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Found 38 results

  1. WTS Rares and Supremes Offer Prices Rare Forge
  2. Wanting to sell Dredge 50c (WoA 59) Picnic basket 2.2s Fireworks 80c
  3. This Independence Day, for those of you that are American like I am, please read this and take time to think about what I am about to say. It seems that 'traditionally' people go out and buy fireworks and firecrackers for this time of year and enjoy setting them off in their driveways or back yards during the week leading up to and a couple weeks after the 4th of July. I don't want to put a damper on your fun, I used to be the same way growing up. However, before you set off those fireworks/firecrackers in your yard this year, please stop to think of those neighbors that might be combat veterans. Most won't say a word about this, but speaking from personal experience hearing people light explosive things near your house is nerve wracking and will likely send those veterans either into hiding for a few weeks or just simply make their lives hell for those few weeks. I myself am a combat veteran and I dread this 3 week period every year. I understand that everyone wants to enjoy themselves and celebrate the holiday, but if you are willing, please go to a park or something and enjoy yourselves there; maybe have a barbecue as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and enjoy your holiday.
  4. Spyglasses 2s each Fireworks 75c each Soft Cap (Santa hat) 1s each White Dragon Blood 1s Garden Gnome (red hat) 1s Yule Goat 1s each Yule Reindeer 1s each Rod of Transmutation 25s Valentine Pottery 1s each Medallions (1 rabbit, 2 pheasant) 2s each Snow Lantern 1s each
  5. Grass enchanting service, two characters come and stay with you until the job is done. Locally no minimum, if travel is required then 10 tile minimum. 20c per tile. Client must provide meals and bed for our stay. 2 tiles per 18 hours possible. Knarr 7s Pick up only at p,14 xan Corbita 2.75s pick up only at p,14 xan PM Gordonlee or Zdus for more info. Or to have an item sent COD these items also available at the Drunken Bear Tavern Bearfoot Vinyard Deed. p,14 Xan FYI ... Blah blah blah = sold Frost giant blood 2.5s rare glimmersteel lump 96.95ql .38 wght 5s Snow lanterns x3 2s each Rare Iron shores shoe 65ql 4s Boar Shoulder pad 25ql 2s double Shoulder pad, cotton 2s Left layered Shoulder pad, steel 2s right stylish shoulderpad, gold 75ql 4s Supreme Champagne 72ql 5s Fireworks x2 80ql 2s each Hammer, iron 75.86 ql. woa50 coc75 1.5s Saw iron woa 75 32ql 50c seryll fist bracelet 75ql 3s Ring of the EYE Seryl 75ql 4s Spear Braclet seryll 75ql 3.5s Two handed sword Iron FB66 AD 2.3s Longsword iron, FB70 AD 91ql 3s rare longsword iron 56 ql 5s rare longsword steel 62 ql 7s rare large shield iron 76ql 4s rare sliver spoon 31ql 3.5s
  6. 57.96ql red hatted garden gnome 3.5s 70ql spyglass 3s 92.58ql ointment of tailoring 4s 90.64ql woodcutting potion 5s 51.12ql rare pottery flask 1.75s 2x 99ql snow lanterns 2s each 80ql fireworks 1s60c
  7. I have the following for sale: 39 x Sleep Powders 1s each or (13 for 12s, All for 35s) SOLD 2 x Yule Goats 1s each SOLD 3 x Yule Reindeer 1.5s each SOLD 4 x fireworks (3 @ 80ql, 1 @ 99ql) 1s each 3 x Snow lantern 1s each 72 x Yellow potions 4c each 55 x Source Crystals 4c each SOLD Collect from Independence G/H17 or will send COD
  8. Fireworks, birchwood 80ql 00dmg best offer Easter egg 99ql 00dmg best offer Statue Of Vynora, silver 32.66ql 00dmg best offer yoyo, birchwood 38.52ql 00dmg 50i or best offer yellow potion 16ql 00dmg 15c or best offer yellow potion 50ql 00dmg 25c or best offer
  9. WTB affordable, cheap Christmas gifts from past ! If you got Soft caps, Yule goats, Snow lanterns, Garden gnomes, fireworks etc please PM me with your offers and server name, I will buy several items ( those are going to be Christmas gifts for my friends ), so give me good price and we got deal! Thank you!
  10. As the Title says I want to sell the following items all are 1sea: Please Post all Offers below! I also have the Following items for sale: 5x Pottery Valentines = 1s ea 1x Snow Lantern = 1s 1x Fireworks 80ql = 80c 1x Black Opal Staff 9.85ql = 3s Thanks to All in advance! -=Jakeii=-
  11. ~ BLOODS ~ 2x Troll King - 2s each 2x Green Dragon - 1s each 2x White Dragon - 1s each 2x Black Dragon - 2s each Disclaimer: Troll King and Green Dragon bloods are from the era of the carpentry potion glitch. I don't recall going across servers but there may be a small possibility of them being carpentry potions. If they are, I'll refund you including CoD both ways. ~ MISCELLANEOUS ~ 1x Rare Horseshoe 69.43QL - 4s 1x Stone Chisel 90.16QL - 1s 1x Fireworks 66.00QL - 50c 2x Fireworks 80.00QL - 50c each 1k Eyes 39.78QL - 1s 1k Wemp 68.43QL - 1s 1k Lead Lump 25.64QL - 1s 3x Sleeping Powder - 1.2s each ** Buyer pays CoD, Free pickup on Exodus and free shipping of bulk items on Exodus. Maybe flexible on delivery of bigger purchases. PM Zacheris here or in game regarding any questions.
  12. Closed

    I have a few things sitting in storage i do not need anymore so putting them up for sale. 9x 80ql Fireworks - 50c each 10x (7x left) Yule Goats - 2s each Note: All items will be sent cod from Pristine at buyers expense so make sure to leave the name you want them sent along with the number of items you would like...thanks Sold 5x Gnomes (original red hat) - 4s each 2x Yule Goats
  13. I have a few things sitting in storage i do not need anymore so putting them up for sale. 9x (6 left) Gnomes (original red hat) - 4s each 9x 80ql Fireworks - 50c each 10x Yule Goats - 2s each Note: All items will be sent cod from Xanadu at buyers expense so make sure to leave the name you want them sent along with the number of items you would like...thanks
  14. From the highest mountain (one of several) at the center of Xanadu...
  15. Just clearing some stuff..... Buyer pays COD or can arrange collection from Pest Harbour Indy (Inner Sea) - Could deliver if on inner sea..... 10 Yellow Potions (10 x 100, 2 x 96) - 100ql @ 60c ea, 96ql @ 55c (all 12 for 5s) 4 x Fireworks (3 x 80ql, 1 x 99ql) 80ql @ 1s ea, 99ql @ 1.2s 2 x Snow Lantern (99ql) - 2s each 1 x seryll Plate Gauntlet (30ql) - 5s 3 x seryll lumps (78.82ql) - 2s each
  16. Price Reduced. Snow Lanterns 75c each i have too much clutter please buy them Fireworks 50c each (SOLD) Buyer pays COD from Xanadu.
  17. COD / pickup from Release 2x 80ql fireworks - 80c each 99ql snow lantern - 1s Reply here or PM
  18. Price check on these fireworks: Will Sell if the price is high enough.
  19. Howdy fellow wurmians! As some of u know, I'm back! And I need money for a deed, so selling what I got from token. seryll lump, 1kg, 80 ql Seryll - this reddish metal is believed to exist naturally only on Seris, and be delivered here by envoys from the gods. yellow potion 50 ql A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. fireworks, 80 ql A package of fireworks. It is made from birchwood. easter egg, 99 ql A large funny-coloured egg. chain pans, seryll, 29.44 ql Leg protection made from metal chain. It could be improved with a lump. So, what those are worth? Can be picked up at Bear Dock, Independence, T 19. Or COD (lump in container so double fee) payed by recipient.
  20. Lot 1. Seryll Chain Boot. DoctorAngus 2s Lot 2. Seryll lump. Urban 3s Lot 3. Weaponsmith Oil. Fraeya 2.8s Lot 4. Leatherworking Oil. Garit 2s Lot 5. 2 Rare Gold lumps. Private Buyout Lot 6. Rare iron lump. Private Buyout Lot 7. Rare Silver lump. Private Buyout Lot 8. Supreme Silver lump. Private Buyout Lot 9. 10 Yellow Potions. Private Buyout Lot 10. 2 Fireworks. Private Buyout Lot 11. 20 Sleep powders. CigarA 25s Sniper Protection: 1hr Reserves are as listed. No private bids. Private buyouts will be considered. Sleep powders come with delivery to anywhere except Release/Pristine/Chaos. COD other items, unless you are in my travel routes.
  21. Got a fine assortment of junk I want to get rid of. Enchanted stuff for 1c per power. 2s for the rare glove. 10c for the yellow potion. ([20:52:58] A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. ) Not sure what to ask for the transmutation liquids, so I'm willing to listen to offers. For the rest of the junk offer whatever you think is reasonable. PM,forum post or ingame Anki with offers,counter offers,wants and needs,etc... Buyer pays mailling fee...Willing to deliver anywhere on Indy for any purchase above 2s.
  22. If the image doesn't load; 1x Rod of Transmutation 2x 60ql Sculpting Wand 1x 40ql Sculpting Wand 2x Sleep Powder 2x Rare Horseshoe ; 70ql + WoA79 / WoA81 1x 80ql Fireworks EDIT: Transmutation Rod and Sculpting Wands sold! EDIT2: Gonna hang onto the Sleep Powders for now.
  23. Event Items Snow Lanterns 2 Snow Lanterns 99QL - 1.5s each Fireworks 1 Fireworks 80QL - 1s 1 Fireworks 53QL - 75c Gems Sapphire QL 54.69 - 55c Emeralds QL 22.47 - 20c QL 52.75 - 50c I believe these items are perfectly capable of being mailed. You can pick your items up at (X10, Y26), or delivery can be arranged for a fee depending on how far away you live. If you are interested, either reply to the thread directly, PM me on the forums, or PM me in game by the same username.
  24. great helm- sold fireworks-1s sleep powder-2s each or both for 3s seryll lumps-1s each sold transmutation rod-35s 70ql lg anvil- 50c rare iron lamp-1s sold cloth jacket-1s obo source crystals are 10c each for the old ones and 20c each for the new ones and boats cog 46ql cherry wood 5s sail boat pine wood 20ql 1s i will deliver to people on exodus and south deli but if you are farther you will have to come pick it up i can send by mailbox also you can pm me in game on either trainman or solkanar