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  1. I'm not trolling but I have certainly seen one already today. I need to know what's in the notes too before I can make an informed decision. So please let us know what is going on. We'd all like to know.
  2. -1 since you have already said in another thread that you and Retro have decided what course to take. I think we need to hear that news first.
  3. -1
  4. You are correct. There is nothing stopping them doing it as Hots or creating their own PMK. But there is nothing that says they have to. Perhaps they don't want to be HOTS, or want to join an existing PMK for some reason. And not everyone has the funds or desire to create a PMK unless they have gotten alot cheaper. I think you need to take that into consideration. But it seems as though you think those people might not be serious. The ability to do what they do as freedom kingdom says that it is something that has to be considered. Otherwise they would not allow someone as freedom to even plant a deed on chaos.
  5. There used to be a freedom group with deeds and all over on chaos. Not sure if they are still over there but that is just one example of a group that play together on chaos as freedom kingdom.
  6. Well, I agree that they cannot gain an affinity without traveling to chaos. However, you should not say this does not affect people that are on the freedom servers (you are saying they shouldn't have the affinities there that they might have gained in a straightforward method). And even if your suggestion had absolutely nothing to do with anyone on freedom. If it affects chaos, it will affect freedom servers. That is just the way the code is. So welcome to Wurm the game where nothing is fully PVP only or PVE only. Everyone should have a say about things that will affect them. If you don't care for it, your private forums are well somewhere else.
  7. I haven't seen one that wasn't finished expire in 4 days. I know there was like a 33% threshold or something but right now just for instance. On Xanadu, there is a mission that spawned on the 30th with the expiration on the 7th. It is 13.5% done. Will expire tonight. So they are not disappearing. That is just one that is showing presently. So there are several things that Budda needs to check out with missions.
  8. Some of us love karma. The last few missions I have participated in have seemed like we got a good bit of both sleep and karma. Looking at the mission above. You get 20 minutes even if all you do is one shaper. Then 210 minutes is split between everyone that gives some. That one has so many items it would make it tough for you to end up with 10 minutes out of the extra 210 minutes. As it stands now, (at least with some of the easier missions) you can end up with more than the 30 min of sleep bonus that you used to get per mission. If only we had more than 3 missions to pick from so a super hard one could be left sitting and noone would care.
  9. I do not see the missions ending sooner even though they are supposed to. I did hear someone one day say they got more sleep bonus than they expected because I'm guessing not as many participated. I would love to have 7 missions to pick from instead of 3 especially when it those are items that I know I'll never find or participate in.
  10. please! We need more missions to choose from! They do not disappear so the dead ones last forever
  11. I think anyone in this thread knows how to report an exploit. I think anyone that has earned the affinities should be able to use them on chaos or freedom. Perhaps make it if the person would not give you fight skill, you will not get an affinity from them.
  12. I have never noticed grooming helping with disease. Only keeping him fed and separated. I have also noticed that the longer they are diseased before I separate the longer they will be diseased. The feeding is strange right now though because it seems my animals are not eating as much as normal. This may have something to do with it. Good luck.
  13. Still would love to see this added back to the launcher.
  14. I'm told Ice Cream is Life! So it was the best prize yet! This is so much fun reading about all of these.
  15. Found another que issue. When you are improving something, you normally can click burn and it will happen without waiting for all the imp's to finish. Now it has to wait.