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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the Sunnyvale General Store! Skiller tools and more Post here or pm me in game Custom enchants available ___________________________________________________ Bloods: Black Dragon Hatchling (Armour Smith) - 2s Red Dragon (Ropemaking) - 2s ___________________________________________________ Rares: Rare recipe "goblin liver and onion" - 10c Rare chain gauntlet - 2s Rare sage - 10c ___________________________________________________ Costumes: Witch's hat - 1s Pumpkin shoulder Pad pair - 1s each Troll mask - 1s ___________________________________________________ Specials: Blueberry Wood Mallet, Woa 91 CoC 92 - 1s ___________________________________________________ Horse Shoes: Set 1: Ql 87 | WoA 91,94,96,105 - 2s ___________________________________________________ Skiller Tools: Currently available casts New additions every week PM for custom casts ___________________________________________________ Runed Tools: Archaeology tools with higer QL and a random rune, 50c each Trowel, iron | 16 QL | CoC 95 | Steel rune of Jackal (-10% Decay) Rake, lead | 58 QL | CoC 81 | Steel rune of Fo (-5% DMG, -5% Decay) Rake, iron | 17Ql | CoC 85 | Seryll rune of Fo (+10% enchant success) File, silver | 55 QL | CoC 90 | Brass rune of Magranon (+10% Ql increase upon imping) Scythe, iron | 2QL | CoC 90 | Lead rune of Mag (-10% Ql change upon repairing) ___________________________________________________ Low casted skiller tools for new players Some <80coc tools are available free of charge. PM me for details and list.
  2. Selling all the items below, CoD from Xanadu. Everything is iron unless specified otherwise. Skiller Tool Prices 50-54CoC - 20c 55-59CoC - 25c 60-64CoC - 30c 65-69CoC - 40c 70-74CoC - 50c 75-79CoC - 60c 80-84CoC - 85c 85-89CoC - 1.2s 90-94CoC - 2s 95-98CoC - 3s 99CoC - 4s Shovels 18ql 51CoC 53CoC 53CoC 54CoC 55CoC 57CoC 57CoC 58CoC 58CoC 58CoC 58CoC 58CoC 58CoC 59CoC 59CoC 61CoC 61CoC 68CoC 73CoC 76CoC (1ql) 91CoC 93CoC (2ql) 99CoC Pickaxes 2ql 53CoC 53CoC 55CoC 56CoC 56CoC 58CoC 60CoC 61CoC 62CoC 64CoC 66CoC 69CoC 73CoC 81CoC 85CoC Hatchets 3ql 50CoC 51CoC 51CoC 52CoC 52CoC 52CoC 52CoC 53CoC 53CoC 55CoC 55CoC 56CoC 57CoC 58CoC 59CoC 59CoC 60CoC 61CoC 63CoC 66CoC 67CoC 69CoC 74CoC 74CoC 78CoC 80CoC 81CoC 85CoC Hatchets Steel 3ql 52CoC 56CoC Rakes 18ql 51CoC 53CoC 56CoC 57CoC 57CoC 57CoC 58CoC 59CoC 60CoC 61CoC 62CoC 62CoC 62CoC 64CoC 65CoC 65CoC 65CoC 67CoC 70CoC 71CoC 71CoC 80CoC 82CoC 82CoC 83CoC Horse Shoe Sets (4 Horse Shoes per Set) 71ql 50-54WoA - 1.8s (3 Sets Available) 71ql 55-59WoA - 2s (2 Sets Available) 71ql 60-64WoA - 2.3s (4 Sets Available) 71ql 65-69WoA - 2.7s (3 Sets Available) 81ql 70-74WoA - 4s (Ask about Availability) 81ql 75-79WoA - 4.5s (Ask about Availability) 81ql 80-84WoA - 5.5s (Ask about Availability) 81ql 85-89WoA - 6s (Ask about Availability) When purchasing 8 items or more, ask about possible free delivery on Xanadu.