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  1. When living on celebration I would take new people in all the time. First thing I tell them figure out what would make you happy to play wurm and what You enjoy doing in game. I give them a spot on deed and say here are some mats make your house. Then after they made there house and maybe make some tools. I would ask them ok now that you have a house and some tools. When doing and getting mats. What did you really enjoy doing while doing your project. Some would say well I really enjoyed black smithing and wood cutting. So I would say well we have 3 black smithing people but if its something you would enjoy then do it. I would take new people in all the time the 4 years I played wurm. The last 2 times I took a new player in was Kamal and he grieved the crap out of me. So I sold all my tools and my toon and now seeking another game to play. I have taught a lot of people how to play wurm. Most quit with in a week some lasted for years. I think when you have someone join your village and they are paying for there premium time I think they should be able to play and do as they want. People quit all the time sometimes they play for a few days and quit. In the end days when I played on Piperlane. I really did enjoy playing wurm. I do still have some alts and I will get one to say hi or maybe even start playing somewhere else. As this game is so much fun to play but sometimes when someone grieves you you just want to quit to make it all go away. This time as I played wurm for 4 years was a lot of fun and I really did enjoy myself. Most people that I taught I would always say please what ever you do if your cutting down a tree sprout the tree so you can replant. You want to make sure you have an endless supply of what you need. I do not find it good that you can supply what you need instead of not sprouting stuff so you can replant. I do also think that a 30ql lantern would be good for newbies to have and maybe a sickle as well.
  2. Well, I will say this Kamal is an older man he should know better. He has lied to me too many times before never EVER again! No new villagers and Kamal if your reading this you need some SERIOUS help!
  3. I am done close this thread please
  4. Great person to buy from!
  5. [17:54:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Ratheden
  6. Ratheden [17:52:52] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. pay pend is pending as soon as i get the payment this auction will be closed
  8. Rake already sold sorry just took it off
  9. As of right now I am taking along break from wurm. I sold my LW account and do not know at this point in time if I will be coming back to play. I did enjoy my time playing wurm.
  10. I sold piperlane so I wont be doing anymore leather imping