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  1. I am looking to buy 1-1.5 gold at 1s/1E. verified paypal only.
  2. I'm looking to buy 1 gold. Verified paypal
  3. I am looking to buy 100s. Certified paypal only.
  4. I'm looking to buy 1 or more gold. Verified paypal only.
  5. Perhaps it seems strange but neither and both. I made this suggestion because it is something I have had trouble with in the past and I think, in a sandbox, it should be possible. The idea is to let players decide what they will do with options. Personally I would use it to smooth out the edges of the island I live on and fix mining mistakes which are effectively permanent now. If another player thinks it is worth their time to raise the ocean floor up to make a rock island, so be it. On the flip side, if another player wants to lower said island into the ocean then I say have fun.
  6. @Damascus: I think you have an interesting point about ql affecting how many hits it takes to remove a mine tile but this thread is meant to focus on surface rock and how best to handle high slopes and underwater tiles.
  7. Throughout my years of playing Wurm I have found two mechanics which I thought were counter to the idea of a sandbox world. The worst offender was the immutability of clay, tar, and peat tiles. This issues was finally addressed and I am beyond grateful to the devs. The second issue is dealing with rock surfaces below water and at high slope. I would like to see the following changes made and options added. 1) Allow concrete to raise rock up regardless of depth of water. If it seems to easy with the current concrete system then perhaps it would be better to add concrete forms or an enhanced form of concrete like the "heavy concrete" suggested in the post below. 2) Add a way to use concrete on high slopes. For this I would suggest a new item, Concrete Form. It would be built on a tile boarder and allow the user to 'Raise Corner' beyond the current limit. This came to mind as I have done several months of surface mining and a few times I went one slope too far but there is no way to repair the mistake. One would think that in a sandbox any terraforming should be reversible, at least on the PVE servers. 3) In consideration of my assertion all terraforming should be reversible on PVE servers I would like to suggest a tool which, like a dredge do for dirt, allow players to lower underwater rock below the current limit. As with all tools it is possible for each of these items to be 'abused' but, that one might do evil is no reason to stop another from doing good.
  8. +1 The majority of my time in Wurm is spent moving dirt around and currently the 300 per crate is a hassle. Is a bigger crate necessary, no. Would it make the quality of life in game significantly better? Absolutely.
  9. +1 This is one of the best ideas I have seen on this forum. With the right amount of balance this would give low level miners something to do with all of the low ql lumps. It should never be more profitable than having a high skill miner and a high ql vein but with the right conversion ratio it could be a valid alternative if one is willing to invest the time.
  10. I am looking to buy at least 1g. Verified Paypal. 1s per 1e
  11. I am looking to buy 1g. Certified paypal
  12. I am looking to buy if you are still selling.
  13. If this means finally being able to remove some of the hundreds of useless and in the way clay tiles blocking the sandbox I am extremely excited. Thank you for addressing this.
  14. Looking to buy 100s at 1s:1e. Verified paypal only.
  15. Message me here. 1E per 1S