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Found 192 results

  1. Welcome to Riviera! (Image: Rivia, Capital City) A giant island-cluster separated by rivers and lakes. You will wake up in the capital and it's up to you where it goes from there. Will you take the random spawn portal to put you in the wild, or will you stay near the safety of the guards? The server has been online since 2018, however there is plenty of available land to claim and rich pickings for archaeology. Deeding is free and 3s will be placed in the settlement upkeep fund on founding. When you start, you're in Rivia, the capital city which has a market with player merchants, some facilities to do some basic skilling, a public mine nearby, free basic horses, a julboard (fill your food bars!) and a random spawn portal that can teleport you to a random location on the map (if you choose to use it). If you don't like where you end up, you can teleport back to Rivia to try again. The community is active and friendly, the team is constantly working on improving the server and are responsive to feedback. We have players from a range of time zones worldwide. We run events (mostly unique slayings) weekly on Saturdays, and periodically there are larger events such as rifts and other special invasion events where you can acquire special loot such as sorcery tomes, different kingdom wagons, cosmetic items, rift resources and moon metals. On special days in the calendar (eg. Valentine's, Easter, Christmas) you will receive or be able to win special gift packs. If you like puzzles, there are many mysteries to discover here too... We have a Discord server with a chat relay bot so you can keep in touch even when you're not in game. Server Info Name in Serverbrowser: Riviera PvE - Free Deed - Epic - Bounties - Modded Address: Listed since 09. February 2019 General Server Settings Map Size: 4096x4096 PvE (No PvP) Epic Skill Curve (Increased Skillgain & Skill Scaling) Skill gain rate multiplier : 3x Action Timer multiplier : 3x Max Creatures : 35.000 Aggro Creatures : 35% ==> Homepage ( <== ==> Livemap <== ==> Discord <== Mods and custom features An up-to-date list can be found here Quick tutorials and guides Expand for some useful info.. Images / Other Media Original map dump Join us today!
  2. Mission Karma

    There is currently a mission on Xanadu to sacrifice 200 decent scythes. Mission rewards: Rewards: 20m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 5 karma per item with 120m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each) I checked my karma count before and after sacrificing a single scythe: The left most panel is before, and the center is after. This shows that I received 10 karma instead of 5.
  3. We are recruiting. Wir nehmen wieder Mitglieder auf. Gleich ob Anfänger oder Veteranen! Deutschsprachige Mitglieder willkommen! Video: Unsere Clanseite:
  4. Throw a new dog a bone here? I'm not sure what irreversible issues may happen if I check out Epic (Elevation?) then return to Freedom. same question if I want to travel to Jackal, then travel back to Freedom. Also - If I'm in Epiq or Jackal, how do I get back to Freedom? Lastly - regarding Items - it is my understanding that NO items can transfer between these three clusters. (Just.. confirming). Id like to check out the play styles on these other servers, but I'd like to future proof myself from Rage-quitting Wurm. Thanks! And Cheers!
  5. I recommend this for incentive to play on either cluster. Another nice thing would be my suggestion for 2 way skill transfer, at a fair conversion ratio (which might be 1:1 initially). See other topic for discussion on that related subject.
  6. How about wood rings. I have recently started making the irl and realised it would (aaaaaaa) be a great addition to ingame crafting. Here's a pic
  7. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I don't think it's ever made it to its own thread. There needs to be a server strictly for hunting. Currently, the main Freedom cluster has hardly any hunting. I've traveled around everywhere on all four servers, and the hunting was great when they first opened. After people start breeding and collecting aggressive such as hell horses, the hunting has gone down. What hunting there is, Spirit Templars usually kill them. What I propose is a strictly hunting only server East of Independence, sailable by boat. Building, breeding, and penning of animals would not be allowed. There would be no deeds, guard towers, or Spirit Templars. The server should remain PvP-free simply for the fact that I know that Freedom players would enjoy hunting on it as well. After such a server would be implemented, it should solve a lot of problems for people who can't find decent hunting to get their Fighting and Weapon skills up. It would also add value to larger boats as you could transport a mass quantity of meats, hides, and pelts. It would open up a new trade window for people who want to supply bulk meats and other animal produce, which is only a GOOD thing for the economy. The size of such a server shouldn't be too big, perhaps GV sized 1024, or 2048. Items can be crossed between the servers, and perhaps some unique, non-game breaking items could be found on the server for hunters to collect. The animals would be more difficult, and would be a lot more prominent. Horses would be abundant so you could bring some gear to ride on them with. A few ideas that could be implemented along with this server would include: Sleeping Bag (Non-Repairable) - Cloth Tailoring 2 Furs 2 Sheets 10 Strings of Cloth --- Offers 1/3 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Tents (Non-Repairable) - Leatherworking 5 Shafts 4 Leather (3kg each) 10 Wires 2 Sleeping Bags --- Offers 1/2 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Ivory Ivory has a number of functions, but mostly decorational, which wouldn't be game breaking at all. What could be made from Ivory includes Horned Helmets, Ivory Musical Horns, Drinking Horns, and other decorational Ivory items. Unique Respawns Uniques could occasionally respawn here with no messages. This means that each new server that is added wouldn't be plagued with people who only join the server to kill the uniques. The uniques that spawn from new servers would randomly spawn here every couple of weeks after the newest servers are added. Stronger Animals This server could showcase animals far stronger than the typical animals on the other servers. Unique creatures such as the God's animals (Avatars) could respawn here, aggressive, and perhaps would drop loot such as 50-60QL weaponry (not high QL, but mostly trophy material). A server like this could be used to test stronger animals before implemented to mainstream servers, and perhaps one day Rolf could test smarter animal AI, such as troll and goblin outposts, or even NPC strongholds. Item Fixes Branches - Make Kindling out of them I don't really see a downside to this, and a server such as this would have the least strain out of any other server as there would be no buildings or deeds. I'd like to see people's thoughts on an idea such as this.
  8. Willing to travel just looking for someone to help me out with priesting up my Alt. account. PM me here on the forums or in game @Crystallee Thank you in advance
  9. Hearing stories of people traveling back and forth between servers, I noticed that some people are doing a lot of unnecessary sailing. So I made this little Travel Guide to hopefully make your sailing trips a bit quicker (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) Tips and Tricks : Server Funneling (not an official term, just something I came up with) (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) If anything you feel needs changing, please let me know!
  10. I just realized how positive the many improvements of the past year+ have been and i wanted to say thank you and to be honest i cannot think of a single negative thing to say about the additions. I hope others will add some more and very deserved positive feedback. For me the following are the areas that enriched Wurm so much that i appreciate them nearly every time i am in game: Racks, racks, and storage....every single time one of these was added it made my day. Cooking, love it. love the SB discount for full ccfb, love the skill boost, love the lore, all of it Underground homes, underground bridge, underground fencing, paving, cladding, wide adds so much to what was once just a cave it has immeasurably increased the intricacy of the world New bricks, textures, paving .... again it is difficult to qualify just how awesome these changes were, but they add a level of detail and beauty that did not exist before. I honestly cannot pick a single or even a few things that are favorites without appreciating all the work that went into everything around them, so thank you devs, graphics, and everyone involved in making these things possible and for all the hard work. I looked for other threads like this as there should be others, but the closest i found was about Epic
  11. Up for auction, Journeya Builder of bridges and deeds (claim all the fame as your own and denounce those who may know better) Priestess of Nahjo, Path of Love, 41 titles, Not premmed up Current location: NE Independence, F22 Includes all gear, inventory in various states of decay, and a Caravel 1s on account Contents of inventory (cont) Mid level leather armor and a decent Huge Axe Will include a lovely green horseless cart and shiny Caravel cart content: Caravel content: achievements: Personal goal: Auction details: Starting bid: 90€ Reserve: none payment: Confirmed paypal i do not accept bids from newly created account with no previous posts (unless you have a good vouch)
  12. Want to buy a account, should have some digging, mining, masonry, and carpentry. IM Me your Niarja skills and what you want for the account. Thanks.
  13. closed
  14. Hello! Have settings: Freedom, PVP On. If someone try to do illigal action (with enabled Lawful) -- Instead of a message "It would be illigal here" -- player get status "Hunted" and some error in server log: Tested on server with mods and clean server.
  15. Kind of a suggestion though not sure I know enough about lockpicking to think through all the ramifications, so will need input. Background: The spot I deeded on Xanadu had an abandoned, locked BSB on it, and an abandoned, locked small cart. I pushed those two items off my deed, and into perimeter so I could carry on terraforming, building, etc. without their being in the way. I also pushed a loom off-deed as I wanted to build my own. The BSB is now at 80+ damage. The small cart is at 95+ damage. I am letting them decay. Suggestion: The small cart is going to poof shortly. I will let that happen. I'm wondering if there is any point to not allowing us to lockpick such an item, given the imminent destruction of the item? What if at 90+ decay, containers on Freedom are allowed to be lockpicked? Or, with that much decay, the lock falls to the ground. Considering lamps with heavy decay become unsecured, I had assumed the same would be true of locked, abandoned containers at a certain point. Scavenging abandoned deeds is accepted practice (as noted in the recent hunting thread), and this would give a little value to lockpicking skill on Freedom. Thoughts?
  16. Fairly sure this has been proposed before, but why not allow Epic/Freedom trade ? I keep hearing that "oh god, those rich epic players with their 50x skillgain (not true really, pretty much just as hard like freedom to grind skills past 70) will flood our markets with easy to do 90 ql goods and ruin the economy". But is it really true? Will it ruin the economy or just give players more trading options? Maybe do it as an experiment for 6-8 months to see if it actually revitalizes trade on epic and freedom, keep in mind, freedomers will now have access to Epic market and able to sell stuff there too, rares, supremes, etc. After a decade, the wurm community seems to have grown more familiar with the servers and players so why not encourage free trade over all servers? Pretty sure a lot of freedomers would benefit for example from buying a lot of rarely used runes/rift materials from epic, or having their market open to more priests able to enchant from epic. Also epic players will have the market open to new trading opportunities from freedom and able to buy items they would rarely find on epic such as supremes or perhaps fantastic items, drake hide and scales (keep in mind until recently drops from dragons on epic were in the 0.01 kg levels) so seeing someone in dragon armor was something of an event on Epic. I think the pros outweight the cons, and it would surely merit at least a chance to experiment to making wurm a global market to see where it goes. Also, i can already see many opinions swaying in the -1 , "the market is crappy already, dont give us more stuff ", well if the market is crappy already what do you have to lose? I can't say i'm a master in economic theory but doesn't having paths open to new trade routes in general lead to positive economic outcomes and growth? Let's hear your opinions. *Addendum : maybe make a small 200x200 island port where epic and freedom can sail to , where they can sell bulk materials, statues, etc. and sail back. Suggestions on how to call this island port?
  17. Sold

    WTS my very good all-rounder Freedom toon, Trevize, preferably with his great island deed on Celebration (with 1000 tiles of farmland, useful veins, buildings, 5 speed horses). Skill dump: He's Enlightened of the path of knowledge (lvl 11, 70 meditating), which means no skill loss on death and 25% skill gain bonus. Vyn follower. He's at 100 farming skill (Pumpkin King title). He has a good reputation as farming goods' seller and happy customers. I want to get 350e for the toon itself (plus some for the deed). Toon will come with a good tool set and with some special items (like holiday gifts) and vehicles (including a knarr).
  18. [11:54:01] You see the butchered corpse of blue dragon hatchling. dont know what one of these sells for nice deco
  19. closed

    15,000 clay for sale 40-49 quality in crates. deliverable to freedom areas. 1silver per 1,000 clay 15silver takes it. excess clay available. 15,000 clay for sale 60 quality in crates. 1silver per 1000 clay. first to order gets higher quality
  20. .closed

    SOLD .24 blue drake hide 9 silver 50 copper SOLD
  21. Hello there! Have some question about server configuration and deitys. For default on adventure map -- all kingdoms have default deity for missions (like HOTS and Libila). I made server on adventure template, with cleanup db. Default kingdom is Freedom. But players cant do any mission coz all gods in mission with mark "Enemy" => 1st question: How to setup default deity for Freedom? I think it's near wurmdeity.db.. 2nd question: If players made new kingdom -- he can setup default deity for new kingdom or we back to question number one?
  22. This wiki page: Clearly states: Lockpicking on Freedom Note : It is expressly against the Freedom rules to pick the lock of anything that you do not own. However, none of these rules or limitation are applicable to Chaos However, I just watched a CA in Independence CA help claim that she took an off deed BSB, moved it on deed, then had a mayor lockpick it successfully. If this is not against the rules, please update the wiki to reflect that so it's not just those *in the know* taking advantage of a rule that is not properly published. Thanks, B
  23. Black Pearl on Exodus (s16 ingame map) is looking for new villagers to join. Black Pearl on Exodus was founded january 2012, just 4 months after the release of Exodus in 2011. From then on it has grown and prospered. More then 50 players have been villager here over the years. Some still play in Black Pearl while others took off to found their own village after learning Wurm in Black Pearl. Black Pearl is part of the South Pearl alliance. Black Pearl is located in a region called South Exodus (SEX - dont let this scare you). South East of Black Pearl is Mount Sherriff, one of the highest mountains of Exodus, with a spectacular view from the top. North of us lies Skeleton Desert, after the Great Northern Desert the second desert of Exodus. To the west we have Fraser Bay, open water, and Fraser Bay Bridge (a landbridge to the Goblin Peninsula). What has Black Pearl to offer to you: Black Pearl is by far the largest village in the deep south of Exodus, both in size as in number of villagers. This means there are mostly other villagers that can help you through the exciting first weeks of your wurming experience, but there is also some safety to protect you from the (abundant) local wildlife. We are gradually expanding. After you build your house on your own plot, there are many possibilities to continue in Wurm, and we from Black Pearl will try to accomodate this, if it is within our possibilities. You can become hunter, farmer, miner, smitty, carpenter, cook, priest, etc.or all if you have difficulty choosing one of them..... We are located directly south of Skeleton Desert, a great hunting area for the more skilled hunter. But with the use of guards from the guard towers even new players can assist in the killing of strong crocodiles or hellious scorpions. Also we have a harbor with access to open water, so why not make a rowing boat and row away, and start fishing.... In the Hall of Black Pearl Castle we have a complete set of village rules for you. What do we want from you: We dont expect you to pay a monthly contribution, though donations to village upkeep are welcome all the time. We want you to contribute to the community though, so having a basic understanding of english is advised. Keep your chat channels open, cause we dont do teamspeak or so. Wurm is to the most of us an easy paced game and we like to keep it that way. Who do you contact: Mayor is Brocules. Co-Mayor is Beka. Both you can address for further information.
  24. Greetings all! I propose that warhammers be made a craftable item on freedom and that each server get its own set of artifacts as epic/chaos have. Artis would be non mailable and respawn every 30 days. Leaving a server with an artifact in posession would cause it to respawn immediately. Only 1 arti on a toon at a time. Lets get those little used skills rolling!