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Found 14 results

  1. Depending on who you speak to, Jackal was either a great start or not so much, but the lodestones that are left behind to remind us of that unique time in Wurm history are stuck in their locations for the most part. At this point, they are souvenirs and mementos. And a fun place to redeem rift points. Please let us take them with us if we move. Thank you.
  2. Rare Archaeology Statue of Jackal's Revenge 1 rare Jackal's Revenge fragment + 79 plain Jackal's Revenge fragments ready to complete! (Activate the rare fragment when combining with the plain fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Jackal's Revenge statue.)  Make a magnificent statue to grace any deed! Your rare statue will require restoration skill to combine and will glow when finished - I will provide instructions! It will use stonecutting skill to improve. A beautiful and rare Jackal's Revenge statue! - see below! (Screenshot from Wurmpedia / Oluffus) Make it your own! Fragments will be combined (apart from the final piece) and mailed COD to the winner (included free) or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance All the parts you need to create your rare Jackal - Have fun! Start Bid: 20s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection - 1 hour (last hour bids will extend the finish time of the auction by 1 hour after the last bid) Increment: Whatever! No Reserve Auction ended with buyout. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Good Luck!
  3. Is what we would like to read, specially on Northern Freedom/Defiance. What happened to this big extra content for wurm, does code club have any news they want to share with us about maybe a return of the jackal server :D? There are many new players from steam who never got the chance to experiance it and im sure they would be really interested in exploring those lands. On a diffrent note, I do like the idea of having the 3 main kingdoms (otherwise enemies on pvp) having to lay diffrences aside for a short event and fight together to defeat a common/larger enemy for a said time. Before we return to bashing the life out of each other
  4. WTS jackal skins 2,5s each All are original collected at historical first Jackal Moon Conquest - paid my blood and sweat, not from token shop! If you take care of the history of ur weapon ofc. Skins cannot be mailed so you have to come to Ravendream on Independence (O/P 17 ingame map, 34x45y Albia map) or meet at UDA bay of Crystal Lake ( N18 ingame map, 38x42y Albia map). However easiest option is to send me (Xagru) ur weapon by mail, I will apply skin and will send you back. Im usually online 10AM-10PM UTC.
  5. Throw a new dog a bone here? I'm not sure what irreversible issues may happen if I check out Epic (Elevation?) then return to Freedom. same question if I want to travel to Jackal, then travel back to Freedom. Also - If I'm in Epiq or Jackal, how do I get back to Freedom? Lastly - regarding Items - it is my understanding that NO items can transfer between these three clusters. (Just.. confirming). Id like to check out the play styles on these other servers, but I'd like to future proof myself from Rage-quitting Wurm. Thanks! And Cheers!
  6. I had the first Journal entry and needed to ride a cow and on Jackal i happen to see one so i hopped on, got the 1 hour sleep and Title, the latter of which also appear on Jackal, but not on Wurm. Is this intended? Should we make sure we get our Journals complete on Wurm or forever lose the titles?
  7. As suggested by the title. Wurmians might benefit from finally being able to craft and use large saddles, for Wetas on Jackal, at the moment Large Saddles can still be produced, but have absolutely no use at all, I propose we simply allow Wetas to be equipped with them, with a slot for saddlebags, and perhaps a bridle for leading as well. Why saddles? Well apart from being able to actually use Large Saddles, they could perform the same function as horse saddles, namely keep the animal in place when saddled, since wetas tend to just wander about when not being ridden, a minor annoyance when travelling, a major pain when on a corpse run, just having them stay put would be wonderful.
  8. My character Jahpeople attempted to use the epic portal constructed on Jackal server, knowing there had been issues I asked in CA Help, and then checked in Bug Reports, the bug report I found noted that it was fixed, so I decided to use the portal anyway, on the strength of that report. On porting to Epic I ended up exactly where I should have been, based on the last position I was in when I portalled back to Independence, However I was still Freedom Kingdom, and therefore Enemy and could not use the portal to return to Jackal. Following a Support Ticket, I was able to return to Jackal, but checking with the Lodestone on Jackal I returned to Serenity server, rather than Independence, no other choices were offered, I was once again an enemy, but could port back to Jackal, but once more, no choice of servers, and this is where I am now, I can portal between Jackal and Epic, from epic portal, or lodestone, but always transfer as Freedom Kingdom, and not JK. It appears that my character Jahpeople is now unable to cross back to Independence, from Jackal or Serenity.
  9. The next grand conjunction promises to be the best ever with the moons clustering very tightly in the Western sky before sunrise. It is 00:00:00 on day of the Wurm in week 1 of the starfall of Silence in the year of 1066. 00:52 Seris rises in the WNW 01:01 Valrei rises in the NW 01:47 Jackal rises in the WNW 04:50 Sol rises in the NW 09:35 The conjunction of Jackal and Valrei attains minimum separation of 7.8 degrees 13:21 The conjunction of Jackal and Seris attains minimum separation of 1.4 degrees 16:00 The conjunction of Jackal and Sol ends 16:17 Valrei sets in the SW 16:56 Seris sets in the SW 17:11 Jackal sets in the WSW 19:11 Sol sets in the SW
  10. Those interested in the Wurmian sky should make a note of an upcoming conjunction of all three of Wurm's large moons. Best viewing will be at about 20:00 on Wrath day, week 3 of the Raven; moons will be nicely grouped in the Eastern sky shortly after sunset at that time. But any time within a few (Wurm) days before and after best viewing the sky should still look interesting. This will occur more or less in the middle of Apple season so if you are out and about harvesting apples, get out from under the trees somewhere with a view of the Eastern horizon. According to my forecasting It is 20:00:00 on Wrath day in week 3 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1063. Jackal: alt=+17.7, azm=-92.3 Seris: alt=+32.2, azm=-74.0 Valrei: alt=+11.0, azm=-85.9 This event is probably as good as they ever get. Assuming of course that the new client retains the current moon positions if it is released in the interim. Last time I looked the test client showed the moons in different places than the production client. FYI the corresponding terrestrial time is approximately 2017-01-23T08:07:13.750-0600. So early afternoon for western Europe and morning for central USA.
  11. Those among us who care about things celestial will be treated to a grand conjunction of Wurm's three largest moons in the near future. For quite a while now I have been studying the motions of the moons to discover the principles of their motions. I now have sufficiently accurate estimates of the orbital planes to be able to predict their positions with reasonable accuracy. So I am pleased to be able to alert sky gazers of an interesting conjunction of the moons in the hours surrounding day of the Wurm in week 3 of the starfall of Dancers in the year 1061, which is coming up in less than one Terrestrial week! I put together a graphic showing more or less what to expect here on Google Drawings (sharing now enabled). In Wurm just like in real life all of the really interesting astronomical events happen when the weather is overcast. So I am making an additional prediction of rain or fog at the same time :-/
  12. Astronomers of the University of Wurm at Release have published their findings pertaining to the periods of the moons of Wurm. Full results can be found here, but in summary the periods are: Name Period (Wurm Days) Valrei 50 Seris 28 Jackal 80 I would like to hear about any other observations any of you have made.
  13. Hi Everyone, A full moon and Friday the 13th! The perfect day to unveil our new rifts. Along with a few other things. This weeks news is brought to you by Namekat Weather, forecasting "Blood rain showers with a touch of fog spiders". Save the date We've set a date for the release of Rifts, cave dwellings and the new client renderer! We'll be releasing these on the 24th of May, sometime during Swedish business hours. It's been a long time coming, and we're super keen to see how these go. PvP changes We're continuing to build our not-so-little list of PvP changes, as well as taking feedback on the existing ones. We'll be doing a quick survey over this week before implementing the ability to change paths for those of you who desire it. With the new systems coming up actual PvP updates may be short over the next few weeks, but then we'll be hitting it hard. Jackal Rising... Invasions! What are rifts? Rifts are the new invasion event for Wurm, Heralded by a shining red light in the sky, they consist of waves of creatures with increasing difficulty ending in a fight against a bosslike enemy. Each wave requires the sacrifice of hearts butchered from the mobs to summon the next wave, starting out with jackals and rift beasts, all the way up to the huge rift warmaster. These creatures can and do come with various conditions, so expect to see a few champions! How many new creatures? Of course, this would not be the same without waves of terrifying and damned creatures! The minions of Jackal arrive in force, with the following types Rift beasts: Dog like beasts of war Rift Jackals: The masses of Jackal, tough, hard hitting, their hearts must be sacrificed to open the Rifts and bring on the next waves Rift Caster: Magic wielding foes that aim to set you on fire from afar! Rift Summoners: Summons more Rift beasts and other creatures to aid them in their fights Ogre: Huge behemoths that dominate the field, don’t expect to take these on solo! Ogre Mage: Physically dominating and able to set you on fire, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Rift Warmaster: The driving force behind the dark energy within the rifts, summon and defeat all three waves to bring forth this tyrant! What rewards are possible? Each creature killed has a small chance of dropping loot directly into the killers inventory, as the difficulty increases with each wave, the strength of the loot does too! The rewards can consist of: Shoulder armour: Over a dozen different types of shoulder armours, each piece providing different bonuses to types of armour, and defences against types of attacks Rings, bracelets and necklaces, granting individual bonuses and some allowing gems to be socketed, granting extra bonuses depending on which gem you use! That’s not all though, once a rift is closed, participants will also have the chance to receive metal lumps, including Seryll, Adamantine, and Glimmersteel! The more you input, the greater the chance of it being rare or better too. Rifts will also be a Wurm Online ONLY release. They will not come to Wurm Unlimited Not to be overshadowed (hah, shadows) is the new client renderer! While mostly behind the scenes updates, this new renderer will provide much smoother shadows (as showcased last week) will improve how buildings render, and also lighting! There are a few tweaks still going, and as of writing this, white dyed items do not show white (but black is SUPER black). Pictured below is 99ql, 75ql, and 50ql black sailboats! It also opens up the door for all the graphics stuff we’ve discussed in the past, such as returning wood colours via shaders, and various other nifty little things! Testing time! The even better news is, both of these will be undergoing a public test this weekend! The planned time is for Sunday, 4pm (UTC+2) and will include both the new client AND Rifts. We’ll have some feedback surveys for you all to take part in after, so make sure you come check it out! The planned rift test will likely be delayed to early in the week instead of later today, as Retrograde has run into some problems with his computer. We'll have another post later on with the new testing time. Community Content To fit in with this weeks theme, I've stolen a picture from the screenshots thread. Unfortunately it's not a house on Xanadu, but it is of a castle on Release! With the full moon of Jackal hanging ominously in the background. that's it for this week, we'll be sharing more info on rifts as the days go on, as well as other things coming live in the big update (we still have a few more surprises!) but that's it for now! Until then, enjoy! Retrograde and the Wurm team.