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  1. I see nothing saying they don't stack... Not to say you have 100% but instead you'd have 50% twice. Lol at your edit... I wonder who you guys is referring to?
  2. Where did Budda mention this? The meta is constantly changing with every update. Consider every item you use in pvp that has a huge impact on your success and it's a huge list to collect...
  3. I don't think you're right. I believe they do stack.
  4. Not everyone and dump endless money and time into wurm lol. I need to not die or I end up in plate and plate is useless for pvp against scale/drake.
  5. I dunno about that but if other armor like chain/studded was a viable option it would for sure help with not as much worries of death.... I really don't know how you could increase pvp now, there is so many new "features" and meta and I can't even keep up with it.
  6. I guess it's full loot when your protection fails so yes I think it's correct. Wurm is a slow grindy game and losing everything cause one random DC or one mistake is silly when it takes so much time to collect many of the items that are required to compete. At least when there is a decent chance you won't lose your gear it makes more sense to take the risks. Although I still say res stones aren't the issue the issue is everyone has res stone + smeagain bonus, smeagain is a stupid strong pvp priest and it should be obvious by how many there is.
  7. Go fight the avatars
  8. -1 game is already getting pretty strange lately O_o with all the colors and glowing things.
  9. I'm not really saying full loot is a total bad thing but with a 100% loss rate and full loot it is discouraging at the least.
  10. +1 cause I wanna wear my axes!
  11. Take to long to build up a set of gear to have 100% lose chances. I think making it harder to take a big gamble will only reduce the amount of pvp we see. If you want to know the real issue though it's Smeagain the Mag/Fo pvp god and it's insanely op skill set that is doubling nearly every pvpers chance to res stone.
  12. I voted no but if damage was fixed sotg could be toned down more, right now with damage output being so high it'd be just plain stupid and quite a few people would be 2 shot by true strike huge axe hits if not some newer people getting 1 shot.
  13. Bump again for another day...