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  1. @Ayunathere are some inconsistencies with the ingame boards vs real chess boards that affects the gameplay. namely, the king and queen are switched (on the wrong squares) in Wurm, and we also do not currently have the ability to castle or en passant (look up these chess terms if you aren’t familiar). I hope they fix these things
  2. Hello fellow Wurmians, Virusmd and I had an idea ....and we are looking for YOUR input! We are both chess enthusiasts of a sort, and (as some of you may remember) Virusmd's Pristine Friendalong was the very first impalong to feature Chess! @Docterchesewill certainly remember Since the impalong, Virus and I have continued duking it out over a chessboard on a weekly basis. .. . which has been especially exciting of late, as I have finally honed my skills enough to challenge his level! And we had the thought that perhaps it would be an even better exercise to include other Wurmian chess players, to spread the fun around and challenge ourselves even more! SOOOOOOO - is there anyone out there who would be interested in a Wurm Chess Club?? (Anyone who at least knows the basics of chess could take part) If you are interested - would you be willing to travel to Pristine for a chess meet? Monthly? Bi-monthly? ** yes we eagerly hope for the chess boards to be "fixed" but for now we are making the best of it!**
  3. Sleep powders sold - masks/bricks and hatchet still available
  4. Will do, give me a few hours Update: [19:36:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to reach Polarbear in less than ten minutes.
  5. ALL POTIONS SOLD 10s for ALL Potion of Carpentry (or 1.5-2s each depending on ql) 20s for ALL Potion of Woodcutting (or 5-6s each depending on ql) 8s for ALL Potion of Armoursmith (or 2-3s each depending on ql) Sleep powders (1s each) - available for pickup at O21 Pristine Plague mask/witch hat/mask of deception - all 1s each OBO (one mask of deception SOLD) Minion Mask - 3s OBO Rare bricks - 1s each