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Found 289 results

  1. [10:48:24] A seryll rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (10%) [10:48:24] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  2. Looking for farming relevant runes, like gold fo, gold libila, iron jackal, etc Blank or enchanted, any ql
  3. A seryll rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (10%) Start Bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Snipe Protection: 1hr Buyout: 12 Silvers
  4. PM me here or ingame if you have a completed statuette of the swordsman or the fragments, must be gold. If you have a rare one I may be interested in that too.
  5. *Special Event item* This Community is absolutely wonderful! With some help from CistaCista, Aarontx, and Elrohiir; I believe we've pin pointed the particular event in which these were given out. "Other than being a non-creatable reward these things are actually rather nifty compared to their bronze counterpart. Not funny to improve bronze or gold items to 90+, but your gold version does NOT require metallurgy at least." -Elrohiir The Gold Dioptra was a reward for a treasure hunt on Independence May 2016. Visual Difference Left: Event Gold, Right: Regular Bronze [08:50:05] An astronomical and surveying instrument, mounted on a tripod. It could be improved with a lump. [08:50:05] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Aarontx'. Start Bid: 8s Minimum Increase: 50c Sniper Protect: 1hr PM me on the forums/ in game with any questions or concerns about the auction. Pm: Sugarfoxx or Moonfoxx. ***Don't Shoot the AUCTIONEER, if you're a troll or rude, your comment will be reported to mods, please do not post here unless you intend to bid or friendly bump this auction, THANKS!*** *SFI AUCTION ONLY, NO TRADING TO NFI AVAILABLE, If you are on Cadence, Harmony, Melody, or Defiance; do not participate in this auction please.*
  6. Auctioning a very rare GOLD Hota Statue of a Demon Free delivery to any PvE location I can reach with a knarr. Start Bid: 15S Min Increments: 1S Reserve: None Buyout: PM with Offer Sniper Protection: 2 Hours
  7. Apparently I have been brought up as a reference to vouch for someone named Kristaa who is selling cheap silver or something. I have no logs of any conversation with someone of that name. Kristaa - if we spoke on an alt, please contact me so I can clear things up, but I have no log of speaking to you on the forums or in-game. Anyone else, until I know whether there is an alt I spoke with, I do NOT vouch for this person! Do not buy silver on account of me being named as a reference!
  8. Due to my high deed costs and purchase expenses, I'm looking to buy silver basically all the time. I buy at 1 Silver = ~1 USD but I'm no enemy of negotiations. I have bought multiple gold before and will pay with a verified PayPal account. Transactions will be SAFE and QUICK. I'm going to start tracking who I bought from for references for you and for memory for myself from this point onward in a list below. Sellers I Bought From:
  9. Want to auction the only existing Glimmersteel hota statue in the game Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 1h Start Bid: 10s Increment: 50c No Reserve
  10. Kyle's Unlimited Chainworks -----Full Chain Armour (iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 51ql - 0.5s 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 6.0s -----Full Chain Armour(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 51ql - 1.0s 71ql - 2.0s 81ql - 2.5s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 8.0s -----Barding(iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 71ql - 0.75s 81ql - 1.0s 91ql - 1.5s 95ql - 3.5s -----Barding(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 5.0s RARE STOCK -EMPTY- -----Improvements and Questions----- PM KyleBooze here on the forums PM KyleBooze on Official Wurm Discord or /t KyleBooze ingame ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Materials Available Gold/Silver: Up to 85ql/90ql Brass: Up to 90ql Bronze: Up to ~85ql Steel: Up to ~83ql Electrum: Available upon request, no definite ql atm MOON METALS: Must be provided for improves or creation
  11. SOLD

    wts silver 1s -1euro up to 1 gold message here or in game Rumble
  12. I believe if we (whats left of the new and old wurm community) band together via an all encompassing search which will be coordinated via the community maps or dumps, that could find this elusive prize which has been held in front of us for far too long. It is time; b4 we lose anymore of our valuable trusted experienced players or our new pee and vinegar filled newbies.. if you are interested please post here and with any ideas you may have.. i am only the drummer to call out some able bodies to manage this event.. we could aggressively or casually grid off our domain which is the freedom isles i am assuming but we will also need current chaos and epic players to search their respected islands.. then we could cross out the areas we search and pendulum search and then report to the handler of the maps.. think of it besides piloting a boat or horse no real skills are needed.. lets keep this cool Wurmians. stick to the positives.. thanks for reading..
  13. Attention, Wurmians! I am willing to buy all rare gold you have! Or at least as many as i can afford. Why? Because i like shinies, of course! Check your magic chests, check your storage alts, check yo wives, check yo kids, if you want to make some coppers or silvers and help me add more rare gold on this carpet. Details follow (under the carpet). Rares = 10 copper each Any QL and weight will do. If the lump/ore has 90+dmg, i will pay 1/2 of the price for it. CoD to Zigozag without any questions if you've got a few. You might want to leave a post in this thread or PM me prior to sending, but it is not necessary. If you happen to be an owner of a rather big stock of rare gold, PM me on the forums or ingame to negotiate pickup. Supremes = 20 copper each Any QL and weight will do. If the lump/ore has 90+dmg, i will pay 1/2 of the price for it. CoD to Zigozag without any questions if you've got a few. You might want to leave a post in this thread or PM me prior to sending, but it is not necessary. If you happen to be an owner of a rather big stock of supreme gold, PM me on the forums or ingame to negotiate pickup. Fantastics... Sell them to Vortexxx If you don't like Vortexxx, go away I can accept these for 50 coppers each, but PM me on forums or ingame first, please. PS I will try to keep this updated in time so that I wouldn't run out of funds while you're sending me precious metal. I do not expect too big supply of these, but if it so happens that i won't be able to pay for a CoD'ed lump, i will return it ASAP and compensate mailing fee if needed.
  14. Like the heading says, I want to be 250 silver, preferably from 1 seller, must be paypal certified.
  15. WTB 1G

    Looking to buy 1G. Offer is 1E per 1S. Verified paypal only.
  16. I have up to 1 gold coin at the time of this post. Hoping to sell it all to either one person or several. Does not matter. PM me here on the forum or in game if you'd like any amount. I sell for 1 euro per silver coin. No negotiation. If you have a problem with that or feel the need to tell me you think silver is only worth 1 usd per coin, do not message me. at all. Thank you.
  17. Could we get a mod that allows us to make bricks and slabs out of metals such as gold, silver, etc.?
  18. 190 euro OBO, only PayPal.
  19. Hi! ^^ Me and some of my friends are returning and so we need to buy some gold (somewhere around 3 gold) to start up our deeds and stuff. Paying 1e/1s using Paypal or bitcoin (at current market rate) Forum pm is best way to reach me, thanks!
  20. Greetings, I am looking to buy 1 Gold in in game currency via paypal, willing to pay 1eu/1s or apx 1.23usd/1s. I am paypal verified and a an established player and forum user with many successful and problem free past purchases. Thank you.
  21. As topic says, buying up to 1 gold of in-game coin. Verified paypal. Would prefer all-in-one transaction, but I'm ok with splitting it up a bit if necessary. EDIT: All full up on coin
  22. Shiny, golden plate armor set. QL 81. PM Apotheon or post offers, please
  23. Verified paypal only 1s for 1e. Message me here or in game to Vern
  24. I want to buy one gold as the title says. If you are willing to give me a slight discount that would be great as it's expensive to convert from EU->CAD. I bought plenty of times before, good standing, verified PayPal, payment before you accept CoD.