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  1. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    I met Tich by chance in my very early days as a Wurmian on Independence when it was the only PVE map, Tich spoke with me just like any other everyday player. It was only later I'd learned that Tich was a superstar who had made the very highway I had used to reach the South East area of Independence. It was quite a humble experience. Rest in Peace.
  2. I’m guessing this will get moved to WTA. Once you set a starting asking price and a time frame. Sad to see you go but I understand life happens (to some).
  3. WTB 1G (Paypal Verified) 1s/1e [Close Please]

    Transaction concluded successfully and as promised.
  4. WTB 1G (Paypal Verified) 1s/1e [Close Please]

    Hey accwin, PM me here please, in 5 hours I may be in or out for the kids school bus. But between 5-7 hours from now I should still be home and available.
  5. Greetings, I am looking to buy 1 Gold in in game currency via paypal, willing to pay 1eu/1s or apx 1.23usd/1s. I am paypal verified and a an established player and forum user with many successful and problem free past purchases. Thank you.
  6. Premium Reward System

    +1 for no more yellow potions.
  7. Lost, suspected stolen - two jets

    Summerholt area
  8. Lost, suspected stolen - two jets

    I've looked all around the area near my deed no sign of them.. but I will keep my eyes open.
  9. Rift materials up for auction!

  10. My Error. On the adjacent tile was the end of the catseye line, I did not realize it would reach two tiles away.
  11. I was able to destroy 6 out of 7 completed sections to reveal just the wooden plan but the last 7th section has no destroy option. I can rename it, but not destroy it. This is on a deed This is between a dirt tile and a sand tile, with adjacent clay tiles. It is 1 tile wide. Made of stone\brick. I was using a small maul. I tried other tiles and angles, on land, in water, on the bridge. I tried alternate accounts, I tried logging off and back on. I wished to destroy it and rebuild it 2 tiles wide. I was told to put the information here by a CM. Silden - 23/24H on Xanadu, Near Summerholt, on the South West corner of the lake.
  12. Ermintrude and Emmanuel
  13. White Dragon Hatchling -- Sat. Nov. 14

    I shall attempt to attend, assuming RL does not interfere. 70.17 in fighting 47 in long sword 86 ql rare long sword I have High ql Studded w/aosp or high ql plate not enchanted. Out of curiosity how long can these fights take on average? Charachter Name: Huser
  14. Take care xanadu

    Cheers Elwood.. see you when you come back o/
  15. Fountain Backpacks [Merged]

    I don't own one so ultimately I will not be impacted either way which makes my opinion mute. Although 600 seems like a lot I would have thought the number much smaller. Pretty sure the EULA makes no promises to anything in the game so the fact they are even discussing \ negotiating the change is generous. Again just my .02 opinion.