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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I'll supply the food, as usual, nobody complained yet about my cooking abilities
  2. Huge Foals [Duplicate report]

    Reported here, waiting to be fixed
  3. Make sure you have nothing activated when you try to remove / rename a group, and it will work.
  4. WTS Blood of the Angels

    2 charges out of 3, I am considering 150s/Euro charge, can make a discount if 2 charges are bought at once, pm in game or forums, thank you.
  5. Simple/QoL suggestions compilation

    "Get info" in a submenu, like Enchant already got years ago, to avoid wasting it at the slightest lag or misclick.
  6. Can we dig floor next to reinforced wall?

    You can also use the CA Help channel for asking these questions, a lot of experienced players are ready to help with great answers
  7. Tabard

  8. HELP! Missing Corbita 'The Exile'

    Last time I seen an exiled corbita, it was moored next to Brandy's deed, Lowhou, on Bloodmoon Island (the big round one at O 24ish), maybe start from there?
  9. That thread about cats!

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, Fire, he was such a majestic fluff. I'm sure he's now chasing butterflies in a better place, when he's not sleeping curled up in your heart ..
  10. Wurmiversary 2018

    I'm sorry to kill your high hopes, but while everything is Enki's fault, those gravestones are marking the resting place of some zombies spawned last year, which first killed me and then have been killed by me and buried for eternal rememberance .. and unless Enki found them and decided they're perfect for his evil plans .. DON'T MESS UP WITH THE CLAY!
  11. [13:15:52] A valentines is useless and you throw it away. Had 2 valentines in an equipped knapsack on a toon; redeemed them both back in February, never left them on ground. Today one went poof, the other was at 99+ damage.