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  1. @FIREDRAGONyou might want to consider adding some photos to help with the sell.
  2. Sorry to pop your bubble but we got 6 already. So definitely not the first.
  3. its wurm devs bud, you been around long enough. Never know what it can turn out to be.
  4. @DarklordsThe changes are good but with those changes you shouldn't merge the Sleep bonus pool, because the proposed way I can just roam on defiance get my sleep bonus use it and then cross to PvE. Zombies shouldnt give SP, that can be abused in so many ways.
  5. The Estate : 358, 1297
  6. Congrats who can I cod @Mellifaro
  7. Starting Bid: 15s Increment: 1s Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  8. Whats the creature count now after the changes because this hasnt changed :
  9. Desert and Steppe look worse then they did before this update. 10/10 update removed the few mobs that were there now its even more barren. But dont worry the north coast will have 19537819571 mobs right.
  10. - More mobs = more hunting incentives - Missions with rewards = more incentive to leave deed - Non dynamic hota that takes 4 days to finish but instead something like a static hota (old hota or supply depots) that happens every day and people can plan for it - Give people incentives to leave deed, a small reason to go out and risk losing your gear for other then the fun in it. -ROAD MAP ?!>!? -Maybe more constant updates to show things are actually being worked on, not stupid updates like merging a completely dead server and cluster to a new host (###### epic its dead cut the ties already) Chaos is 16x16 just like Defiance,. why does it have more mobs. Before someone says oh graphs are inaccurate, please provide some insight or proof because it seems like @Sinduskis needed to again. Also for the fun of it this elevation v3 which is a 8kmx8km map :
  11. Looking to sell large quantity of SFI silver for NFI silver. PM me if interested
  12. Want to trade / buy NFI Silver using SFI Silver ! PM me