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  1. This is the best thread on this forum!
  2. As Xor said, you can make an alt and submit a /support ticket in game, or send an e-mail with details at gamemods@wurmonline.com. The most important things to add are the names of the characters and the e-mails used for each of them, if you e-mail your request, or the name of the characters (and be online to talk to GMs), if you choose to submit a ticket. Please remember that accounts that were never premium are deleted if not logged in for 90 days, and there is no way to recover them or their inventories; the only thing you can do in such a situation is to create a new character with the old (or a new) name and start over.
  3. It looks like the place a traitor was killed (a traitor will have a shimmering light, to make it more distinctive). Sometimes the light (or the blue glow from a tree cut down for a mission) will need a server reboot to disappear.
  4. Please submit ingame /support tickets to have a GM spawning the missing ones.
  5. Happy New Year from Pinhead (obviously not painted by me!)
  6. Stanlee's events are always fun, full of colours, sounds and craziness (in a good way). I's give him a MC title, yunno, MC Stanlee! He deserves a recognition, then we can force him into hosting ballet evenings (no puns, please! or else!), mimes in the woods and other special things! +1 for Platyna's suggestion! And if not a title, at least a MC wand, similar to Emoo's drinking shoe
  7. Merry what you celebrate and whatever you are wishing for!
  8. What about Christmas tree gets a revamp, because is small, ugly, old and petty, and there's no difference if you have it in a house, in the middle of the deed, in the open or in a starting town? The Christmas tree should be a joy not only to have, but to look at it, not only a mean to get your Christmas present and spare a trip to a starting town for it, but a nice, sparkling, colourful and magnificent symbol of - perhaps - the most loved celebration in the world! And while we're at it, could we please please PLEASE have the gift wrappings back? Years ago they were removed because people were "abusing" them, and wrapped a pelt or a rare log (game breaking, I know!!); nowadays, people give away free 100 ql, enchanted pelts, and we still didn't get them back? Why? Why this stuborness? Every single year since they were removed they were asked back, and every single year (or almost) we have been told (IF we got an answer) No! and that was it, no context, no explanation, just "no". Suggestion: redesign the Christmas tree and make it nice; more than that, make it sizeable with the tree age - use a mature pine for a smaller one, am older, very old or overaged for bigger and bigger versions, so it can fit and match any place, from a humble hut to a castle, or a deed center. Bring the gift wrappings back. Prevent abuse by making them disappear the day Winter Holidays symbols (Santa, starting town Christmas trees, julbords, light beams) are removed. Both are easy and simple solution, not making anyone happier than other, not turning Christmas into a business; Christmas shouldn't be a show off of skills and wealth, but a warm, friendly celebration, when we remember we're all humans, we're all the same, we came from the same place and will go to the same place after some time spent here. Happy Winter Holidays!