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Found 117 results

  1. ~ NEXA Market & Sanctuary ~ North East Xanadu -Located East of Summerholt on the highway Coastal deed reachable by water from the North and South/East Waterways Vendor Spaces Available!!! Stop in for your tools, armor, decorations, horses, bison, enchants and more.. Don't see it? Ask! Sermon Schedule (Subject to change) None Scheduled ATM! Stop on by to see us!!! You can keep busy by shopping in the market, fishing, crafting or just nibbling on our high quality meals! We have it all set up and ready for you with in sermon reach for max gains! Don't have a priest but want one? We have Nahjo, Fo, Mag, Vyn all available for conversions! MAP
  2. Welcome to Cedar Cove We are a large settlement wanting to provide Inn, Trading, and Animal services. Currently we have 4-5 active deed members. We are US based, English speaking and constantly in discord. We have space for 3-4 more housing plots. We are looking for experienced players wanting to join our settlement. We can help provide transport if you are interested in joining. I cover upkeep on my own. Additionally, if you are interested in starting a village near cedar cove; there are 5-6 large good collapsed deeds in the area. All with or incredibly close to highway access. Most with direct water access. If you want to move into the area, message me and we can help you move. Happy Wurming
  3. Here you will find some rares and supremes to improve your crafting time and to decorate your toon and your deed. If you are interested in any of these items, please, contact me or Davih via PM in the forum (Luttuosa and Davih) or send us a message in game (Luttuosaa and Davihh). Have a nice day and happy wurming **TOOLS** Supreme oak rope tool 92ql w102 c101 85s. Supreme unfinished rounded stone forge 85s. Supreme oak fruit press 92ql w105 c103 68s. Supreme oak spatula 50s. Supreme oak spindle 85s. Supreme oak fruit press 50s. Supreme unfinished cheese drill 50s. Rare hammer 94ql c100 w100 35s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c106 w100 30s. Rare scissors 93ql c96 w96 28.8s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c106 w98 28s. Rare steel knife 91ql c100 w98 27.8s Rare trowel 92ql c96 w95 27s. Rare Carving Knife 92 ql c100 w100 26.3s. Rare hammer ql 91 c101 w97 26s. Rare pickaxe 93ql w97 c95 25.6s. Rare oak mallet 94ql c103 w101 24s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c97 w96 22s. Rare oak spindle 92ql c92 w86 15.85s. Rare oak spindle 75ql c80 w77 16s. Rare oak rope tool 80ql c93 w93 15.4s. Rare oak clay shaper 82 ql c95 w94 14.4s. Rare oak clay shaper 82 ql c93 w90 13.2s. Rare oak spinning wheel 15s. Rare oak rope tool 13s. Rare oak spindle 12s. Rare oak spatula 10s. Rare oak clay shaper 10s. Rare oak fruit press 8s. Rare oak chees drill 8s. **DECORATIONS** Supreme marble wall fountain 50s. Rare unfinished larder 25s. Rare slate wall fountain 20s. Rare rosewood lounge chair 16s. Rare unfinished marble open fireplace 15s. Rare unfinished PvP portal 15s. Rare statue of worg fragment (1/93) 12s. **WEARABLE** Rare lead breast plate 3s. Rare iron plate gauntlet 4s. Rare oak large shield 13s. Rare oak small shield 10s. Rare brown striped breeches 3s. Rare black cloth set (belted vest + pants + 2 sleeves) 12s. Rare green cloth set (belted vest + pants + 2 sleeves) 12s. Rare common wool hat 3s. **TREASURE MAPS** Supreme treasure map 31 ql 3s. Supreme treasure map 30 ql 3s. Rare treasure map 76ql 6.5s. Rare treasure map 56ql 4.5s. Rare treasure map 24ql 2s. Rare treasure map 16ql 1.8s. Rare treasure map 7ql 1.5s. **SKINS** Spiked club skin 3s. Masterwork small axe skin 3s.
  4. Status: Open This is just our Landing Page, For a full TDM experience please visit our Homepage. Located just one minute from Tap Dance on Celebration, and easily accessible through the Kami Canal, the Northmere Canal or the main waterway from northern Celebration. Click on the map for link to a map of celebration! Tap Dance Market is proud to announce it is currently accepting new merchants. Please Contact Blacklotus if you have questions or Nomadikhan for setting up a building or space beyond placing a merchant in a stall. We have stalls available and some building spaces upon request. A mailbox is available as well as a Trader and Token access for your shopping ease! This is just our Landing Page, For a full TDM experience please visit our Homepage. We value all of our customers and hope to see you soon! How this page is laid out: All of our merchant information is now located at our Homepage. Special Events Thanks to all who attended our Spring Market Days. More events will be announced here as they become a thing. Happy Wurming! Merchant Directory We're transitioning everything to our Virtual Market Experience. Please Visit our website : Here A few notes: A big thanks goes out to Nomadikhan for allowing me to setup this thread and for hosting Tap Dance Market, as well as a thank you to all of our merchants and finally to you, our customers.
  5. Located on Exodus - J12 Ingame Contacts, Denully or Stinboi Enchanted Grass Service: We can do up to 5 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Erupted tile Service: We can do up to 1 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Strongwall tile Service: First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Visit our online Market at
  6. Welcome to the South Harmony Market! Some of the items you can find on one of the 26+ merchants include... Rares Trinkets and Oddities Leatherworking Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing Ropemaking Jewelsmithing Milks Alcohol Archaeology BoTD Enchanted Tools (300+ currently stocked and priced to sell) Many more items! Limited spots open for new merchants, if you are interested in placing a merchant, please message Volladol to discuss details. South Harmony Market is Home to the Gnome Depot Enchanted BoTD Tools Limited Time Offer! Stop by the market when Volladol is around and ask for a free Libila Enchant Cast on your item! Limited Time Offer! Bring a sick animal with you and receive a free Cast of Genesis by our Resident Fo Priest (Limit one per customer please - abuse it and lose it Custom Libila Enchants Blessing of the dark Aura of shared pain Web armor Bloodthirst Contact Volladol for Custom Enchants and Pricing! Location - S/17 We are located in the beautiful South Harmony! PM Volladol for a free summons to the market! (Summons is one way, must be on Harmony and be sure you have a way back home) Other Markets and Merchants If you wish to have your market included in this list, please message me to have it added! Hope to see you soon! Happy Wurming!
  7. Hello my fellow merchandise sellers! I have created a wonderful tool that takes the guess work of what who is selling, what they are selling, and for how much. WurmTrade was created to make trading in Wurm easy (no sales experience required). This tool will help you from missing out on great deals brought to you by other Wurmians. is a centralized marketplace for anyone to use to list their WTS listings. Feel free to check it out and start using it! If there are any missing categories, items or materials you would like me to add please let me know as well as any suggestions or feature requests! To-do: Enchantments on a listing -- In development, eta 9/20/2020 Allow additional items to be added to a listing (combos) Add request/buy functionality to a listing Add auction and service listing types Add seller "online" status Auto close listings from sellers who are inactive on the site Add site/email notifications Add other wurm clusters Add filter for "Available now" and "Made on request" Make site mobile friendly
  8. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  9. Hello! A new marketplace has been in progress the last few months, on the Northern end of Independence and right along the water for ease of travel. Featuring a small church for prayers, a tavern/inn to rest your weary head, a public crafting space, and a selection of merchants with different wares for your perusing, as well as many pens offering 5 speed horses and hellhorses and the occasional champion pet. Celestial Market is on the highway system for easy routing, and just along the shore of Samling Fjord at E15 on Independence. If you arrive during the night, you'll know you're there when you see all of the bright colors found around the deed ^ ,^ We do have quite a few merchant stall spaces available for anyone who would like to claim one and place a merchant (or more than one) into this beautiful marketplace. Open this spoiler to see visually on the map Decently stocked so far, but always still a work in progress I hope to add many more things into the marketplace, along with the co-owner (my best friend). Will soon have clay and peat pits available for public digging, and currently do have tar. You'll be able to purchase animals, archeology fragments, tailoring goods, tools, weapons, armors and clothing, etc, as well as beverages and liquid foods from the bartender inside the Tipsy Troll Tavern. For more marketplace photos, see the spoiler below!
  10. Halter rope - 40c Enchanted items Statue and statuette fragments (look here Unique wood (look here Items with runes
  11. Without further ado I'd like to announce a new market for the south west of Xanadu! Now freely open to place merchants, please contact myself or Weatherwax for horse sale placements We are located in the northwest corner of the Q13 tile in Southwest Xanadu. There is a canal bordering the market so you can access by boat and we have a highway leading through the mountain to the north if you wish to visit by land. Location map here This market has been under construction for the best part of 8 months now with help from villagers of Black Forest Nemeton and villages in our local alliance. We have 106 market stalls built for every variety of merchant, with 8 of those being merchants by our horse pens (each merchant has space for 5 horses.) 100 Power mailbox for near instant mailing Each section of the main market area is split up into three colour coded sections. We have the cherry section to the east, the apple section to the west and the lemon section by the temple to the north. We have a temple with altars to the gods where we hold sermons and there is a tavern at our village, Black Forest Nemeton, where you can rent out a bed and some stable space for your horse or cart if you don't fancy the travel home right away or wish to stay for more sermons. If you are looking for a place to live near the market Black Forest Nemeton is always recruiting, you can find our recruitment page here Alternatively if you wish to join the area Black Forest Alliance can help you relocate and find a suitable area So let's have some pictures! And a couple of bonus aerial shots courtesy of Retrograde! Merchants with their own thread selling wares at the market: Black Forest Smithy. Located in the cherry market section, merchant page Here
  12. Luxor Trading is Open Attention : Orders are suspended for restocking We are located in Q12 Harmony, we mostly sell our products by COD and, when the products cannot be mailed, you need to pick up at our location. We planned to open for delivery soon. - Most of our products are made on request unless specified otherwise, so be patient. - If a product is not listed, but falls in one of the categories, please asks for a quote - Mailbox is not runed so cannot mail big items, look at for restrictions - We are people, with RL jobs and duties, if something is not possible to be made within 2 days we usually answer you back, apologies for any possible delay. And now we proudly presents our selection of products Carpentry - up to 50ql Tools : 30c Large crate - 30c ea Small crate - 10c ea BSB - 20c ea FSB - 20c ea Leatherworking - up to 40ql Saddles : 70c Bridle : Creation ql 10c Tool belts : 1.5s Leather set : 2s Studded Leather sets : 3s Bulk mats Stone bricks : 1k/4s Mortars : 1k/4s Small/Large nails : 300/1s Iron ribbons : 100/2s Pottery bricks : 300/2s Support beams : 100/10s Large crate or BSB included Luxor's Specials Range pole ~40ql : 3s ea - 3 in stock We can now accept sleep powders as payments, valued at 1s each We are also looking for new villagers, have a look at this post Feel free to asks any question to our shop management team : Garginim
  13. The Northern Freedom Isles Market has a lot of active members and we are the center of a Harmony-based alliance focused on trade. We have a large market currently under development, where we expect many vendors will turn into an endgame market. Why join an alliance? Here are some useful perks of being part of our alliance: 1. You'll be able to easily ask our members if they have a certain product available for sale. We already have some merchants set up selling wares at our settlement. 2. If your settlement is large with several merchants, you will be able to have a small building in our market deed, with private access for only your villagers. The larger your village, the bigger the building. You'll be able to store stuff in the building to sell later on your merchant. 3. Your merchant will get more traffic and you will be able to see other wares all in one convenient location. 4. There are 3 main locations for merchants in our market. The prime location is for our marketeers, the secondary location (still great locations) are for our allies. And the third (and less favorable) location is for all others who want to place a merchant with us. What's the key point here? Join our alliance! 5. Place your merchants in our market and help us get more sellers while we help you get more buyers and traffic. 6. You'll be able to use our outposts later, which will provide safety and a place to rest while traveling. This is to be determined at a later time. This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch? There's really no reason NOT to join an alliance. You can set permissions for people in your alliance the same as you can set permissions for all other groups. Your village will continue to be safe as long as you don't give alliance members any special permissions that you don't want to trust them with. We look forward to adding you to the growing list of villages in our alliance. You can message me here or leave a comment, but the most effective way of joining will be messaging Turkeys while logged into Harmony. Thanks for reading! -Turkeys
  14. I have a history in Wurm Online spanning several years and I have a plan for the new PVE server, Harmony. We already have at least 20 people signed up to join when the server opens. Introduction I've been planning this for any new server. I just didn't know it would take place on a new set of servers, but hey, I'm only human. I'm looking to put together a large market--THE largest market on the new pve server, Harmony, with the launch of Wurm Online on Steam. I've already been planning and preparing for weeks. I want to get everything as organized as possible before the server opens and I'm looking for more players to join up. What I want is for players who plan to play on the new server to sign up and take on a specific role. We will have regular small meetings to review and plan future changes to the settlement. You and I will discuss how you should use your role for the betterment of the market and I'll make sure the whole thing comes together in an interesting and organized way. We will find a project for you to work on, and you spend as much time on it as you can. I realized that the actual recruitment thread for the Steam server is probably being overlooked when compared to this section of the forum, so I created this thread as well. My thread has over double the number of views of any other recruitment thread in that section of the forum. This market is going to be BIG and BOLD. We're especially looking for more priests but other roles are available and we'll take any Wurmian interested in joining us. If you are interested or want to see more information, you can visit the original thread, which is being constantly updated and has a lot of interest and players signed up: Alliance info: Thanks for checking it out. -Yekrut
  15. Some of you may know me as Yekrut. Others may call me Turkey. And others may remember me as Shut up, kid! Whether you do or don't know me, I have a history in Wurm Online spanning several years and I have a plan for the new Steam PVE server. I've been planning this for any new server. I just didn't know it would take place on a new set of servers, but hey, I'm only human. I'm looking to put together a large market--THE largest market on the new Steam PVE server. I've already started planning. I want to get everything as organized as possible before the server opens and I'm looking for experienced players to join up. What I want is for players who plan to play on the new server to sign up and take on a specific role. When it comes to authority, you will have the responsibility of managing that aspect of the settlement, with input from myself and the other managers. We will have regular small meetings to review and plan future changes to the settlement. You and I will discuss how you should use your role for the betterment of the market and I'll make sure the whole thing comes together in an interesting and organized way. We will find a project for you to work on, and you spend as much time on it as you can. For example, if you agree to be our Master Dye Maker, you will need to level that skill up as quickly as possible because the market will be counting on you. If you're the Main Animal Breeder, your fellow market developers will be counting on you to donate and sell whatever animals you can. Not a lot of sales will be happening at the start of the server because skill levels will be low and no pro items will be in the game yet. Working together and helping each other will set our market apart from other markets. Working together will also help you to acquire better tools and resources before other settlements in the game. We'll design the market to be enormous, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing. I also plan to have a limited amount of lighting to ensure that players have as little lag as possible while in the market. We want to be very, very organized so the market will look amazing. For that to happen, each person's personal preferences will be somewhat limited. What does that mean? It means that the Main Building Designer will have most control over how the residential area looks. It'll be his job to plan structures and see that they are built in an organized way (placement, material type, size). The Main Outdoor Decorator will be in charge of decorating the outside shrubs and landscapes, etc. This is a normal limitation while being part of a larger settlement. But it's good because having one person choose these things for everyone will make an overall better visual effect. Also note that you may have to work with another manager to accomplish some aspects of your role. For example, if you're the ship builder, you may not be able to make your own high level ropes, so you would need to collaborate with other villagers to get rope. Most likely you could trade for some ropes or give up your products for free starting out and someone is likely to give you what you need when they get it. Helping someone else first can go a long way in villager relationships. It's a big undertaking. What do you have to gain from helping out with this project? Let me list a few things that will put you ahead of everyone else when it comes to the new server: -You'll get a larger, more desirable house in the market area. -You'll have a preferred space for a merchant when the market is ready to open.(still true) -You'll have access to a large community that shares their tools and resources with you, which will put us ahead of other settlements.(still true) -You will be conveniently located next to the largest market in the server.(still true) -It will be easier to raise your skills being in a large settlement with a common mine, forge, etc. (still true) -We will be a large settlement at first, while we raise our skills and develop the market. Then we'll open the market as it's ready and the server matures.(still true) -You'll be able to make some silver a little later, when the market opens to traffic from the entire server. (still true) -You will have access to our wagoner, which makes bulk shipping much more convenient than delivering it yourself by cart or ship.(still true) -You'll be part of a settlement that won't play for a few days and then quit. It's common among new players. We will keep growing this community until we're all highly skilled and rich. You will also have the benefit of being part of a large-scale project, which will be much bigger than most, if not all, other settlements early in the game.(still true) What do you have to lose? What do we need from you? You'll need a few things to be able to sign up to take on a role: -Premium. You'll need high skills eventually to continue to improve the market's appearance and amenities, which will require premium on at least one of your accounts. -This isn't like a real job, so you create your own hours. However, in order to fulfill your role as a manager, you'll need to put in an honest effort. If it becomes clear that you aren't fulfilling your duties or trying to steal/scam other members of the group, we'll replace you with someone who fills the role more adequately. -Donations. While you're raising your skills you can create storage bins, forges, carts, etc. to level up your character to be able to perform more difficult tasks. Collect your shards, ores, wood, etc. and throw them in a bin so that other people may use them for raising their skills. This type of network can be beneficial for everyone who joins in on this market. If it's not useful to you at the moment, it may be useful for someone else, so don't throw it away. Give it away if you can. Phase 1 - Set up stations for grinding up skills, a small house for each player on the table above, and a small building for each main development focus, such as smithing, leatherworking, etc. At the moment this stage is expected to last for around 1 month. It really depends on how fast we can grind up skills and gather materials for the next phase. Phase 2 - The market opens for venders who are part of the market's development (as listed above). We begin to change the settlement and terraform/lay down the foundation for the endgame market design. Our sellers open their venders so that other players may buy their wares. The final market design is being developed currently, which will be completed at phase 3. During phase 2 we will begin building with whatever skill sets we have gained at that time. This phase is most likely going to take the following 1-2 months to set up. Phase 3 - The beginnings of the endgame marketplace are in place, and just need to be completed over time as we get higher skill levels. The marketplace has been changed to accommodate sellers from all across the server. We fully open to the public and connect our establishment to other settlements via highways. We install a wagoner for shipments. We begin selling bulk materials and horses. We open our services to the entire server, such as sermon group inclusion, public mine, etc. As we reach phase 3, villagers who have kept up with their roles in the development of the market are free to move out and start their own settlements. They will be able to keep their house, title, and role in the marketplace, as well as their special market merchant spot for as long as they remain active on the server. They are free to pursue other endeavors and aren't expected to stay at the marketplace forever. Anyone who leaves early or fails to help the settlement adequately before that happens would give up their slot to someone else. *update* Our project is as large and ambitious as ever, so feel free to join up with us. How to sign up: Send me (Hammer) a pm with your discord ID so that I can send you an invite to our channel. Also include which role you want to have, or if you would like to be a general helper. If you don't want to use discord then you can send your Wurm Online username and email address so we can keep contact for important developments. I'll also use your email to share market spreadsheets with you. I won't use it for any other purposes, I promise. You may also message me in Wurm Online on Yekrut to discuss more information. If it's a high difficulty role you need to tell me why you think you could do a good job and how much experience you have doing that. Some roles will require some experience and others will require little or none. You can send a nickname if you don't want anyone to see your character name in advance (so nobody else takes it when the server opens). If I think you'll do a good job I'll add you to the list. You should sign up for 2 or 3 roles if you think you will be able to handle all of them. You can also sign up as backup if you want to help the primary person with that task. If there's a role you would like but it isn't listed, send me a message and maybe we can add yours. ROLES: Position Title Difficulty (1 to 5) Main Duty Secondary Duty Primary Player Secondary Player Animal Breeder 2 supply traited animals supplying milk Nafiti Archaeologist 1 2 recover fragments and produce neat things for the villagers/market collect flowers Archaeologist 2 2 recover fragments and produce neat things for the villagers/market collect flowers Blacksmith 2 creating higher level bs items for others Wushi Ranger Builder 1 1 Follow the Building Designer's plans and help build help anyone Tsarbomba Builder 2 1 Follow the Building Designer's plans and help build help anyone Builder 3 1 Follow the Building Designer's plans and help build help anyone Building Designer 5 - deed planner required design a unique and interesting collection of buildings to fit specific areas Turkeys Bulk Producer 1 1 stone, wood, animal parts, herbs, etc using alts is ok Turkeys Bulk Producer 2 1 ore, lumps, etc using alts is ok Wood Cutting 1 produce sprouts, nuts, fruit, chop wood, provide logs help anyone Terranin Xatirichan Carpenter 2 help other citizens get carts, beds, wagons, plan structures help anyone Cyranth Terranin Chain Armor Smith 3 produce and improve chain armor for villagers Ranger Chef 2 making a variety of high quality foods for affinity bonuses farming McDanky Yekrut Coal Maker 2 steel production Digger 2 bulk dirt, clay production; terraforming forming canals Judysek Four057 Logistics 4 market secretary, organizer, item distributor logistics Allison Dye Maker 3 create beautiful dyes to color the market herb production Farmer 2 gathering high quality crops for the chef, tailor, ropemaker herb production Turkeys Fighter 2 raise fighting, help keep the area safe meat, pink flower scout Fine Carpenter 3 village FC imps, barrel and furniture production Ranger Enchant Grass 1 create enchanted grass for animals to graze help anyone Nafiti Indoor Decorator 0 create attractive and unique indoor decorations for all buildings Leather Worker 3 supply armor and leather gear to others Marketing 3 attract other players to join the settlement or sell their wares here help anyone Turkeys Mason/stone cutting 2 bricks, fountains, statues, mortar, whetstones Judysek Miner 1 mine out a specific mine pattern supply stone shards Judysek SirTokenHatz Moonshiner 2 creates beer, wine, and hard liquors (important later for skill gain) beekeeping? McDanky Outdoor Decorator 5 place colorful decorations, including fountains, flowerbeds, etc Potter 2 amphora, smelting pot, planters, shingles, measuring jug, pie dish, etc. clay bricks Turkeys Priest-Fo 3 bless, animal traits, mailbox enchant, life transfer, etc prayer groups, convert others Priest-Libila 4 bless, enchant items and gear for villagers, etc prayer groups, convert others Ranger Priest-Magranon 3 bless, strongwall, etc prayer groups, convert others Priest-Vynora 4 bless, enchant items and gear for villagers, etc prayer groups, convert others Nafiti Stargrazer Road Maker 2 follow a schematic to pave roads in our market and outside it connect highways Nafiti Shield Smith 3 create and improve shields Ranger Mouse Ship Builder 2 make rowboats for villagers help anyone Xatirichan Tailor/Rope making 2 meditation rugs, cloth gear, sheets, sails, etc distribute meditation rugs Team Organizer 4 rally members for completing missions and hunting uniques Weaponsmith 5 make weapons for villagers Judysek SirTokenHatz Jewelry Smithing 3 improve altars, jewelery, pendulms, statuettes Plate Armour Smithing 3 sets of armour in available metals SirTokenHatz Metallurgy
  16. With a great amount of hard work from friends and allies, I would like to bring to your viewing pleasure (hopefully), the new Tap Dance Market. I realize that most trading is done via the Trade Chat or Market threads here on the forums; however, for those who care, a complete overhaul of Tap Dance Market has just been finished. Marble ramparts that can be climbed and are fully walkable. There are more market stalls then will ever be needed. Parking lawns with enchanted grass for animals. An 11 tile Archery range to accommodate all bow types. A small, basic, arena filled with slopes and sand. Two gazebo buildings to get out of the sun or to hold events in. Spacious Tavern with seating and five rooms for overnight stays. Highway extended to center of deed and all entrances are widened for travel. Large Cathedral aptly named the Celebration Hall. This Hall is not simply a church to hold sermons, but it doubles as a workshop fully stocked with forges and ovens. Point was made here to create not just a market again, but a gathering place for people. Celebration has amazing people and not enough events. Whether it's ever used, that's up to you - Image Album - Thanks go to my entire alliance. Could not have pulled this off without each and everyone of them. Jennyr, Branek, Lumi, Sweetsusie, Jonydowy, Atheline, Job, and Orlin. I want to also thank Pinkfloyd for logs and Waarokku for the chats and materials. Celebration has an amazing crowd of people.
  17. ----------PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND---------- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Are you a runescape fan? well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of asgarnia , mithalin , kandarin, and more! kings will be appointed to the different lands of gielinor once built. we reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched ingame to find out more or message me here. ( better chance of reaching me ingame type command /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- ) Food , Water , and Shelter, and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villiagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. CURRENT POPULATION : 6 NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! one on one training and help will be provided ---people of professions needed --- Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Farmers -1 position left- Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) -2 positions left- Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) -1 position left- Butchers Leather workers Explorers ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  18. Welcome to The best Market in Deliverance:) Asgarnia Home of the White Knights City of Falador! Here you can buy all sorts of things from Produce to Services and more ~~PRODUCE~~ Item / Current Stock / Prices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Milk - 7 - 20copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Honey - 1 - 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meat - 1000 - 50copper (QL dependant ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~MATERIALS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rock Shards - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Shards - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cotton - 90copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ANIMAL PARTS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wool - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eyes - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~WEAPONS~~ - Imps Price Dependant on current QL and Item / metal Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imps to 70+QL - iron / steel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knives to 70+QL - iron 15copper/steel 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 25copper/steel 35copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 30copper/steel 40copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ENCHANTS~~ - Enchant Price Dependant on Power of Cast Not Responsible for shatters of under 80QL items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimbleness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FrostBrand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aura of Shared Pain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Circle of Cunning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wind of Ages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opulance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are located on the coast of deliverance. we offer free shipping to any coast and will also take in orders for wanted items.
  19. Rike luke Nauko i haurallo. - Ask me for the Impossible. What isn't in stock, simply message me about and I will get it ready for you! Xanadu Wagoner is Available. Delivery to any other PvE Server is free (coastal). ? ANIMALS ? ⛑ ARMOR & SHOULDER PADS ⛑ ? CLOTHING & MASKS ? ? FRUIT ? ☠♘ HELL HORSES ♘☠ ♞ HORSES ♞ ? HORSE GEAR ? ⚒ MATERIALS ⚒ ⛪ PRIEST SERVICES ⛪ ? RARES, SUPREMES, FANTASTICS ? ? SERVICES ? ? SILVER ? ✨ SPECIALS ✨ ? SPROUTS ? ☭ TOOLS ☭ ? VEGETABLES ? ⚔ WEAPONRY ⚔ Queue: 5 Outstanding Orders: 1 Completed Orders: 138
  20. The purpose of this thread is to discuss the Wurm Online market, its submarkets, supply, demand, value, population, or other factors that influence the market overall. It's a place to have a healthy conversation about changes over time that have had either positive or negative consequences on the market, players' ability to make in-game currency, get the items they need/want, etc. The goal of this thread is for the Wurm Online community at large to have a place to discuss these things and perhaps give some visibility to certain issues or problems that affect the market overall or even a specific submarket. The developers are doing a great job making improvements to the game. I believe it doesn't hurt to have this discussion though as it may guide future positive changes to the game. Share this thread and tell us what "you" think. P.S. Do not focus on the topic of selling in-game currency for real money. Keep it within the confines of in-game currency for the purpose of buying and selling in-game goods or services.
  21. Welcome to the Grimstone Merchant List, Located at M20 on Pristine. If you find something you like, please contact the Merchant selling the Specific Item you are looking for. Each Merchant Linked here has their OWN Merchant Post on this Forum but is part of the Grimstone Village on Pristine. The Code for Your Merchant AD
  22. Spoiler: This suggestion is to ultimately do away with deed upkeep as money upkeep. I personally recommend that a deed be limited by upkeep via materials consumed for maintenance, fence borders for deeds, and have wurm move away from direct monetary payments. 3 types of NPC merchants in every starter town. I know a lot of people would whine and ###### about this system, but virtually everyone wants some sort of coherent market system. I strongly recommend this because it's simple, in-depth, allows players to actually be traders or even specialize in certain trades, and provides a pathway to support yourself without having to learn everything. I currently do not support private versions of these as it would cause to much headache. Each starter town merchants MUST be separate, A map wide or game wide connected merchant system would cause more damage and hurt the game in the long run. New action: Seal Crate Activate hammer/mallet and right click crate to be sealed. Nails are consumed as necessary from inventory. Crates of singular items can be sealed with a small or large nails respectively. (Yes Wurm, be specific,) The crates will then read as a "Large/small sealed crate of X quality Items". Large Crate merchants: Only purchases must be sealed large crate of singular items. Items in crates sold to vendor must be above 30 quality Items in crates sold from vendor will be 30 only quality. Crates sold to or from a cart or wagon. Will purchase crates of items at "market price" minus 20% as the taxes/merchants cut, whatever. Will sell crates of items at "market price" plus 20% as the taxes/merchant cut, whatever. Sales and Purchases are 1 at a time. Small Crate merchants: Only purchases must be sealed small crate of singular items. Items in crates sold to vendor must be above 30 quality Items in crates sold from vendor will be 30 only quality. Crates sold to or from a cart or wagon. Will purchase crates of items at "market price" minus 35% as the taxes/merchants cut, whatever. Will sell crates of items at "market price" plus 35% as the taxes/merchant cut, whatever. Sales and Purchases are 1 at a time. Basic Merchant: Purchases must be of singular items. Items sold to vendor must be above 30 quality Items sold from vendor will be 30 only quality. Items sold to or from a player inventory. Will purchase items at "market price" minus 50% as the taxes/merchants cut, whatever. Will sell items at "market price" plus 50% as the taxes/merchant cut, whatever. Sales and Purchases are 1 at a time. Edit 1: The market price of items on the merchant would need to be dynamic, so that as the merchant gains inventory the price lowers. Inversely if his inventory dwindles on a particular item, the price would increase respective of amount on hand.
  23. Newspring Markets

    Hello all, I was looking at the latest update to the Xanadu community map, thanks @Aniceset, and I see that there are no markets in the SW of Xan that meet the requirement of 6 active, stocked merchants. I was wondering if there is anyone who is planning on setting one up, or if there is one already that is up to date but maybe only has 4 or 5 traders? Basically, where is a good place to browse in SW Xan? Also, I suppose it should improve once the highway connection is done, linking Newspring, Linton, and Vrock Landing.