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  1. Sent. Thank you! PS: I had two 81coc picks, I have sent you both of them if that's okay.
  2. Not sure if it's possible to use this video, but this one is almost 12 years old!
  3. Not sure if this short story is too long for your text design, still want to share it since it's a cherished memory from my earlier days "Decided to explore a far away mountain I have been observing from my deed for a while. Half way up the cliff a troll clubs me to death. Did not know you could respawn at a tent. Tried to retrieve my corpse and the troll killed me again. With no way to get back, I asked for help in Global. Got a summon and some help almost instantly. A veteran player helped me out and probably prevented me from quitting the game." If the story is too long: "For me, Wurm feels like a digital home, where coming back is always a bliss." Edit, forgot to answer these questions! 1. Char name: Xheth - Main Gaspacho: Vyn Priest 2. First contact was around 2012, second try was 2015, started my own deed in 2020 and been playing almost daily since. 3. Coming back to my digital home. The Community. 4. Getting killed by a troll several times. Veteran player helping me get back my items. 5.
  4. Move to Merchants Ads, please!
  5. Upload your pic to Imgur, wait until the upload is completed, right click on image and select "copy image address". Just paste the address into your text and the image should load. Like this:
  6. Will the item be properly displayed while holding it in a hand? Just try holding a normal lamp and you'll see what I mean. Would be great if somebody could test, whoever gets the skin
  7. That was Quick, Sold! May close
  8. This fine and sleek oakenwood floor loom is looking for a new home! Ql: 92 WoA: 97 CoC: 74 Rune: -10% Dmg Can be picked up in Sunnyvale, S11 Xan Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: none Buyout 50 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted
  9. I want to participate in this upcoming rift, since the time is really good for me. Unfortunately, the rift itself is far away from my deed, so I am looking for a kind priest to teleport me and my friend to the location. I can reimburse with gems and/or skiller tools
  10. I had an opportunity to rent a VR headset for couple of weeks. Surely I downloaded every interesting VR title there was on Steam and completely cluttered my hard drive with games. What did really surprise me were games which were "ported" to the VR. Games like Skyrim, or Fallout for example. These titles were made to be played on a computer screen, which made the VR experience less impactful. In Skyrim you could not pick up objects with your hands, it felt like I was playing the game on a big screen, I was not immersed it the world (You had to download a fan made mod to be able to pick up objects). Good VR games are made for VR only. Half Life Alyx for example was made to be played with a headset only, so the whole design of the game fits it perfectly, hence the praise for it (The game was superb! I felt like a kid again, wanting to play more and more each day). I would be very intrigued to see my deed through VR goggles and just see the scope of what I have acomplished over the months playing the game. I think that is what the devs are aiming for. But playing and exploring? Would I be able to take the mug off my bar table and rotate it in my hands? Would I be able to put said mug into my inventory by dropping it behind my back? What I want to say: VR requires immersive worlds. Objects responding to player's inputs, detailed textures and realistic physical behaviour of these objects is the key for a good VR experience. Ports never work in my oppinion, since you clearly see the limitations of the game. It would be interesting to see what the devs are aiming for, because it would require a complete new game to make all content of Wurm playable via VR. Physics, new sound engine, new high res textures, new movement system, new UI etc... Say I wanted to check the damage on my hammer through VR. Looking up the number on a PC screen is fine, but doing that in VR is no fun, so the hammer should be somehow visibly damaged or some indicator shown on a mallet itself. I must say I am very intrigued to see how VR would affect Wurm. But honestly, I'd take new content updates before VR any day.
  11. Inside the flying fortress (If Wurm had physics, I'd be rolling barrels down the hill)