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  1. whats diplomatic way get back stuff

    Then I guess you could ask for the thread to be locked, good you sorted it out.
  2. Crow Kingdom Merch

    Beautiful artwork, congrats to something very original!! Now design something beautiful for Freedom and threaten Saroman with .. whatever you can think of, until he agrees to put it in game Good luck with the sale!
  3. Bar stools

    Back in the day, stools were tall, bar_type looking like, and we used coffins as bars, because they were flat and black, before both models were changed to what they are today (both are greatly missed).
  4. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    Odd enough, my snowballs I collected last winter, kept in the icebox in a larder which isn't runed in any way, nor even cedarwood, have normal damage, below 10%. The damage they took lately seems nothing like the bug some time ago, which made then decay with the speed of a snowstorm. Supposedly the icebox in a larder has better preserving properties towards snowballs, while regular shelves work better for food, which would make sense decay wise for a type of items or another, if the code specifically makes a difference between them (someone who reads the code might know better, I just speak from observation) More than that, I have food cooked back in october 2017, wrapped, food that was taken to Independence, carried in a backpack in a boat, stood on Independence in a larder for over a year and eventually was brought back to Pristine, also in a backpack in a boat (went through my inventory as little as pobbile to at all), ql varying from 80 to 99 (cooked by different avatars), and the damage it has after all these years and adventures is between 0 and 6.06%.
  5. Back button on crafting recipes window

    Good idea; +1
  6. Panfilling

    @NordlysI'm not sure why his forum account is an issue, he's selling a service you'd have to pay when things are done, not some goods you have to pay in advance, there's nothing to be trusted here or have a background check. Your questions about his present and past forums accounts is like asking a new player who started playing 1 month ago and is trying to sell some bricks why his forums account isn't a few years old
  7. [Resolved] Pristine down?

    I have informed Retrograde about it some time ago, hopefully @Keenanwill retore it soon.
  8. Wrong message when dragging from saddle sacks

    I have that issue too, but only with one fsb out of 8 in my kitchen, I can drag from saddle bags in all of them, except that one, where I have to drag the items in my inventory, then from there they will go perfectly fine in the fsb. Reproductible if you can identify that one bsb / fsb, it will always act the same as long as in the same place.
  9. Wurm April Fools 2019

    Wiggling, face adjustement tools, preventative amputation, forum posting^
  10. Take a heart (fresh or from a fsb), drop it on the ground, and it will keep beating and beating (quite creepy).
  11. The proud knights known as Spirit templars lost their transparency, they're looking like a black and white (or rather very gray) version of tower guards.
  12. The Screenshots Thread

    Great work, @Toecutterand an awesome tribute to Tich. It surely would deserve a place in @Retrograde's news some day