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  1. How functional is the unicorn? May WTB. See you there.
  2. supreme battle sickle

    What the hell. I normally stay out of these high end things, but: 15 S
  3. I was thinking more of a % modifier similar to how the damage reduction rune currently works. Perhaps 20% at most.
  4. If mag had a spell that slows damage accrual, or acts as a sacrificial buffer, It would give it some marketplace utility.
  5. I foresee it as being character select from the opening screen, but only playing one character at once. Playing alts simultaneously will require a workaround as oblivion suggests.
  6. Mewt

    A pleasure to meet you and a hearty welcome, There are still some fairly active enclaves on the PVE servers, in spite of the general population decline. PVP is nearly abandoned. Many are choosing to wait until the Steam server fresh launch, which will afford more opportunity for pioneering and PVP alike. I would like to thank you for your many years of service, and commend you for your tough and nasty attitude in tackling the challenges you face. I think a positive "going forward" attitude is a great asset and key to beating otherwise dismal odds. IF you do choose to give wurm a spin, premium is not necessary until you wish to get past the level cap of 20 skill. You can explore the game and its skills at your leisure within those constraints, and see how you feel without monetary risk prior. The game itself moves at a slow pace and nothing is gained without effort. I would like to invite you to join us, even temporarily. "Us" being a smaller group located in the southeast of xanadu, wurms largest server. The server itself has the most people on it, and more social interaction globally. At the very least, personally I would be glad to assist you in getting started and answer any questions I can. We have quite a bit of spare land on the Island for you to muck up as you please. You are welcome to use it as a starting point and an area to learn before moving on if you wish. Be Well, Nygen
  7. What other broken mechanics are on the table, soon to be announced as a monthly fix? Meditation?
  8. Thank you very much everyone for the kind words, compliments, and work!
  9. Now remove the restrictions to actions for priests and prohibit only improving. ^_-
  10. I and some of my village mates have been having issues with connections to hetzner. Try running through a VPN or connecting to your phones mobile hotspot and see if the issue subsides. Also we are comcast, east coast as well.
  11. These changes are right in a vacuum or on a fresh server, but you guys are really content to damn the existing WO population. Are we that close to steam launch?
  12. Sorry crimson. Poor oversight. I amended the post with my location. Xanadu t-26 in the southeastern most small island in the corner.
  13. Prices adjusted for market forces. Making affinity pies once again.