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Found 14 results

  1. So, I decided to test Heal because I felt like it's actually been nerfed, or perhaps bugged, to almost obsolete levels, especially in comparison to other spells. Can we get some clarification? 33% health - [20:03:36] You start to cast 'Heal' on yourself. 40% - [20:04:05] Xallo heals some of your wounds. No resistance, btw. Just a bit of criticism..... I think Heal itself is basically useless now. For the 30 seconds it takes me to cast Heal (a 40 favour cast), to only heal 7 damage, I can cast nearly 3 Cure Mediums and heal more wounds, and be less likely interrupted due to the quicker cast timer. Alternatively, I can cast a LoF (a 60 favour cast) in 10 seconds and heal myself, and 10 of my other buddies, all MORE than I could heal myself for, for 20 extra favour than Heal. 10 seconds also means less likely to interrupt. Is it bugged and incorrectly taking armour casting nerf into the equation? Or was it nerfed? It used to FULL heal you, not PARTIAL heal (as the name would indicate). Does it actually calculate damage based upon skill now (50 skill w/ the below cast)? Someone, please? (Don't take this as a LoF nerf, becasue LoF isn't really overpowered anymore with resistances, but take it more as a please un-nerf/fix Heal to be usable again).
  2. Selling off Rare Pickaxe 82ql Price - 6s
  3. We can Rclick "Float" the Friends tab, causing the Friends list to pop outside of the Event/Friends/Combat etc. chat tab; would be awesome to be able to float the Local tab player list so that you don't have to resize the entire chat window in order to extend the local list.
  4. As title 45200ql of gems all of them 10+ql pm me I'm thinking 1.5g or 150e takes all or we can do it per ql at 35i per ql.
  5. 65c each. if you buy 4 than its 2s total. When you order name the tool and material type ill send out the highest coc i have left. only request coc power if you want something that is not the highest for some reason. post here or pm aquaman for orders.
  6. all cast from 80-84 75c each all cast from 85-89 85c each all cast from 90-94 1s each all cast 95+ 1.5s add 5c for steel tools(this fee can be waived if buying more than 3 items) add 50c for items over 80ql PM here on the form or aquaman ingame for orders and questions
  7. Looking to buy a nahjo battery only requirment is 80+faith pm me what you got You can reach me ingame by pming Aquaman
  8. Please, let fences and gates be contructed up to 8 dirts below water level. The purpose is pretty obvious: this would allow us to build lockable harbours, canals, ports, rice fields without dirt walls around them and, among other matters, would greatly improve the decoration possibities. This could also help PvP players' fortresses, probably.
  9. Ages ago sleep bonus had no toggle at all. You logged on and sleep bonus was running and ran until it was bone dry Eventually we were given the toggle to turn it off, however it would still be auto active on login and you had to manually freeze it Thankfully, this was then improved by having it auto frozen on login With further gui improvements, we also now have a sleep bonus bar that visually (and on hover text) shows how much sleep bonus we have and also if it is active or not Overtime sleep bonus has been made more and more user friendly, but the 5 minute toggle to turn it on and off remains still. I've tried to ask around to get any ideas or knowledge of why the cooldown was even added or remains, and nobody seems to know or remember any good reason. I can't even think of a reason that a timer for turning it back on after you turn it off, and the only possible reason I can think of for turning it on then off fast is for hfc or meditating. This isn't really an issue, because people already will just log off after they finish the skill and wait to log back in, having lost minimal sleep bonus. But in reality, there's always those bad situations where 2 minutes into your sleep bonus, you suddenly have to afk because that thing called rl actually does exist or whatever reason it may be, and logging off just isn't really the most suitable option. There's the argument of how it can be an advantage of highly efficient sleep bonus usage, but that isn't really a problem if it ever was one, because with cheap sleep powders for prem, anyone can get incredible amounts of sleep bonus Removing the cooldown would make it more fair and accessible for everyone. At the least, something short like 30 seconds or so would be a major improvement
  10. Many ppl know valrei, the god system, the missions and the fun things it comes with. There is however no guide on the forum, the wiki or any explanation in game about the valrei system. We use a 3rd party website ( ) that works decent and thumps up to the dude that made it but it could use an explanation in the tutorial, the wiki, a forum guide and maybe the game (no clue how hard this is coz im not the smartest dude around). Also referring to this topic: Here is the wiki also so u know more about valrei: What can we do to help ppl understand this better?
  11. Dirtmund Dirt You looking for dirt? Dirtmund has all of your dirt needs, producing the highest qualities of dirt through forced humane and ethical labour. Just to give you a small idea of how high the standars for our produce is, we dig our dirt with only the finest 99ql shovels and transport them in our 99ql rafts and ships. So you've been looking for high quality dirt and was afraid of the price tag, well worry not - we sell our quality dirt at regular quality prices. Worried about the livelihood of diggers? Dirtmund is part of a fair-dirt programme and we directly pay the diggers and their families. So you've seen this thread and don't know what to do out of awe, well, just send me a PM and we can work something out. "So what about them there prices?" you may ask. 1000 Dirt + Transport* = 100 Copper 1000 Dirt + Pick-up = 90 Copper 5000 Dirt + Transport* = 450 Copper 5000 Dirt + Pick-up = 400 Copper 10,000 Dirt + Transport* = 900 Copper 10,000 Dirt + Pick-up = 800 Copper *Transport costs are 2 Copper per tile travelled Prices may vary with the changes in the dirt-economy, our stockbrokers work very hard to keep up with market trends! Dirtmund is located just north of Lormere - and we have a boat canal to give us sea access! If you want to place an order, please PM me or post here!
  12. What would people think about making the hate 50% dmg permanent but also make the user take 10% more damage?
  13. Kill the chaos map and add a new map. It's worn out and and if we just reset the map, we'd all use the same spots.