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  1. Thanks for the wonderful animals Olaf.
  2. Thank you for the communication. Looking forward to the AH tweaks.
  3. Thank you again for fast, excellent, and fair value service.
  4. According to the Wiki this already exists somewhat, examining it gives you a message, and that message changes depending on a range of value for favor.
  5. Greetings, Thank you for the last dye order, I was quite pleased. I have sent you a PM with another request. Of the other dyes used, here is how the cedarwood sailboat turned out with Deep Blue Sea on and Powder Blue (IIRC) on the Sail. The purple hue was not the expectation, but I actually like how it turned out better than what I had in mind. The pictures make it look a bit dark, in good bright light it is a bit more vibrant, I named her the Violet Seas. Violet Seas
  6. This would also allow for showing off skinned items or tools not currently in the active hand slot, like this months blacksmith hammer skin.
  7. Mail to Huser, please. Thanks.
  8. This would be another opportunity to add color and variety I like it.
  9. I was just saying this about crocodiles, anacondas and the like as a way to expand character armor/deco in the leather categories.
  10. It would be nice to be able to put out certain things as decoration and not have them decay so quickly, however if they decayed too slowly they could become a nuisance perhaps a middle ground.
  11. My concern is it could be possible to deed or fence around a fixed location, allowing for certain individuals or groups to try and control access to said materials. Even if it was an island they could raise dirt up around it. As A Different Perspective What if there was another very small map zone to travel to that only contained rift spawns at certain intervals. But could not be permanently inhabited or built upon, with a pre designed safe area the mobs would not enter, maybe separated by a bridge.
  12. Can Disintegrate do this, Mag priests? I know they can explode a rock tile, not sure about a vein.
  13. I am certain Glassmaking has been mentioned before, yet another useful example.