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  1. Personally I played it for about a month and then stopped playing it regularly. There are a few reasons I stopped: 1: Real life commitments and things I have to do not affording me time to play. 2: Broken patches for beacon behavior and generally felt it was slightly underwhelming. Not enough risk/reward. 3: Broken/underwhelming mechanism for skill or item transfer compounding the above. 4: Dead server economy.
  2. If you do play Jackal, why do you choose it over the alternatives? If you did play Jackal and stopped. Why? If you have not played on Jackal, why is that so? I hope this thread may benefit the Devs and shape future updates.
  3. Of course. Hence my saying I think playing for fun is more paramount than trying to earn real life quid at this point.
  4. The effort probably no longer justifies the gains. At the moment the "time value" of silver gained in general in wurm is not favorable to exploitation. The RMT is more a pleasant feature for those who partake or are motivated by the thought of getting nominal monetary gain from online efforts. I would certainly hope at this stage and state of the wurm economy there are not denizens actually trying to subside off of playing WO.
  5. The RMT divide issue is quite easy to solve really, if you wish for the status quo to remain intact. Simply name steam's version of Wurm slightly differently. Say, Perhaps, "Wurm Revisited MMO". They would be two separate games at that point, which is absolutely the truth. When the day comes that the servers need to by "synced", and you want to allow steam characters to go to OGWO lands, simply add the servers as a personally curated addition. Skills from existing characters would be transfered rewarded by a "referral" system on a 1:1 basis. A reward, if you will, for playing a prior version of the game.
  6. Full Steam Ahead

    And on the topic, I suppose we can be thankful the devs did not solicit epic games for some upfront revenue and the ability to maintain RMT. If you want to talk about questionable DRM etc, keep in mind epic is partially owned by China's state owned tencent games.
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    Win 7 has just about 90 days of support left. You can always run decrapify or other scripts on Win 10 to knock out cortana / most of the telemetry. Alternatively, LTSB/LTSC 2019 offers a cleaner experience and a bit more control, at the cost of up to date driver support from GPU vendors. That being said, pretty much if you use your internet (at least in the states), your privacy is void anyhow.
  8. Not sure why people rag on the moderation, GMs, and Devs here. I am plenty crotchety and plenty critical. If you read my earlier dour posts, they still stand, clear as day just being a pessimistic grump does not beget their rage. If you break rules, macro, or get personally nasty, well then.
  9. It's not another cash grab. Its a very informed choice. Steam will bring fresh blood and probably a good chunk of change. I am implying that the "new years" time frame is not going to afford them enough time to make significant significant changes. Likely it is going to be a refreshed UI with some QOL improvements and otherwise the same old (good) song. I think if WO was doing well enough, the time frame would be longer. Freedom population is going to suffer badly. At some point it may not be financially viable. At that point management will be faced with a choice to amputate or assimilate.
  10. IMO the compressed release time frame for release means the freedom servers have already been written off. This is probably understood, but not able to be admitted. They probably need revenue badly. Either its a going concern or the new ownership expects more immediate returns. That being said, sometimes you have to make the hard decisions. Whether that is changing staff, or stabbing the horse for a final run. Ultimately managing expectations is analogous to politics. You can always give, but never take away.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    My concern is that people like me will leave WO for Steam WO. I know I will. (I think you saw this effect with jackal) At that point what is the breaking point, lowest server population for our existing servers that is feasible going forward? When do you decide to combine or shutter the existing OG servers as they become a financial burden?
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    A business decision would take into account not only having current priest alts not be premed any longer, It would also weigh the added burden of steams cut. Your argument is that the increase in revenue would drastically outweigh those two points. Enough so to make it worth the inherent risk in greatly changing a game mechanic. Rather than risk existing revenue streams, and alienating loyal customers, why not argue for things that ADD additional revenue to serve as capital for investment? Beyond that, are we still going to pretend like a separate steam server segregated from WO's current universe will not greatly depress current freedom populations and potentially throw it into a death spiral?