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  1. Apparently if you use pre-chopped herbs/veggies that were stored in a fsb, the affinity timer drops drastically (when I first encountered the problem, my usual 16-18hr affinity pizza was reduced to something ridiculous, 30 minutes or so; ever since, I chop the ..choppables when I have to cook, although at times is very very inconvenient, and the problem never occured again). If you make pizza, the sausages in it can make a huge difference for the timer. Indeed, https://wurm.azurewebsites.net messes up the affinities sometimes, but only for some people (it will always mess the affinities for Jenny, if it did it once, but never for Johnny, for example); a workaround I found is to make meals instead pizza for the troubled ones, and that never fails. I do not know what exactly you do and how you cook, but I hope something will work for you. Happy cooking!
  2. I'm not sure there is time to have a queen moving into a new home and handing you the beehive, but for now I can surely send some beeswax your way as soon as I log in tonight. I will also see about a beehive and I will try to split a noisy one for you (once you have one beehive, it is easy to get more out of it).
  3. Indeed, in this specific case, it turned out to be some server connections issues, that affected more people than just myself; however, the other (mentioned) crahes happened without a crashing window (although I didn't copy the console, but instead switched back to the awesome old UI).
  4. The irony: I was reading this thread, and I crashed myself (and cannot log back in, because ..) The crashes, a lot in the past days, happens (and happened) exclusively while using the new UI; for as long as I played on old UI, I had no issues at all; as soon as I tried to switch to the new one, it turned into a nighmare. At the time of this crash, I was online for several hours already, and was chatting with my friends and praying. Two days ago I had to delete the entire packs folder, because I crashed and I couldn't log back in.
  5. Wurm rules do not allow posting links to funding sites, so anyone wishing and being able to help, please see the quoted post and contact @Doctercheseor someone from their alliance (perhaps a list of names would be helpful here) in a forum PM. Best wishes to Stormblade and Jabirta, I hope they will soon find relief for their pain and help to rebuild their lives; such a tragedy is heartbreaking, but they have to be strong for each other and carry on.
  6. Moved to Auctions.
  7. You can examine the catseyes (if any) and see who planted them, thus finding out who is building the highway and making it easier to contact them in game.
  8. Once upon a time actual stools were tall (and coffins lids were level and served as "tables"), but that was so long ago, I sadly couldn't find any more screenies with them (although someone most likely still has some and could share, if reading this).
  9. They can be sacrificed; 100ql skull - 10 favor, if I am remembering right.
  10. Considering the thread is 3 years old and meantime adjustements have been made, adding what was requested, I'd say is fine now, for how sailing works nowadays.
  11. Slate forge, on examine, will say A forge made from stone bricks and clay, intended for smelting and smithing. (I will update as needed, once I get to examine the other new forge types).
  12. All his videos from this series are titled "Worst MMO ever? - [game name]", this was episode 64. It's an interesting video overall, and no, is NOT about Wurm being the worst MMO ever.