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  1. How much for the c99 iron trowel? PM me @Xheth in Game. -Thanks
  2. Wow, so many amazing artworks! truly beautiful screenshots and paintings. Good luck to you all! Now to my entry: I thing implementing something with the rifts would be nice since this was a huge change to the game.
  3. This time, my journey to the next rift took me through the half of the continent of Xanadu. On the way, I've taken many beautiful shots of the scenery. I also love how the new renderer improves the colors of the game.
  4. I've finally visited my first rift.. I'm a bad fighter, so I was the photographer of the group
  5. Greetings, After my 3 month long Wurm break I desided to try out fighting in some Rift battles. So I grabbed two friends of mine and started killing monsters. The problem is, that everyone were in the rift list (/rift) but not me. Afterall I did participate in the battle. (Butchering mobs, burning hearts and fighting them). My Fighting skill is really low so maybe I've landed 4 or 5 hits during the battle but I see myself as a participant afterall. So I am asking myself wether I've found a bug or did I just made too little damage to be counted it the list? When visiting goblin leader slaying, I've still recieved it's blood just standing in the proximity.
  6. I've set up my tent and now waiting for the rift to open.
  7. a screenshot I took before I lowered my settings due to bad lag
  8. Really liked your picture so I decided to play around in photoshop a bit and ajust some colors
  9. As a daily steam user myself I do not dislike the software, altrough, steam has been releasing many bad games lately, mainly through greenlight. Many people, who don't understand the concept of the game would say that that's another crappy game, which was released through steam. Many will think that the game is "Life is feudal"/ Minecraft clone. I'm afraid, that wurm would not be appreciated by the steam community, because wurm is a niche game afterall. I really hope, that Wurm and Rolf would profit, but I'm really afraid about the bad PR and negative reviews on steam. Even the new artwork does not resemble the game in my opinnion and such thing could anger some people.( I personally really like it). We just need to wait and see. Only time can tell.
  10. After building my first sail boat, I went exploring and found this beautiful castle on a deserted island.
  11. Red Dragon Adventure!

    Anyone going past Newspring? My village is at S10/11. I'm a new to Wurm and haven't got appropriate boats for trasportation, but still want to wach the fight. (I don't need the loot). Anyone willing to pick me up? Just /t me InGame, my name is the same.