, or is simply forgotten/dismissed as being unimportant and not contributing to the happiness of the playerbase. Heads up would be greatly appreciated, especially if they're going to tell us a fix is on its way, in the next patch or so
  10. I'll be happy to provide once again the food needed for such an event! Also, while I cannot promise to be there with a certain character, when/if I am be around I can help with blacksmithing, leatherworking, carpentry, fine carpentry, cloth tailoring, papyrusmaking, pottery imping and poke here and there