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  1. Got a magical chest, buy a rune today to have it dyed.
  2. The Crusaders offers the best service in the market Not only do you get a guaranteed rune attachment our runes are only made by some of the best in the game All Runes that require Jewerly smithing are made by Dadd : All Runes that require Carpentry/Fine Carpentry are made by Wulfgar : All Runes that require Masonry/Stone Cutting are made by Bix: All Rune attachments are done by Bix : Current Moonmetal Stock dedicated solely for the purpose of rune creation Contact one of the people listed above for any inquires or orders about our service and stay tuned for any specials that are happening or others that are to come!
  3. WTS Bunch of Rares

    Rare shovel rare saw rare pickaxe to sulfoce #7, #8 #20
  4. WTS Red Scaleset

    Signature on it
  5. WTS Uttacha Slime

    Buy it!!
  6. WTS Uttacha Slime

    1 charge left!!
  7. WTS Uttacha Slime

    Don’t be shy, make a offer!
  8. WTS Uttacha Slime

  9. WTS Uttacha Slime

    Feel free to PM offers via forums. Accepting paypal (euros or usd) Uttacha slime This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Title: male: Witch Hunter | female: Soothsayer Spell: true strike Passives: 15% slash resistance | 10% crush weakness
  10. close plz

    It truely has not changed much since I left for JKE many years ago. Nice to see it still around.

    Stop, not allowed !
  12. Can Close Please

    I could use one on sulfoce
  13. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Man two chill and goodhearted guys being taken advantage of... greyhound and Dagobert literally some of the nicest people ever. Let’s hope he didn’t screw over Deathangel too. I know some older JK crew has been very cautious about him for a while. Here’s to hoping the Italian homies Davy and Padre as well as the VH crew Adamz Bald, and DA haven’t fallen victims to him as well.