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Found 244 results

  1. I can COD all items to your mailbox! Updated regularly - I appreciate your "bumps" and business! I will also consider offers on most items! Moon Metal Lumps/Jewelry Seryll lump ql 84.36 0.26 kg (1.25s) Necklace of protection, ql 75 (1s) Rare dark ring, ql 75 (3s OBO) Rare Glimmersteel Lump, ql 72.83 - 0.24 kg (2.4s) Rare Adamantine Lump, ql 96.93 - 0.39 kg (3s) Rare Adamantine Lump ql 95.19 - 0.39 kg (3s) Various Rare Items Rare pinewood short bow, ql 90 with CoC 72 (2.5s) Rare Oakenwood Large Shield, ql 76.88 with COC 85 (5s) Rare small metal shield, ql 71.20 with COC 76 (4.5s) Rare long oakenwood spear ql 90.84 (AD/LT94/MS97) (7s) Rare oakenwood fruit press, ql 75.38 COC 37 (4s) Rare cedarwood bee hive, ql 70 (4.5s) Rare iron metal brush, ql 76.14 with COC65 (4s) Rare iron lantern, ql 84.37 (1s) Rare iron lamp, ql 81.93 (1s) Hide/Scale Red dragon hatchling drake hide, ql 82.33 0.11 kg (4.40s OBO) Blue dragon hatchling drake hide, ql 87.60 0.29 kg (11.6 s OBO) Blue dragon scale, ql 84.84 0.15 kg (7.5s OBO) Shoulder pads/Armour Rare skull shoulder pad, ql 75 (1.25 s) Rare curved cotton shoulder pad, ql 75 (4s) Crafted shoulder pad, ql 75 (50c) Pumpkin shoulder pad, leather ql 89.11 (1s) Skull shoulder pad, ql 25 (25c) Copper chain armour set (pieces ql 75+) (2s) Potions Fletching potion ql 89.50 (2s) Fletching potion Ql 93.41 (2.5s) Fletching potion ql 73.01 (2s) Fletching potion ql 56.28 (1s) or take all 4 Fletching potions for 6s – great deal! Potion of Mining ql 46.46 (2s) Potion of Mining ql 67 (2.25s) Potion of Mining ql 72.13 (3s) or take all 3 for 7s OBO Potion of Mining ql 94.98 (4s) Potion of Mining ql 80.47 (3.5) Potion of Woodcutting ql 74.19 (2.5s) Potion of Woodcutting ql 84.81 (2.5s) Potion of Woodcutting ql 93.22 (3s) or take both potions for 4.25 silvers – great deal! Potion of Leatherworking ql 60.28 (2s) Oil of the Armour Smith ql 82.54 (2.25s) Oil of the Armour Smith ql 87.87 (2.25s) Ointment of Stonecutting ql 87.85 (1.5s) Potion of Acid (30c for all three) Ql 84.33, ql 92.43 , ql 55.76 MiSC 2 easter eggs, 80 ql (make an offer) 2 pottery valentines, 100 ql (make an offer)
  2. Price reduced! None of the items im selling were worn or damaged. 86ql rare glimmersteel lump 0,35kg 2.5s 84.14ql glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 2s 85,60ql adamantine lump 2s 83,42ql adamantine lump 2s 83,30ql adamantine lump 2s 85,62ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.25s { 85,11ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.25s Take all of them at once 86,43ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.25s for just 5.25s! 82,41ql seryll lump 0,25kg 1.25s 82,92ql rare seryll lump 0,25kg 2s } 75ql Human skull shoulder pad 2s 75ql Ribboned shoulder pad 50c 75ql Curved shoulder pad 35c 75ql left basic shoulder pad 50c 50ql right basic shoulder pad 35c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 50c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 50c 75ql Right layered shoulder pad 50c 75ql Crafted shoulder pad 50c 75ql Chain shoulder pad 85c { Get pair 75ql Chain shoulder pad 85c } for 1.5s 75ql right stylish shoulder pad 1.5s 75ql ring of the Eye, seryll 1s 75ql spear bracelet , seryll 50c 75ql artisan necklace, seryll 1.5s (or offer) 75ql Soul Stealer Necklace, seryll 2s (or offer) Metallic liquid 2s (or offer) ^Or tell me what price you would like to buy those for!^ ^Can also trade stuff up here for sleep powders in 1silver = 1sleep powder ratio^ ^I10 coast on Pristine^ 81ql Copper lump 96 CoC 50c Also, selling up to 100ql iron lumps (Prices to negotiate, not much tho ) RUNES! Stone rune of Magranon, adamantine (It can be attached to any item and will increase vehicle speed (10%).) 2.12ql 80c Stone runes of Magranon, zinc [mailbox rune] (It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1.54ql 5c { 3,47ql 5c 3,84ql 5c 4,33ql 6c 5,05ql 7c 5,95ql 7c 7,72ql 9c ~5 - 15% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 7,77ql 9c 9,12ql 10c 9,12ql 10c 9,37ql 10c 9,69ql 10c 11,10ql 12c } 11,24ql 12c { 11,40ql 12c 14,09ql 15c 14,56ql 15c ~15 - 29% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 15,51ql 17c 16,57ql 19c 20,03ql 24c } 24,66ql 32c { 25,12ql 34c 25.13ql 34c 25,97ql 34c ~36 - 60% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 34,08ql 50c 38,86ql 57c } Stone rune of Libia, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%).) 2,75ql 6c { 3,68ql 6c 5,32ql 8c 8,18ql 10c 8,50ql 10c ~5 - 13% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 8,90ql 10c 9,69ql 11c 10,59ql 13c 10,82ql 13c 10,97ql 13c } Stone rune of Vynora, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1,69ql 5c { 2,28ql 6c 2,84ql 6c 3,05ql 7c ~6 - 8% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 5,29ql 9c 5,38ql 9c } 13,56ql 15c { 13,99ql 15c 15,52ql 18c ~18 - 29% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 20,83ql 24c } Crystal rune of Vynora, Tin (It can be attached to metal items and will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%).) 24,17ql 30c ~36% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 40,00ql 56c ~60% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] Stone rune of Fo, silver (It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will have an okay glow and increase skill level bonus on skill checks (5%).) 11,26ql 14c Stone rune of Fo, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%).) 4,09ql 8c ~8% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 15,98ql 17c ~20% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 46,07ql 73c ~73% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] You can leave message here or in game /t Ziem /t Xyndia
  3. All items are now sold except the horse shoe set. Horse shoe set is being sold as a set, not individually. Price per shoe is just shown for convenience. PM in-game or on forum. Items sent from 100cast mailbox for *fast delivery*. All sold...
  4. Hmu with offers via forum pm if interested in anything thanks
  5. WTS Rares and Supremes Offer Prices Rare Forge
  6. A single steel rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Starting bid: 20s/€ Increments: 5s/€ Reserve: 60s Buyout: 99s/€ Sniper: 30 min
  7. Hello, me and my friend are selling the following items. Sleep powders accepted as 1sp=1s White scale set (Web armor) - offers in private msg rare hammer with Armor smith, weapon smith and black smith imbues, all 100ql - 25s Seryll lumps - 3.5s per kg black drake set without helmet (blank) - 85s
  8. Hello All, I have some potions and other misc items to sell! Potion of Fletching - ql 93.41 - 75c Potion of Fletching - ql 89.50 - 75c Potion of Mining - ql 50 - 2.5s OBO Seryll lump ql 84.16 (0.25 kg) - 1.5s Various seryll rings/ jewelry - more info for any interested, comment below. Thanks, Goldfinch
  9. Auctioning 22 Varied Rift lumps as a package deal. 2.45kg Of Seryll (9 Lumps, 1 Rare!) 1.71 Kg of Glimmersteel (6 Lumps, 2 Rare!) 2.79Kg of Adamantine (7 Lumps) valued at 35-45s without consideration for rares Starting Bid: 25s Increments: 1s Reserve: 35s Buyout: Make an offer Sniper protection: 1 Hour
  10. I want to sell: - rare seryll lump ql 81, 0,25kg - rare seryll lump ql 87, 0,27kg Both for 5s
  11. Selling the stuff below, if you see something that interests you, post here on the forum or pm Macoofer ingame. (changed the free offer to prices) Buyer pays mailcost. Macoofer
  12. Requesting price check 85ql Two handed sword, Seryll enchants are: Nimbleness 96 Life transfer 98 Circle of cunning 98 Mind stealer 93 A single tin rune of vynora attached, increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%). thank you for your help.
  13. Greetings all, I've got 10kg of seryll, avg 74 that I'm interested in trading for equal value in addy. I can provide screenshot if needed. Interested in meeting up to swap with someone (MR impalong or some other gathering comes to mind). Shoot me a message if this interests you. Pingpong All out of seryll atm, thanks!
  14. Looking to sell a wide collection of rares, a supreme, some seryll gear and a few collectable items 1 Rare FSB SOLD 4 Rare Forges sold 1 Macedon tall banner sold 1 Macedon banner
  15. PM with offerts can trade it for some drake hide
  16. See something you like? leave an offer here or PM me ingame. selling all for 10s
  17. WTS (all items are on deli) Rare Willow Longbow 40ql - 4s Sold Rare Maple Ropetool 40ql - 3.5s Rare Mortar 27.60ql - 20c Sleep Powder x 10 - 1s each Seryll Lump 92.07ql 0.27 kg - 3s Star Diamond 13.74ql - 3s Black Opal 25.00ql - 3s I also have 3k silver ore for sale mostly ql ranging 15 - 22, some are 50-70ql message me if you are interested in working out a deal for it.
  18. Starting Bid/Reserve: 5c Min Increase: 1c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer:
  19. Wanting to sell a variety of stuff Lump Adamantine 88.56ql 0.35kg - 3.2s Lump Seryll 85.05ql 0.26kg - 2.5s Leather Should pad give dodge bonus vs bashing when wearing light armor For all items that don't have a price, feel free post an offer. Feel free to pm offers on any item too
  20. As title said, WTB Black Drake Cap or Seryll helm , rare or not, if possible decent quality and enchanted. PM me or post here with your offers!
  21. I'm selling the Moon metals listed below: As for pricing: Seryll: All seryll has been sold! 86-89ql 4.4s/kg 90-94ql 4.8s/kg 95-98ql 5s/kg Adamantine: 84-89ql 9s/kg 90-94ql 10s/kg 95-99ql 11s/kg Glimmersteel: All glimmer has been sold! 80-89ql 9s/kg 90-94ql 10s/kg 95-98ql 11s/kg So, just pick the lump in its price category, do the math on the weight and you will know its price
  22. Starting Bid/Reserve: 20c Min Increase: 5c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer:
  23. Starting Bid/Reserve: 1s Min Increase: 20c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer: