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  1. WTA leftover junk. 1 day auction

    3.5 silver
  2. WTA leftover junk. 1 day auction

    1.8 S
  3. WTA leftover junk. 1 day auction

    1 Silver
  4. Bulk of Crystal Runes (321)

    6 Silver
  5. WTA well over 13k med to low ql meat. (Closed)

    LOL! I saw your raise and went "eesh" harsh jump. Same thing i was pulling, but I guess I started :P.
  6. Cheapo Depot

    Cheapo Depot Your source for affordably priced crap Coc Skiller Tools WoA Horseshoes Concrete 95 copper per hundred, delivered in a free crate (300 on hand) More stuff to come. More CoC Skillers in the works. We take requests. Always affordable. Always Cheap. Always, Cheapo Depot.
  7. Good people, deserving of a bump. Got my herbs here
  8. Only one rune can be added under normal circumstances. This must be an Archaeology find.
  9. Iron Mine Door

    My suggestion to increase the decay rate of the iron door was not rooted in limiting its utility, but instead mirroring reality. Iron is strong and cheap, but when used in civil engineering projects without caution taken to preventing rust, oxidizes quickly. As you suggest, Gold and Silver should be weak to bashing. IMO they should also decay very slowly.
  10. wts intermediate char

    Seriously, reconsider quitting. Legitimately, it is a feat of an account. Not everyone plays to power grind etc. Not saying there is a market for it, but that is some dedication to meditation.
  11. Iron Mine Door

    Agreed, but should be slightly more prone to decay.
  12. Forest Giant Slaying

    I'll be there! Thanks once again, Will, Katie, Niki! You guys are awesome. Can I bring chopped veggies for you all?
  13. * closed* 500 Under 10ql Gems.

    This should probably have some sniper protection. Especially with the "no minimum increments"
  14. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    -1 to you too sir.