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  1. AMazing stuff so exciting!! Will there be any measures in place to avoid folks from building fences/walls on/around the Holy sites in order to block others' access. ... .REALLY hope nobody would do that but you never know ...
  2. Please Close - all frags acquired.
  3. All statuette pieces bought I think - just need about 15 more drake frags!
  4. Thanks, please send over the 3 12/13 swordsman, and the loose swordsman and axeman pieces. Thanks! @Eleraan
  5. Hello, I am looking to purchase some arch fragments listed below - please message me here or ingame with what you have: I need 13 drake statue frags, metal not alloy - would LOVE a rare one!!! I also need 40+ statuette of the swordsman frags, and a few statuette of the axeman too (around 11 I think?) Paying 5c each, 10c max on drake frags, unless ofc its a rare drake frag . .. then we can haggle Thanks! Already bought some frags from Jothebard and Melissablueflame. .... who else can spare some?
  6. excellent! the only reason why those other screenshots were substitued, is because we wurmpedia folks failed to grab that screen capture while the skin was still active (you know, things happen). So we are very happy to have proper, matching skin pictures - and will get them uploaded shortly. Also, what a great tip for finding the skin pictures in our packs!
  7. Bump, 4speeds discounted and several 4-draft pairs ready to go! Can always message me to put in a private order, or ask about delivery!
  8. @VirusMD@Sidereal we are famous ^ scroll up!
  9. So very sorry to hear this Stormblade (and Jabirta , whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting). I hope and pray that each day you will hang in there and never give up hope, and that you be able to rebuild and return one day. Best wishes
  10. Aww ty so you can go to settings ingame and under Graphics tab - there is a Field of View slider - I have mine quite wide like 100 so I can get better Panorama shots And I sure was thankful for my multitasking skills this week - whew! was lovely to see you there!
  11. yep thats what im thinking, stream it as a tour, with a script - then could we download/save it to permanently stay on the thread?
  12. Some of my favorite moments/best screenshots: How regal do we look with our "pet dragon"? Presiding over the impalong as King and Queen (well only in our heads) with @VirusMD Chess match with @VirusMD(yes he destroyed me) narrated wonderfully by @Docterchese Virus surveying the traumatic damage-causing mobs in the Arena (thanks Vayu, Enki, Belisama, Tarissa, and Ferocity!!) An absolute best-day-ever kind of shot - not only because Fishslaps but because I was a Golden Birdcage and @Sidereal(Pun Queen!) was an ACTUAL witch hat Reddragon's cozy booze hut is always a crowd favorite!! Thanks @reddragon6450 Finally, a lovely shot of the Friendalong deed from above (complete with ticket-guards in the sea)
  13. Hmm should be pretty easy via twitch stream, as long as we could download/save/upload to forum. .... will give it some thought. @Josuhacalvert@Malenaseems easy enough. ... ? Any advice is welcome. ... I assume voice-over would have to be done during the livestream, rather than added after the fact.