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  1. Not even full rare. Slacker!
  2. [23:33:01] Looks like that tile needs more of that liquid to change it. seems like I need one more clay tile order send to Dadamage/Egard please thank you.
  3. 1. Do you even play chaos ? considering your deeds disbanded no. 2. provide some sound argument against the mechanics instead of comparing two clusters. 3. Make up your mind : because just doing the same thing on chaos isn’t going to change anything. It’s a stupid meta that was removed for a reason on defiance. It’s been tested and tried. Now perhaps it’s time to implement it to the only other server with pvp.
  4. Currently on chaos you are able to lead up to four creatures in pvp, suggest changing to system already in on defiance. Limit the number of horses that can be lead while mounted to one creature. current meta involves having as many barded and geared backups as possible if you are fo priest that normal is four barded geared hell horses. It discourages pvp.
  5. @FIREDRAGONyou might want to consider adding some photos to help with the sell.
  6. Sorry to pop your bubble but we got 6 already. So definitely not the first.
  7. its wurm devs bud, you been around long enough. Never know what it can turn out to be.
  8. @DarklordsThe changes are good but with those changes you shouldn't merge the Sleep bonus pool, because the proposed way I can just roam on defiance get my sleep bonus use it and then cross to PvE. Zombies shouldnt give SP, that can be abused in so many ways.
  9. The Estate : 358, 1297
  10. Congrats who can I cod @Mellifaro
  11. Starting Bid: 15s Increment: 1s Snipe Protection: 1 hour