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  6. You can't put create inside rack any other way than move it directly from some transport, same with taking it back. You can't unload from the rack. Anyway it shouldn't be this losses.
  7. I confirm it aswell - bug is still effects today. Crates in raks (ondeed) are filled with 300 dirt. I move it from racks directly to knarr cargo (offdeed) and after few minutes it becomes 240 in each crates. Btw, this crates with dirt was in the racks for at least couple months. And just made the hint from post above: movet dirt from crate to inv and back (while ondeed). From all 30 in the rack. Then moved 30 crates from rack to knarr's cargo (offdeed) and in few min it is all 240 agan. Hint don't work
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