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  1. They do move to the deed they are on at restarts if they are not a member of a deed.
  2. Skill Points

  3. Those noobs that you want generally will find the game just like my hubby and I did from a website that mentions it. Mentions it and gets someone even semi interested enough to check the website out. Those people are not going to have anyone to say referred them because it was a website. That is, in our case, 2 referrals that would not have benefited anyone. However, after we got into the game, our referrals could be given (sold) to someone. I don't see how that is a problem. With the new 2s program, they do not even come into play since that person does not get one. I think it is a pretty good system. I don't see how your system is different really with the exception of when the referral is transferred.
  4. Mail Expiration Bug

    Guessing the bug is the damage then? That does suck
  5. Mail Expiration Bug

    Did it give you the log?
  6. Looting off deed

    I used to fence in boats that I did not want anyone to repair to stop the random person paddling by that wanted the free repair skill. After living through the last salvage operation, I do not wish to live through it again. Too much shenanigans. Everyone says but but but. If you want a rare or better boat, please have fun making one. While everything I do is on deed, I can't help but think about some of the folks I have come across that do live off deed. I would hate for them to have even more chores of trying to keep a place up simply because. Just my 2 cents. -1 for so many reasons mentioned and not mentioned.
  7. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    No. But then I don't share my account period. There is no chance I would willingly hand over the reins to my chars. Not because I think people are untrustworthy but because if I can't reach out and touch you, you have no business on my account. Ok, I don't inherently trust people that I do not know and socialize with in real life.
  8. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    While I know many things happen on chaos with varied reasons. I have to ask why you would remove someone that reported an exploit. They must be an honest person. Seems like that would be who you would keep.
  9. Enchanting prices

    Per attempt seems rather high. But it does not seem strange to me, if they are charging you for raising it successfully depending on the cast. Raising an enchant is the same as making a cast initially. Sometimes more difficult depending on what is already on the item. At least in my experience. Regardless, if you agree to something like this then that is what you agreed to. If you do not like what someone charges, there is nothing that stops you from finding someone else to do the work.
  10. Depth Charge
  11. Then what will happen when they ask for hammers and it comes up as a moon metal.
  12. [Many Fixed] Generic Mission issues on freedom

    needles don't need to be removed. Just need to add what metal to do things with.
  13. UCLG Marketplace

    A pic showing the description of the other item?
  14. UCLG Marketplace

    I think for someone asking 10g for something with this many questions we could see a pic along with the description from the item. Also, 1 of 7? Rare Mask of Rebirth - Legacy Item (1/7 in the game) ➜ 50 Silvers Not sure where that figure came from since they were also given out in the latest event. Mine isn't rare but I do have the item and bones certainly aren't rare.
  15. [20:09:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy the surprise. Have a great weekend!