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  1. The rewards have become exceptionally poor. The only reason to go at this point is a contested rush at the rift mats and the minor social aspect.
  2. Straight blank iron supreme pick should be 15-20 silver. Enchants and imbue push that higher. Same for steel.
  3. Suggestion 1: Make identified archaeology fragments worth 25 iron each when sold to a token. Suggestion 2: Make a statue "of chimera" that accepts any 2,000 or more assorted fragments.
  4. Three epochs and a fortnight to go till launch. Give or take a Roman noodle.
  5. This post sponsored by oblivi for president. +1 for sensible idea.
  6. You guys really don't like Fo, do you?
  7. I think your titles should grant a slight benefit , like the armorer ones do. In order to combat wholesale title swapping, you should be limited to changing your title once a week if the slight bonuses are implemented.
  8. Somewhere there is an intersection between compassion and compliance. Knowledge and self reflection always help.
  9. Oh yeah. They are very expensive per GB which ($1.5 per, vs 0.35 for Nand). The *only* benefit is for garbage loads like this. Also durability and reliability because its a hybrid NAND/RAM by function.
  10. Look up the 900p and 905p. They are full fledged SSDs with the best IOPS rate on the market. AIC or M2 solution available. Up to 1.5 TB, with low Queue depth throughput 3x as much as any NAND NVME SSD. You are confusing them with the add in solutions that were sold to try to improve Xpoint volume that sucked. What i am talking about is only useful for the 5% of edge cases that have mixed loads or super high IOPS. NAND NVME solutions have really gaudy sequential rates, but tank in mixed workload at low QD. *edited for clarity*
  11. Perhaps see if it is possible to run on servers using Optane storage. In my experience they are perfect for poorly optomized bursty legacy code. The 900P and 905P solutions both have very high IOPS, don't get hammered with mixed workload, and absurd endurance (10 DWPD).
  12. How functional is the unicorn? May WTB. See you there.
  13. supreme battle sickle

    What the hell. I normally stay out of these high end things, but: 15 S