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  1. Can confirm aswell. Very annoying "feature" which leaves my alcoholic beverage cookbook incomplete.
  2. I have a Vyn priest. You can find me on Sunnyvale, S11. Just come by or PM me In-Game. Good Luck
  3. The list is pretty great actually. Kenshi is seriously underrated. Developed by one guy it has everything: Base Building, RPG gameplay, squad managment. The combat system is really really great! Here's a fun review of the game.
  4. Yes, the bottom end looks a bit too short for my taste but the skin looks good though.
  5. I want to use my middle mouse button to toggle between freelook mode (by clicking on it). I used a console command bind MOUSE2 "toggle freelookmode". I can switch to freelook but it's not a toggle, so I cannot turn it off again. Other key do work as a toggle. Confirmed by alliance members
  6. My Entry for: Cozy Ranches and Farms Almost one year ago I founded my first own deed and since then I have been playing Wurm almost daily.. I have been trying to get into this wonderful game since 2015! Who knew you only had to craft a deed stake I found a small island which was covered in sand only, so I started to change it to my likings. After lots and lots of terraforming and dropping dirt to clear steep slopes I tried to make this island to my little private digital retreat. Wurm gives me the experience of living on this small island. In three weeks, Sunnyvale will turn 1 year, and I hope many more will come. Everyone is welcome to visit Sunnyvale @S11 on Xanadu! ------- West shore, docking opportunity and Sunnyvale Tower peaking through the trees North shore, beehives and pastures East shore, animals pens, hops farm, and Sunnyvale Keep. This side is wip South shore, fruit trees and the bridge to my neighborino Main gate to the hermit Workshop in the middle, private quarters and bar on the right, storage room on the left My wemp farm for my potatoe exploder priest, Gaspacho The Workshop with Gaspacho praying in silence Storage room for all the goods and the dirt for terraforming Guestroom and bar with lots of wine and 'shine. Vodka coming soon! Study room on the right, living room on the left. It's nice to warm my bones besides the fire. Living Room again, from different perspective. Notice my growing token collection from my excavations. Private quarters Balcony view Mine entrance and Sunnyvale Keep Fruit tree farm, behind the Sunnyvale Keep. Sunnyvale guards tend to be camera shy. The hops farm. Still being expanded, wip Animal pens, and bushes. Will be hunting for the ressource cows soon! this side is wip too My daily dose of "YOU HEAR BEES, MAYBE YOU ARE GETTING CLOSER TO A HIVE" .. And also mead Good Luck all o/
  7. Pet bowls

    Can confirm. My Pet bowl cannot be imped either. Maybe crafting a new one will help? Needs testing..
  8. Selling some cheap skiller tools: PM me on the forum or in-game @Xheth Shovel: Saw: Meditation Rug: Stone chisel: Sickle Pickaxe: Grooming brush: Scissors:
  9. Same for me. When trying to Farm I get this message: The crops are growing nicely and the field is in order already. Not sure if it's a bug though..
  10. Since the last update I am not able to place items on objects anymore. Tried to place a grooming brush on an altar and got this: You start to place a grooming brush. After left clicking, the brush stays in my inventory. Tried this on an altar, bar table and an empty shelf, none of those let me place items on them. By the looks of it, I am not able to place anything at all besides on the ground. Confirmed by two alliance members too!