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  1. WTS 1g

    Sold please close
  2. WTS White Drake Set

    accepting silver at 1e to 1s as well.
  3. WTS 1g

    Willing to sell lower amounts at 1s to 1e rate
  4. WTS White Drake Set

    price 80 euros verified paypal can imp to 85ql and guarntee casts of aosp or web armour 70+
  5. WTS 1g

    As title says have 1 gold for sale price 100e verified paypal only
  6. 100 Restoration Title

    about time !
  7. (SOLD) WTS Nukacola

    Ill take it but I need a full dump
  8. +1 painful to have to redo perms after changing owner
  9. Valrei International. 074

    That’s literally me every time there’s a VI, or a game is released.
  10. Place feature on chaos

    just disable place for a item / boat you do not have permissions on. If you cant drag a boat as a enemy then you should be able to place it.
  11. wtb 1 gold coin

    I got a few 1kg lumps you can have for 100usd
  12. WTB Lvl 7 path of power Character

    If you can’t find one and need help freezing tiles let me know I got one I can send over.
  13. wts/pc johnston

    I have bought, sold and played a ton of accounts this account stats make it average at best. Your account simply has the basic skills for any pvp that wants to be competitive except you have it on path of knowledge which automatically puts you below any one with even level 8 on insanity let alone full sotg. Having 90/90/90 on weapon shield and archery is a basic requirement and nothing spectacular. Takes you a month on Xanadu to get that if even. Your body stats are horrible for any acc with 96 mining and 91 digging. 50 body str and 38 stamina is nothing at all. If you want to be even remotely competitive in a path of knowledge account you going to need at least another 20 points of strength on that and like 10-12 points of stamina. I dont know who lied to you but stop trusting random ill knowledged people. Your acc is worth 200e max.