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  1. miss u bro

  2. at least get your facts straight. the stuff about a fake facebook page, "Going as far as infecting personal computers with RATs (Remote Administration Tools, that's to say, viruses)" you are literally just making things up at this point to try and smear people lol
  3. i used to have this same exact problem but now i no longer have it. i have a certain crackling noise when there's a sudden change in sound other games and songs. good luck trying to fix it.
  4. not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the search function is pretty broken for me. it seems like it's only showing things posted since the forums came back up from that downtime a few days ago.
  5. even with 70 taming as a hots follower it was a pain to keep a decently tamed hell horse. since theres player gods and lore doesn't mean anything anymore, might as well remove the hots taming nerf.
  6. i've never seen drain amounts capping at 5 drains on both epic and chaos recently. not sure why they are saying this lol
  7. best way to contact me is pm here on the forums. all items will be cod from chaos. tools - 1c per enchant power under 80. 2c per every power above 80 ' unfinished items - 1s each 50kg large anvil - offer rare practice doll - 2s rare med shield - 3s yule goat - 2s each dragon skull - sold shoulder pads - 1s (double shoulder pad sold) horse shoes - 1c per power
  8. doctorchaos stopped the cap for the battlerank timer to reset. and this is how it looks when someone does it
  9. Wisdom of Vynora

    nathan and tosiek priests...?