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  2. malena - this is GORGEOUS!!!!!! is there any chance you take requests?!?! pm me if so please
  3. BUMP! i agree and the the skin itself (unapplied) should say what weapon/armor piece it is meant for, upon examining.
  4. HAHAHA! I was the one that left that there and now its gone! someone adopted it i guess
  5. Update: testing a few other scenarios before we can really call this a bug . . .. sorry to post prematurely
  6. *splutters . .* HOW? A MINI SKIRT?!!?
  7. Neenee thought maybe this was a bug . . . my horse is hungry but cannot eat hay from his saddlebag. (can only access it if i take it out and put it on the ground for him ) If this is by design, please let us know so the Wiki information is correct. Thanks
  8. im personally sorry to hear this - i thought you were doing an amazing job. Any idea what will become of that deed contest? (such a good idea btw!) When will we hear results?
  9. My dear my darling. . . . .I am feeling dangerously UNGOLDEN today as I see my stock of Gold dye dwindling rapidly! EEEEK! Please oh please mix me some luscious 250/238/6 or even 249/247/6 . . somewhere in there so i can feel safe again ill take 6 kg! Ty
  10. This visual bug occurs when backing away from someone wearing chain - as seen in the second photo below (first photo is "correct" for reference). Here is the bugged view from a few steps farther away