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  1. might want to add some photos, video and a whole lot more if you expect to sell a deed for 5g. Dont think a deed has ever sold for that much, not even on SFI.
  2. [17:29:01] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Solarblade in less than ten minutes.

  3. As title says want to trade my NFI gold for your SFI gold. Up to 2g. 1:1 trade.
  4. All sold please close
  5. i have one for 5g as its the current going rate, let me know
  6. Cant break down to send exact quantity, have 3 lumps left of .62kgs total of 1.87kgs
  7. 70 copper per .01 pm here or ingame at Gavin / Solarblade
  8. 2023 Roadmap

    So a year of nothing but fixes and some QoL improvements, no real new content. Same old same old completing ignoring one part of the community the PVP one. Why don’t y’all just delete every pvp server and make the game PvE since you continue to neglect it.