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  1. I swear there was an unicorn there, just before I looked! >.>
  2. Indeed, except the fact that, on examine, it says the forge is not lit, and all the items inside: tools, backpacks, food etc are cold, but when trying to clean it, it says is lit.
  3. Forge was lit to heat up some food, used a kindling, let it completely burn and extinguish on its own. Somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes later, I wanted to clean the forge and get the ash. Then I made booboo. Forge was cold, items inside were cold, examine said it was not lit, attempting to clean it resulted in burns! Ouch?
  4. As the title says .. I had a weta, the same weta, hitched to a hitching post since the day they were added to the game. I tried with various food placed in the through: cooked meals, mixed grass, veggies; nothing seemed to appeal Linux. Perhaps it's just a spoiled brad, enjoying too much to be hand fed. Or perhaps is a bug?
  5. You will be sorely missed! Take care, wherever you go, and carry on with your graffiti work, here or there, it will put a smile on someone's face. Ugh, why did you need to have a real life?
  6. @Warlander Evening likes German rock; over the time, they gave some great bands (and sometimes solo singers), spanning most, if not all, sub-genres, and if they couldn't fit in any existing category, they "created" new ones (see Rammstein, for example!), and all this time they were both pioneers and masters of rock.
  7. Checking on my animals on Jackal, I found a weta which wasn't on deed .. except the fact it was very much penned on deed, and I just fed it by hand minutes before. In list of animals, shows off deed; in Give directions, I was standing on it; I led it and moved it several tiles away, the situation remained the same.
  8. Running 2 toons after today's patch, on Jackal, insta-disconnected on both, one was in an inactive window, waiting for some food to cook in the oven, the other was sitting and chatting. No crash window after both got booted. Console Identical console message for the other character
  9. Steam WO

    All the info you want to know and reading material for several good hours!
  10. "Trick or treat? I'll take some Halloween scritches" - Catula, the vampire cat
  11. I found the band about 3 days ago, and I instantly fell in love, it was this song I have first heard with them. They are a Gothic Rock band, although I find them to be more Rock - Folk than Gothic, but they're great. What amazes me is not only the public's reaction (I do not believe I have heard before so much interaction between a band and its audience), but also the fact they sound as good live as in studio. There is also an official video for this song, with the collaboration of another two Gothic Rock band lead vocals (Lord of The Lost and Lacrimosa) and a known actor/musician from Germany, Joachim Witt. I'm sure @Malenawould like this! And because we're at it (I'll stop after this, I promise!), here's a studio song of them, for comparison with live performances:
  12. For all qwertyuiop wurmians, who think a keyboard is more appropriate for a nap than a soft, comfy pillow!