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  1. That thread about cats!

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, Fire, he was such a majestic fluff. I'm sure he's now chasing butterflies in a better place, when he's not sleeping curled up in your heart ..
  2. Wurmiversary 2018

    I'm sorry to kill your high hopes, but while everything is Enki's fault, those gravestones are marking the resting place of some zombies spawned last year, which first killed me and then have been killed by me and buried for eternal rememberance .. and unless Enki found them and decided they're perfect for his evil plans .. DON'T MESS UP WITH THE CLAY!
  3. [13:15:52] A valentines is useless and you throw it away. Had 2 valentines in an equipped knapsack on a toon; redeemed them both back in February, never left them on ground. Today one went poof, the other was at 99+ damage.
  4. [Bug] Cant access boat inventory from certain seats

    Character used: Evening Trying to put something from player's inventory in a container in the knarr, as passenger: [20:14:47] You're too far away from the "Cassandra". Trying to put something from player's inventory directly into the knarr (not in a container), as passenger: [20:19:11] You're too far away from the "Cassandra". Knarr examine: [20:16:40] Passengers: Gram, Methos, Herix, Kassandra, Ballad, Evening.
  5. Cannot reset client password

    Alternatively, if you don't want to create a new avatar, you can submit a password reset request to gamemods@wurmonline.com, preferably sent from same e-mail address linked to the avatar you're trying to recover, and a GM will contact you via e-mail.
  6. Forum update complete

    By your request, spoilers have been enabled again a couple minutes ago.
  7. Unicorn names like horses?

    Bred hell horses have names like regulars horses do.
  8. Same as Velvetsun here - I had named recipes for my toons (all on Pristine, where I mainly play). After they were lost, I tried cooking again the same recipe with the same character, but the name didn't reappear; I didn't get my name on other *+* recipes I cooked after losing the original ones, yet I've noticed some recipes have other names now, after being initially discovered by different people (for example, Ladygodiva's dragon jalfrezi is now Smackeddown's dragon jalfrezi, Lisabet's herb dumpling became Theplague's herb dumpling etc).
  9. Wood Type Feedback Thread

    (two and a half months later) Still waiting for that promised tweaking on carts!! (and maybe a look match for items made from same wood type, but looking totally different based on the item? check, for example, items made from olivewood).
  10. Kitchen/Dining Decorative Storage

    Right now, I'm using a cupboard for smaller utensils, a magic chest for most pottery and heh, a large storage unit for pans; a specialised storage (or more) is a great idea!