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  1. 2 silver for the rare steel breastplate? I know, I'm cheap. Cod to nygen if acceptable
  2. Food and Beverage Suggestions

    Excellent: Might I propose: Gabagool: Sausage Skin + Fat + Salt + High QL pork + Wine + Garlic.
  3. Open Note to Wurmians

    I find interesting parallels to economic market sentiment and crowd behavior. People believe the game is dying, and so it is. Until it is not. There is a certain palpable disconnect between reward and effort as of late, economically, socially, intrinsically within the game. Given the attachment to the game, with the amount of effort we expend, it is not an easy break up for those of us who are leaving. That being said wurm, like real life, ebbs and flows. The opportunity of departure will allow for new players to take up the mantle. I would hope that helpful players like you, WITH YOUR COMIC SANS , and constructive demeanor, remain around. It is to the benefit of the game. Hopefully with a thinned herd, and renewed interest from added content, the economy and population of wurm trends back up. With it hopefully some of the pervasive dourness dissipates, and it can go back to being the wurm community we love and know.
  4. Rite Journal Goal: Question for the Devs

    By the way, I want to make this clear that "I've got mine!". My priest cast the goal, but in the fear that I would not make it, ran without full links. I was (rightfully) afraid that If I had the courage to do what Flubb did, I would get the result he did. Having your attempts at being good-hearted and ethical rewarded with FAILURE. The goal as currently constructed would see me benefit from casting it once again to prevent others from getting the +5 bonus. How is that fair. Do we need Dr. Manhattans like yellowfinger to drive the knife to prove a point?
  5. Rite Journal Goal: Question for the Devs

    Retro. Please make the goal something that *Can* be 100% achieved with sufficient effort. Every other goal meets this standard. This is the only one that does not. Having 92 Channeling be the goal by itself is ok. Making it hard and time consuming is ok. Requiring fantastic luck and the goodwill of a population of randoms, who have no incentive to cooperate is not.
  6. Rite Journal Goal: Question for the Devs

    I think resistance may be met from people who *have* accomplished the goal. To sate their needs, I think the goal should be modified to: "Cast / Assist in casting a global spell or receive benefits by praying within 24 hours of a rite X numbers of times. "
  7. So long as the ability is there to "snipe", there will never be a "guarantee" of anything. As I have said many times the goal encourages this behavior and is at odds with the spirit of PVE.
  8. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Sorry for the quick follow up post, but I too wish to applaud your generous, and unfortunately, Pyrrhic efforts. I don't disagree with the sentiment, just I feel the blame is being foist upon the wrong party.
  9. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    The mechanics allow it. The rules may, or may not allow it depending on your interpretation of the griefing statue. The appropriate action would be for the mods to replace the entry with a self determinant and non-competitive task. The current requirement just sews discord and discontent.
  10. 4.01QL - CoC 95 - 75 copper show me the chisel! (please cod to nygen)
  11. Purchased a hatchet from these bums. They are the best in the business. Much appreciated !
  12. PanFilling & Baking

    [11:37:21] You have just received the title 'Logician'! Courtesy of cheef's magic and the power of the coin bank.
  13. Valrei International. 086

    "Back in the day" (TM) A dragon was something to be feared. It was not a jucy pile of loot to be had. I am suggesting it becomes an absolute nasty pile of death stacked 10 meters high. If you want to bring a group 40 strong , complete with axes you deserve whatever loot it gives.
  14. Valrei International. 086

    My two cents: I do not blame groups for doing what is to their benefit and becoming super efficient at what they do. A monopoly is a just consequence of the mechanics. Public slayings, as stated, are damaging and many people are ungrateful. That being said, the mechanics do need to be adjusted. I would propose: (And these may be similar to other suggestions) 1: Make it so that there is no way to see or be alerted to a legendary, except by site. 2: Make it so that a legendary is completely incapable of being penned. (Especially a dragon) There presence should be a server wide alert, disaster scale occurrence. Any damage to a deed should be compensated in the loot mechanics. 3: Don't want the same 10 people fighting? Great! Neither do I! Make it so dragons are so powerful there is a need to bring far more than 10 people. 4: Roll the loot according to damage caused with a small nod to damage received.
  15. WTS Misc rare and unique items

    Thank you! (and enjoy the bump)