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  1. Oh it was a beautiful impalong - lovely people and incredible deed! Not to mention how fabulous the games /events were - complete with charming hosts and staff (including myself?) Enjoy some pictures and commentary below - in case you missed it . . or even if you were there and want to relive memories Devoted priests, ever muttering sermons or begging for more favor: The massive Arena and the scene of so much bloodshed and death (aka impalong success) and just when you thought it was peaceful and pretty - ENKI would show up looking like the Grim Reaper: the Madness. . . But afterwards .. . you could escape with your pals and enjoy some more views and SO. MUCH. ALCOHOL on the roof of the inn cozy chats And if you got tired of that . . . you could take part in our crazy games! Rare prizes galore for the winners! Wurm Darts for instance . ... where suicidal lunatics throw themselves off to see if they will die. . . . who will brave THE TOWER ? Virusmd picks his victims Okay im dizzy just looking up And sometimes they fell right side up in Hero's pose And sometimes ... upside down and flailing and SOMETIMES even slid. .. .. BUT i assure you. .. they ALL went SMACK at the bottom! AND oh we can't forget what makes the annual Friend-A-Long truly unique ,. . .the Fish-SLapping duels!!! We usually start out tame. .. and then the fish gradually get Bigger . . and BIGGER . .. and More Ferocious and Ridiculous. .. Until everyone is completely drunk and we descend into Utter Madness like this It really was a blast and we hope you join us again next year
  2. From the 2020 Friend-a-long on Pristine that just ended
  3. I'll be there - goodness knows I need to grind more skills I can imp Carpentry, some Blacksmithing, some Fine carp, some Cloth Tailoring etc and of course, host the FABULOUS FISH-SLAPPING CONTESTS!! *unless im fired**
  4. Thank you Katspurr <3 It is truly unique and I love it so!
  5. Dear Malena/Katspurr , I noticed that on your most recent twitch stream of Wurm Roulette, you stumbled upon my cozy little mountaintop deed Loch Lomond! Your glowing review really warmed my heart - thank you , I am so glad you loved it! I wish I had been on when you were there! You are welcome to come back anytime I do have an inn I just wanted to introduce myself so you know who lives there I really love honoring and embracing the natural curves of the land when i build deeds, and since you loved Loch Lomond - I suggest you check out two others in south Pristine as well! Isle of Innisfree is located on the southern-most slender island (oriented W/E) - the deed is approximately in the middle of the upper (north-side) coast. I built this deed with my friend Sidereal and it is another very cozy, soul-soothing deed Additionally, on the south coast of mainland Pristine, there is a beautiful deed named Glengarry that you should definitely go see! My approach in Wurm is largely inspired by this deed. Let me know if you want more specific coordinates All best - Goldfinch
  6. Awesome!!! Yes the moons are incredible - and I can't wait for the sunlight rays ;D
  7. Need picture submissions of each non -freedom guard tower type please!! Remember, good lighting, no blue mouse-hovering outlines, and simple background if possible! If you submit a photo, please type in its kingdom type next to the picture. THANKS!
  8. Is that really a thing? Finishing our journal gives us a cape? or are you saying that sarcastically? we cant all wear a fully enchanted scale set .. . . ..and if the cape is real, are they all the same spawned item or any choice of color?
  9. GREAT! I hope Real Life allows me to be there - right now I think I should be able to Please sign me up to help imp : Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Cloth tailoring (up to 50), Blacksmithing, Masonry I will also donate wine (if you need more) and a few prize items. Also, can I PLEASE do the fish-slapping contests again?? K, thanks bye!
  10. Love this - may be interested in helping! where is this deed?
  11. The Quest!

    Snoo, did you check all the clue locations to be sure more of them havent been removed/ tampered with? Having trouble with finding clue 4 .. .
  12. Please foxes!!! +1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  13. Same problem again tonight hope we can get it fixed .... again. Wurm wont fully load - takes a good full 5-10 min for it to even load 75 %. forums and wurmpedia are also laggy. my internet is not the issue - checked that
  14. this happened in my inventory and it would seem also from sitting on a table on deed. My fishing net was placed on a table for two days and already took 6 damage