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  1. I think in between looks more natural
  2. I have meals in my small magic chest on deed inside a house. The meals have never taken decay. If the chest is in inventory at all or even in a boat etc out traveling then the meals will take decay. For some reason it only protects them if they are never in inventory. That does not explain what happened to his though since from what he is saying he has done it all correctly for them to be protected.
  3. I want to see colored unicorns and great big giant unicorns!
  4. Bows help with this but I wish that it did not happen.
  5. Boats off deed take very little decay. If it is in your perimeter, you might put a fence around it so noone else can repair it.
  6. I love that anyone took the time to try to give us back wood textures. I know it had to have been alot of work. I LOVED my applewood boats. most of them were finished in that because it was my favorite as well as many others. What we have now is nowhere near that. Sorry but can we get the old applewood back?
  7. I hope that we do not have to hunt them too. I have gotten lazy. I do remember a time when they did move though.
  8. Did you know there is an issue with the website?
  9. Bump for my favorite Pingpong!!!!!
  10. Yes it is one big roleplay. Which is why it doesn't need to be forced on those that do not wish to roleplay that way.
  11. no. If you wish to have this as a roleplay for yourself, have fun. But to be forced? No.
  12. Lots of new items
  13. [12:20:14] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks and enjoy!
  14. What a great update! Thanks for all of this. Congrats Samool.