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  1. It has all of its legs in the usual spots??!! Hi, Jimmy! 1s
  2. @Locath While you're technically right and a player has to be part of a kingdom/pmk based on that kingdom, you cannot be part of HoTS without being a Libila follower. @SylvanasPerhaps directly contacting someone from HoTS and asking about getting an unfinished guard tower would be easier? GL and Trade are visible from Freedom only, and someone from Chaos and part of a kingdom or pmk wouldn't see any of the usual chats. Not that long ago there was a thread by Tomatoes about forming a new pmk on Chaos, perhaps you could send him a pm on forum and / in game? Would be a good start, and you could also try to find out who else is a HoTS member.
  3. Not sure how well "Gratz!" works for a title, but have a second one from me
  4. Congratulations to winners, that's some serious creativity involved there. Glad to see you're still on the team, @DemonaNightshade
  5. Best weapon skin, so far, buuut .. it has the look of a mage staff, not of a melee weapon and, on top of that, once applied to a coloured staff, it darkness the colour way too much. Purple or skin? Purple or skin? I'm afraid the purple is winning here.
  6. Bumpity for the Saturday Night Fever!
  7. Also Lows Column, Tower of Fool, Last Stand of Cat and Squares Tower (foundation pillars on Red Dragon island), #932, 220
  8. Please add Last Stand of Shame (foundation pillar) at 1675, 503