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  1. Tower chaining system

    It would be cool if the alarm message was based on the distance from the starting point deed.
  2. Karma spell True Strike

    I hear that "just dispel it" pretty often but I rarely see it when it's big groups already engaged, they normally land for me when I use it... side from a few that I casted to early or something silly.
  3. Karma spell True Strike

    I half expect all damage to change in the future to better suite armor and weapon balancing along with meditation, and priest changes. I wouldn't be surprised if sorcery was already in the mix for adjustment. Truestrike in itself isn't super op anymore it just makes damage more predictable so it's easy to know where your "leash" is before you will die... Which is kind of boring I guess but I don't care either way at this point and I have 3 characters with it.
  4. drake helm neck shot bugged?

    Makes me wonder about the crown too hmm
  5. 10s for the 7 non rare glimmer lumps. Send to Dano if you accept please.
  6. WTS 10x Sleep powder, 1s each or 9s for all

    2s for the glimmer lump. Send to Dano if you accept please.
  7. close

    nope sorry forgot to close this a long while back.
  8. Wtb grapes

    Looking for around 5k grapes, offering 3s / 1k
  9. One hand spear please

    I would like both sindusk. The meta will still be mauls though for 1h... Why not add more options. Axes will be out once moon metal chain is full swing.
  10. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    Aye, I was considering buying one myself if the price was right but meh... soon in wurm could be another bridge.
  11. One hand spear please

    It would be nice if we had a 1 hand spear to use for a 100% pierce based 1h weapon. Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    Heard of 2 sell recently for 20s or less all 3 charges.
  13. Valrei International. 066

    I don't really like the idea of all the rings... All I see is hours of grinding rings to make sure I have all 5 rings at 90ql+ lol... Ugh more things added to the list of useful things I need to keep, then again I really don't find it fun to micro-manager my inventory constantly so maybe that's a big reason to for me.