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  1. Hello. You should either log in with one of your alts and submit a /support ticket (easiest method, the GM who answers your ticket can communicate directly with you, and this speeds up the process quite a bit), or send an e-mail to support@wurmonline.com, which should contain at least your request, name of character, e-mail you remember it was associated with the character and the problem you have when trying to reset your password via the shop. Good luck getting your character back!
  2. What about Vynora, who doesn't have missions anymore? Also Mind Speed is a characteristic tied mostly to fighting, why was it left for Vynora, when would have fit Mag, Fo or Libila better?
  3. CoD them to Evening instead, please? (Ropemaking potions and red dragon bloods, that's it!)
  4. Glassblowing has been asked for so many times, perhaps one of these months devs will make us a big surprise
  5. Supreme spoon - 6s Supreme grindstone - 4s CoD to Evening if ok.
  6. This made me giggle a lot! Well done, Senor Palgolak!
  7. The difference is your med rugs are not placed ON other items but IN other items (carts, in this case). This is similar to small barrels, unsealed, taking damage in barrel racks, but being fine on ground. Whatever reason is behind this discrimination, we will probably never know!
  8. This isn't a bug, occasionally, aggros can and will attack your horse, especially when hungry (I had a horse attacked by two different crocodiles at once, in same place, for example). Is not very common, but not a very rare happening either.
  9. Patch notes from 17 May 2017 Bugfix: Fixed the issue where some passenger seats of some boats could not access the hold because of distance. Access hold, in my understanding, means interacting with items inside the hold (putting/taking items out, repairing them etc).
  10. Embarked passenger in a knarr, and trying to put something in the knarr's hold gives the message "You're too far away from the "Insert name here". Taking out items from the hold and repairing items in the hold is working, as well as eating and drinking.
  11. I can only give one Like to this, but in my heart you won The Day!
  12. But also except that those answering here are 95% the same ones answering in CA Help. And the larger pool is in game, not on forum The mechanics are changing now and then, so the searchability is somewhat limited. Anyway, it was only an advice; you are free to use whichever method you prefer, if you like forum better, please use it.