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  1. 23 3s merchant contract 6.5s
  2. 6 2.5s 13 3s merchant contract 6s
  3. (from the neverending story of) "If I fits, I sits"
  4. And because I'm very very bad and could hardly decide ..
  5. Whoa! nice set! 15s
  6. Thank you for the clarification, Ausimus
  7. So .. a cared for horse on Pristine, venerable, will be taken to Xana, how does the "suspended caring for" work? Will the horse die, not being cared for on Xana (where I already have a full cared for list), but being cared for on Pristine?
  8. If I remember right, items in inventory give the message "a credit card is useless and you throw it away", while items outside inventory give the message "a laptop crumbles to dust".
  9. It looks like my unicorn champs and my seals have read the patch notes and found out they were fixed. No more running in circles, they are standing still now.
  10. Seals have same behaviour, moving non-stop in circles. About unicorns, only champs never stop.
  11. For some odd reason, lately (2-3 weeks or so) all my foals came out 4sp, with a neutral or bad trait, be them regular horses or hell horses. My AH is 56.56, I kept it below 60 to reduce the "chance" of other traits except speed ones; all parents are clean 5sp, all animals are on deed, with the ratio above 20, no inbreeding (parents not related at all, or not having common ancestors in the past 5-6 generations).
  12. Shrimp's impalong last winter was a blast. Everyone who came over enjoyed the place, the atmosphere, the fun, the great community spirit. Everyone was treated with respect, everyone was looked after, everyone got a bite of food, a joke, a smile, a cheer up, a bed to sleep, a glorious death in the arena. He worked almost alone (or with his one and only villager) for about half a year, redesigned the entire deed, spent countless hours late in the night, sometimes falling asleep on his keyboard, to make that place as welcoming as possible for everyone who attended the event. That deserves gratitude, at the very least. None of those hosting impalongs over the years did it for personal gain, none got rich from them, none bought a scale set from the awesome sales they had, none could afford to open a bank account in Cayman Islands when the events were over.
  13. I can confirm that, yesterday my unis were standing still, now the ones in larger pens will never stop circling around. Pristine / Rainbow Mountain Retreat deed, 3 champion unicorns moving in circles non-stop. Same thing is happening with my seals, they won't stop a moment from their circling (in a house, on deed).
  14. The one who cooks has to be the last one who had the cauldron/sauce pan in inventory, like any other cooked food. 100 ql sap turned into 99.05 ql syrup here (a minute ago) without issue, no bug.