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  1. Considering the thread is 3 years old and meantime adjustements have been made, adding what was requested, I'd say is fine now, for how sailing works nowadays.
  2. Slate forge, on examine, will say A forge made from stone bricks and clay, intended for smelting and smithing. (I will update as needed, once I get to examine the other new forge types).
  3. All his videos from this series are titled "Worst MMO ever? - [game name]", this was episode 64. It's an interesting video overall, and no, is NOT about Wurm being the worst MMO ever.
  4. To pay for premium on a Steam account, you need enable overlay in Steam settings (Steam>settings>in-game>enable overlay), then you can can access the shop in game.
  5. .. as long as they look better than the empty shelves we have now, which are simply rough, unpolished planks looking_like (I'm sure they could be better looking anyway, since the furniture has top finishes)
  6. Low mem old UI works, is what I am logged in on now. I am not sure if is the announced removal of old UI or only a hiccup, will have to wait for an answer from devs, and keep hoping for now.
  7. I'll take 2 of them, please, because these colors rock!
  8. This is more or less self-explanatory: a birdcage made from brass, but showing iron and requiring iron to be improved.
  9. Examine on a rift plant:
  10. You missed the -c at the end of the command line "C:\Users\(myname)\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online\WurmLauncher64.exe" -c
  11. If you past the line from properties, it should download the client.
  12. Right-click the Wurm shortcut icon, then click Properties, copy the line in the Target box Press start, then in "Search programs and files" type cmd and press Enter In the cmd little window, right-click and paste the line copied from the properties, then again hit Enter.