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  1. These are deed tokens from old disbanded deeds. You can get em through archaeology.. If you are on the new servers this could be difficult tho. Check out the archaeology page on Wurm wiki.
  2. #3 COD to Xheth pls.
  3. Anyone knows when the map dump will be updated? Many things have changed and this version is almost a year old if I can recall correctly?
  4. Sunnyvale Island, midnight on Xanadu, gentle metal tinkering in the distance, the air is still warm after a sunny summer day.
  5. Thanks for sharing o/ Same place as usual?
  6. Big +1 from me. I'd love to join the community in naming the landmarks on Xan. Would be nice to have a poll for every landmark for different names and the one with the most votes will win? I'd say you should contact whoever is editing the Xan map. Best of luck!
  7. Heya all o/ I have made some candles to decorate my interior, placed them on some tables and some of them decayed over night already. It makes sense for them to decay while being lit, but please remove damage from candles, which are not lit. They make a great item to decorate with.
  8. My Study room. Some fragments found in distant lands, recordings of old deeds, skulls of creatures slain in the deepest woods, a small cupboard containing dyes of many wonderful shades of blue. I think I should start a real estate photography agency in wurm...
  9. +1 for the observation suggestion. I already made a similar post the other day for a such feature:
  10. Newspring Island and archipelagos surrounding it. Taken on a cliffside @S12 with 10% stamina left..
  11. Selling my rare fishing rod made of birchwood. It has no casts and I imped it as high as I could. If you are willing to support a newbie on his first deed, feels free to pm me an offer
  12. type /changeemail In-Game
  13. Sunnyvale on Xan on an early autumn morning. My deed is going for less epic and more cozy!
  14. Just myself with my human friend.