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  1. The launcher scroll window smears when I click the scroll bar instead of dragging it.
  2. Alrighty all finished up with the auction will get in touch with everyone shortly, thanks.
  3. The mouse over menu high lighting is not visible inside a mine for the new ui.
  4. It would be nice if we could add and change default key actions. In my current case I want to make unfinished item default action to add to crafting window or maybe continue sometimes... This is would likely be a great way for wurm to get some data together to see what people are actually doing the default as imo. What would make this pretty awesome is the ability to setup a default action depending on what tool is currently activated or where the object to interact with is located(like on the ground or inside a container).
  5. 48 hour auction - ends 11am cst July 7th 4 hour sniper protection minimum increment 25c Auction 1: 2 x Ebonaura Tall Banner starting 10s Auction 2: 2 x Ebonaura Flag starting 4s current Kierthekebab 4s Auction 3: 2 x Ebonaura Flag starting 4s current kgorski 4s Auction 4: 2 x Ebonaura Flag starting 4s current Aroma 4s Auction 5: 2 x Ebonaura Banner starting 8s Auction 6: 2 x Ebonaura Banner starting 8s current Jotz 8s Auction 7: 2 x Ebonaura Banner starting 8s current Aroma 8s
  6. Is clotted sheep cream meant to be hfc? Seems like it would be dairy food making, I'd guess there is others that would fit dairy food making too.
  7. Anybody know the action id for activate the item the mouse is hovering over? Edit: Activate isn't a normal action I guess so it doesn't work with the mod atm
  8. The priests with good pvp spells will in almost every case beat a non priest even with much lower skills...
  9. That pretty much feels like a big f- off to me lol. Thanks for caring about all the time your current player base put into this game over the years. Edit: I do hope wurm does well but I'm annoyed I won't be there to see it.... Never gonna reskill in wurm.
  10. This would indeed be a nice change. I could live with key binds and pots being different weight or different names when needing picked for sorting.
  11. What's wrong with having new players on a new server is I'd like to be around to see wurm grow potentially but there is 0 chance I'll start skilling over... If the server was connected to freedom it'd be fine since everyone could be involved.
  12. A new server that I can sail to would be fine of course but blocking me from going to it without my character would be the issue. I want to be around to see a high pop wurm again with the characters I've worked on for so long... Edit: Why is there not much point to playing a sandbox just because others have played for years? Insperation to build amazing things is never a bad deal imo.
  13. I think it would be pretty silly to take away all the work your current player base has done to accommodate the "new" steam servers for wurm... The newbs will still have the newb experience if steam is successful for wo. Add a reasonable cash shop and go f2p and the old player base will be a minority, perhaps it won't matter we're more skilled?
  14. WTB 100 satchels pm me with price please.