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Found 431 results

  1. Hello all, This little beauty will help you find the right way. [19:55:57] A rudimentary compass, made from a needle floating in oil on a piece of wood in a jar. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. [19:55:57] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Bitter.ind.r'. [19:55:57] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [104] Rules Counter
  2. New Home Market Were back Welcome to New Home Market This is our current professions: Weapon smithing: Lethyria Cloth tailoring: Dokhida up to 70QL Vyn Priest: Halas - 90 Channeling Benediction Fo Priest: Alarri - 90 Channeling Benediction Were both EU TZ, were online during evenings and weekends. All orders are sent via our instant mailbox, with increased size! Imping will often cost less please contact us to get a price. For weapons and enchants contact Lethyria or Dokhida if his not online. We have two price ranges on Precast and Custom Cast Custom cast: Full price. You send us an item and specify the minimum cast from the table below and you get the cast at the specified minimum cast at the price listed, no matter the cast power. Precast: 30% off Custom cast. The item is made by us and casted on. All 70+Ql weapons come with a free demise of your choice. Custom Weapons and tools 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL 90QL Carving Knives (Iron Creation) 0.05 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 1.00 S Butchering Knives/Sickles(Iron) 0.13 S 0.20 S 0.30 S 0.75 S N/A Weapons(Iron/Silver) 0.25S/0.25 0.4S/0.5 0.6S/1 1S/2 N/A Custom Cast 50 60 70 80 90 CoC/WoA Casts N/A N/A 0.90 S 1.90 S 2.90 S Life Transfer Casts N/A N/A 1.80 S 2.80 S 5.00 S Contact Dokhida for cloth Tailoring Cloth Tailoring Creation QL 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL Bedroll 1.00 S 1.20 S 1.40 S Cloth Barding 0.40 S 0.60 S 0.80 S 1.30 S Cotton Cloths (Set) 0.35 S 0.80 S 1.25 S 3.00 S Cotton Sheets 0.10 S 0.15 S Fishing Nets 0.02 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 0.30 S Normal / Fine Meditation Rug 0.10 S 0.30 S 0.50 S 1.00 S Beautiful / Exquisite Meditation Rug 0.20 S 0.40 S 0.60 S 1.10 S Satchel 0.02 S Carpet Small Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Large Colourful Carpet 0.20 S 0.30 S Sails 0.20 S 0.40 S Explorer tent 0.50 S 0.80 S Military tent 1.00 S 1.30 S Horses Were slowly starting to sell horses you can see our stock here: Mailboxes: For mailbox casts please message Lethyria to arrange a time I charge 1-2s for travel then one cast for free, guaranteed 90+ for 1s or guaranteed 101+ (instant) for 5s Other Items Wagons: 3S( 1S for coastal delivery, 2S inland) Our blacksmithing is done through New Age Plate armour shop Enchanted Items: Contact Halas, Dokhida or Lethyria for any enchanted items Most items are posted as a head item, this is for two reasons: 1. it takes us less material to create the item 2. You can get your own signature on it. The enchant will transfer over to the finished item on creation. If you want the item finished or imped just ask. Note: For pre-casted items please pm Lethyria or Dokhida in game or post on here, if you pm us on the forum please add both of us to the PM. Weapons: # Weapon Type QL LT CoC Nim Ms Price W18 Large Maul Silver 70 89 94 84 71 6.70 S W19 Large Maul Silver 70 75 77 82 85 5.30 S W29 Short sword Iron 70 70 63 87 3.50 S W16 Spear Silver 50 51 0.60 S Chisel Blade, Iron #75 - 12QL - 81WoA - 1.35S #74 - 11QL - 81WoA - 1.35S Clay Shaper, Oak #11 - 11QL - 94CoC - 2.05S #10 - 12QL - 69CoC - 0.55S File Head, Iron #80 - 80QL - 81CoC - 1.35S Hatchet Head, Iron #43 - 4QL - 62CoC - 0.55S #45 - 4QL - 56CoC - 0.35S(Assembled) Leather Knife Blade, Iron #69 - 4QL - 77CoC - 0.65S Meditation Rug #101 - 14QL - 78CoC - 0.65S Needle, Iron #6 - 4QL - 77CoC - 0.65S #2 - 4QL - 75CoC - 0.65S #1 - 1QL - 74CoC - 0.65S #5 - 3QL - 72CoC - 0.65S #3 - 4QL - 71CoC - 0.65S #4 - 4QL - 70CoC - 0.65S Pendulum, Iron #110 - 58QL - 96LITDe - 0.50S #112 - 58QL - 81LITDe - 0.25S #115 - 58QL - 101LITW - 0.75S #114 - 39QL - 98LITW - 0.50S #113 - 57QL - 94LITW - 0.50S #116 - 58QL - 93LITW - 0.50S Pickaxe Head, Iron #90 - 4QL - 81CoC - 1.35S #88 - 3QL - 80CoC - 1.35S #92 - 4QL - 70CoC - 0.65S #97 - 4QL - 81WoA - 1.35S #94 - 4QL - 73WoA - 0.65S #93 - 4QL - 72WoA - 0.65S Rake Blade, Iron #18 - 5QL - 88CoC - 1.35S #19 - 4QL - 86CoC - 1.35S #20 - 3QL - 82CoC - 1.35S #17 - 4QL - 74CoC - 0.65S #16 - 5QL - 64CoC - 0.55S #15 - 4QL - 58CoC - 0.35S Scissor Blade, Iron #24 - 1QL - 88CoC - 1.35S Shovel Blade, Iron #34 - 5QL - 56CoC - 0.35S #37 - 53QL - 84WoA - 1.35S(Assembled) #32 - 5QL - 80WoA - 1.35S #33 - 4QL - 66WoA - 0.55S Spatula, Oak #28 - 11QL - 74CoC - 0.65S Spindle, Oak #65 - 5QL - 84CoC - 1.35S Trowel, Iron #56 - 12QL - 82WoA - 1.35S #57 - 11QL - 80WoA - 1.35S #54 - 11QL - 71WoA - 0.65S
  3. Hello, Dragon Valley's Market presents to your service. If you have any questions or if you'd like to request some items be restocked or added, just PM me on priest DARGOLL or on main DARGOL . /t Dargol /t Dargoll Custom casts (coc, woa, nim, ms) Current skill - 87,8 channeling (Benediction Vynora Enchants) 1s for 70+, 2s for 80+ power if cast on your own items (pay that fee regardless of how much higher the actual enchant is) (Nimb cast multiply by х1.2, MS casts, multiply by х2) P.S. your items can be broke (~0,5%) . Small chance, but it exists! Price list of already enchanted tools/weapons/materials: 70-79 power - 0,33s 80-89 power - 0,66s 90-99 power - 1,8s 100+ power - 3s+ Circle of Cunning (coc) - Increases skillgain when using the tool to perform actions. Wind of Ages (woa) - Increases the speed of the tool when using it to perform actions. Nimble (nim) - Increases chances to hit. Stone Strike (ss) - Improve the success chance of a surface mining action. Notes: If the tool is incomplete(in a head or blade form), any casts on it will carry over to the combined tool ! When ordering three or more products at once through the forum - a 10% discount. Special offers Awls Butchering knife Carving knives Cheese drills Files Grooming Brushes Hammers Hatchets Horse shoes Knifes Large Anvil Leather knifes Lumps Mallets Meditation rugs Metal bruchs Mortar and pestle Needles Pelts Pickaxes Rakes Rope tools Saws Scissors Scythes Shields Shovels Sickles Small Anvils Small Bucket Spindle Spears Stone Chisels Trowels Water Whetstone Weapons !!!Temporarily closed!!! Bows !!!Temporarily closed!!! Fo priest services (to create an order, call first Sethdrake, or 2nd Dargol. Or post request on this thread) Price list: Genesis - Cast on animals to remove any 1st bad traits they may have 0,5s for each cast. Your can come to us (Cadence G9 - Dragon Valley) or we can visit you. (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance) If you need to cure 3 or more animals, 10% discount. Courier - Enchant spirit cottages and spirit houses to allow them to send mail to other players. 1,00s for 3 casts (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance) Wild growth - It nurtures trees advancing their growth and tends fields within a small radius around the caster. 0,70s for each cast. (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance) Humid drizzle - is an area of effect spell that tends to (i.e. grooms) all animals in a radius of 4 tiles in every direction around the tile it is cast on, cures diseases and heals animals similarly to Light of Fo, and makes all animals milkable again. 0,50s for each cast. (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance)
  4. buyer pays COD from Exodus, or pickup Exodus H13 delivery negotiable, free delivery for orders over 5s to boat accessible places on Exo, Deli, Cele, south Indy, west Xana any tool or shoe can be imped to ql90 for extra 30c ingame PM: Joeix (priest), Wocas (imper) Speed! Don't waste you time, equip your horses, speed up your cart and wagon. Horseshoe ql75 woa72 58c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa73 59c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa74 60c, 6pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa76 63c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa77 64c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa78 66c, 5pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa80 73c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa81 76c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa82 79c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa83 81c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa84 84c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa85 87c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa87 92c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa88 95c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa89 107c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa90 110c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa91 120c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa92 130c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa93 140c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa94 150c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa95 160c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa96 170c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa98 210c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa99 230c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa100 250c, 1pcs Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa78 156c Saddle ql90 woa79 157c Saddle ql90 woa80 158c Saddle ql90 woa82 164c Saddle ql90 woa88 180c Saddle ql90 woa91 195c Saddle ql90 woa93 215c Saddle ql90 woa96 245c Use fast tools! You don't need extra skill now, you need a job done. Pickaxe ql81 woa75 67c Pickaxe ql81 woa76 68c Pickaxe ql81 woa77 69c Pickaxe ql81 woa78 71c Pickaxe ql81 woa79 72c Pickaxe ql85 woa80 73c Pickaxe ql86 woa81 76c Pickaxe ql85 woa84 84c Pickaxe ql84 woa86 89c Pickaxe ql84 woa87 92c Pickaxe ql84 woa90 100c Pickaxe ql84 woa94 140c Pickaxe ql84 woa95 150c Shovel ql84 woa79 72c Shovel ql88 woa86 95c Hatchet ql84 woa70 60c Hatchet ql84 woa81 76c Hatchet ql84 woa83 81c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa92 120c Hatchet ql84 woa97 180c Saw ql82 woa84 84c Saw ql82 woa84 85c Saw ql82 woa85 87c Saw ql85 woa86 89c Saw ql82 woa87 92c Stone chisel ql85 woa82 79c Stone chisel ql84 woa86 89c Stone chisel ql88 woa97 180c Rake ql82 woa81 76c Rake ql86 woa98 200c
  5. Custom enchants - contact: NelsE (not forum nickname). Current Vynora priest skill: 99.34 channeling + benedition (+5 flat power) PM for the price Utility Price modifier Description Wind of Ages 1 Increase action speed Circle of Cunning 1 Increase skillgain Opulence 4с Will make the food item satisfy your character better Mend 11с Repair item with ql cost rought by ratio 1ql per 10dmg Weapon Price modifier Description Mind stealer 2 Chance to steal small amount of characteristics, that higher than yours, on kill non player creature. Nimbleness 1.2 Slighlty Increases chances to hit. Frostbrand 0.9 Add frost damage to a weapon, up to 33% on max enchant power. Animal demise 16с +3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures (Wild cat, brown bear, hell horse, etc.). Monster demise 16с +3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures (Troll, goblin, hell scorpious, etc.). Legendary demise 16с +3% damage versus legendary creatures (Black dragon, Kyklops, Troll king, etc.). Jewelry Price modifier Description Glacial 0.67 Will increase the damage of all cold wounds caused by the player. Lurker in the deep 0.6 Locates rare fishing spot tiles Fire protection 0.3 Reduce any fire damage you take Armour Price modifier Description Aura of shared pain 0.7 Small damage return up to 30% to creature that land hit to enchanted armour part Incease accuracy (Nim) and speed (BoTD, WoA) enchants does not stuck. CoC or Woa does not stuck with BoTD Damage and life steal enchants doesn’t stuck each other (LS,Esd,FB,FA,BT,RT,Vnm) on one weapon. Exclude demise, but only one demise can be cast on weapon. Shatter chance for my current skill 1QL: shatter 1 of 51 casts (1.96353077%) 10QL: 1 of 112 (0.89561183%) 30QL: 1 of 771 (0.12956765%) 50QL: 1 of 3319 (0.03012512%) 70QL: 1 of 4588 (0.02179130%) 90QL: 1 of 4686 (0.02133788%)
  6. OPEN for business! .- Gypsy corner enchantments -. Quality enchants for quality players. - - - - - - - - - - Price list custom Vynora enchants: Price list custom Libila enchants: Price list custom Fo enchants: I have priests in all four dieties, so please just ask if you need any enchant. Prices and availability on custom enchants may vary. For custom enchants, send your request on pm to Nordlys on the forums or a /tell Nordlys ingame. - - - - - - - - - - - - - IN STOCK SKILLERS - - - Generally low ql items for longer timers, enchanted with high coc for better skill gain Some items with speciality will be marked (steel, gold, rare, 97+ enchants, 92+ql etc) - - - IN STOCK SPEEDERS - - - Generally high ql tools enchanted with woa (and sometimes coc) or botd, for those fast timers Some items with speciality will be marked (steel, gold, rare, 97+ enchants, 92+ql etc) Keep scrolling to see RARES. ---------- Answers to some common questions: Quality stamp: Happy shopping! - Nordlys
  7. Located on Exodus - J12 Ingame Contacts, Denully or Stinboi Enchanted Grass Service: We can do up to 5 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Erupted tile Service: We can do up to 1 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Strongwall tile Service: First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Visit our online Market at
  8. I knew I was chosen when I survived Vynora's attempt to strike me down. Since then I have devoted myself to her and gained access to her powers and hope to share them with the world! Let me be your one stop shop for all Vyn enchants. Still grinding up my skills so most enchants right now are on demand and higher quality items are preferred to work on. I will enchant anything you ask and anything that breaks will be replaced with the same item of equal or greater quality. ON DEMAND WOA/COC TOOL ENCHANTS & AOSP ARMOR ENCHANTS 50+ power - 35c 60+ power - 50c 70+ power - 1s ANY ITEM THAT GETS A HIGHER CAST THAN THE DEAL MADE WILL BE TO THE BENIFIT OF THE PURCHASER! IF YOU ORDER 5O POWER AND I LAND 80+ IT WILL GO TO YOU FOR THE SAME PRICE!
  9. Get your farming gains on,
  10. !! FREE FLASK OF PALE ALE WITH EVERY PURCHASE !! - - - Rares for Sale - - - - Rare Fruit Press - Applewood - 40QL - 71 WoA - 87 CoC - 8s - Rare Grindstone - 40QL - 69 WOA - 65 COC - 6s - - - Enchanted items for Sale - - - Hatchets 1QL - 79 COC - 1s (Hatchet Head ~ 2QL) 99 COC - 3s (Hatchet Head ~ 2QL) 45 COC - 10c (Hatchet Head ~ 2QL) 55 COC - 25c (Hatchet Head ~ 2QL) 58 COC - 25c Hatchet Heads - 70+ COC - 1s Scythes (Scythe Blade ~ 2QL) 25 COC - 5c (Scythe Blade ~ 2QL) 53 COC - 25c (Scythe Blade ~ 2QL) 56 COC - 25c Scissors 40QL (Copper) - Runed (5% Rare Chance, 5% Less Damage) - 56 WOA 52 COC - 50c Anvils Small - 76QL - 79 WOA - 80 COC - 3.5s Large - 56QL - 69 WOA - 64 COC - 1.5s Mallets 70QL - 70 CoC - 1s 70QL - 75 CoC - 1.25s 70QL - 77 CoC - 1.25s Hammers ~ 20QL 40 COC - 10c 62 COC - 25c 62 COC - 25c Files 50QL - 79 COC - 1s 50QL - 99COC - 4s Bows 60QL - 76 NIM - 72 COC - 2s 60QL - 44 NIM - 62 COC - 1s Pickaxe 22QL - 60 COC - 50c Pickaxe Heads ~ 2QL 36 COC - 10c 37 COC - 10c 42 COC - 15c 48 COC - 20c 49 COC - 20c 50 COC - 20c 53 COC - 20c Pickaxe Heads - 60+ COC - 50c Trowels ~ 1QL 50 COC - 20c 52 COC - 20c 71 COC - 50c Rakes: 25QL 66 COC - 50c Rake Blades 70+ COC - 1s Saddle 44QL 54WOA - 1s 80QL Whetstones 60 COC - 75c 72QL Whetstone - COC 92 - 2.5s Set of Horse Shoes - 72+QL - 72-78 WOA - 5s PM - Beluroc - Always Willing to Negotiate! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTB / WTT for... Looking For Specific Rare Mats - Message Beluroc in game if you want to sell - or COD any of the following for 25c EA: Sprouts Bricks Planks Shafts Nails Ribbons Square Piece of Cloth Also want: Slate Bricks (Or Slate) - Paying 2.5s for 1k - or 40c per small crate WTS.... 10 Min COD Available on many items Pickup at i11 (Or on shore near Crimson Cabal) - May be willing to discount certain items if you do the leg work - PM for Directions if needed (Map at bottom) Please PM Beluroc for Delivery Negotiations - - - Resources / Tools / Services - - - These are upon request - not all may already be made but willing to craft as soon as asked. Please allow 1-2 days for larger orders: - Sheets ~15+ QL - 10c - Baking Stone ~20 QL - 5c (3 for 10c) - - - up to 40QL for 20c each - Mortar and Pestle ~20 QL - 5c - - - up to 40QL for 20c each - Cordage Ropes / Mooring Ropes ~10-15 QL - 10c each - 64kg Lump of 30ql Iron - 25c - 64kg Lump of 30ql+ Copper - 25c - Mortar ~20QL - 35c per small crate (150) - Stills ~ 25QL - 1s - 10QL Bridles - 3c - 10QL Backpacks - 5c - 10QL Water skins - 1c - 4 Slot Tool Belt 25c - 40QL Saddle - 15c - Saddle Bags - 5c - Sprouts 50 Iron each - Maple, Cedar, Birch, Willow, Walnut, Fir, Linden, Olive, Chestnut, Orange, Pine, Cherry, Lemon - Log of specific wood type ~20-40QL - 1c - Cedar / Maple / Oak / Fir / Chestnut / Orange / Cherry / Lemonwood / Birch / Walnut - Furs - Low on Stock - Iron Shields (Small / Medium / Large ) - 25 QL - 5c - Weapons or Blade Tools - 25 QL - 5c - Tools up to 40 QL - 15c - Horse Shoes - 50QL - 40c for set - Copper Still 40QL - 1s - Something specific you want crafted? Feel free to ask me - 40+QL for Fine Carp, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking items. - COC or WOA available upon request 40-50 Cast = 50c - - - 60-70 Cast = 1s addition on items - - - Animals - - - Horses Currently for Sale: It has fleeter movement than normal. Minor speed boost Fleet It has a strong body Bonus to mounted weight limit Body It has lightning movement Major speed boost Light It can carry more than average Major bonus to mounted weight limit Carry It has very strong leg muscles Minor speed boost, bonus to mounted weight limit Legs It looks unusually strong and healthy Has a higher resistance to disease Healthy It has a certain spark in its eyes Lives 50% longer than normal Spark 41+ Animal Husbandry - Confirmed No Negative Traits unless mentioned. Name Color Gender Fleet Light Legs Carry Body Healthy Spark Speed COST StrongXena Brown Female Fleet Light Carry 3 1s Heartnorth Brown Female Fleet Legs Healthy 2 10c Goldenhalt Brown Female Legs 1 5c 1 5c Clipwar Gold Female Healthy Spark 0 Free 1 5c CactusGolden Black Male Fleet Carry 2 10c Dreamsweet Brown Male Fleet Legs 2 10c Eckerduke Black Male Light Carry 2 10c Wildhil Brown Male Fleet Carry Spark 2 10c Warriorswift Brown Male Light 1 Free Warfast Ebony Male Light Healthy 1+ 1s Runcactus White Male 0 Free Ironosio Brown Male Legs Carry 2 5c Heattear Gold Male Light Carry Healthy Spark 2 15c Hell Horses: 25c Each - No Traits (2 Available) 50c - Fleet (1 Available) Other: Cows - 50c Bulls - 5c Rams - 5c Sheep - 50c Black Ram - 1s Hens - Out of Stock,1497 - - - Special Request - - - Order a fully Loaded Noob Cart 3.5s (5s for delivery to Sonata) - ETA 48 hours after order: +50c per 50+ COC or WOA cast on tools. 25QL+ Large Cart Pulled by Two 1+ Speed Horses Stocked With Mostly ~30-40 QL Resources and Tools - Including the following assuming all items available or can be made - Please let me know if you want customizations: 5 Small crates which contain many of the resources below 100 Iron Lumps 100 Clay 50 Logs 50 Stone Shards (40+ QL) Tools (BS Tools Avg ~25-30 QL - Blades Avg ~20 QL) Shovel Hatchet Saw Rake Trowel Chisel Hammer Mallet Scythe Small and Large Anvil Carving Knife Knife Pickaxe Sickle Butchering Knife File Pendulum Rope Tool Needle Fishing Pole Grooming Brush Pelt - 60+ QL Tool Belt 4 Slots Backpacks Satchels Saddle - 30QL 2x Saddle Bags 2x Horse Shoes - 30QL 8x Bridles - 2x Whetstone - 45+ QL Furs and Sheets (Enough for 1 Bed) Meat & Veggies & Seeds Wemp Cotton Ropes Also including some small nails, large nails, ribbons Baking Stone Mortar and Pestal Grindstone Cheese Drill Fruit Press Barrel of Water Pottery Bowl Frying Pan Satchel Sword + Shield / Huge Axe Meditation Rug (10-15 QL) PM Beluroc in game - Thanks!
  11. 1. rare axe, zinc 33ql with brass rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (10%) - 2s 2. rare butchering knife blade, lead 43ql with tin rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) and adamantine rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (10%) and reduce decay taken (10%) - 1s80c 3. rare butchering knife blade, iron 35ql - 2s 4. rare carving knife, zinc 20ql COC98 with seryll rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase chance to resist shattering when being enchanted (5%) and increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) - 2s35c 5. rare cheese drill, oakenwood 90ql WOA103 COC99 - 4s60c 6. rare file blade, iron 28ql - 2s 7. rare grindstone 80ql - 2s 8. rare hammer, iron 23ql - 2s 9. rare hatchet, bronze 89ql BOTD91- 2s45c 10. rare hatchet, copper 48ql - 1s60c 11. rare huge axe head, tin 26ql with tin rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) - 2s 12. rare huge sword blade, tin 51ql with seryll rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase chance to resist shattering when being enchanted (10%) and tin rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) - 2s40c 13. rare libila puppet, cotton 55ql - 1s80c 14. rare long bow, willow 5ql - 2s80c 15. rare long spear, birchwood 68ql - 2s 16. rare rake, iron 55ql - 2s 17. rare saw, iron 90ql WOA98 COC102 - 4s50c 18. rare shovel blade, iron 27ql - 2s 19. rare rare shovel, iron 90ql WOA95 COC97 - 4s50c 20. rare sickle blade, copper 55ql - 1s20c 21. rare sickle, lead 66ql - 2s 22. rare stone chisel, iron 11ql - 2s 23. rare trowel, gold 51ql with gold rune of Jackal has been attached, so it will reduce size (10%) - 2s 24. rare trowel, iron 77ql BOTD97 - 3s20c
  12. Halter rope - 40c Enchanted items Statue and statuette fragments (look here Unique wood (look here Items with runes
  13. Out of stock Pickup from Harmony Bay or CoD via fast mailbox (96 courier cast) Prices are negotiable Rare tools functionality:
  14. Starting bid: 8s Increases: 1s Snipe protection: 1 hour No buyout, no reserve, no private bids.
  15. Rare Hammer - 7s PM or Reply to this post
  16. I was grinding on this hence the Aosp which I'm not charging for. It's a 71ql Iron Sickle A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] Aura of Shared Pain has been cast on it, so it may damage creatures when they hit this armour. [80] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [99] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Seraph.att.e'. I'm asking for 4s ono pm here or my ingame name (Seraphrattle)
  17. 5x 89->93QL Saddles with WOA 91->98 + includes bridles and saddle bags. (all dyed with 91QL R=201, G=16, B=6) Looks attractive with custom dyed bardings! Everything can be mailed COD. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Have fun! Buyouts / Start Bids (*see below*) No sniper protection Increment: Whatever! No Reserve. Item #1: 1x 93QL saddle, leather (WoA98) - Start Bid: 1.97s // Buyout: 3.97s Item #2: 1x 93QL saddle, leather (WoA94) - Start Bid: 1.47s // Buyout: 3.47s Item #3: 1x 90QL saddle, leather (WoA93) - Start Bid: 1.22s // Buyout: 2.72s Item #4: 1x 90QL saddle, leather (WoA92) - Start Bid: 1.18s // Buyout: 2.68s Item #5: 1x 89QL saddle, leather (WoA91) - Start Bid: 1.1s // Buyout: 2.60s
  18. Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS RUNES If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris
  19. Greytown Goods, Independence R21 Masonry and Stonecutting 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c 90ql 90c 95ql 3s 95+ can be arranged on request. No travel fee on orders over 2s or bring your forge to our place! Blacksmithing 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c 90ql 90c Platesmithing Plateset Iron 70ql 60s 80ql 1.5s 85ql 2.75s 90ql 5s Plateset Steel 70ql 2.25s 80ql 2.75s 85ql 3.75s 90ql 8s - currently no 90ql steel Shieldsmithing 70ql 30c 80ql 50c Carpentry Tools 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c Bows 70ql 30c Arrows Pricer per 100 30ql 65c 50ql 1.25s 70ql 3s Cloth tailoring Meditation rug 80ql 40c Enchants We can not ensure 90+ power, but will give it our best shot on any item you buy from us. If we do not meet the requirement, you may cancel the order. Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, Frostbrand, Rotting Touch 70-79 30c 80-84 50c 85-89 60c 90+ 80c Blessings of the Dark 70-79 40c 80-84 70c 85-89 85c 90+ 1s Life Transfer 70-79 60c 80-84 80c 85-89 90c 90+ 1.2 Nimbleness 30-59 (+1 CR) 35c 60-89 (+2 CR) 60c 90+ (+3CR) 1s Aura of Shared Pain, Web Armour Piece 70-79 30c 80-89 50c 90+ 60c Set 70-79 2.5s 80-89 3.6s 90+ 5s Courier 70-80 40c 81-90 60c 90-95 1s 95+ 1.2s Contact Forum Ingame Sharkin Sharkin Riceri Greyhound
  20. WTA Rare Steel and Fint 90ql enchanted with WoA(100) Start Bid: 4s Min. Increments: 50c Snipe Protection: 1hr Buyout: 10s No Reserve
  21. Jewelry Smith imp: 90=1s, 91=1,5s 92=2s 93=2,5s 94=3s, 95=5s, 96=7s Do not send items to name Velintar - contact forum pm! We do Custom Vynora & Nahjo enchants. Max target power is 97. Spellname \ Power 80+ 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 Circle of Cunning 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Wind of Ages 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Aura of Shared Pain 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Nimblennes 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Frost Brand 0.5 0,8 0,85 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,5 Mind Stealer 1.0 1,6 1,7 1,8 2,0 2,2 2,4 2,6 3,0 Life Transfer 1.0 1,6 1,7 1,8 2,0 2,2 2,4 2,6 3,0 Lurker in the deep/dark 0.3 0.5 0.6 0.65 0.7 0.75 1.0 1.1 1.3 You pay only for what you order: if cast gets better - no extra. Items may have small dmg from time decoy Rare / Supreme Tools Rare Weapons Rare Large Maul, iron QL_95 Nimb_97 LT_95 CoC_99 MS_100 12,7 s Rare Sickle, iron QL_95 Nimb_98 LT_90 CoC_99 MS_94 10,3 s Enchanted Weapons Circle of Cunning Wind of Ages Wind of Ages + Circle of Cunning
  22. Hi. I accept Sleep Powders in payments - 1s each, if you deliver them to El Wiadro Deliverance J23 in game map. WTB Metallic liquid Glacial has been cast on it, so it will increase any frost damage you cause. fp - Fire Protection has been cast on it, so it will reduce any fire damage you take. PRICES: #1 - 1.6s SOLD #19 - 35c SOLD #2 - 1.5s SOLD #20 - 35c SOLD #3 - 90c #21 - 30c SOLD #4 - 80c #22 - 27c SOLD #5 - 60c #23 - 26c SOLD #6 - 50c #24 - 1s SOLD #7 - 40c #25 - 40c SOLD #8 - 60c #26 - 40c #9 - 80c SOLD #27 - 30c SOLD #10 - 90c SOLD #11 - 40c SOLD #12 - 1s #13 - 1.5s #14 - 80c SOLD #15 - 60c SOLD #16 - 40c SOLD #17 - 50c SOLD #18 - 40c SOLD
  23. With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. please update your bookmarks with the new URL below, and thank you all.
  24. Selling this stuff, just offer it all needs to go Shoulder Pads - SOLD Rare Longsword - SOLD STEEL Rare Horseshoe 79 QL - SOLD STEEL Rare Horseshoe 81 QL 82 WoA - SOLD Rare Large Maul 91 QL 92 Nimb, 98 Frostburn, 91 Coc - 6s Rare Butchering Knife - 2.5s Rare Pickaxe 87 QL 82 WoA 61 Coc - SOLD
  25. Title says it all. Make large maul bashing timers affected by Quality and Wind of Ages, similar to how lockpicking timers are affected by these two criteria. If you want, add a third factor like body (oo, finally a use for Body?) skill. Pretty simple one.