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  1. Same issue with sacrificing. Enchanting item A While enchanting, select sacrifice on altar Enchanting action stops and sacrificing action starts.
  2. Needle CoD to Xheth, please.
  3. Great prank! They even numbered and counted them! Since there are 1001 of them I could not help myself doing this! ( Yes I know, these are not stools, it was easier to photoshop the text into that word, now shush!)
  4. So after all these years, Pink Floyd's "Animals" pig has been hiding in Wurm?
  5. Pls Close

    Update: I tried Wurm again and still have the same issue. Never have had such problems with the game and I'm really annoyed I cannot play it properly currently.. I installed coretemp and monitored the cpu temperature when running Wurm. I have Two clients: My main toon with almost all graphics maxed out and a priest with everything turned down. I use two monitors, one of them has the two Wurm clients, the other one Chrome and other apps like excel. 1. Screenshot: PC just booted up 2. Screenshot: One toon is active (Main) 3. Screenshot: Both Toons are active 4. Screenshot: Both Toons been active for about 15 minutes and youtube running on second monitor 5. Screenshot: About 2 minutes after I logged out of Wurm with both clients with everything else still running For me, it seems that Wurm is causing some issues here and not my hardware. Been having this issue since the last update, never before
  6. Pls Close

    TY for the help. I may have found the problem now ( I hope so). It seems I only had to reapply some new thermal paste to the CPU, since it was almost gone entirely. Hopefully the issue is solved now. Thanks Wurm for reminding me
  7. Pls Close

    Issue has been resolved. Close please.
  8. Think so too. Would be nice to have more skins for ordinary items, good use for random rare procs
  9. It seems there is a much better way of plantig. Did not know the satchel method existed! Thanks.
  10. That's what I thought. Would be nice if we could plant in bulk, or at least fill the action queue with one button press.
  11. As the title says. I have 6 planters for every herb, coffee and tea. In total 3 full planter racks. This isn't much, as I have seen some impressive planter rack farms. We can keybind the pick action, which makes it easy to farm the herbs during my daily run. Planting the seeds back into the planter requires me to select a herb or seed and click on each planter individually. This system is extra annoying, since the planted items change names and switch positions in the window and I often miss which one I need to plant next in the row. This seems outdated and I personally think should me manageable through the crafting window. Maybe someone has an explanation on why this is handled like that. (I suspect, that the planter isn't an ordinary item made through crafting, hence the "plant" option, but maybe it can be changed?)
  12. A gentle gust of wind, flowers danec to the rhythm of the breeze. Distant hills and valleys willing to be explored. Iridescent skies change as you let your thoughts slip - Meditation is the answer, but what's your question?