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  1. This, especially since how body stats like Stamina can be gained more on freedom because of mining / digging and such. I know they did the patch to fix epic stamina on toons but it realistically doenst even compare to freedom toons. Not just talking about stamina but all characteristics.
  2. map dump looks old
  3. 200 lumps to Ckczk 94ql+
  4. It does have Blood of the angels
  5. Join today and play along the most feared squad on Chaos
  6. While your working on skills can you make some of the current skills more useful and actually work. Like artifact skill which is impossible to grind and does nothing.
  7. 你傻了他妈的
  8. Hey babe bring it to Nadrojs impalong and I got you for free. If I go back to freedom before then I’ll hit you up.
  9. @NadrojCrusaders as a kingdom will be donating a Crusader wagon and two banners for the prize pool. I will arrange bringing it over later with you.
  10. Count me for any crafting needs that I may be able to provide. Dump is a bit outdated but gives you a general ideia. also sign me up for championship tournament also long as champs not there.
  11. Guarntee it doesn’t have the highest ws, there’s a man called Dadd with 99.999.