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  1. Not sure if asked before but will characters be connected to the same database as the current servers. As in I already have a Egard character I won’t be able to create one on steam named Egard.
  2. I want the rare forge if still available let me know if it’s mailable with runed mailbox or where to pickup
  3. Interested if still available @Odynn
  4. That doesn’t answer the question. Should have phrased it better. Chaos to freedom you can sail between. Epic to freedom you need to use a portal. So since items won’t transfer safe to assume portal to go to pvp ?
  5. Will PvP be connected to PvE servers like chaos to freedom or epic to freedom ?
  6. Estimated time for rele
  7. Roll back the game to 2013 and be done with it.
  8. 1v1 Challenge

    I’m the reigning champ, happen to also be retired unfortunately. @ShrimpiieCan attest to my powers demolished everyone in his last tournament. Poor @Gumbostood no chance.
  9. +1 not because of covering every timezone but making it more random, right now it’s so easy to know when it’s going to spawn it should have some random factors in it in my opinion. Make it spawn anywhere from 20 hours to 30 hours after the previous
  10. Easy and fast 10/10 seller
  11. You trying make things too easy. Also its already on a timer it spawns 25 hours after the previous. Just do a little bit of work instead of wanting things handed to you. Tldr less suck more win -1