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  1. Let me get on the raft ! I want outtie !
  2. Offer up !
  3. Got a large metal shield from smacking up a buddy who was afk on chaos.
  4. Taking any dank offers !
  5. Cyberhusky!
  6. Stop ruining my market !
  7. Thanks for price checks, still looking for more and taking offers as well
  8. COD To PHynx
  9. $£¥
  10. Need more opinions.
  11. Are you sure it’s the same account, because toolhead has owned this account for a while and his always been in good standing to my understanding.
  12. Cod me rare saddle to phynx Tulemees just put what you want for it.
  13. Level 12 path of power no warnings 2 months prem What it worth? Might sell if worth.
  14. Don’t do it !