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  1. Account name aetherwalker no prem level 14 on path of knowledge also has true strike from a slime of Uttachas sale will happen 24h after i accept an offer, payment will be sent before account login info is exchanged.
  2. last bump before its gone
  3. Path of knowlage level 12 about 1month of prem left on both battery and main
  4. so free sb?
  5. get a 101 cast mailbox
  6. it got easier for me to make meals after update using 80-90ql pans though. before i average around 80ql and after im at 95ql with the same ql mats
  7. bump posted price
  8. pls buy
  9. As title 45200ql of gems all of them 10+ql pm me I'm thinking 1.5g or 150e takes all or we can do it per ql at 35i per ql.
  10. someone is going to die or get really sick from the poop water
  11. is it that hard to balance loot system just make it so if you revived loot you have a significant less chance to receive another loot item.
  12. Bring back asop-LT interaction. @makeasopgreatagain
  13. What about allow casting it when moving, but put a small ~1min cd on it so its not spammed.
  14. -1 never under estimate the turbo nerding potential of MRC
  15. atleast your server is still up unlike deil