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Found 35 results

  1. Hello Enchanters! I'm looking for a set of BotD smithing tools please: 90+ power. Looking for: 90+ql Pelt 90+ql Whetstoen Hammer (ql doesn't matter) Bonus for a steel lump with 90BotD PM me on forums here, or in game @ssmokes
  2. Get More Out Of Every Skill Grinding Action! No matter if you're farming, mining, or woodcutting, we have the enchanted tool you need. We even have enchanted water and lumps for those imping sessions, giving you even more skill gain. Image is a sample only For a current list enchanted tools check out our Inventory Here. We are also offering 5-speed Hell Horses, Bison, and Horses. We have several hell horses now. A spreadsheet is coming so give a shout until I get the spreadsheet done. Reply to this thread or in-game pm to GreyBeardCat to place an order. We will get your order filled as soon as we get it or log in the game.
  3. Rares: 2ql rare grindstone 2s 84ql rare two handed sword, iron (Animal's demise, Nimbleness-97, Life Transfer-82, Circle of Cunning-91, Mind Stealer-81) 10s 52ql rare lounge chair, cedarwood 2s (3s with delivery) Plate Armour Set, Steel 2s 83ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate vambrace 79ql plate vambrace 80ql basinet helm 80ql plate sabaton 79ql plate sabaton 79ql plate leggings 76ql breast plate Enchanted Tools: 77ql shovel, iron (Wind of Ages-67) 50c 73ql small anvil, iron (Wind of Ages-92) 1,50s 72ql trowel, iron (Wind of Ages-75, Circle of Cunning-43) 60c 60ql spindle, oakenwood (Wind of Ages-90) 1,30s 90ql hammer, iron (Wind of Ages-81, Circle of Cunning-76, Weapon Smithing Imbue-19) 1,50s 100ql whetstone 4.10dmg (Blessing of the Dark-95, Weapon Smithing Imbue-4) 60c 82ql whetstone 0.21dmg (Circle of Cunning-80, Armour Smithing Imbue-7) 40c 100ql pelt, mountain lion 4.40dmg (Blessing of the Dark-90, Weapon Smithing Imbue-3) 50c 98ql pelt, large rat (Circle of Cunning-86) 40c 93ql pelt, wild cat 0.01dmg (Circle of Cunning-73, Armour Smithing Imbue-10) 30c 72ql hammer, iron (Circle of Cunning-83) 1s 70ql pickaxe, tin (Wind of Ages-96) 2,50s 70ql pickaxe, iron (Circle of Cunning-71) 1s 80ql stone chisel, iron (Wind of Ages-89, Circle of Cunning-71) 1,70s 69ql mallet, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-88) 60c 65ql spatula, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-85) 60c 68ql clay shaper, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-72) 50c Miscellaneous Items: 60ql JK Wagon, pinewood 4s (5s with delivery) 49ql corbita, cedarwood 2,50s (3,50s with delivery) 70ql dioptra, bronze 1s 19ql ring, seryl 15c Prices are negotiable. I'm most of the time online, you can send me in-game message to "Pakawala" or "Nether" Thank you!
  4. 50% off listed prices Enchanted Tools: Enchanted Tools: Rare tools all sold - Just the long swords left. and ropetool 195silver for sale 1s=1e minimium 20s
  5. best way to contact me is pm here on the forums. all items will be cod from chaos. tools - 1c per enchant power under 80. 2c per every power above 80 ' unfinished items - 1s each 50kg large anvil - offer rare practice doll - 2s rare med shield - 3s yule goat - 2s each dragon skull - sold shoulder pads - 1s (double shoulder pad sold) horse shoes - 1c per power
  6. Cast powers: 80+ 80copper 70+ 45 copper 60+ 30 copper Other 15c Write here or pm me what you need : )
  7. My stash is getting cluttered again, so it's time to get rid of stuff. Collection available from Southern Release or buyer pays CoD. Misc tools: Any of the damaged items can have a mend cast on it for no extra charge (removes damage but lowers the QL by 2 - please specify if you want this). BS items can be imped to 90+ at extra cost.
  8. Make offers Hatchet w54c57 ql.92 SOLD Leather knife c69 SOLD
  9. I have some random tools and weapons that need to be sold. *Will Add More* 1)Longsword 91.71ql w/ N99,LT84,C83 - 7s 2) Medium Maul 90.20ql w/ N90,LT71,C74 -6s Buyer pays COD
  10. As the Title says I want to sell the following items all are 1sea: Please Post all Offers below! I also have the Following items for sale: 5x Pottery Valentines = 1s ea 1x Snow Lantern = 1s 1x Fireworks 80ql = 80c 1x Black Opal Staff 9.85ql = 3s Thanks to All in advance! -=Jakeii=-
  11. Welcome to Coastis' Artisan Tools and Enchants ...for all your enchanted needs Win a 99QL 102 Woa Chisel - See 2nd post for details! All items sent from mailbox with 3 minutes delivery Pickaxes, Steel Skillers (NEW) 1ql 101coc = 8s 1ql 95coc = 4.5s 1ql 93coc = 3.5s 1ql 86coc = 1.4s 1ql 84coc = 1.2s 1ql 80coc = 1s ** 1ql 75coc = 60c 1ql 61coc = 50c ** Pickaxes, Iron (NEW) Rare 92ql 93woa 97coc = 25s Rare 92ql 91woa 92coc = 18s 95ql 97woa 99coc = 12s ** 90ql 99woa 85coc = 8s 90ql 98woa 88coc = 8s ** 90ql 98woa 80coc = 7s ** 90ql 93woa 94coc = 8s ** 90ql 92woa 82coc = 6s ** 90ql 88woa 97coc = 7.5s ** 90ql 85woa 88coc = 4s ** 90ql 84woa 86coc = 4s ** 90ql 84woa 83coc = 4s ** 90ql 81woa 90coc = 5s ** 32ql 83coc = 1s ** 32ql 83coc = 1s ** 32ql 80coc = 1s ** Hatchets, Steel Skillers 1ql 102coc = 8s ** 1ql 90coc = 3s ** 1ql 87coc = 1.5s ** 1ql 86coc = 1.4s ** 1ql 83coc = 1s ** 1ql 83coc = 1s ** 1ql 81coc = 1s ** 1ql 78coc = 60c ** 1ql 77coc = 60c ** Hatchets, Iron Skillers 30ql 96coc = 4.8s ** 30ql 92coc = 3.6s ** 30ql 91coc = 3.3s ** 30ql 90coc = 3s ** 30ql 88coc = 1.7s ** 30ql 80coc = 1s ** 30ql 79coc = 80c ** 30ql 79coc = 80c ** 30ql 76coc = 80c ** 30ql 75coc = 80c ** Shovels, Steel Skillers (NEW) 1ql 101coc = 7s 1ql 98coc = 5.5s 1ql 89coc = 1.5s 1ql 86coc = 1.4s 1ql 85coc = 1.3s 1ql 83coc = 1.2s 1ql 77coc = 70c 1ql 72coc = 60c 1ql 72coc = 60c 1ql 71coc = 60c 1ql 70coc = 60c Shovels, Iron 90ql 90woa = 4s ** 80ql 82woa = 1.5s ** 70ql 78woa = 70c ** 70ql 75woa = 70c ** Rakes, Iron (NEW) 1ql 100coc = 7s 1ql 98coc = 5.5s 1ql 97coc = 5s 1ql 95coc = 4.5s 1ql 94coc = 4s 1ql 94coc = 4s 1ql 85coc = 1.5s 1ql 85coc = 1.5s 1ql 83coc = 1.3s 1ql 81coc = 1.1s 1ql 77coc = 70c 1ql 77coc = 70c 1ql 74coc = 60c 1ql 74coc = 60c 1ql 71coc = 60c 1ql 71coc = 60c 80ql 100woa = 6s ** 80ql 89woa = 1.5s ** 70ql 84woa = 1.2s ** 80ql 82woa = 1s ** 80ql 77woa = 60c ** 80ql 75woa 85coc = 1.5s ** 82ql 84coc = 1.2s ** 80ql 81coc = 1s ** 70ql 66woa = 80c ** Meditation Rug, Cotton 30ql Exquisite 97coc = 5s ** 30ql Exquisite 92coc = 3.5s 7ql Normal 93coc = 3.5s ** 30ql Exquisite 90coc = 3s ** 30ql Normal 90coc = 3s ** 30ql Normal 90coc = 3s ** 30ql Exquisite 89coc = 1.7s ** 30ql Normal 87coc = 1.5s ** 30ql Exquisite 86coc = 1.5s ** 30ql Exquisite 85coc = 1.4s ** 30ql Normal 84coc = 1.2s ** 30ql Exquisite 83coc = 1.1s ** 30ql Normal 75coc = 80c ** Stone Chisels, Iron 90ql 91woa 88coc = 5s ** 80ql 85woa = 2s ** 80ql 84woa = 1.8s ** 70ql 82coc = 1s 80ql 81woa 89coc = 3s ** 80ql 81woa = 1.2s ** 70ql 79woa = 1s ** 70ql 78woa = 1s ** 70ql 77woa = 1s ** 70ql 76woa = 1s ** 70ql 70woa = 85c ** 70ql 70woa 66coc = 1.4s ** 70ql 69woa = 60c ** 70ql 60woa 64coc = 1s ** Pelts (NEW) 100ql 83woa 96coc Lion - 5.3s 100ql 99coc Lion - 5.5s ** 100ql 90woa 88coc Lion - 4.5s ** 100ql 76woa 88coc Lion - 2s 64ql 85coc Lion = 1.2s 54ql 89coc WildCat - 1.2s ** Trowels, Iron 90ql 96woa = 5.5s 70ql 88woa = 1.5s ** 70ql 82woa = 1s ** 70ql 78woa = 70c ** 70ql 74woa 89coc = 2s ** 70ql 73woa 71coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 72woa 89coc = 2s ** 70ql 71woa 88coc = 2s ** 70ql 70woa 78coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 70woa 77coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 86coc = 1.4s ** 70ql 85coc = 1.4s ** 70ql 84coc = 1.2s ** Butchering Knives, Iron (NEW) 29ql 100coc = 7s ** 30ql 97coc = 5s ** 30ql 97coc = 5s ** 3ql 94coc = 4.2s ** 30ql 92coc = 3.5s ** 30ql 85coc = 1.5s ** 30ql 82coc = 1.2s ** 30ql 81coc = 1.1s ** 30ql 81coc = 1.1s ** 30ql 80coc = 1s ** 3ql 78coc = 80c ** 49ql 68coc = 60c ** 49ql 67coc = 60c ** 3ql 58coc = 40c ** Carving Knives, Iron 22ql Seryll 89coc = 2s 30ql 94coc = 4s ** 30ql 92coc = 3.3s ** 30ql 87coc = 1.4s ** 30ql 87coc = 1.4s ** 30ql 82coc = 1s ** 30ql 79coc = 70c ** 30ql 77coc = 60c ** 30ql 76coc = 60c ** 49ql 77woa 70coc = 2s ** Hammers, Iron (NEW) Rare 95ql 100woa 85coc = 18s 19ql 101coc = 8s ** 70ql 96coc = 4.8s 75ql 91coc = 3.2s 70ql 91coc = 3s ** 70ql 86coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 85coc = 1.4s ** 70ql 83coc = 1.3s ** 70ql 82coc = 1.2s ** 70ql 81coc = 1.1s ** 70ql 80coc = 1s ** 70ql 79woa 78coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 79woa 78coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 77woa 79coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 77woa 84coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 75woa 82coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 72woa = 70c ** 70ql 68woa = 60c ** Saws, Iron 90ql 94woa = 4.5s ** 90ql 91woa = 4s ** 90ql 90woa = 4s ** 80ql 85woa = 1.5s ** 80ql 85woa = 1.5s ** 80ql 84woa = 1.4s ** 80ql 81woa = 1.2s ** 70ql 83woa 93coc = 4.5s ** 70ql 79woa = 70c ** 70ql 77woa = 70c ** 70ql 76woa = 70c ** 19ql 87coc = 1.5s ** 19ql 86coc = 1.4s ** Mallets, Oak 70ql 97coc = 5s ** 70ql 89coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 87coc = 1.4s ** 70ql 85coc = 1.3s ** 70ql 85coc = 1.3s ** 70ql 83coc = 1.3s ** 70ql 84coc = 1.2 ** 70ql 81coc = 1s ** 70ql 78coc = 70c ** 70ql 77coc = 70c ** 70ql 76coc = 60c ** 70ql 76coc = 60c ** 70ql 75coc = 60c ** 70ql 75coc = 60c ** Rope Tools, Oak 39ql 101coc = 7s 70ql 98coc = 5s ** 46ql 95coc = 4.5s 70ql 92coc = 3s ** 70ql 92coc = 3s ** 70ql 91coc = 3s ** 70ql 90coc = 3s ** 70ql 87coc = 2.2s 70ql 96woa 89coc = 6.5s ** 70ql 84woa 92coc = 4.5s ** 70ql 81woa 90coc = 4s ** 70ql 77woa 87coc = 2.5s Lumps, Iron (Double Mail Fees!) (NEW) 85ql 98woa 84coc = 6s 92ql 91woa 85coc = 5s 92ql 86woa 85coc = 3s 92ql 85woa 81coc = 2.5s 92ql 84woa 90coc = 4.2s 92ql 85coc = 1.5s 92ql 83coc = 1.3s 92ql 79coc = 90c 92ql 75coc = 70c 92ql 75coc = 70c 91ql 70coc = 70c ** 91ql 63coc = 40c ** 91ql 60coc = 40c ** Lumps, Steel (Double Mail Fees!) 68ql 89coc = 1.8s ** 68ql 82coc = 1.2s ** 68ql 81coc = 1s ** 68ql 81coc = 1s 68ql 80coc = 1s ** 68ql 78coc = 70c ** Whetstones 93ql 96coc = 4.8s 94ql 95coc = 4.5s 92ql 84coc = 1.5s 95ql 83coc = 1.3s ** 74ql 76coc = 80c 92ql 69coc = 60c ** 93ql 67coc = 60c ** 82ql 67coc = 50c ** 89ql 76woa 75coc = 1.5s ** 91ql 65woa = 50c ** 91ql 63woa = 50c ** Spindle, Oak 70ql 100coc = 6s ** 70ql 93coc = 3.5s ** 70ql 91coc = 3s ** 70ql 90coc = 3s ** 70ql 90coc = 3s ** 70ql 89coc = 1.6s ** 70ql 97woa 78coc = 4.5s ** 70ql 83woa 77coc = 2.5s Dredges 70ql 96woa = 4.8s 70ql 83woa = 1.6s ** 70ql 83woa = 1.6s ** 70ql 81woa = 1.5s ** Grooming Brush, Oak 70ql 94coc = 4.2s 70ql 87coc = 1.5s ** 30ql 84coc = 1.2s 30ql 80coc = 1s ** 30ql 79coc = 60c ** 30ql 77coc = 60c ** 30ql 76coc = 60c ** 70ql 78woa 78coc = 2s ** 3ql 54coc = 54c ** Small Anvils, Iron (NEW) 70ql 100woa 83coc = 7s ** 70ql 82woa 91coc = 4s ** 70ql 81woa 87coc = 3s ** 70ql 76woa 85coc = 2s ** 70ql 74woa 84coc = 2s ** 70ql 73woa 82coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 85coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 81coc = 1s ** 70ql 80coc = 1s ** 70ql 79coc = 1s ** Scissors, Iron 91ql 98woa 75coc = 7s ** 91ql 97woa 71coc = 6.5s 70ql 72woa 84coc = 2.5s 50ql 88coc = 1.6s ** 50ql 87coc = 1.5s ** 50ql 83coc = 1.2s ** 50ql 82coc = 1.1s ** 50ql 81coc = 1s ** 50ql 81coc = 1s ** 50ql 81coc = 1s ** 70ql 72coc = 88c ** 70ql 71coc = 86c ** 70ql 67coc 63woa = 1.3s ** Needles, Iron 70ql 97coc = 5.2s 80ql 94coc = 4.2s ** 50ql 93coc = 3.5s ** 70ql 91coc = 3s ** 70ql 82coc = 1s ** 70ql 81coc = 1s ** 70ql 78coc = 70c ** 70ql 76coc = 60c ** 70ql 70woa 74coc = 1s ** Leather Knives, Iron 70ql 95coc = 4.5s 50ql 87coc = 1.6s ** 50ql 87coc = 1.6s ** 50ql 85coc = 1.5s ** 50ql 84coc = 1.3s ** 70ql 84coc = 1.3s ** 70ql 78coc = 90c ** 70ql 76coc = 80c ** 70ql 76coc = 80c ** 70ql 76coc = 80c ** 70ql 68coc 79woa = 1.3s ** 70ql 61coc 79woa = 1.3s ** Awls, Iron 70ql 96coc = 4.8s 70ql 89coc = 1.6s ** 70ql 89coc = 1.6s ** 70ql 86coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 84coc = 1.2s ** 70ql 83coc = 1s ** 70ql 61coc = 70c ** Clay Lumps (Double Mail Fees!) (NEW) 90ql 94woa = 3.5s ** 90ql 94woa = 3.5s ** 55ql 93coc = 3.5s ** 75ql w79 c69 = 1s ** Clay Shaper, Oak (NEW) 17ql 93coc = 3.3s ** 17ql 92coc = 3s ** Spatula, Oak (NEW) 17ql 89coc = 1.5s ** Files, Iron 70ql 96coc = 4.5s ** 70ql 91coc = 3s ** 70ql 88coc = 1.5s ** 70ql 84coc = 1.2s ** 50ql 80coc = 1s ** 70ql 78coc = 60c ** 70ql 75coc = 60c ** 70ql 73coc = 60c ** 70ql 69coc = 60c ** 70ql 63coc = 60c ** Grindstones 2ql 89coc = 1.5s ** 2ql 89coc = 1.5s ** 2ql 88coc = 1.4s ** 2ql 83coc = 1.2s ** 2ql 83coc = 1.2s ** 2ql 82coc = 1.1s ** 2ql 81coc = 1s ** 2ql 81coc = 1s ** 2ql 81coc = 1s ** 2ql 81coc = 1s ** 2ql 80coc = 1s ** 2ql 80coc = 1s ** 2ql 78coc = 1s ** Sickles, Iron 30ql 96coc = 4.5s ** 30ql 89coc = 1.5s ** 30ql 82coc = 1s ** 30ql 78coc = 70c ** 30ql 75coc = 60c ** 30ql 76coc = 60c ** 30ql 75coc = 60c ** Lurker in the Deep Pendulum, Silver 70ql 83LitD 94woa = 5s ** 70ql 95LitD = 4s ** 70ql 92LitD 76woa = 4s ** 70ql 80LitD 88woa = 2.5s ** Fruit Press, Oak (NEW) 32ql 97coc = 5s 45ql 78coc = 80c 35ql 75coc = 80c Fine Fishing Rod, Willow (Cannot be mailed!) 70ql 95coc = 4.5s ** 70ql 94coc = 4s 70ql 89coc = 2.5s ** 70ql 89coc = 2.5s ** Horseshoes 80ql 93woa = 4s ** Mailbox Delivery : 3 minutes \o/ Payment : Silver is preferred but you can also pay in pumpkins at the rate of 1s/1k, under 20ql gems at 1c/ql and sleep powder at 1.2s per. Imping : All blacksmith items can be imped up to a maximum of 99QL as follows... 70 to 90ql = 1s 90 to 95ql = 4s 99ql = If you have deep pockets, PM me CoD Policy : You pay the cost of mailing, either 10c to Pristine or 20c to other servers. Please note shovels and rakes can not be mailed. Pickup : All items can be picked up in person from Solitudos @ x11 y31 Pristine Enchants: Where we use the abbreviation 80w or 80c the w stands for Wind of Ages, c for Circle of Cunning and LitD for Lurker in the Deep --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers
  12. WTB Pickaxe rare/not rare; pref high woa, 80-90ish ql at least. Prefer to pay in euros/GBP. PayPal verified.
  13. The Gnome Depot, your one stop shop for all things Wurm! Click here for a full listing of current inventory and prices! Spring Special on Dirt! Purchase a knarr full of dirt, that is 12.9k dirt in total for only 11s. That's 2k free dirt plus free delivery to a coastal location of your choice! Bsb's / lg crates can be provided at extra cost. (First come first serve) Please message Gnomegates in game or on the forums. Custom Landscaping! Landscaping prices Land cleared of all trees / bushes / growth 6c per tile terraformed / landscaped Land needing trees / bushes / growth removed 6.5c per tile terraformed / landscaped All trees cut down will remain as logs where they lay unless storage containers are provided for us to move them to. All excess dirt (dirt remaining after the job) will be collected and removed by us unless storage containers are provided. Storage containers can be provided to you if needed at discount. Any dirt not on the job site that is needed will be provided by the customer unless otherwise arranged for the Gnome Depot to provide required dirt. Dirt provided by the Gnome Depot will be done so at arranged discount. Max slope of 240 All prices reflect the landscaping of dirt / sand only. Any surface mining of rock will require additional funds, subject to area needing to be worked. It is encouraged that you use "Deed Planer" or any other program of your choice to show an example of desired landscape look. You can show ramps, terraced levels, docks, piers, raised and lowered areas this way to help remove any confusion. Security is provided by you via a Templar on deed or guard tower nearby, (within 15ish tiles of job site). If neither are available, we can build a guard tower at added cost. Photos of previous jobs can be provided upon serious inquires! Ships in Stock! Ready for pickup or delivery! PM here or in game to discuss prices 1 Cherrywood Caravel 1 Cherrywood Cog 1 Cedarwood Sailboats 1 Cedarwood Corbita 1 Applewood Corbita ~ Accepting Bricks as Payment for any order! ~ ~ Accepting Referrals for any order 6.5s credit per! ~ ~ Now Delivering to Release and Pristine! ~ ~ 50ql (5 guards max) Guard Tower Construction service! ~ Your materials 2s Gnome Depot Materials 4s If inland you will need to supply transport of materials from coast to prepared spot for the guard tower. One day service, guard tower will be finished same day construction starts. Click here for a full listing of current inventory and prices! Special Gnome Partners Audrel's World of Woodcraft! All things Oak Now Selling Marble Braziers! Click here to view current inventory and prices! Coastis' Artisan Tools and Enchants ...for all your enchanted needs Click here to view current inventory of enchanted tools and custom enchanted services Coastal pickup available or delivery to Release or Pristine available for a fee. Please discuss delivery when placing order. As always, The Gnome Depot is always looking for a few good wurmians that are interested in making some silver. That is right, The Gnome Depot is Hiring! Current positions to fill Brick Maker! If interested please PM Gnomegates on the forums or in game.
  14. Got a fine assortment of junk I want to get rid of. Enchanted stuff for 1c per power. 2s for the rare glove. 10c for the yellow potion. ([20:52:58] A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. ) Not sure what to ask for the transmutation liquids, so I'm willing to listen to offers. For the rest of the junk offer whatever you think is reasonable. PM,forum post or ingame Anki with offers,counter offers,wants and needs,etc... Buyer pays mailling fee...Willing to deliver anywhere on Indy for any purchase above 2s.
  15. Hi guys, we are just starting up in Xanadu and as such we are looking to buy some tools. It's for two different people so the list is split up, if you have any of these just contact me with a price. Of course if your tools doesn't match 100 it doesn't matter as long as it is close to what we want Person 1: Butchering Knife 1-15QL 80-90 COC Carving Knife 1-15QL 80-90 COC & WOA Hatchet 1-15QL 80-90 COC & WOA Mallet 1-15QL 80-90 COC Rake 1-15QL 80-90 COC Saw 1-25QL 80-90 COC & WOA Sickle 1-15QL 80-90 COC Steel and Flint 1-15QL 80-90 COCPerson 2: Butchering Knife 1-10QL 80-90 COC Pickaxe 1-10 QL 80-90 COC Pickaxe 80-90 QL 80-90 WOA Stone Chisel 1-10 QL 80-90 COC Rope Tool 1-10 QL COC 80-90 Grooming Brush 1-10 QL COC 80-90 Fine Fishing Rod 1-10 QL COC 80-90 Shovel 1-10 QL 80-90 COC & WOA Hammer 20-30 QL 70+ COCThanks in advance
  16. The City Of Opulence Market has opened for business! Set against the beautiful backdrop of central Exodus (with its excellent man made land and sea access) the City Of Opulence Market is home to a variety of local village merchants offering a wide assortment of mundane and enchanted goods of interest to both the local population and the discerning traveler with a taste for the finer things in life. Home to several specialized enchanted items merchants, the Opulence Market can provide high end enchanted equipment to those who want to get the most out of their Wurm time with tools that will let it happen. At the specialized enchanted tools section of the market we offer merchants selling skilling tools (70+ power COC only items), speed tools (70+ power WOA only items) and combination tools (70+ power WOA and COC items) along with a merchant selling cost effective discounted enchanted tools (60 - 69 power WOA, COC or WOA and COC) for the adventurer on a budget. With new items added daily and custom tools and casts available on request, make Opulence Market your No.1 stop for all your enchantment needs. At present we have 100+ enchanted items in stock [sample Items Currently Available] c85 beautiful meditation rug 50ql 1s95c | c88 hatchet, steel 6.35ql 1s60c | c96 pickaxe, steel 6.34ql 6s | c94 saw, iron 19.29ql 4s40c w81c70 rake, iron 82.06ql 2s60c | w91 pickaxe, iron 85.48ql 3s80c | w88 oak spindle 70.24ql 1s90c See me in local before you buy enchanted items and you'll get the merchants 10% fee off! The Opulence Market district also hosts a variety of merchants selling a selection of more mundane items. We have merchants selling miscellaneous jewellery items and gems, ropes and anchors, leather, chain and plate armor, shields and weapons, cloth goods, leather goods and tools of every shape and size. You name it. We probably sell it. Don't have in stock what you want to buy? Ask the Opulence guys in local. Many of them produce the same fine gear you'll find on the merchants and can quickly produce a custom order if you feel like sticking around - and why wouldn't you?! Opulence itself is set within beautiful central Exodus with it's elegant man made channels connecting the the great oceans together and is home to the lands second largest deed. Feel free to look around and strike up a conversation with the locals - most of them are perfectly charming and helpful. Most of them. Want to add your own merchants to the market? Sure, why not? The market is open to non villager player merchants while space is available so come along and bring your own fine wares to add to our own. We hope to see you soon Mr Exodus and other visitor. Thanks in advance for stopping by HERE. Villagers who can help you : - Caindarren (Blacksmith), Raimian (Chainsmith), Zetuka (Tanner), Akiyama (Fletcher), Busted (Vynora Enchanter), MrBlades (Blacksmith)
  17. Hello everyone, clearing up my coffins and storage containers around my house and found some items to get rid off Im located at Deliverance server Buyer pays for mailing cost or free pick-up at 43x,28y Hanapepe I can imp these items for extra cost if requested 90ql Blacksmithing 70ql Weaponsmithing 80ql Fine carpentry 80ql Carpentry
  18. Lets have a enchanted tool sale! All enchants 60-89power are 50i per power anything 90+ = 1c per power under 60 is15c! The tools themselves prices are 80ql and lower or Skillers = 30c Just so EVERYONE is clear on the C.o.D. fee, it's 10c for same server (Celebration), 20c for cross server! We're located on Cele at Stormwind just south of misfit market. Anything mailable can be mailed but you pay CoD otherwise it's pickup. thanks All tools can be imped on demand! Blacksmithing Max QL (90QL) Weapon Smithing Max QL (50QL) Plate Smithing Max QL( 40QL) Shield Smithing Max QL ( 40QL) Carpentry Max QL (70QL) Cloth Tailoring Max QL (50QL) 70ql = 30c 80ql = 60c 90ql = 1.5s Take the desired QL prices minus the current QL price to get the total for imping. (ex. 70ql to 90ql 1.5s - 30c = 1.2s) note the prices do not cover all tools and weapons such as large anvil. 50QL Meditation Rug - CoC 61 - 90c 60c 70QL (birchwood)Mallet - CoC 64 / WoA 78 - 1s 70c 1s Sold out Note: Horseshoes can only be mailed inside a container so there is an extra CoD fee when buying shoes. 70QL Small Anvil - CoC 73 - 65c 70QL Small Anvil - CoC 70 / WoA 79 - 1s 70QL Small Anvil - CoC 63 / WoA 61 - 90c 70QL Hammer - CoC 64 / WoA 70 - 1s 60c 95c 70QL Hammer - CoC 60 / WoA 63 - 90c 70QL Hammer - CoC 69 / WoA 60 - 90c 26QL Pickaxe - CoC 87 - 70c 26QL Pickaxe - CoC 78 - 65c 70QL Chisel - WoA 89 - 70c 70QL Chisel - WoA 70 - 65c 70QL Chisel - WoA 63 - 60c 70QL Trowel - CoC 69 / WoA 81 - 1s 5c 70QL Hatchet - CoC 75 / WoA 84 - 1s 5c 70QL Hatchet - CoC 60 / WoA 66 - 90c 70QL Hatchet - CoC 69 / WoA 65 - 95c 4QL Hatchet - CoC 50 - 55c 35c 80QL Shovel - WoA 84 - 1s 60c 70c 80QL Shovel - CoC 49 / WoA 58 - 1s 10c 60c 70QL Shovel - CoC 60 / WoA 67 - 1s 55c 90c 70QL Awl - CoC 65 / WoA 61 - 1s 50c 90c 80QL Rake - WoA 82 - 1s 60c 70c 70QL Rake - CoC 70 / WoA 93 - 2s 65c 1s 55c 70QL Rake - CoC 62 / WoA 70 - 1s 60c 95c 70QL Rake - CoC 61 / WoA 72 - 1s 60c 95c 70QL Rake - CoC 73 - 1s 60c 80QL Needle - CoC 62 / WoA 66 - 1s 85c 90c 70QL Needle - CoC 78 / WoA 63 - 1s 70c 1s 70QL Scissors - CoC 67 / WoA 70 - 1s 65c 95c 70QL Scissors - CoC 58 / WoA 68 - 1s 25c 75c 70QL Scissors - CoC 69 / WoA 71 - 1s 70c 1s 80QL File - WoA 62 - 1s 20c 60c 70QL File - CoC 77 / WoA 70 - 1s 75c 1s 70QL File - CoC 85 / WoA 96 - 1s 65c 80QL Saw - WoA 62 - 1s 20c 60c 70QL Saw - CoC 60 / WoA 68 - 1s 55c 90c 70QL Saw - CoC 63 / WoA 89 - 2s 1s 5c 17QL Copper Key - CoC 46 - 50c 20c 20QL Scythe - CoC 52 - 55c 35c 25QL Large Metal Shield - CoC 56 - 55c 35c 27QL Metal Shield - CoC 67 - 95c 60c 26QL Metal Shield - CoC 54 - 55c 35c 26QL Small Metal Shield - CoC 59 - 55c 35c
  19. I'm located on Deli at Tristan (9x 6y), Items can be picked up or mailed (CoD). Other offers considered. Thanks Iron Pickaxe 31QL 34CoC = 30c Iron Pickaxe 31QL 44CoC = 40c Iron Pickaxe 31QL 48CoC = 45c Iron Pickaxe 52QL 53CoC 57Woa = 1.3s
  20. Ended

    3 day auction - timer below, happy bidding. Starting bid on each item - 1s Min Bid on all items - 20c No buyout / No reserve #1 - Hatchet 77ql [20:05:34] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [74] #2 - Stone Chisle 81ql [20:05:45] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [59] [20:05:45] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [52] # - Carving Knife 73ql [20:06:10] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [78] [20:06:10] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [41] # - File 73ql [20:06:30] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [53] # - Butchering Knife 70ql [20:06:40] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [47] #3 - Pickaxe 60ql [20:07:12] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [67] Iron Chain Boot 79ql [20:08:38] Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [34] #4 - Leather Knife 69ql [20:54:13] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [40] #5 - Iron Needle 71ql [20:54:48] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [72] #6 - Pinewood Spindle 65ql [20:56:09] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [74]
  21. If you need any, make an offer that seems fair to you. 70ql Iron Trowel w/ 90c and 21w 50ql leather knife w/ 70c 35ql stone chisel w/ 81w* 53c* 38ql stone chisel w/ 79c 52w 62ql saw w/ 87c 2x garden gnomes * = edits