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  1. @masterSure. Rod is not mailable though so will need to collect. PM me to arrange collection @PwninMake an offer
  2. @Traveler777Sent @FortidenSent @VomusuNot for that price sorry
  3. Bump! Updated images. @Traveler777Will mail those out later tonight when I get ingame.
  4. @OblivionnreaverShovel already sold, sending others now. @masterstopped being lazy and looked around - will sell rod for 30s. 20 just a bit too low sorry. edit: shovel was already sold, not already sent
  5. @Traveler777Sent @LorenaMontanaSent @HaeshlerNeed an account name to CoD to.
  6. Will mail those out tonight. @mastermakes an offer
  7. [11:27:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  8. Selling off some junk for silver coinage only. No RL currency will be accepted. Make me an offer for something. If I'm happy with it, we have a deal. Please remember to give me the ingame name to CoD to. Will need to be a Panda account if on Chaos.
  9. Sweet. It's mechanic that simulates playing chinese whispers with the wiki. How about some bug-fixes so I can embark my friggin horse without having to relog.
  10. Hi Was just wondering if your alt account was still for sale, thanks.

  11. No bid received above starting bid. Please close.