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  1. Kurois's artifacts - archeology and runes

    Thank you very much for all the drake fragments, Master Fragmented Kurois!! Was nice to do business with you
  2. That thread about cats!

    Just because is so pretty!
  3. Gift Wrapping Paper...

    Pretty please!
  4. misc. rares/supremes/gifts - CHEAP

    Grooming brush to me, please, thank you
  5. Place objects - prevent decay and pile

    Let's just don't consider food as decorative unless is placed on top of a magic chest, and everything would be perfect in the best world possible!
  6. Kurois's artifacts - archeology and runes

    I no get my fragments?
  7. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Incredible sad news! Gone, but never forgotten, Tich will always live in our hearts and memories; she became a part of Wurm, the same Wurm was a part of her life in all these years. RIP, Tich!
  8. Kurois's artifacts - archeology and runes

    Drake fragments to Evening, please, and thank you
  9. If you and the player are not friended/in a team, the stuff in your house is technically still "yours"; you have to either go a bit away, friend/team up with the player/add him to house permissions.
  10. A Horse of a Different Color

    We also need purple dragons!!
  11. A Horse of a Different Color

    Yesss .. the black silver pony, pretty please!! and many others, actually replacing "old" colour with some more fancy ones would be a nice idea (just stay away from my white horses!! )
  12. Valrei International. 070

    New wood types! And some new clothes .. will we EVER get some decent trousers and maybe skirts too? Nuns don't wear bouffant pants