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  1. Made a support ticket #72550 - no solutions since 24 dec
  2. Could you please provide us an oficial link where we can take info to deside what god to choose (based on spells they provide)? Or any ETA when things will settle down and we can get a solid info on new spells list....
  3. After the last patch I noticed that my Nahjo priest couldn't cast Life Transfer enchant as it was before. I cheked Patch Notes but didn't find any info about removing LT from Nahjo list... Then went to wurmpedia to chek info on Life Transfer spell page and saw that this spel can be castet by "Fo, Nahjo, Paaweelr" BUT Nahjo rejected to cast it! Then I desided to ask for advise in CA Help chat and there i was told that now Nahjo priests dont cast LT and "True" info need to be taken from Spell list page. Acording to this page now LT could be xasted by "FO, Tosiek, Paaweelr" Also I was told that I can use a specisal comand "/Transfer" to change the god without loosing faith Based on fresh info from Spell Lisr page advises from Help chanel moderator, I used "/Transfer" comand to change god from Nahjo to Tosiek. At Tosiek spell list I was hapy to see that there is an LT cast that I wanted. But I was hapy too soon! When I tryed to cast LT, system told me that "Tosiek does not bestow the power of 'Life Transfer' " It is quite hard to explain level of frustration that i got on that moment: Patch notes doesn't give a clue on what is going on; Wurmpedia gives conflicting information; One-time oportunity to change god is used out for nothing; LT is present in Spell menu but doesn't cast; No one know what to do. So. Could anyone from oficials tell me where can i get correct info about what god can cast LT and is there a way to get the "/Transfer" ability back becouse it was used based on wrong info from oficial wurmpedia ?
  4. You can get 7k pans filled with our material or 14k pans filled with your material.