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  1. On the old servers with a relatively broken economy, id agree. In the new servers you can make 5 silver putzing around in 2 days (especially with cotton early on).
  2. The fact you CAN choose to play 100% for free and gain a premium sub without spending real world money means the game is free to play. There should be a heads up or tutorial that says you need to earn 5/10 silver from other players in order to purchase premium without real currency.
  3. The point of the low characteristic cap was to not have free accounts sabotaging public routes, digging up roadways, and bashing. As a free player you can still earn silver by your actions, and afford premium through your labor.
  4. +1 I don't mind the vulgar language, but its not a good look.
  5. You only get one chance at a first impression.
  6. The server needs a hardware upgrade ASAP. No stress testing done ahead of time. In wurm, you are the stress test.
  7. Sounds good for dirty deeds done in the dark. +1
  8. I would be a proponent of allowing characters to maintain one skill *if* that character had been premium for at least two months in the past.
  9. Mechanical HDD is going to be a limiting factor when compared to a modern SSD or NVME SSD system. It's not bad for the $$ if you are not willing/capable to build a system from the ground up.
  10. Radeon 570's - Same issue on two computers. Rolled back settings.
  11. The $600 microcenter laptop I linked is more than serviceable. The downside is primarily in battery life and heat output (not throttling). Notebookcheck is a good reference for the relative performance of graphics and also contained TDP/TGP information, which refers to the amount of power the part pulls under normal high load. GPU and CPU routinely violate the number under boost or torture (furmark) loads, but its still a good idea of the power and therefore heat the laptop needs to sink. The 1650 is no slouch by any means, as it outperforms my 970M GTX which can play wurm mid-high and still good enough for most new games coming out.
  12. Most laptops with a dedicated GPU will probably fall a bit out of that range, starting at around $700. Here is a $600 option, but its not the greatest IMO. Acer DGPU Microcenter link The AMD 3700, 4500, and 4700 represent good choices for a system with onboard graphics that can handle wurm without running hot. They will not play bleeding edge games, but are capable of playing wurm. Make sure you have an SSD ("NVME" preferable), as it will make a huge difference in the feel of how fast your system is, making it a hell of a lot more responsive.
  13. Ascension and Depravity May your gerbil run ever faster.