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  1. and what about healers for said kill. They might not do any damage.
  2. They could let us trade them again. I'm sure there are a lot of them around.
  3. I'd imagine a good many of non Lib's have desecrated an altar too.
  4. Happy early anniversary!
  5. We are still around........sometimes
  6. While I do not buy and sell characters etc for real money. I do know how many do. I think if you ban it (or attempt to) that it wouldn't do much more than take the advertising for those trades off the wurm forums. With them on the forums it at least lets you see a bit more about the person you are buying/selling to. While not protected, so to speak, you at least can see if they are doing other trades to know if they are semi safe or not. I think if a way was found to stop some of it that you might lose some of the players that do participate in the market this way. Will it gain you more? I'm not sure it would but that is just my opinion.
  7. Why will they prem at 30 farming instead of preming at 20 farming? I think if it is raised a while will pass then we will be in this again with the same but why not move it to 40 farming.
  8. That might be a great suggestion if most things didn't bleed from PVE to PVP and back again.
  9. Guess you were lucky or I was unlucky. I was inside a house with nothing equipped and my dig key was hit and I took a faith hit for each stroke.
  10. You do not need to be unfaithful to lose the faith. I lost a complete point that way with nothing activated.
  11. If someone fences something that they shouldn't, all it takes is a report. They will decide if the fence needs to poof or not. They can also see who built it etc because you know that is kinda how they decide if someone has been misbehaving or not.
  12. Would he? I'm not so sure judging by the comments here. It still wouldn't matter one way or another since as everyone has said. Undeeded land can be changed to anyone's whim as this thread has shown.
  13. Triple upkeep I guess works for people with large deeds and alot of villagers that 'might' help with said upkeep. I think for many of the hermits that it might be an end to the game. I spend way more in upkeep than I ever thought about spending on premium.
  14. On live, unless changed, you lose for beginning an action that you cannot do. I lost down to 99 faith that way. This is with faithful on too.
  15. Having had a good many such alts it is always a pain when they go away. However, if the time has elapsed and I haven't checked on them in the 3(?) months that it takes for them to delete, I doubt they were that important to me or anyone else. Especially with the 2s option now to prem a char the first time, it is insanely easy to lock a char for all time. -1