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Found 9 results

  1. Mandalor`s House of Armour - All Armour Types and Shields available in premium 95+QL /Blacksmithing 97+ Heya folks, I welcome you to my little Shop. Have fun browsing and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them! Current skills: Leatherworking 99.999+ Clothtailoring 98.01+ Shieldsmithing 93.33+ PlateArmoursmithing 96.20+ ChainArmoursmithing 97.38+ Blacksmithing 99.18+ Armory All my armors have the same price/quality. You can also mix different armor classes to create your own armor style. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leatherworking Quality <50 60 70 80 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 [Studded]Leather Armour 1s 2s 3s 5s 8.5s 10s 12s 15s 18.5s 23s 28s 35s 45s Saddles 30c 50c 80c 1.6s 3.5s 4.5s 6s 8s 10.5s 13.5s 18s 23s 30s Leather barding creation 0.75s 1.2s 2s 3.5s 5s 7s 9.5s 12.5s 16s 20s 25s 32s 40s 0.50s creation ql Backpacks / Waterskin 2c creation ql Bridles / SaddleBags / Animal rug 10c creation ql Toolbelts 40c 60c 1s 2s 3s Almanac/Archaelogy Journal 40c 60c 1s 2s 3s without paper !!! Cloth Tailoring Shield Smithing Plate Armour Smithing Chain Armour Smithing Blacksmithing Something is not listed? Or do you have a special request? Don't be afraid to ask! Have a nice wurming your Mandalor My recommendations: Achillis Weapons 97QL+ and Tools 99QL+ Kupferlisa's Pottery Shop “Southern Shore Brews” – For all your caffeine, oil, juice & alcoholic needs Annuile's Dyes + Imbues Dragon Valley's Market (Benediction Vynora services: CoC, WoA, Nim, MS, FB, FP, G, LiTD, AoSP, Demise A/M/L, Mend)
  2. Dwarfs are well known as the best smiths out there so if it is made out of metal, chances are high that I can make or improve it for you! Place your order here or ingame: Thassadhar and I will take care of it. You will find a list of my services below. Here are some basic rules that apply to all categories. Discounts for bigger orders or sets can be arranged Improving of tools/weapons/armor is possible contact me for a quote Price is usually calculated by price of target ql - price of current ql If an item gets rare, supreme or fantastic during improvement, it is yours! I provide discounts of 10% for imps if the item has my name tag on it All prices are without postage Blacksmithing Weapon smithing Chain armor smithing Platesmithing Shield smithing
  3. I am based in Central Cadence P13 deed is Eclipse Bay. Connected to the highway system. Click Here for deed Location Free deliver via Wagoner on Cad. Blacksmithing Imps Bulk Smithing (Made to Order) Lamps (Made to Order) Ship Building: We now offer Support beams at 100 for 7s made to order. And have an 90 skilled Carpenter on Deed.
  4. Contact In-Game: Wulfgar Contact On Forum: Jakeii Spirit Castle: [23:09:30] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [103] Instant Mail-Time! [1c Postage fee for All Mailed items] [Ships & Furniture imps will need to be delivered to Release G11] [Summoning me on Release is also possible for imps] CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: 0-1 Second Settle Compasses 70QL+/WoA70+ = 2.5s each Made to Order Currently only imping with iron unless materials are supplied. Please rename all your items in the following format before sending: (Name) - (Quality desired) E.g. Wulfgar-90QL
  5. So i for once decided to do this. I only do the dyes on weekends. Custom dye is 25c/kg. I dont do black if u ask i has to be online to do that and u get a answer thats in case 30c/kg Use this site to get custom dyes, i need the nrs from red=r green=g b=blue. I can sell in a soon future high ql meat but i am colleting atm so i have a stock. + hides and so on. this shop opens Jan 31 and is open only weekends. Ill can take ur orders i can do like 100kg a day on weekends high ql and best i can produce Take care my other wurm ppl
  6. Just another merchant. Welcome. Just another merchant, selling improvements and Vyn enchants. Don't see something you would like? Don't be afraid to PM me here on the forums or in game, Harth. Improvements. Blacksmithing 95ql, Carpentry 95ql and Fine Carpentry 93ql. 70ql - 20c 80ql - 50c 90ql - 85c 91ql - 1s 93ql - 2s 95ql - 3s Armour smithing. 70QL 80QL 90QL Cloth 1s Leather 1s Studded 2s Chain 2s Plate 3s 4s 9s Shields 30c 50c Vyn enchants.
  7. Title speaks for itself i hope, but if.. if doesn't. We've already requested more marble stuff in an assortment of threads which i still fully hope for.. but I'd like to suggest the addition of maybe a couple of iron colossi. 1- colossus that maybe requires a blacksmithing skill of 80 for beginners 2- and a `full-on` one that also needs a high plate smithing and weapon skill. personally i haven't the ability to solo such a thing but i'd love to strive toward the newbie one. good idea bad idea?
  8. Was wondering how much these lumps are worth they're 0.4kg each How much would 1000 70ql, 80ql, 90ql and 95ql be worth roughly? Also anybody interested in buying?
  9. Hello! Been in wurm for almost 7 years, this is one out of many shops i've run. I am a very serious smither and seller of various tools and coins. Currently settled on deliverance where my smithy is at, but can mail to anyone on freedom/wild for addiotional 20c (only 10c mailing cost if you are on the deliverence server). Right now i do not take orders for encahnts as i cant guarantee the cast which will save alot of frustration from your and my side. I will only take orders on the actual tool. From time to time i will bulk diffrent tools up for sale for a better price than listed on order, To see previous or current deals, visit this thread: http://forum.wurmonl...other-smithing/ those prices in that thread can not be negotiated for custom orders on this site. Place orders here or pm me on the forums or ingame (Tommty or Mobius) Prices: Blacksmithing: 70ql Items - 45c 80ql Items - 50c 85ql Items - 80c90ql Items - 1.5s 95ql items - PM* Shieldsmithing 70ql shield - 35c 80ql shield - 50c 85ql shield - 80c 90ql shield - 1.5s 95ql shield - PM* Armoursmithing - Chain (Coif not included) 70ql armour - 2.5s 80ql armour - 5s 90ql armour - 9s 95ql armour - PM* Armoursmithing - Plate (Great helm included) 70ql armour - 5s 80ql armour - PM* Great Helm: 70ql helm - 1s 80ql Helm - 2s Locksmithing (per item) 70ql - 10c (10x = 7c/ea) 80ql - 15c (10x = 10c/ea) 90ql - 30c (10x = 25c/ea) 95ql - 1s* Boat locks 70ql - 15c 80ql - 40c* 90ql - 1.3s* Iron lumps (10kg) 70ql - 10c 80ql - 25c 90ql - 40c 95ql - 50c Miscellaneous 80ql toolbelt - 80c Later on i will also sell gold coins for those who are interested. The usual time after order has been places and it being in your inventory is about 2 days if the items hasen't already been made. But as real life comes first i may take longer. A few merchants will be placed somewhere that seems like the best spot. Questions,feedback,suggestions are always welcome. But if you have one please PM me instead of posting it here. * This means that these items or prices listed may change due to lack of time or pricebeing to low/high. I have right to change them even after order has been placed, meaning that i am not forced to make the item at that price or at all.