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  1. I have to path of power toons if you want to lava and freeze some veins.
  2. 90ql iron pendulum to phynx kthx
  3. interested in synoptic whats price like.
  4. I cannot offer a place to live but I can assist in other matters if you need. Just pm Phynx ingame. My alliance would be glad to supply you some stuff and help. We are active at the rifts and stuff so not hard to catch us.
  5. Yes
  6. longsword sold.
  7. that didnt take long, good luck with sale.
  8. Stock updated !
  9. Is the mayor toon pok ?
  10. buy me post offer or pm
  11. @Namekatpls come back we need real content not this third world ###### that’s been posted.
  12. @Jbergone workaround I found is to rename the crate.