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  1. 1v1 Challenge

    I’m the reigning champ, happen to also be retired unfortunately. @ShrimpiieCan attest to my powers demolished everyone in his last tournament. Poor @Gumbostood no chance.
  2. +1 not because of covering every timezone but making it more random, right now it’s so easy to know when it’s going to spawn it should have some random factors in it in my opinion. Make it spawn anywhere from 20 hours to 30 hours after the previous
  3. Easy and fast 10/10 seller
  4. You trying make things too easy. Also its already on a timer it spawns 25 hours after the previous. Just do a little bit of work instead of wanting things handed to you. Tldr less suck more win -1
  5. Sold

    Thanks for easy transaction
  6. Problem with anything is everyone makes it a KvK this isn’t about TC and what benefits us. We all have high faith already, and free path switches due to last time we were on epic. We don’t need the sermon circle like most of you are doing. A fresh new map, fresh kingdom, fresh no items, a whole fresh new start is coming. So why not reset faith, reset meditation paths, reset kings. So it’s all new and has to start up from scratch from on this new map that’s starting up. Keeping faith just guarantees champs and priests day one. keeping meditation path just means veteran players will have a even bigger advantage then new players making the gap even bigger day one, if it’s reset veterans have a small advantage due to skill and being able to path up faster. Keeping same kings, doesn’t even sound logical due to it all being a new map new kingdoms so it should reset to allow those players in the kingdom to go for it, unite with or against who gets it. Why half ass something this big (###### RESET SKILLS but that’s another topic) stop looking at like its KvK. Everything you think you got as an advantage over the enemy kingdoms you actually don’t, all veteran kingdoms have already path up with transfer of insanity, all have faith already high due to priest meta on previous map. Honestly just removing items isn’t gonna be much if all other stuff isn’t reset with it.
  7. I have 100 faith on all 3 toons
  8. It’s a fresh start as in regards to new map, no items transferring and all the other changes. At these map resets it’s so easy to gain faith too due to large number of players for sermon and all.
  9. Since this elevation is basically a fresh start, they should reset faith and meditation path just make it easier/faster to gain. Like every double the amount of faith gained by praying and shorten by half the time it takes to path up.
  10. close

    Huge improvement from when it was last sold. Solid toon, nice amount of work put in. Good luck.
  11. sold

    Oniichan! Good luck on sale.