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Found 114 results

  1. SB: 10s Min Increment: 1s Snipe Protection: none Auction time: 24 hr
  2. [21:06:55] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [106] will attach to it rune of your choice (i recommend glimmer rune of libila for 10% usage speed, but can be any ) starting bid 20s min.increment 1s sniper protection 1h
  3. close this

    WTS tools with enchants 20C eatch will mail it with C.O.D from my 97 courior mailbox.
  4. Stacks of Rare crude axes are labelled 'rare crude axe' Stacks of Rare crude knives are labelled 'rare crude knife' BUT... A stack of rare crude shovels is just labelled 'crude shovel'. Why is this? is it because they are made of wood and can have different types? or is it a bug with this item? Thanks. A list sorted alphabetically shows the rare crude shovels out of order (they should come after the rare crude knives):
  5. Hello, As the title says got 3 type of tools for sale, all of them have coc. Hatchets - 5 ql iron (the number is the cast power so 79 - Coc79 Shovel - 15 ql iron (the number is the cast power so 79 - Coc79 = Pickaxe- 5 ql iron (the number is the cast power so 79 - Coc79 All tools are 10c + Cod. Write here or pm me on forums!
  6. Heya, I have a massive skiller sale. All of the tools will be the low ql shown on the picture. All of them have coc which behind their name. The products will be according to price range and under the spoilers for the price range you will find the exact qualities and enchants. But thats not all. With every item you purchase you will be put on a raffle list (i think the right word) and one lucky person will in 10 days get a draw on 6 items showns as awards. So every item is 1 ticket and in 10 days i will do a random for the amount of tickets and that one person can roll the dice and see what he won for free. Rewards: So here are the tools 4s each - 100+ casts 1,5s each - 95+ casts 1s each 90-95 casts 70c each - 80-90 casts 50c each - 70-80 casts 30c each - 60-70 casts Happy shopping. Raffle list: All items will be cod from Exodus and buyer pays the cod.
  7. Buyer pays COD Post or Forum PM All prices in silver Item Ql enchants price 90QL Iron Chain Set with Aosp 90 on the Pants and Jacket 3s Steel plate Armour set ( 9 pieces) 91+ QL 5s Exquisite Med Rug 19.13 coc64 60c Mallet, Oak 54.23 woa65 30c Spindle, Oak 40.68 coc73 60c Spindle, Oak 25.84 coc64 50c Grooming Brush, Cedar 36.02 Coc70 60c Grooming Brush, Cedar 16.82 Coc88 80c Grooming Brush, Cedar 16.82 Coc78 70c Sickle, Iron 18.39 coc74 70c Sickle, Iron 22.58 coc73 70c Rake, Iron 91.46 coc82 woa82 1s Rake, Iron 91.66 coc81 woa82 1s Rake, Iron 91.55 coc82 woa94 1.50s Rake, Iron 91.23 coc82 woa87 1.30s Rake, Iron 91.27 coc81 woa86 1.30s Stone Chisel, Iron 90.05 coc98 woa76 1.50s Stone Chisel, Iron 90.23 coc90 woa75 1.40s Pickaxe, Steel 8.54 coc80 80c Pickaxe, Steel 8.32 coc77 75c Pickaxe, Steel 8.54 coc77 75c Pickaxe, Steel 8.54 coc76 75c Pickaxe, Steel 8.24 coc76 75c pickaxe, steel 1.18 coc80 80c pickaxe, steel 2.15 coc80 80c pickaxe, steel 1.09 coc80 80c pickaxe, steel 2.91 coc80 80c Pickaxe, Iron 15.11 coc80 70c Pickaxe, Iron 7.70 coc82 70c Pickaxe, Iron 19.15 coc79 60c Pickaxe, Iron 10.15 coc79 60c Pickaxe, Iron 37.17 coc65 50c Needle, Iron 91.93 coc81 woa96 1.50s Hammer, Iron 80.39 coc64 woa73 60c Hammer, Iron 80.19 coc82 woa71 70c Hammer, Iron 47.47 coc81 70c Hammer, Iron 80.44 coc73 50c File, Iron 94.06 coc90 woa86 1.80s File, Iron 91.16 coc79 woa86 90c File, Iron 23.97 coc66 50c Shovel, Iron 91.43 coc80 woa79 1s Shovel, Iron 81.32 coc61 woa66 60c Shovel, Iron 80.37 woa82 70c Shovel, Iron 71.15 woa76 60c Shovel, Iron 80.00 woa67 50c Butchering Knife, Iron 58.64 coc87 90c Butchering Knife, Iron 18.64 coc83 80c Small Avnil, Iron 34.54 coc89 90c Small Anvil, Iron 18.05 coc71 70c Small Anvil, Iron 18.05 coc61 60c Small Anvil, Iron 18.05 coc61 60c Saw, Iron 4.94 coc80 80c Saw, Iron 30.47 coc66 60c Saw, Iron 26.88 coc60 50c Small Axe, Steel 6.80 coc80 90c Hatchet, Iron 81.73 woa75 60c Hatchet, Steel 2.17 coc71 70c Hatchet, Steel 3.26 coc71 70c
  8. Looking to sell these rare butcher knives and shovels, prices are listed beside each tool All are enchanted with blessings of the dark, which acts like woa + coc combined! Please leave a comment or send me a pm with the name of the character to cod to! I am also willing to accept sleep powder or euro at 1:1 ratio. Sleep powder would need to be delivered to NE Celebration.
  9. Looking to sell these 7s each for the rares obo 30s for the supreme pm me if interested
  10. Please Close

    Hello I have a 72.05 Rare Shovel, Iron (Blank). Starting Bid: 1 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *I always PM before sending anything via mailbox/delivery so please look for my message :). *If you do no see a message from me after winning an auction then please send me one since sometimes it seems forums can be finicky and it might have gotten "lost". *I wait 7 days for a response to my PM for mailbox/delivery coordination... If you do not contact me I will put the item back up for auction :). *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launce~
  11. Need protection that fights back? 81ql steel plate set with 772 total AOSP (8s) Also a few other items: 46ql tin lunchbox (50c) 73ql shovel, iron C72W53 (50c) 72ql hammer, iron C38W34 (40c)
  12. Please Close

    Hello I have a 85.12ql Supreme Shovel, Iron (Blank). Starting Bid: 5 silver Increment: 1 silver Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *Please do not change your bid without warning/explanation. *Added a 24hrs to the timer because of the 25silver bid was changed to 16silver. Gives people who thought it was out of their price range to see it isn't.
  13. Supreme Iron Shovel - 83ql no enchants 25s or best offer can do any enchants 80 +
  14. Looking for Price Check on this fine skiller. Let me know what she's worth or send me offers
  15. Closed

    Auction was bought out
  16. Hello. we've asked for snow shovels before, we know nothing can be done about snow falling through ceilings or all paving turning to snow in the winter, even indoors. Snow shovels would transform this hard-coded defeat into a triumph, especially indoors. sooner or later someone will ask for paving in mines, i can see the winter paved ground textures being a problem for that also. My suggestion: Allow us to shovel our snow.
  17. hello, if item is possible to send by mail will be send, if something is not mailable, buyer need to pick up. don't worry about long time mailing, [04:12:22] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [100] (1 minute mailbox) contact ingame Kgorski, if you want to place mailing order on forum, please place the name of character, to which i should send. Potions from uniques: woodcuting ql 94 4s stonecuting ql 55 2s stonecuting ql 70 2s stonecuting ql 35 2s weapon smith ql 77 2,5s weapon smith ql 81 2,5s weapon smith ql 88 2,7s weapon smith ql 34 1,5s weapon smith ql 51 2s weapon smith ql 98 3s weapon smith ql 75 2,5s weapon smith ql 73 2,5s weapon smith ql 77 2,5s armor smith ql 47 1,5s armor smith ql 45 1,5s tailoring ql 82 2s fletching ql 93 2s supreme knapsack and champagne ql 62,77 price 4s
  18. Supreme Shovel, iron 90.71ql A tool for digging. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increments: 50c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: I am willing to entertain PM buyout offers, but no private bids.
  19. as title says i am looking for a rare shovel. preferably with no enchants. but if there are no blank ones, i will take an enchanted one depending on price for the casts...
  20. I have 9 shovels, varying CoC, let me know on here, or in game (Ersitu) if you want them. 1 to 5, 65c each. 6 and 7, 75c each 8 1.05s 9 5s
  21. [15:32:09] A tool for digging. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The shovel needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. [15:32:09] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [76] [15:32:09] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [79]
  22. Close

  23. Hatchet,iron 14ql C 74 | 40c Hatchet,iron 14,87ql C 73 | 40c Hatchet,iron 77,72ql W 41 | 25c Hatchet,iron 36,90ql C 75 | 40c Pickaxe,iron 81,44ql C 73 | 40c Pickaxe,iron 71,29ql W 43 | 20c Pickaxe,iron 22,14ql C 36 | 15c Pickaxe,iron 20,96ql C 63 | 35c Pickaxe,steel 1,74ql C 83 | 45c Shovel,iron 53,19ql C 51 | 25c Shovel,iron 77,48ql W 39 | 10c Rope tool,pinewood 64,27ql W 69 | 35c Rope tool,oakenwood C 47 | 20c Saw,iron 74,46ql W 53 | 40c Saw,iron 77,96ql W 71 C 19 | 50c Saw,iron 57,99ql C 50 | 25c Saw,iron 69,53ql W 54 | 30c File,iron 68,52 ql C 26 | 5c Hammer,iron 73,02ql C 27 | 10c Trowel,iron 20,91ql C 69 | 40c Rake,iron 17,09ql C 78 | 40c Rake,iron 18,32ql C 66 | 35c Rake,iron 19,02ql C 59 | 30c Rake,iron 78,09ql C 45 | 25c Rake,iron 18,64ql C 68 | 35c Rake,iron 18,92ql C 46 | 25c Rake,iron 17,51ql C 53 | 30c Rake,iron 19,04ql C 76 | 40c Sickle,iron 54,31ql C 28 | 10c Sickle,iron 57,36ql C 22 | 15c Sickle,iron 57,63ql C 38 | 15c Sickle,iron 56,17ql C 39 | 15c Sickle,iron 57,53ql C 43 | 15c Sickle,iron 54,06ql C 47 | 30c Sickle,iron 59,70ql C 42 | 25c Sickle,iron 56,18ql C 47 | 30c Sickle,iron 58,08ql C 38 | 15c Sickle,iron 55,11ql C 50 | 30c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 54 | 25c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 60 | 30c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 43 | 20c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 43 | 20c Hatchet,steel 44,49ql C 62 | 35c Horse shoe,iron 51,67ql W 58 | 30c Horse shoe,iron 58,43ql W 52 | 25c Horse shoe,steel 3,60ql W 53 | 25c Horse shoe,steel 5,00ql W 64 | 35c Grooming brush,oakenwood 2,61ql C 60 | 30c Fruit press,oakenwood 34,05ql W 64 | 30c Fruit press,oakenwood 35,88ql W 70 | 35c Fine fishing rod,willow 80,05ql C 76 | 40c Scissors,iron 77,44ql C 64 | 30c Longsword,iron 70,84ql W 45 C 53 FA 86 | 80c Longsword,iron 68,58ql W 55 FA 96 | 80c Longsword,iron 57,26ql N 82 C 93 RT 91 | 1s 40c Longsword,iron 84,82ql N 86 RT 91 | 1s Longsword,iron 53,53ql N 88 C 73 RT 91 | 1s 40c Longsword,iron 57,03ql N 74 C 94 | 90c Longsword,iron 70,71ql N 74 C 83 | 90c Longsword,iron 65,20ql N 78 | 40c Longsword,iron 77,64ql N 76 | 35c Longsword,iron 74,92ql N 73 | 40c Longsword,iron 64,75ql N 81 | 45c Longsword,iron 37,89ql N 97 | 50c Longsword,iron 55,55ql FB 52 W 50 | 20c Longsword,iron 54,07ql AD FB 51 C 33 | 20c Longsword,iron 64,06ql FB 72 W 60 | 45c Longsword,iron 18,76ql W 56 | 20c Large axe,iron 74,35ql N 62 C 66 RT 95 | 1s 20c Huge axe,iron 82,08ql N 60 C 66 | 90c Huge axe,iron 81,56ql N 66 C 57 | 90c Huge axe,iron 83,12ql N 62 C 62 | 90c Huge axe,iron 54,43ql C 44 | 20c Huge axe,iron 81,99ql N 53 C 98 | 90c Huge axe,iron 82,25ql N 40 C 73 | 90c Short sword,iron 62,81ql C 76 | 30c Short sword,iron 66,36ql C 77 | 30c Short sword,iron 69,62ql C 60 | 30c Maul,iron 75,13ql | 10c Great helm,steel 31,01ql W 57 | 30c Cloth shoe,cotton 26,72ql 40 Aura of shared pain | 15c Sailing Boat 40,00ql | 40c pick up on cele (N) = Nimbleness (C) Cicle of Cuning (W) Wind of Ages (FB) Frostbrand (FA) Flaming Aura (AD) Animal Demise's_Demise (RT) Rotting Touch (LT) Life Transfer (Aura of Shared Pain)