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  1. I'd love to help you out, but I have zero coding skills.. I'd say maybe create a forum topic to search for someone who could do it? Would be nice to see all the changes I made in Xan over the year! If you need any other help than coding, let us know! Good luck o/
  2. You cured my priest. Thank you!
  3. Decided to log in today, as usual. Logged in my priest first, since I wanted to change some keybinds for his spells. Started to pray and all of a sudden my priest's screen went black. I did not change anything is settings, restarted the game and the computer, the priest still missing his vision. What do?
  4. Sailing around Xanadu and saw this! I was certain noone would believe me what I saw, luckily I had a camcorder with me at that time.
  5. When Wurm released on Steam las summer, there were some official stream going on twitch, also being announced in-game. With our new Community mod, are there more and heopefully regular streams planned? Maybe in a better time zone for EU players? I'd love to have monthly streams with quastions and maybe giveaways?
  6. I'm glad your question got answered. I'd suggest you to ask these kind of questions in the In-Game CA HELP chat, since you will get a your questions answered much faster. Happy wurming and good luck!
  7. Very cool idea with the Temple! Best of luck building the deed o/
  8. All this sounds great, but won't get much Dev Time I think, Just more immersive stuff in general, give animals some sounds, I can see my cows moo'ing, but I cannot hear anything! Maybe our characters are deaf?
  9. 50C for the wires? Cod to Xheth if ok, thanks!
  10. Much thanks for updating the map. When I play Wurm, I always have it open in my browser. The thing, what Wurm has taught me the most is patience, so take your time!
  11. My body likes that. Body increased by +0.00001
  12. Some Items I want to get rid of to fund my deed. Tell me your price and PM me in game @Xheth or post here. Large Anvil ----WoA51, CoC49,----65QL Rare Ropetool----61QL Saw----CoC72 3x Shovel----67CoC/47QL----84CoC/62QL----CoC81/31QL Carving knife----WoA58 CoC63----49Ql