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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    So I recently decided to re download and pvp to test features. Few things I noticed. -spell Damage is weird , the fact it negates armor is bad. Needs to be something else that’s a DR modifier to it other then soul str. -resistances do not seem to be working properly -tangleweave needs a resistance I can post my logs but I was fake casting and would have 5+ tangleweave casted on me. It worked everytime needs to be something to prevent it from being 100% success every cast. It’s too fast so it will always interrupt a spell casting unless it’s super late. -spell ranges need to be tweaked down -salves needs to be looked in they seem to be broken in a strong way -reverse gank bonus does not seem to be working. Seems like more people targeting you the less cr you have instead of opposite.
  2. Sindusk is missing badly, get him back!

    He’s a perma banned wo player that’s why he’s on wu. He’s been banned for macros and much more.
  3. [Sold] WTS Account/Items - WS affinity

    Saved me from having to install thanks.
  4. [Sold] WTS Account/Items - WS affinity

    Saved me from having to install thanks.
  5. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Doesn’t change the fact your statement was wrong @Gladiatorthat’s not what made him bias imo. Regards to his departure I found out almost as it happened. I was speaking to him on discord at the time. He knows my opinions of him as a dev and of his ways.
  6. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    False he was on chaos played on yagggyjr or however it is spelt in Panda.
  7. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    You want to read my report to sindusk on discord messages. Where I brought up a valid issue in the most non bias way and it was majorly shut down due to his bias towards a kingdom. Where he refused to acknowledge it was an issue because the other kingdom didn’t complain.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    Dadd has 70 soul str this is how much damage he takes from rotting gut and inferno : Niarja for soul str ranks : I know not many accounts are on niarja but easy to say 50 is around average soul str for toons. Soul str is what is the stat that accounts for DR. Now the 3rd highest toon with it takes 25% of his hp in 2 spells, when theres like ~6 others that can be casted. That's ridiculous. You can nuke any toon in 30 sec if you got enough priests and cast together.
  9. Remove /who from PvP servers

    -1 sretiolpxe
  10. Remove /who from PvP servers

    -1 sretiolpxe
  11. Sold

    got pics ?
  12. WTS deed Inde M20 lowered price

    Another ruiner master piece ! Looks good as always mate
  13. PC fantastic seryll lump

    4s cod Egard small amount só really no use. Just to look pretty on my table. Not guaranteed a fantastic from anything you try to make or use with it either.
  14. WTS Slime of Uttacha