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  1. You can either make an alt and submit a /support ticket in-game, or send an e-mail to gamemods@wurmonline.com. A ticket submitted with an alt would be preferable, because the one answering it can directly talk to you, but either way will work.
  2. Temporary workaround: activate any item in inventory then right click the object you want to move
  3. Hidden gem on Xanadu: Zdus' Hacienda
  4. Good to imp blacksmithing, leatherworking, cloth tailoring, masonry, stone cutting, carpentry, fine carpentry, pottery here. Also, I can bring the best cook ever and make the attendants feel like singing while eating utterly delicious meals
  5. Just .. one last dance. And much sadness.
  6. Actually, a never been premium character will be deleted after 84 days of not being logged in (3 Wurm months x 28 days each). Best thing is to buy premium once for the important toons (main, storage alts, deed holders); it costs 10 silver to buy premium from token, you get 2 silver back for getting premium the very first time and a referral to sell for ~6 silver, which means you will have a forever-lasting toon at the price of merely 2 silver.
  7. You just made my day! i haven't laughed so hard in a long time!
  8. Whenever one of the global casts performed by a player god priest happens, area history (and Twitter) records it as the default god cast. Last occurence: Release, where RoS was cast by a Nahjo priest, but people were informed followers of Vynora received her blessings. Sep 25, 2017 12:55:19 AM Habet casts Rite of Spring. Followers of Vynora receive her blessings! https://twitter.com/Releaseserv
  9. Yes, please, +1 and all that, most players won't ever have a chance otherwise. Could be considered only not accomplished (yet) goals at the time of reroll.
  10. We used to be able to load strange devices and turrets in large carts and/or wagons, now it seems they do not fit in cart/wagons anymores, not even in runed ones. [13:43:00] There is not enough room in the large cart for the strange device. [runed cart] [13:44:32] There is not enough room in the "Purple Haze" for the strange device. [runed wagon] [13:45:11] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%)
  11. Pick up the bulk storage unit, drop it on the ground and you will be able to rename the shelves individually. Same mechanics applies for large storage units.
  12. Same here, odd water reflections during the day, very big stars reflections during the night, 'doubled" characters view: