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  1. Things we collect

    I collect archaeology finds. Mostly items with two runes, which I use as my main tools after I imped and enchanted them. Also interesting stuff with useless enchants, like a branch with bloodthirst on it (my favourite one).
  2. What I did is to make a shortcut for "add to crafting menu" I used this in the console: bind ALT+E ADD_TO_CRAFTING_WINDOW or just find an unfinished item, hover over the button and create the shortcut with your own keys. The system does not work perfectly though, sometimes the game is confused in which window the new item should be placed, sometimes overwriting the Items I want to keep inside.
  3. Activate brick -> right click forge/oven/fireplace -> select option "raise chimney". Maybe use 10 bricks per floor. Only thing I image would be tricky to implement is the hitbox for the item itself to prevent people using the forge or oven from the floors above?
  4. Yes! Farming would fit perfectly into the category with mining and digging. I see no reason for not including it. Also, getting the maps upon investigating tiles would fit aswell. I loved doing clue scrolls in osrs, if Wurm gets something similar, I'd definitely be exploring much more often.
  5. rares

    Mallet cod to Xheth, pls
  6. There are some games like Wurm, but most of them are shallow in comparison. Wurm has been around for a long time now, so it has had a lot of content updates over the years and changes made by players in game, which result in the games history. I struggle to find any other game with such rich player created lore, since these things need time and players. It seems Wurm has had the most of it in comparison to similar games. Here's my list of games I found to be Wurm like: Wurm Unlimited Xsyon - Prelude Life is feudal your own Entropia Universe
  7. Keychains, mugs, mousepads, stickers, magnets. I’d love to see smaller stuff like this too! Maybe run a player art competition for the motifs and have a prizepool with prem time and silver?

    #1 COD to Xheth, please
  9. I applied the Jewelry Casket Skin to a rare small chest and the model still looks like the default skin with the glow. Left: Rare small chest with skin Right: Normal small chest with no skin
  10. Maybe keep common jugs as they are and make rare+ jugs adjustable to custom values?