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  1. 110s for 100e 55s for 50e anything less is 1s:1e Via paypal gift, you pay fees if any are incurred.
  2. I can assist with the logs and steel supply for the impalong and we should have our apartment build all finished by then, guest will be welcome to stay with us at Funndy!
  3. Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: 30s Snipe Protection: 1hr
  4. Perhaps rather than removing flee all together the target can be changed from players to other creatures.. for example.. if 4 creatures stack up on the same tile the flee code kicks in and makes them run away from each other for a tile or two. this would encourage a more even dispersal of mobs.. would also make critters on top of mountains run back down where they all gather up top.. just a random thought as I was up on my farm shooing all the sheep out of the SE three tiles of the 2k tiles farm.
  5. Sorry I think my wording was unclear in the OP, I mean specifically the ones I listed " LT+RT, Nimb+Woa, LT+FB, RT+FB etc" give the error. Which is why I call them a bugged item, where as we're still waiting for dev clarification if the LT+Aosp is or isn't.
  6. In my experience, it is mainly helm, and chest that are the primary targets in pvp. You can enchant the helm, pants and chest and cover probably 90% of hits. Still seems a fair bit OP to get healed by a apssive damage that you cant prevent, especially since if you have Aosp and they have a huge axe they can pretty much already insta-gimp themselves with just Aosp.
  7. I completely agree Brun, making these into a fancy legacy item when they were so against legacy items that give added benefit such as the fountain container decision would seem a bit inconsistent.
  8. Aye, I have a Cele deed on the southern steppe, there's a constant struggle between the grass and steppe. Steppe seems to be a little more aggressive in its expansion but occasionally the grass will just go nuts and push in 2-3 tiles over a day. but all in all seems to balance out in the end.
  9. Current assumption is this is a bug until Devs say otherwise.. My question is about other items with the combo casts like LT+RT, Nimb+Woa, LT+FB, RT+FB etc.. Are these items also going to be removed/fixed whatever happens after the LT/Aosp thing is handled? I am genuinely interested in how this will work out for those items also, as they are a pretty major bonus to dmg/healing if you are lucky enough to score one of these bugged items.. These items can't even be casted under normal circumstances you receive the error message "The *random item* is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect."
  10. Thank you Takalaka Also updated OP with current stock