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  1. I will poke him
  2. priest

    might want to tell which faith priest you want.
  3. Thank you for sharing this lis, not many people know the harsh reality. Thank you for your service. These two men might be gone but they will never be forgotten.
  4. Even with 98 PAS with rare anvil I fail at times.
  5. go away no one likes you
  6. Found WKM
  7. can we play poker with it ?
  8. mail to who ? I can see if i got a few spare sitting around
  9. Tall banners cannot be mailed and are available for pickup at D19 celebration @icbash
  10. Might want to include the ebo wagon pic
  11. I would say its around 300-350
  12. come back in two months, rudie and i will be done with the work up the mountain at D19. We finished Terraforming but now its time to make 50k slate bricks and Mortar for it
  13. Can close acquired all 10g
  14. Looking to buy 10g looking to buy 1g or more at a time pm Myself or @Rudie