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  1. Virusmd is your man for bulk sprouts order
  2. THank you for doing this - how exciting!!! Take your time - it will be amazing
  3. @DemonaNightshadeany update on us winners getting ingame silvers? . ..
  4. As the proud owner of one of the few black pearl necklaces in game, I will say that I love how rare they are. .. makes the gift that much more special (Ty @VirusMD) Also, while they have the generic medallion model when placed, they certainly have a unique model when worn!
  5. you did a fantastic job of restoring it, wow! I visited it a few years back and was sad to see it decaying . .. so very glad it has been shown some love again climbing to the top of the slate spire was a memory i wont soon forget - and now with Rockcliff Cathedral back on the map, we won't soon forget Tich either
  6. thank you so much Demona did not claim mine due to safety/personal info concerns. would be SO GRATEFUL for in game silvers!!
  7. Besides "Wurm Lord"ing, making sure people are getting regularly assaulted by seafood, and keeping Virus supplied with enough coffee and bubbly conversation to keep him from passing out. . . I will also happily help with imping in the following categories (will finally have 70-80 skill in them all, woot!): Blacksmithing Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Cloth Tailoring
  8. sounds good - waiting my turn . ... need to make a ton of paper!
  9. Bump! Ordered a high ql/high CoC cast iron lump for imping tools. .... It was done super fast and "overcast" what I asked for! [19:56:43] <Virusmd> [15:56:35] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [100] Can't get better service than that, folks!