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Found 86 results

  1. Looking for farming relevant runes, like gold fo, gold libila, iron jackal, etc Blank or enchanted, any ql
  2. WTS Rare Rake, 8S A gold rune of Fo has been attached, so it will have a chance to increase the effect of tending a field or harvesting a tree or bush (10%) Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [102]
  3. As the title states. No raking sound on large planters when tending/farming and harvesting like normal crop tiles. Action is exactly the same, only a different container/tile so I assume it's just missing at the moment.
  4. Get your farming gains on,
  5. Starting Bid 10s Minimum Increments 1s No reserve No private bids Sniper Protection 1 hour
  6. As you can see, Since one of the last updates ( not the last one ), While farming, there is no rake visible tending the crops. I had hoped that it would come with the last updates as I see that Wurm devs had fixed/added some animations but I am still Air Farming with my fist. In the screenshot you can see my empty hand while farming, even equipping the rake does not help and the rake dissapears once you start farming which looks very out of touch.
  7. w - Wind of Ages c - Circle of Cunning fb - Frostbrand n - Nimbleness PRICES:
  8. Here I have for sale an assortment of tools of different qualities, Stone chisel, awl, butchering knife, file, hatchet, knife, pickaxe, rake and much more Discounted Items for faster sale High End/Rares : - 13s - 3s
  9. Buyer pays COD Post or Forum PM All prices in silver Item Ql enchants price 90QL Iron Chain Set with Aosp 90 on the Pants and Jacket 3s Steel plate Armour set ( 9 pieces) 91+ QL 5s Exquisite Med Rug 19.13 coc64 60c Mallet, Oak 54.23 woa65 30c Spindle, Oak 40.68 coc73 60c Spindle, Oak 25.84 coc64 50c Grooming Brush, Cedar 36.02 Coc70 60c Grooming Brush, Cedar 16.82 Coc88 80c Grooming Brush, Cedar 16.82 Coc78 70c Sickle, Iron 18.39 coc74 70c Sickle, Iron 22.58 coc73 70c Rake, Iron 91.46 coc82 woa82 1s Rake, Iron 91.66 coc81 woa82 1s Rake, Iron 91.55 coc82 woa94 1.50s Rake, Iron 91.23 coc82 woa87 1.30s Rake, Iron 91.27 coc81 woa86 1.30s Stone Chisel, Iron 90.05 coc98 woa76 1.50s Stone Chisel, Iron 90.23 coc90 woa75 1.40s Pickaxe, Steel 8.54 coc80 80c Pickaxe, Steel 8.32 coc77 75c Pickaxe, Steel 8.54 coc77 75c Pickaxe, Steel 8.54 coc76 75c Pickaxe, Steel 8.24 coc76 75c pickaxe, steel 1.18 coc80 80c pickaxe, steel 2.15 coc80 80c pickaxe, steel 1.09 coc80 80c pickaxe, steel 2.91 coc80 80c Pickaxe, Iron 15.11 coc80 70c Pickaxe, Iron 7.70 coc82 70c Pickaxe, Iron 19.15 coc79 60c Pickaxe, Iron 10.15 coc79 60c Pickaxe, Iron 37.17 coc65 50c Needle, Iron 91.93 coc81 woa96 1.50s Hammer, Iron 80.39 coc64 woa73 60c Hammer, Iron 80.19 coc82 woa71 70c Hammer, Iron 47.47 coc81 70c Hammer, Iron 80.44 coc73 50c File, Iron 94.06 coc90 woa86 1.80s File, Iron 91.16 coc79 woa86 90c File, Iron 23.97 coc66 50c Shovel, Iron 91.43 coc80 woa79 1s Shovel, Iron 81.32 coc61 woa66 60c Shovel, Iron 80.37 woa82 70c Shovel, Iron 71.15 woa76 60c Shovel, Iron 80.00 woa67 50c Butchering Knife, Iron 58.64 coc87 90c Butchering Knife, Iron 18.64 coc83 80c Small Avnil, Iron 34.54 coc89 90c Small Anvil, Iron 18.05 coc71 70c Small Anvil, Iron 18.05 coc61 60c Small Anvil, Iron 18.05 coc61 60c Saw, Iron 4.94 coc80 80c Saw, Iron 30.47 coc66 60c Saw, Iron 26.88 coc60 50c Small Axe, Steel 6.80 coc80 90c Hatchet, Iron 81.73 woa75 60c Hatchet, Steel 2.17 coc71 70c Hatchet, Steel 3.26 coc71 70c
  10. Rare Rake

    Rare Rake, Iron. 94.01ql, WoA 92, CoC 91, Gold Rune of Fo (10% chance increase effect of tending/harvesting). Start: 3s Minimum bid: 50c Sniper protection: 1h
  11. Hello I have a 6.45ql Rare Rake, Iron (Blank). Starting Bid: 2 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *I always PM before sending anything via mailbox/delivery so please look for my message :). *If you do no see a message from me after winning an auction then please send me one since sometimes it seems forums can be finicky and it might have gotten "lost". *I wait 7 days for a response to my PM for mailbox/delivery coordination... If you do not contact me I will put the item back up for auction :). *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launce~
  12. I want to auction my old rake which accidentally turned supreme on me (ow dear, how sad, never mind) It is currently sitting at QL 54,16 and has CoC 65 on it. If requested i can imp to about QL 72 Starting bid: 20s Mininum increment: 50c Buyout: 25s No hidden reserve
  13. SALE SALE SALE! Take 10c off each listed price! Selling off some excess inventory! C = Circle of Cunning( Skill enchant) w= Wind of ages (Speed Enchant) Buyer pays CoD Please post, or send a forum pm I will try my best to keep the list updated in a timely manner! Quality Enchant Price Carving Knives 25.41 c64 50c 20.66 c67 50c 19.34 c50 30c 17.32 c63 50c 17.18 c56 40c 16.77 c76 60c 16.44 c61 50c 16.42 c58 40c 16.41 c66 50c Mallets maple 51.06 c56 40c pine 15.34 c68 50c Groom Brush Cedar 35.07 c56 40c Birch 22.44 c69 60c Cedar 16.82 c62 60c Cedar 16.82 c60 60c Cedar 16.78 c53 50c Cedar 16.35 c55 50c Cedar 15.96 c64 60c Birch 9.69 c58 50c Willow 9.12 c58 50c Rope Tools Pine 56.81 c57 40c Cedar 29.67 c55 40c Iron Rake 81.53 w61c47 50c 68.15 w53c50 40c Iron Pickaxe 84.90 w75 60c 36.49 c60 50c 33.82 c64 50c 23.68 c57 30c 16.53 c55 30c 15.54 c52 30c Leather Knife 54.15 c62 60c Sickle 26.42 c66 60c 22.40 c69 60c 18.99 c70 65c Large Anvil 18.05 c57 50c 18.03 c64 60c Small Anvil 18.05 c57 50c Butcher Knife 26.42 c52 50c 24.61 c54 50c 24.18 c78 70c Exquisite Meditation Rug 17.25 c58 60c
  14. Iron, Rake 9ql 99COC - 3s (skiller) Iron, Shovel 89ql 98WOA - 3s (speeder) PM or just post in this thread.
  15. Hatchet,iron 14ql C 74 | 40c Hatchet,iron 14,87ql C 73 | 40c Hatchet,iron 77,72ql W 41 | 25c Hatchet,iron 36,90ql C 75 | 40c Pickaxe,iron 81,44ql C 73 | 40c Pickaxe,iron 71,29ql W 43 | 20c Pickaxe,iron 22,14ql C 36 | 15c Pickaxe,iron 20,96ql C 63 | 35c Pickaxe,steel 1,74ql C 83 | 45c Shovel,iron 53,19ql C 51 | 25c Shovel,iron 77,48ql W 39 | 10c Rope tool,pinewood 64,27ql W 69 | 35c Rope tool,oakenwood C 47 | 20c Saw,iron 74,46ql W 53 | 40c Saw,iron 77,96ql W 71 C 19 | 50c Saw,iron 57,99ql C 50 | 25c Saw,iron 69,53ql W 54 | 30c File,iron 68,52 ql C 26 | 5c Hammer,iron 73,02ql C 27 | 10c Trowel,iron 20,91ql C 69 | 40c Rake,iron 17,09ql C 78 | 40c Rake,iron 18,32ql C 66 | 35c Rake,iron 19,02ql C 59 | 30c Rake,iron 78,09ql C 45 | 25c Rake,iron 18,64ql C 68 | 35c Rake,iron 18,92ql C 46 | 25c Rake,iron 17,51ql C 53 | 30c Rake,iron 19,04ql C 76 | 40c Sickle,iron 54,31ql C 28 | 10c Sickle,iron 57,36ql C 22 | 15c Sickle,iron 57,63ql C 38 | 15c Sickle,iron 56,17ql C 39 | 15c Sickle,iron 57,53ql C 43 | 15c Sickle,iron 54,06ql C 47 | 30c Sickle,iron 59,70ql C 42 | 25c Sickle,iron 56,18ql C 47 | 30c Sickle,iron 58,08ql C 38 | 15c Sickle,iron 55,11ql C 50 | 30c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 54 | 25c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 60 | 30c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 43 | 20c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 43 | 20c Hatchet,steel 44,49ql C 62 | 35c Horse shoe,iron 51,67ql W 58 | 30c Horse shoe,iron 58,43ql W 52 | 25c Horse shoe,steel 3,60ql W 53 | 25c Horse shoe,steel 5,00ql W 64 | 35c Grooming brush,oakenwood 2,61ql C 60 | 30c Fruit press,oakenwood 34,05ql W 64 | 30c Fruit press,oakenwood 35,88ql W 70 | 35c Fine fishing rod,willow 80,05ql C 76 | 40c Scissors,iron 77,44ql C 64 | 30c Longsword,iron 70,84ql W 45 C 53 FA 86 | 80c Longsword,iron 68,58ql W 55 FA 96 | 80c Longsword,iron 57,26ql N 82 C 93 RT 91 | 1s 40c Longsword,iron 84,82ql N 86 RT 91 | 1s Longsword,iron 53,53ql N 88 C 73 RT 91 | 1s 40c Longsword,iron 57,03ql N 74 C 94 | 90c Longsword,iron 70,71ql N 74 C 83 | 90c Longsword,iron 65,20ql N 78 | 40c Longsword,iron 77,64ql N 76 | 35c Longsword,iron 74,92ql N 73 | 40c Longsword,iron 64,75ql N 81 | 45c Longsword,iron 37,89ql N 97 | 50c Longsword,iron 55,55ql FB 52 W 50 | 20c Longsword,iron 54,07ql AD FB 51 C 33 | 20c Longsword,iron 64,06ql FB 72 W 60 | 45c Longsword,iron 18,76ql W 56 | 20c Large axe,iron 74,35ql N 62 C 66 RT 95 | 1s 20c Huge axe,iron 82,08ql N 60 C 66 | 90c Huge axe,iron 81,56ql N 66 C 57 | 90c Huge axe,iron 83,12ql N 62 C 62 | 90c Huge axe,iron 54,43ql C 44 | 20c Huge axe,iron 81,99ql N 53 C 98 | 90c Huge axe,iron 82,25ql N 40 C 73 | 90c Short sword,iron 62,81ql C 76 | 30c Short sword,iron 66,36ql C 77 | 30c Short sword,iron 69,62ql C 60 | 30c Maul,iron 75,13ql | 10c Great helm,steel 31,01ql W 57 | 30c Cloth shoe,cotton 26,72ql 40 Aura of shared pain | 15c Sailing Boat 40,00ql | 40c pick up on cele (N) = Nimbleness (C) Cicle of Cuning (W) Wind of Ages (FB) Frostbrand (FA) Flaming Aura (AD) Animal Demise's_Demise (RT) Rotting Touch (LT) Life Transfer (Aura of Shared Pain)
  16. Very Cheap Enc Tools,Weps,Armors,Etc Butchering Knifes 40x in stock Chain Sets 50-70 ql 60c Whole set Studded Leather Sets 60ql 50c Whole set (N) = Nimbleness (C) Cicle of Cuning (W) Wind of Ages (FB) Frostbrand (FA) Flaming Aura (AD) Animal Demise's_Demise (RT) Rotting Touch (LT) Life Transfer (Aura of Shared Pain)
  17. As the title says, selling: Supreme rake, 90.67QL, unenchanted Looking for 30s.
  18. Hi, i have a lot of items with enchants for sale. All of them are listed on the screens below. All items can be cod to a buyer from deliverence. Items with only power of cast in the name are all with COC. No more saw's, avaliable. Prices: 50-69 power items-50c 70-79 items-60c 80-89 items-1s 90+items-1,5s. . If you want to negotiate the price of one of the items, im open for offers. If you want to buy one of them, just write here, send me a pm, or contact me in game(Primass)
  19. Starting Price (euro): 2s Min Increment (euro): 10c Reserve: No Snipe protection: 30mins Private bids: Accepted 90.81QL rare rake, iron C80 W71 [09:05:18] A tool for working the fields. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [09:05:18] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [71] [09:05:18] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [80]
  20. Topic closed and items are being auctioned individually. See the Auctions forum.
  21. Message me or comment below with what you'd like to buy. You pay COD, so 1c will be added to every order. i'll update the shop everyday, but in case I don't update it please read through the other comments to see if the item sold to someone else. Name: Ql: Cast: Price: Rake, Iron 81 60woa 52c Rake, Iron 81 63woa 58c Rake, Iron 81 64woa 60c Rake, Iron 81 65woa 62c Rake, Iron 81 65woa 62c Rake, Iron 81 65woa 62c Rake, Iron 81 65woa 62c Rake, Iron 81 70woa 72c Rake, Iron 81 71woa 74c Rake, Iron 81 76woa 84c Rake, Iron 81 77woa 86c Rake, Iron 81 83woa 1.06c Rake, Iron 81 86woa 1.18s Rake, Iron 81 87woa 1.22s Pickaxe, iron 81 62woa 56c Pickaxe, iron 81 81woa 98c Shovel, iron 81 68woa 68c Shovel, iron 81 69woa 70c Spindle, Oak 80 60woa 52c Spindle, Oak 80 61woa 54c Spindle, Oak 80 61woa 54c Spindle, Oak 80 62woa 56c Spindle, Oak 80 65woa 62c Spindle, Oak 80 69woa 70c Spindle, Oak 80 69woa 70c Rare Pickaxe, Iron 81 60woa 7s
  22. Item up for Auction: 90QL Rare Rake! Item will be COD from Release. Starting Bid: 6s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 12s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  23. Right from my always glowing forge comes another marvel of blacksmithing! Take it before its too late! Imped by me, rared by me, casted by Accwin! [20:22:33] A tool for working the fields. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [20:22:33] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Shaylie'. [20:22:33] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [96] [20:22:33] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [89] Starting bid: 9s Increase: 0.5s Buyout: 15s Sniper: 1 hour No reserve Free COD on Freedom! See also my inventory page at Euros at 1:1 paypal verified also accepted
  24. [19:31:55] A tool for working the fields. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. Starting Bid: 20s Buyout:50s Can be improved to around 70ql at winners choice, and some sort of enchanting done to it. Increments of 1s 1 hour sniper protection I will mail it to the winner. Have fun and buckle up.
  25. wts in game Xrumx on Release prices as marked. or offer