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  1. Bump
  2. Perhaps we won't get purple dragons, buuuuut
  3. Actually, a wurm month has 28 days, and an account gets deleted if not logging in for 84 days, unless it was premium at least once. While this is unfortunate, no items can be recovered from a deleted account, either from inventory or bank. Keep in mind that nowadays there is a 2s premium purchase option for going premium for the first time, that should make things much easier if you want to dedicate a character to storage purposes.
  4. I have a male on Release, venerable and cared for and free to good home Also potty trained and not fussy about food, but less social and maybe not that mannered (will growl at night!), poke me when you're around and we can work out something (he's on mid west coast enjoying salted water and ocean breeze).
  5. Butiful beasties found a loving home and a caring father in the person of Samvimes!
  6. Pair of aged black bear champs fluffy well mannered potty trained not fussy about food (will eat pretty much anything and anyone) Looking for a loving home and some caring for owners. Help provided with moving them, their furniture, kids, family dog and personal toys. To adopt them, pm Evening.
  7. As title says. I'm looking to buy two (drop) recipes. Horserburger and chips Cheese fondue Please pm in game or on forums. Thank you.
  8. Will the dyes fix include the painted wooden items?
  9. Wooden and metal ones can be improved after being placed on a mine opening. (Not sure if works in WU as well), stone mine doors can be removed using a crowbar, re-imped and placed again on the mine entrance, too.