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  1. The item tag feature is great, love the addition! Did anyone experience a text formatting bug with it? Tried linking a rare press into the chat and the tag is all over the place (blue letters are the links) UI Scale: 80% Resolution: 1920x1080
  2. Hello all, I am looking for drake hide, need 0.15 in total. Any amount Paying 0.5s per 0.01 of hide, so 7.5s for all. I also offer some Items in my general store as payment, feel free to check those out! PM me here or in-game (Xheth) o/
  3. I have had this bug aswell with fences and Walls. Try relogging.
  4. 1x with 105 cast, CoD to Xheth, please
  5. Rare horse shoe, iron - QL 91.02 Enchants: WoA 95 for 4s?
  6. Congrats, Ika! The trough is yours
  7. Same for me. Blank map on wall and Carto table. Can look at it fine in my inventory
  8. I accidentally posted on North Isle auctions, although I'm located on South Isles. Please only bid if you're from the old clusters, sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. supreme feeding trough, birchwood Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): none Buyout: offer Private Bids: Accepted This is your chance to spoil your cattle and redeem me from this random MOI while imping! QL: 90 Silver rune of Vynora attached: 10% less decay on items inside it Price excl. delivery. Can negotiate after the auction
  10. This is a great idea, I hope to see such features in the game. We have so many titles in the game, this would open some new combinations, which is great! The tomes could keep their special titles, but the ability to move title names around and the word "the" would be a nice addition indeed! I see no problem with that, personally. The name or the title font can have different color coding. It's already used in metal type description in tooltip menus.
  11. Glad to read! I bred some unicorns and logged off, so it never gave birth. I thought I was going crazy lol