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  1. I am no developer, and I may be dreaming, but perhaps one possible solution to your response is. The cabin could be a hidden or invisible bottom floor/level of the ship linked to the Ships location like a house floor and it would be like going up/down a ladder in a house. The cabin's location would be tied to the ships location and follow it around, a 1x1, 1x2 or 2x3 windowless wooden walled cabin (house). Hidden from view unless inside of it.
  2. Using something like the mine and bridge transitions. Accessible from a top deck clickable hatch within reach of the drivers seat. That leads to a pre-fab enclosed 1-2 or 2-3 tile cabin accessible from the larger ships. Inside of which are pre-placed unfinished items or slots where a captain could build additions like a captains bed for sleep bonus, a small altar for faith, a mini stove for small scale cooking and smithing, a garden rack for veggies, fish storage etc. Turning ships into a mobile living space, if deed profitability loss is a concern place a reasonably small upkeep on the instance cabin.
  3. I just tunneled open a new cave entrance, and the floor is grass like. If it is pertinent, there was a cave here I collapsed it (days ago), reshaped the outside and re-opened it just a moment ago using tunnel. I put in an in game support as well just in case #431938, this is after receiving today's update to my client. Edit: A GM noted it and fixed it.
  4. Great service, fast, clear instructions, efficient setup. Would recommend.
  5. Quick service, provided high quality white dye for my lamps as requested, would buy again.
  6. Thank you I have purchased 2, 4, 11, and 16. fyi.
  7. ShadowsKin upheld his end of an agreement to do some work for me at an agreeable price.
  8. This was my concern as well, there are lengthy conversations about the other three letter changes. However, back when I started Freedom was the only PVE map, with an active and vibrant community and it is my opinion that every additional server only further spread out the long term community. No matter how long they wait to merge them, if they merge them or not the veterans will always have the edge of past time on their side over the new player be they today's or next years, a reality of every online multiplayer game. It is my opinion that people buy games on steam for the flavor of the month looking for instant gratification and eventually move on to the next one. Few gamers have the time, resources and dedication to commit to a subscription based game with added maintenance costs and the long term time investment (grind) that is Wurm. Unless they make drastic changes to the maintenance costs and time to level skills, I am of the opinion this steam experiment will flame out and we will have more maps and a thinner player base.
  9. I met Tich by chance in my very early days as a Wurmian on Independence when it was the only PVE map, Tich spoke with me just like any other everyday player. It was only later I'd learned that Tich was a superstar who had made the very highway I had used to reach the South East area of Independence. It was quite a humble experience. Rest in Peace.
  10. I’m guessing this will get moved to WTA. Once you set a starting asking price and a time frame. Sad to see you go but I understand life happens (to some).
  11. Transaction concluded successfully and as promised.
  12. Hey accwin, PM me here please, in 5 hours I may be in or out for the kids school bus. But between 5-7 hours from now I should still be home and available.
  13. Greetings, I am looking to buy 1 Gold in in game currency via paypal, willing to pay 1eu/1s or apx 1.23usd/1s. I am paypal verified and a an established player and forum user with many successful and problem free past purchases. Thank you.
  14. +1 for no more yellow potions.