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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Sunnyvale General Store! Skiller tools and more Post here or pm me in game Custom enchants available ___________________________________________________ Bloods: Black Dragon Hatchling (Armour Smith) - 2s Red Dragon (Ropemaking) - 2s ___________________________________________________ Rares: Rare recipe "goblin liver and onion" - 10c Rare chain gauntlet - 2s Rare sage - 10c ___________________________________________________ Costumes: Witch's hat - 1s Pumpkin shoulder Pad pair - 1s each Troll mask - 1s ___________________________________________________ Specials: Blueberry Wood Mallet, Woa 91 CoC 92 - 1s ___________________________________________________ Horse Shoes: Set 1: Ql 87 | WoA 91,94,96,105 - 2s ___________________________________________________ Skiller Tools: Currently available casts New additions every week PM for custom casts ___________________________________________________ Runed Tools: Archaeology tools with higer QL and a random rune, 50c each Trowel, iron | 16 QL | CoC 95 | Steel rune of Jackal (-10% Decay) Rake, lead | 58 QL | CoC 81 | Steel rune of Fo (-5% DMG, -5% Decay) Rake, iron | 17Ql | CoC 85 | Seryll rune of Fo (+10% enchant success) File, silver | 55 QL | CoC 90 | Brass rune of Magranon (+10% Ql increase upon imping) Scythe, iron | 2QL | CoC 90 | Lead rune of Mag (-10% Ql change upon repairing) ___________________________________________________ Low casted skiller tools for new players Some <80coc tools are available free of charge. PM me for details and list.
  2. Stilchions Shipbuilding is now open for business with our first offering of not 1 but 2 nicely built rowboats ql 30 for 1 silver each also included are a mooring anchor for each.
  3. "Enchants shattering was tweaked and generalized. Some enchants now have a lot less chance of shatters while failing now always has a very small risk of shattering." I'm not sure why devs decided to change up enchanting/shatters. It wasn't broken. The motivation for most priests skilling up has been to NOT shatter things. That's how skilling should work. Did one of Bashurs new priests shatter an item or something? What this does is as follows. Players buys, or gets a new shiney. New shiney is meaningful to player. Player won't risk the enchant and rightly so. Unenchanted shiney vs old enchanted shiney = larger gap between older and newer player. Prices for tools and weapons with good enchants goes way up. Speaking of, fellow priests.. what should the price point be for enchants now? Players who already have enchanted armour YAY. Players without.. why risk it? Locksmithing becomes more important than the priestly skills? I was understanding when you nerfed archery and lockpicking. I understood the nerf of POL and enchanted grass. I was even cool and silent about the price increase. I haven't used these forums before to complain (that I know about) but for gods sake... Change enchanting/shattering to the way it was before! Reward hard work.
  4. Hello and welcome This Is General, Mayor of General's Mountain Anyone who is wanting to join can PM me in-game OR leave a comment here Spoiler's are at the bottom Enjoy We are located at X: 14.5 Y: 45.5 Can/Will pick up from any Coast Of Deliverance OR escort the player(s) to our deed. We can also meet you anywhere on the mainland if needed. Any player(s) are welcome to join! I have 6 RULES for you to follow which are as follows: Rule #1 : Respect me and your fellow citizens Rule #2 : Ask before you build any projects must be APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OR CO-MAYOR Alcina (if we disapprove you can ask again when you improve the design ALSO, Ask to see what needs to be improved) Rule #3 : Don't kill my Dog or remove her from the deeds farm! SHE IS MY PET! Rule #4 : If you need to Teraform (dig/flatten/ECT.) please consult the mayor or Co-Mayor Alcina Rule #5 : Please if you can help it bury the corpses on the ground but butcher animal corpses before you bury. Rule #6 : Have Fun (also if you have problems with something come to me or Alcina for help we'll be glad to help you out! ) This is the path down Main Entrance First Floor Citizen Living Area/Storage Room (Under Construction) Second Floor Citizen Kitchen/Living area (Under Construction) Second Floor Views Top Floor Citizen Living area (Finished) Long Spoiler Top Floor Views Main Street Animal Pen Mini Farm (bigger one Coming Soon) Citizen Well And my first statue made Forge area inside the Mine Safety Net (for coming out of the Mine) View of everything (some blocked by trees) Oceanside View Last but not least our neighbors deed ​Sincerely, General Mayor of General's Mountain X:14.5 Y:45.5
  5. Icelion's General Store (Closed, for Now) (Not taking any new orders on rope until the 01/01/13 due to family obligations.) Hello Pristinites! I am located at Molyneux Harbour; (27x, 14y) We produce a range of different goods and also offer Vynora conversions for free whenever I'm online. I'm offering a range of goods for sale to order, take a look below, to order post on this thread, contact me in game - Icelion/Icetiger or send me a forum PM; This is currently just a personal list of what I can produce and what I could sell in the future. I have decided to focus on deed development rather than try and make any money out of the haphazard mess I have now. Apologies to any I have misled in this endeavor. Rope: 10c Per (Out of Stock) Orders: Archaegeo: x2 Shadowoftheapocalypes: x4 Gold Lump 1ql: 5c per 2kg Gold Lump 20ql: 5c per 1kg Statuttes, 10ql +: Vynora: 15c Fo: 20c Magranon: 20c Libilia: 50c Iron Tools 20ql: 10c / 3 tools. Iron Weapons 20ql: 10c per Weapon (Double for Huge Class Weapons) Practice Dolls 20ql: 10c Rowboats: 2s per Boat, anchor not currently included. (Will be in the future) Bear in mind time dictates a great many things. A rowboat can take a couple of days to create for instance, especially with the ql of tools that are available at the moment. Please be patient.