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Found 262 results

  1. Kyle's Unlimited Chainworks -----Full Chain Armour (iron, copper)----- 51ql - 0.5s 71ql - 1.5s 81ql - 2.5s 85ql - 3.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 6.0s -----Full Chain Armour(gold, silver)----- 51ql - 1.0s 71ql - 2.0s 81ql - 3.0s 85ql - 4.0s 91ql - 5.0s 95ql - 10.0s -----Barding(iron, copper)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 1.5s 91ql - 2.5s 95ql - 3.5s -----Barding(gold, silver)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 5.0s -----Improvements----- -can be discussed- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gold and silver chain require more materials/mining and may take a bit longer. Bronze and Steel are special order and are only available if materials are provided and will have the same pricing as gold/silver.
  2. I am looking to buy 1-1.5 gold at 1s/1E. verified paypal only.
  3. Please check my many successful sales and purchases for Trading Confidence.... I have been playing Wurm from 1 week after Indy started and off and on since then. Verified Paypal ONLY. Friends and Family to help prevent charge backs. Up to 1 gold is avail.. more soon! I am in-game mostly on Damine But also check GrumpyOldGamer for speedy contact. PM Me ingame but please post here for a contract on the forums for all to see! Basically you may PM me to alert me to your post here. TY! I am an Twitch Streamer and Utuber "GrumpyOldGamerReviews". I am high profile! TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE! $100USD= 1gold $1= $1USD
  4. Want to sell 90 silver <20s - 1e/1s 20-50 - 0.95e/1s 50-100 - 0.9e/1s >100 - 0.85e/1s please pm
  5. As title says: Selling upto 3 gold in silver coins, smaller amounts possible. Available: 0 silver Contact me ingame or on forum (Macoofer)
  6. Sale complete, please close. Thanks
  7. All gone
  8. WTS 1 gold 3 silver, 1 euro/1 silver verified paypal only please.
  9. Hi all, wondered if anyone would ever think about making a Gold 1 map? It's what I played on when I first joined Wurm over 11 years ago, and I'd LOVE to go back and see the world I grew up in (quite literally). Here are some links to the map dumps and player made stuff: (most are broken) Anyone have any thoughts? Personally I wouldn't know how to start really, perhaps it's something I could learn and spend a few hours here and there for a while constructing, but I wondered first if anyone else had the same idea!
  10. Hi guys! I want to sell 100 silver coins at 1€/silver. Can check my history of previous trades in the forum if in doubt. Paypal, then CoD Edit: everything's sold now! Thanks!
  11. closed
  12. I'm looking to buy 1 gold. Verified paypal
  13. Looking to buy a gold at 1s = 1E Verified paypal only
  14. WTS silver coins 1s:1e, via verified paypal. Up to 170s available, pm for details
  15. WTS silver/gold min amount : 20s Paypal "friends or family" only, and only from at least vaguely known people, not new accounts with 0 rep on forum and that i don't know Euro preferred 1s = 1€ = 1.1$ 1g = 97€ = 107$ More than 1g available, PM me to check
  16. I have 2 Gold available. 1 Euro/Silver. Any amount can be purchased. I will sell for 0.95Euro/Silver if purchasing 1G or more. Thanks
  17. I have 3 Gold available. 1 Euro/Silver. Any amount can be purchased. I will sell for 0.95Euro/Silver if purchasing 1G or more. Cheers Kil
  18. 1.1usd/1s Reputable buyers with verified paypal only Sold in increments of 50 3g sold, 0g available Many thanks and enjoy your coins!
  19. Hello! As the title say, i want to sell 100 silver coins for 100 euro, Paypal verified. Contact me on forums or ingame, my name ingame is Johndarkstorm. Thank you!
  20. Item up for Auction: 90QL Rare GOLD Meditation Rug [06:46:46] This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [06:46:46] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [91] Starting Bid: 15s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 25s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be Sent CoD Happy Bidding All
  21. wtb

    Looking to buy 100s/1g for 100e pm here or in game same name
  22. I am looking to buy 100s. Certified paypal only.
  23. Hey, I have some silver coins for sell. 1s:1e Currently 60 silver in stock Verified paypal only. Post offers here or on PM.
  24. Want to buy 1 Gold coin (100 silvers) (Verified paypal only) Drop a message here or pm me ingame with offers Mac