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Found 451 results

  1. Hello! here are the prices for all the materials i want to buy: Blue = Price i pay for each unit of that Rare item Cyan = Price i pay for each unit of that Supreme item Purple = Price i pay for each unit of that Fantastic item (or whatever color this is) Notes: - Items must be FULL weight, ask or contact me if in doubt - You can cod any quantity under 5s of price without asking, i might not always accept quickly (or at all) amounts higher (or way higher) than that, if you want to be sure, please contact me - 90+ damage items are 50% price, if you want more, contact me and tell me which item it is - If some items isn't ont the list, you can ask me (Davih in game or forum PM) -i won't buy shards, rounded stones, concrete and most cooking products, anyway - Some items can only be sent from runed mailboxes (planks,logs,wooden beams), you can find one in most starter cities or you can ask your neighbors where to find one ( Cod: Davih ) Shafts = 22c/50c/3s Wooden Handle = 22c/50c/3s Large Nails = 37c/73c/400c Rope = 32c/58c/320c Leather Strip = 30c/55c/400c Wooden Beam= 33c/60c/350c Small Nails = 28c/58c/410c Yarn (wool)= 27c/55c/320c Iron Ribbon = 24c/55c/325c Planks = 28c/53c/310c Square piece of Cloth = 23c/53c/155c Seedling (any) = 17c/43c/155c Stone brick (no variants, just "stone brick") = 16c/53c/325c Clay = 16c/53c/325c Marble Brick = 16c/48c/125c Leather(3kg) = 22c/43c/210c Steel Scraping Lips= 22c/43c/210c Paper sheet = 23c/44c/100c Logs (18+kg) = 14c/35c/175c Pumpkin (whole) = 18c/35c/175c String of Cloth = 12c/30c/220c Sheet (cloth/iron/tin/copper/lead) = 17c/33c/110c Sprout (Any) = 10c/35c/310c Peg = 12c/29c/100c Rivets= 12c/27c/100c Wires(iron) = 12c/27c/100c Tar = 12c/24c/80c Lead Lump = 12c/27c/100c Cordage rope = 12c/23c/60c Copper Lump = 8c/23c/105c Dirt = 7c/23c/50c Iron Lump = 6c/16c/100c Mortar = X/15c/50c Sand = 5c/15c/50c Acorns = 5c/12c/50c Charcoal = 5c/12c/50c Needle = 105c Clay Jar(unfired) = 80c/210c/800c Blueberry= 5c/12c/50c Cochineal= 5c/12c/50c
  2. Please Close :)

    Looking to buy a Vynora Priest. Preferably high end. 100 faith would be nice. High channeling is also desired. Would also like to see high farming and HFC skills aswell. Will be open to any and all offers, however, so if you or anyone you know has a vynora priest they'd like to get a good price for, please have them PM me in game or on forums. Both @BDCKoolaid Thank you
  3. Very recently i checked my personal goals and found out one of them is to make fantastic item, so i thought why not to try Therefor I want to try buying all your fantastic materials that are laying around I don't have any list of items and pricing for now, but general rule of tumb is if it's fantastic, full weight and it can be used to create something by attaching no matter how uselles final product is i want it Although usefelness of item that can be made by it will determine how much i'm willing to pay for it. Pls message me ingame or here (same name) with your offers
  4. I have a mallet I need some help impling for the personal goal, from QL 97.87 to 98.99. /Dwain
  5. WTB smoke from sol

    Wtb smoke from sol. Post offers here or PM me here or ingame - same nickname
  6. Missing piece for personal goal. (Not sure if it's enough to "embark as commander" while the ship is moored or if I need to raise the anchor and actually move the ship.)
  7. Buying Rare, Supreme gold

    Attention, Wurmians! I am willing to buy all rare gold you have! Or at least as many as i can afford. Why? Because i like shinies, of course! Check your magic chests, check your storage alts, check yo wives, check yo kids, if you want to make some coppers or silvers and help me add more rare gold on this carpet. Details follow (under the carpet). Rares = 10 copper each Any QL and weight will do. If the lump/ore has 90+dmg, i will pay 1/2 of the price for it. CoD to Zigozag without any questions if you've got a few. You might want to leave a post in this thread or PM me prior to sending, but it is not necessary. If you happen to be an owner of a rather big stock of rare gold, PM me on the forums or ingame to negotiate pickup. Supremes = 20 copper each Any QL and weight will do. If the lump/ore has 90+dmg, i will pay 1/2 of the price for it. CoD to Zigozag without any questions if you've got a few. You might want to leave a post in this thread or PM me prior to sending, but it is not necessary. If you happen to be an owner of a rather big stock of supreme gold, PM me on the forums or ingame to negotiate pickup. Fantastics... Sell them to Vortexxx If you don't like Vortexxx, go away I can accept these for 50 coppers each, but PM me on forums or ingame first, please. PS I will try to keep this updated in time so that I wouldn't run out of funds while you're sending me precious metal. I do not expect too big supply of these, but if it so happens that i won't be able to pay for a CoD'ed lump, i will return it ASAP and compensate mailing fee if needed.
  8. Due to my high deed costs and purchase expenses, I'm looking to buy silver basically all the time. I buy at 1 Silver = ~1 USD but I'm no enemy of negotiations. I have bought multiple gold before and will pay with a verified PayPal account. Transactions will be SAFE and QUICK. I'm going to start tracking who I bought from for references for you and for memory for myself from this point onward in a list below. Sellers I Bought From:
  9. I'm looking to buy literally any champion that may be for sale out there. Fo and Nahjo priests available for dominating and charming. Please PM me with what you have, will come pick them up from any coastal location
  10. Hello, I'm looking to buy kingdom stuff from every kingdom. Please PM me with what you have and we can make a deal. You can PM me here or in-game on Ajblack. Banners and flags are mailable, I usually pay 1S each. If they're rare, we can discuss the price. Tall banners I will pick up directly from your deed. I usually pay 1-2S, depending on the banner. Again, prices are negotiable. Wagons are discussed individually and depending on the kingdom. Since I live on a mountaintop deed, these sales will be supported by my friends and roommate in terms of temporary storage. Currently, I'm looking for things from any kingdom except: Crusaders Jenn-Kellon Dreadnaught Dynasty Wurm University
  11. close

    can be closed.
  12. Quality of the felled logs do not matter to me. Please pm me your price
  13. Please pm me or whisper me in-gane (Sunti) with a enchant and price.
  14. WTB Rare iron hatchet

    WTB Rare iron hatchet Prefferably enchanted and 90+ ql. PM Offers. Thanks
  15. WTB Silver

    Wtb 100 silver + , pm me with your price.
  16. Purchased. Please close
  17. [CLOSE] WTB 1 Gold

    I want to buy one gold as the title says. If you are willing to give me a slight discount that would be great as it's expensive to convert from EU->CAD. I bought plenty of times before, good standing, verified PayPal, payment before you accept CoD.
  18. Hello Im buying a full set of chain armour medium QL! I can pickup anywere in Release / Pristine at the coast
  19. Looking to buy a black dragon scale armour set. QL, enchants, rarity and runes optional. I am serious about buying. Verified PayPal. PM me in-game or on the forums. I'm giving up trying to find this...
  20. WTB Vynora Battery

    Looking for a vynora battery, 100faith needed.
  21. [Bought] WTB 90+ Mailbox enchant

    I would like someone to enchant a mailbox with 90+ power. The deed is on Xanadu around C21 on the game map and it takes less than 5 min from the shore. Please contact me with your price. Thanks in advance!
  22. WTB BT Long Bow

    WTB 80+ quality willow long bow with 80+ coc(or botd), and Bloodthirst. Open to rares as well with above enchants. If you can't make the bow, I can provide a bow to enchant. Reply here or pm me ingame @ Blusteel or Ogden
  23. Please close :)

  24. JK template wagon

    If anyone has a wagon like the one below, and they would either lend it to be displayed in a nice venue, or exchange it for another wagon, or sell it, please pm Fairyshine here or in game. Thanks.
  25. Led Inc.

    Welcome to Led Inc. We ship all over freedom servers, bulk items are delivered for free! Discord: Led#4576 or join Led Inc. server: Ingame PM: Led Want To Sell Bulk construction materials: With free sea delivery to Freedom servers. Can exchange crates or can sell crates with bulk wares (additional 10c per crate). Iron Locks and Lockpicks Iron weapons, tools, horseshoes, shields all types = 50c/piece for 91ql plus 1c per power for WOA cast on them, fast mailbox! Random rares for sale. Improving Service Blacksmithing items improving service up to 91ql - 1c per ql Shieldsmithing items improving service up to 91ql - 1c per ql Weaponsmithing items improving service up to 91 ql - 1c per ql Platesmithing items improving service up to 80ql - 1c per ql Send items to Deleo or Led with your name and ql you want it to be improved to (Example - "Somenick to 91ql") i will send back items once improved with cod to person on item label, depending on work load it takes up from some minutes to a day. Want to Trade Want to trade bricks and mortar from my stock for: - rock shards - slate shards - marble shards - sandsatone shards In ratio 1:3 quantity wise. example: 1000 bricks/mortar for 3000 shards. All items from lists above can be purchased with both silver coins or euro (via Paypal) in ratio 1:1 In case of questions send me a PM on forum or contact Deleo or Led in game or via Discord (info on top). Thanks for past, current and future deals.