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  1. Rare 45ql lindenwood knapsack - 4s 37ql beautiful cotton meditation rug (coc44) - 4s 67ql iron pendulum - 4s 66ql rare large shield (coc66) - 2s 79ql leather barding (aosp 84) - 5s 50ql pinewood spindle (woa37) - 2s 8ql walnut spindle - 2s 32ql birchwood fine fishing rod (coc 58) - 2.5s mask of the returner - 4.5s 72ql supreme champagne 1kg - 2s 45ql rare champagne 1kg - 1.25s Armour Sets foods/related misc make offer
  2. [06:12:53] A large wooden loom, made for weaving. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'T.yl.h'. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 52.15489, Dam: 0.0. Contact Torbyn in game. In port of Borderlands, east of Esteron.
  3. I would like an ingame census. Make it possible that all village population counts are recorded and when you're hovering over a known town on the in game map itll say something like Active Villagers (within 30 days) Inactive Villagers (Past 30 days since last log on) Doesn't need to show players names, just counts. I can see this not being good on PvP but for pve it makes sense.
  4. in game name: torbyn
  5. Thanks for the quick transaction!


    Would recommend for future Silver coil/gold coil transactions.



    1. shuego


      Coin* though... Sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy...

  6. Torbyn in game name. Server: Xanadu Location: Esteron
  7. good transaction with Kohle, quick and friendly.
  8. bump, have 3g reserved, 1g left in stock currently
  9. closed