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  1. Release Community Map

    Scorpion Harbor, X25 / Y47 This is a fresh new deed, tons of work to do, but this is where all the fun starts =)
  2. Sold Pakawala

    Hello beloved Pristine folk, I sold my character Pakawala, but I continue playing with my new noob character "Nether". See you around =)
  3. Some stuff for sale

    Bump again, not many items left. I'll sell the rest for reduced prices.
  4. Topic is updated, I decided to sell my character.
  5. Some stuff for sale

    Some items are still waiting their new owner.
  6. It has one and a half month prem time.
  7. Some stuff for sale

    [15:59:14] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  8. That's an old habit, plus i'll have lots of coins with my new character but i'm still at the thinking phase.
  9. Some stuff for sale

    Rares: 2ql rare grindstone 2s 84ql rare two handed sword, iron (Animal's demise, Nimbleness-97, Life Transfer-82, Circle of Cunning-91, Mind Stealer-81) 10s 52ql rare lounge chair, cedarwood 2s (3s with delivery) Plate Armour Set, Steel 2s 83ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate vambrace 79ql plate vambrace 80ql basinet helm 80ql plate sabaton 79ql plate sabaton 79ql plate leggings 76ql breast plate Enchanted Tools: 77ql shovel, iron (Wind of Ages-67) 50c 73ql small anvil, iron (Wind of Ages-92) 1,50s 72ql trowel, iron (Wind of Ages-75, Circle of Cunning-43) 60c 60ql spindle, oakenwood (Wind of Ages-90) 1,30s 90ql hammer, iron (Wind of Ages-81, Circle of Cunning-76, Weapon Smithing Imbue-19) 1,50s 100ql whetstone 4.10dmg (Blessing of the Dark-95, Weapon Smithing Imbue-4) 60c 82ql whetstone 0.21dmg (Circle of Cunning-80, Armour Smithing Imbue-7) 40c 100ql pelt, mountain lion 4.40dmg (Blessing of the Dark-90, Weapon Smithing Imbue-3) 50c 98ql pelt, large rat (Circle of Cunning-86) 40c 93ql pelt, wild cat 0.01dmg (Circle of Cunning-73, Armour Smithing Imbue-10) 30c 72ql hammer, iron (Circle of Cunning-83) 1s 70ql pickaxe, tin (Wind of Ages-96) 2,50s 70ql pickaxe, iron (Circle of Cunning-71) 1s 80ql stone chisel, iron (Wind of Ages-89, Circle of Cunning-71) 1,70s 69ql mallet, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-88) 60c 65ql spatula, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-85) 60c 68ql clay shaper, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-72) 50c Miscellaneous Items: 60ql JK Wagon, pinewood 4s (5s with delivery) 49ql corbita, cedarwood 2,50s (3,50s with delivery) 70ql dioptra, bronze 1s 19ql ring, seryl 15c Prices are negotiable. I'm most of the time online, you can send me in-game message to "Pakawala" or "Nether" Thank you!
  10. Thank you Erevorn! No I am definitely not thinking about quitting Wurm but planning to make a fresh start.
  11. Account sold to Wsrich. He is a very trustable person, i highly recommend him for future trades! Thank you.
  12. Venerable Goblin Leader

    Rumours of The venerable goblin leader are starting to spread. Pakawala sharpens his huge sword...
  13. Multi Story House Pics

    Here my all brick 2-storey house
  14. closed

    Can you put prices for those items?
  15. Sermons for Pristine!

    Priests here do sermons almost 7/24, all good fellas, come join us P.S: I'm a citizen of the deed.