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  1. Little more than a day to go, thank you for your bids.
  2. 2 Days Remaining, thank you for your interest.
  3. Now with Moar Ponehs than ever.
  4. We have 1s, any counters? Thank you.
  5. 4 Days remaining if you are interested.
  6. Here for Auction we have Windclip, a White Male Horse with the Immortal trait. Available for Coastal Pickup on Xan or Coastal delivery on an SFI PVE server. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  7. This is Hazelnut, on a chestnut small bedside table next to a walnut wardrobe, with an orangewood canopy bed post to the left and a pinewood chest to the far right. Behind is a plain stone wall and a typical wood floor below.
  8. Bio

    Does one create these themselves? I have played for many years, and have no presence on the wiki. Yeah it could get messy lol
  9. The creatures pack the tile they are on, resulting in having to move them or if left long enough they starve and die. Alternatively remove tile packing from creatures with stationary might be an alternative, like removing\reducing crowding disease from hitched animals. That being said I consider it a negative trait and retire them, so I am in favor of this suggestion.
  10. I know you scratched this off already Dale, but I can confirm from deep pain that there are indeed "Three" Kravit 82 towers, I made a bug post and a /support, and though Belisama confirmed the third did exist she of course could not give me any clues. So I continued my search and eventually found the darn thing of course on the tippity top of a mountain. Also, I see you apologizing a few times in this thread, you do a lot of volunteer work for the community so I personally feel no apology needed, thank you.
  11. I am curious how this shiny effect would be visually different from the rare, supreme, fantastic, glow often referred to as shiny. Are we thinking a glossier texture that is a little less flat\grey? The idea has appeal I am just thinking about implementation. I also like the mention of oils, perhaps oils and the original bees wax concept both could be used, depending on the objects. Assuming it can be implemented.
  12. Should ship speed be measured and displayed in knots then?