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  1. Is that really a thing? Finishing our journal gives us a cape? or are you saying that sarcastically? we cant all wear a fully enchanted scale set .. . . ..and if the cape is real, are they all the same spawned item or any choice of color?
  2. some of my shots
  3. GREAT! I hope Real Life allows me to be there - right now I think I should be able to Please sign me up to help imp : Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Cloth tailoring (up to 50), Blacksmithing, Masonry I will also donate wine (if you need more) and a few prize items. Also, can I PLEASE do the fish-slapping contests again?? K, thanks bye!
  4. Love this - may be interested in helping! where is this deed?
  5. The Quest!

    Snoo, did you check all the clue locations to be sure more of them havent been removed/ tampered with? Having trouble with finding clue 4 .. .
  6. Please foxes!!! +1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  7. Same problem again tonight hope we can get it fixed .... again. Wurm wont fully load - takes a good full 5-10 min for it to even load 75 %. forums and wurmpedia are also laggy. my internet is not the issue - checked that
  8. this happened in my inventory and it would seem also from sitting on a table on deed. My fishing net was placed on a table for two days and already took 6 damage
  9. Hi I hope this is the right place to post this - the last few days as I have been playing, when i log in everything seems fine, but after awhile some objects disappear? I can usually see them again when i relog. For example, the other day it was pots of dye on a table - my friend reassured me they were there, i just couldn't see them. Today, i had a bookshelf in my inventory and when i planted it (message in event confirmed it), I couldn't see it in front of me. Also, I had an issue where a friend rode up on his cart and then disembarked - and the cart instantly appeared (to me only) about 20-30 tiles away?! Very confused - not sure what is wrong and why it is selective to certain items and certain times with seemingly no warning or pattern. Thanks - Goldfinch
  10. The "placing" feature is not working for stone benches. When you try to place a flower or other small object on a stone bench, instead of the green or red silhouette showing up, the item does not appear to have any option to be placed here (such as when trying to place on an object that cannot receive items in this way). The silhouette either shows up under it on the ground or not at all. There is no error message.
  11. hmm. wogic. cant hurt to try placing mine on the ground then. But yes yours is much higher ql than mine
  12. I must say, as much as i love the new fishing updates, with the baits and floats and lovely new tackle box, I am quite disappointed in the rate of decay for items placed in the tackle box. Even keeping my tackle box in my inventory constantly, things inside such as bait and fishing lines etc are taking quick damage. Also, most of the baits and some of the floats can not even be stored in bulk storage containers, so there is no way to stock up these items. This forces players to go make new lines, find new bait / floats almost for every time they decide to go fishing. Yes this is realistic, but yes its also a big pain I would love to see the tackle box be fixed to greatly reduce decay on these items, and/or all baits and floats be storable in bulk or food storage bin as appropriate for their type.
  13. HAH i thought you were joking! OK updating the wiki