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  1. How is Wurm?

    Hey Eyes!! I remember you!! Yeah, i've said so a lot of times, Wurm is way too dependent on the "old guard" and doesn't provide incentive for new players. Now with the wave of "minecraft derivatives" that was spawned with the success of Wurm's baby brother you have a ton of games that look and feel alot like Wurm, but much more polished, with better graphs and systems. Wurm was great back in 2009 or something when i first played it, because i mean, there was really nothing else like Wurm. The problem is, the game never improved the core problems with it, but mainly the overall lack of interaction, i mean if nothing changed 90% of wurm game time is looking at a progress bar filling up. That pretty much covers all the things that led me to stop playing and just let my ~500+€ deeds and stuff decay and get plundered, i didn't even bother to auction my stuff, that's how tired i was of Wurm. It's a second job playing this, and while if you don't look at any alternatives, Wurm is awesome, as soon as you start looking, it kinda starts being obvious just how bad of an experience it is. And given that it's bleeding away the only real asset that it had, the community and the economy. I don't think it's worth thinking of returning, really. Yeah, 0.01 is a lot, more like 0,001 increases. It's been 3 years since i've played, so.
  2. How is Wurm?

    Oh wow... 20 in exodus... Not really back though, but thanks. I just popped in to see how it's going. I've realized that, but honestly, from what people said here and what the server status says, it seems the game is worse than it was when i quit. The main appeal to this is the community, and with it dwindling, i don't see much appeal to it. The most fun i had with this game was when i created a big ass deed at the top of a mountain and terraformed it into a "training" deed that housed a bunch of new players. But honestly i don't miss spending 8 hours a day spamming sword blades to get a 0,01 increase in weapon smithing. Good to be remembered. Sorry, i don't have the faintest of who you are though. It might have been a better game if some of those were implemented! Good to know the game is still going, sad to know it's not really thriving. There was a time where i would spend most of my time on Wurm. I don't regret those days, and its fun to look at a map of exo and see that on the last map dump most of my old deeds are still quite like i left them.
  3. How is Wurm?

    Hey guys! I've been away for like 3 years now, so how's Wurm? Is everyone playing Unlimited or are there still some old-school wurmians in the Freedom Isles? The old server status thingy on the forums is gone.
  4. So i opted in to the two-step authenticator, but it keeps giving me a "wrong code" result. I've used two-step authentication extensively in other applications, and never got this problem.
  5. I'm sorry, but one thing is knowing that its ok to trade a character, another thing is trading in a item YOU KNOW was born out of an exploit, and then thinking its not ok that its removed? It should have never been allowed to be kept in the first place, the fact that you got to keep enjoying the benefits of an exploit that no one legitimately could enjoy this far (also called an unfair advantage, something that most games would ban people for exploiting) is already more than your money's worth! Furthermore, this is AWESOME publicity for a game going on steam now. This game lets you keep the exploited items! Haxxors welcome!
  6. Only here is this a discussion... It was a bug, it was exploited, it was removed. People kept abusing it by selling the item. People that sold it and bought should be banned, not babied. The item should be removed. Its A BUG, you admitted it in the first paragraph! Now, making any new kind of container or system that allows ships to be dyed without that, that would be the right answer for their use and retarded price. Add the new item, remove the fountain pans, give the people with a fountain pan one of the new items.
  7. Steam disallows more than one instance of its games running at once. You can play multiple characters at once, just need multiple machines (and steam accounts, which means multiple versions of wurm unlimited).
  8. Would it pain you that much to SAY how much the values have gone up? Or what's the pool? Etc? Is it that hard to give proper information so that people can give proper feedback. Dragon Hunts don't ocurr that often for you to allow that a player thinks he only got 0,01 hide because he didn't get enough damage, instead of him knowing if its working or not. Is it really that hard to admit you make mistakes, its no freaking secret. So why so secretive you can't say "dragon hide loots are now x kg for people that do more than y% damage on the dragon".
  9. Selling Toons

    Its easy... It takes literal years of commitment to have a good high level account in this grind fest of a game. As such people are willing to part with good hard money for the ability to skip that grind, and people who undertook it, would like to have a compensation for time spent. The survival part is nice, but it only requires a new account, after you got past the "froob" level, you're not surviving anymote, unless you're incompetent.
  10. +1 But honestly, don't hold your breath on this, this has been suggested every year for the last 5 years. Its probably one of the most recurrent suggestions, along with cartography (before the crappy maps we have now), Glass, and such.
  11. Old news, really. In my first 3 weeks into the game i quit for a few months because i was being griefed, and the Gm actually defended the griefers. So yeah. When i came back to Wurm i came with the philosophy and the distinct notion that, unless you're a friend of one, most GMs won't help you, rules or no. The reason for this, like in most problems that Wurm faces, is quite simple. Rolf doesn't want to pay other people to work, when he can get people to volunteer for the work. This results that the people Modding or GMing are normal players, which in turn means they can't have that much power, and/or have to be under scrutiny themselves, which means they will be loathe to act, since they need to be pitch perfect in their reasoning and actions. So in the end to avoid being accused of favoritism (which still happens, both the accusations, and the actual thing) or corruption, they stick to the letter of the rules, and little else. Which in the end leaves plenty of open space for grey areas. This, coupled with poorly formulated rules, and few hardwired ones, whenever they aren't broken or exploitable (which then comes to the fact that they don't EVER tell us what is expected behavior on something, so people rarely know when stuff is bugged, and thus being exploited) makes the game its current state. So, if you want to see things fixed, press Rolf to HIRE people to work, instead of relying on Volunteers to half-ass everything, because they're just volunteers, not actual staff. I just LOVE when people say this is recent stuff, or just isolated cases. Guess i've played more Wurm than i think, because i can't remember a period of time i played where people being griefed one way or another wasn't a current event. I mean that one i mentioned, happened in GV, i mean people even on that limited, no premium area managed to grief, and you think that it doesn't happen much on the rest of the game? You must live a very sheltered (or selectively blind) life.
  12. Maybe its time you step back and take a break man. Its a bunch of pixels in a virtual world, Denominated Origin products don't apply to virtual instances of those...
  13. About the Wiki changes: 1) You acknowledge that the Wiki is incorrect, but there isn't a single "action" stated there that will address that issue. 2) Nothing new from the old post about this. 3) This is nothing more than "cleaning up the house" in terms of users, nothing else. Its a good thing, but doesn't really improve the wiki in terms of content, maybe in terms of structure. 4) "The why" is all bs. Growing? Growing what? More empty spaces?
  14. OOC vs IC

    Ok, so i might have read this wrong, but seems to me that the OP was at the same time saying its all good fun to grief and be a rude bastard to everyone around him as long as he's "In Character", all that while urging people to be nice while off character? That's some messed up stuff there. Role playing is NOT an excuse to be a griefer or have any other kind of negative attitude towards any one else, if you see it that way, you're doing it wrong and if you think a bipolar attitude towards Role playing will help you any. You're sadly mistaken. You can't go over to someone like "I'm sorry man, i just stole your stuff and killled all your horses cause i was role-playing a savage troll that thrives on everyone's misery, but of character i'm actually a nice person. So i hope you understand and don't report me or anything".
  15. Actually that phrase was there before Tich changed farming to increase yield with more than one farm actions, so it has nothing to do with it. As most stuff on the wiki its about player perception more than hard fact and coded reality. That argument is flawed. I'm sorry it is. If you WANT to discover, DON'T use the wiki. But the wiki being the ONLY SOURCE of in-game information and help SHOULD have dev feedback and verification. Because then what happens is that a dev decides something doesn't work like he wants it, calls it a bug, and dramatically changes the game, usually to the detriment of the overall experience and to the favor of a small community. (Sparta anyone?). This is brought simply by that single fact that the devs don't give enough of a to provide hard fact on how systems are supposed to work, my guess is because mostly half the time they're just happy stuff kinda works, and can't be bothered to make it consistent (they're volunteers mostly, you can't blame them). Because half the time if we KNEW how stuff is supposed to work, they'd have a much harder time bug fixing. So they're happy to leave us to speculate that a bugged system is working as intended until they see fit to fix it and totally flip the rule book on our faces. Plus there's Sarcaticous' point. The game is subscription based. You have to pay (mostly) for your time in the game. Sure most people that are adverse to change are so because they have already established themselves in a way that they don't, probably a long time ago, so they can't relate to that anymore. You can't expect a game that needs 6h of daily game play just to keep you improving, then to add a layer of necessary testing and research that can then be completely overruled on a whim by a dev. That's just poor management, poor development and overall dreadful policy. And people excuse it because they "wanna explore". Well fi you don't have the self-control enough NOT to open the wiki and learn how things really work, then MAYBE you need to seek some professional help. Oh. And trust me, the devs aren't not creating a detailed knowledge base of the game because "you want to explore and puzzle things out". Its because its less work. The fact that many people create that excuse for them is just cherry on top. I've said this a thousand times, stop giving the devs excuses for keeping the game mediocre. The community isn't growing, and even the lattest gimmicks (Xanadu and Challenge) barely gave a population boost to the game, and what little grew that wasn't a bunch of land-claim alts, is gone.