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  1. As a pvper, I have truly enjoyed doing maps. Running into enemy lands, digging up treasures outside enemy deeds and such. It just a shame how limited you are in ways to acquire maps. I would like to personally see being able to get them while hunting like rare coins. Something to stimulate leaving deed and not just spamming actions on a vein to get them.
  2. Either +1 or -1 with a reason if you want to go argue game is dead or whatever theres plenty other threads for that.
  3. Thank you baby girl, I am just trying to nerf cheese pmk. The three man kingdom that runs three champs, too easy and boring.
  4. As title says, Remove champions from chaos. Champs are unbalanced, even if every kingdom can have three its still not equal. Remove champs and just let any current champions de-champ without the additional stat lost. make pvp fun
  5. E1 and S1 to Gavin please
  6. How for Agile Bow, Shortsword, Bulwark?
  7. Having a dragon run up on you and laying claim to it are different.
  8. I can do 50s cod solarblade if you accept.