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  1. It may be rough, and not particularly useful, but at least it is dependent on you and no one else. I find the Global cast goal and 100 rifts (which may not be at accessibly times) to be far more objectionable.
  2. Ah my 33 copper was ignored. Alright - 5 silver
  3. I agree with the general sentiment, but there is one point I have to disagree on. The devs aren't leaving the old servers to die. It is the players like me who are. People are voting with their feet. Hopefully more people will log on or revisit the old servers before they turn into the epic death spiral.
  4. These are good helpful folks. If anyone is on the fence, i suggest you go for it. Rev
  5. This auction is for a 60 quality rare hatchet (Iron) Starting bid : 8 Silver Min incriment: 1 Silver Buyout: 16 silver 5 minute snipe protection on ending bids
  6. Im auctioning off an 84 Coc 0 dmg, 50 ql iron lump. Starting bid 8 S minimum increment 1s Buyout 15 S 2 minute sniper extension in place. Good luck.
  7. Sold! COD'ing to Trith, congratulations
  8. Settlement: Vinland [950, 1400]
  9. 1 Day auction for a rare glimmersteel knife for chopping up sac items etc. Starting bid: 12 Silver Minimum Raise: 1 Silver Buyout : 35 Silver **sniper protection 10 minutes on bid ending** Shipped COD or dropped off near overture on melody.
  10. This game is like Betty White. It's going to keep going just to prove you wrong. Both economies are behaving appropriately. Supply and demand 101. See an opportunity? Get on it.
  11. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Looking good! Best of luck on this civic project!
  12. IMO this is reasonable, but should have been done at the start of the server. It was independent from the # of link issues. Now those who went out and spent big on batteries early got the benefit they had cemented in place.