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  1. Lake naming

    As Dalethegood who maintains the community map currently (which we are so grateful for) mentioned, over time some may have contended the names and so to maintain the peace they may remain publicly nameless. Alternatively, no one may have officially asked it to have a label placed.
  2. Rift May 9th

    Thanks everyone that attended!
  3. Rift May 9th

    The spot where I camped out has a Spirit House, a Mag, Fo, Vyn, and Lib wooden altar. Thanks Blaike for the Vyn and Xxbouzyxx for the Lib.
  4. Rift May 9th

    The rift zone has been cleared of trees, the Willows made it easier. I have cut a small trail below the North side in case someone needs to get back uphill. This view is from the South West corner This view is from the South East corner This view is from the North East corner (King of the hill?) This view is from the North West corner (To the left of the packed edge is the small trail back up I prepared)
  5. Rift May 9th

    For the rift that spawned today and begins on may 9th, it is located in I17 South East of Venus Sea Lodge. It can be reached by docking SW of Venus, then going up the zig zag road that is in the remains south of Venus Sea Lodge. I've made a packed dirt road where some overgrown road tiles were and packed a little bit more of wild area. The zone is not great, the north side is a steep hill down, the west side is a moderate hill down, the south is relatively flat and then hits a rock face upwards. I have not explored the east side yet. Not sure what participation will be like at 4:30pm EST, 8:30pm GMT. Packing what used to be a road I am guessing. A little zig zag to the east and then a short climb up. A little angular across a hill ridge From here I can pack no further Cresting the hill you are almost on top of the rift. Looking south.
  6. WTB Unfinished JK Tower, with pickup on a SFI PVE server.
  7. Thanks for the wonderful animals Olaf.
  8. Thank you for the communication. Looking forward to the AH tweaks.
  9. According to the Wiki this already exists somewhat, examining it gives you a message, and that message changes depending on a range of value for favor.
  10. Greetings, Thank you for the last dye order, I was quite pleased. I have sent you a PM with another request. Of the other dyes used, here is how the cedarwood sailboat turned out with Deep Blue Sea on and Powder Blue (IIRC) on the Sail. The purple hue was not the expectation, but I actually like how it turned out better than what I had in mind. The pictures make it look a bit dark, in good bright light it is a bit more vibrant, I named her the Violet Seas. Violet Seas
  11. This would also allow for showing off skinned items or tools not currently in the active hand slot, like this months blacksmith hammer skin.