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  1. As they say in the famous movie : https://www.moviefanatic.com/quotes/the-entire-british-empire-was-built-on-cups-of-tea-and-if-you-t/ Tea also provides some caffeine bonus in the game. I sell small barrels of tea for a low price: 70+ ql tea is 5c per small barrel. 80+ ql tea is 10c per small barrel. I can deliver to any coastal location for free for orders above 1s.
  2. Rare small dirty casket, 97ql server: Xanadu Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: no Buyout: 50 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: for buyout only
  3. Thanks a lot Asciana for traveling 1000 tiles (and back) for bringing the forge to me when I was stuck at the canal entrance ! Will bid again on your auctions
  4. please delete
  5. please delete
  6. Ordered my first Claymaker yesterday. Quick delivery, very clear and precise information, works perfectly. Thank you very much
  7. Buyout received as private message. Auction is over. Thank you.
  8. Rare small dirty casket, 98ql server: Xanadu Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 50 c Reserve: no Buyout: 25 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: for buyout only Buyout offer received, auction is over
  9. I'd like to buy a few k of grapes. Please contact me if you have some for sale. Thanks !
  10. Please send me : pickaxe steel 89 coc shovel steel 89 coc Thanks