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  1. This treasure clue update just makes me think of treasure trails from runescape.
  2. I am going to echo the words of Valdor, Batolemaeus, Pandylynn and others who live on cele. I've lived, explored and been all over cele. The rocklayer is at best low short of the mountains and a few key places, Deeds are all over the lines you've drawn and the people of Cele don't want or need another system that we wont use. Start small, work on fixing the highway system, improve that and ask those on Cele if they need connections or want more before such an ambitious and extreme project.
  3. So the issue I can see this season is I didn't have my trellis' secured, which is likely why they didn't produce anything however. Last season and the one before I had 10 to a tile placed in rows and each was secured tho as mentioned above it's 4 to a tile and they unsecure themselves if you try to secure a 5th. All the trellis' were harvestable then for me in that situation, which is likely a bug in and of itself but I have people in GL talking about how secured trellis' are not being harvestable and unsecured ones were. I do know they changed something in how trellis' work code-wise recently because when I attempted to secure my trellis' this season it actually stopped me from being able to secure a 5th on a tile. It's speculation on my part but I suspect when we had the update that modified how many items could exist on a given tile, trellis' were edited as well and something broke, so it got 'fixed' and why trellis' are acting weirdly this season.
  4. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying why were all my trellis's harvestable last season when I had 10 to a tile, most of which were not secured/planted? As a note, when i tried to plant a 5th trellis this season in a tile it gave me a note in events and wouldn't let me secure the trellis.
  5. I'm sure you're right and that may have something to do with it, but it's still buggy behavior for trellis' and if they need to be secured to work they shouldn't ever be harvestable if they're not, which is not what happens. Last season I had about 100 on 10 tiles and they were all harvestable. As you say the game doesn't allow more than 4 per tile to be planted therefore it shouldn't have had any harvestable without them being planted if the wiki is accurate. The season before I had the same issue as this season. Edit: You know, thinking about it, the Devs did change the code on how many of an item can be in a tile for certain items of a kind between the last season I harvested my hops and this season.
  6. I had a good portion of my trellis' unsecured/not planted last harvest season and they worked correctly, that shouldn't be the only reason.
  7. So, I've got almost 100 hops trellis' It's a (wurm time week) week into hops season and my trellis' have been on the ground for almost a (actual time) month now in varying ages. I'm the only one who should have the perms or access to harvest them and they are all showing as having been picked. I have asked around and several other players are having this issue with some or all of their trellis' not being harvestable. Is this a bug, is there a reason for this?
  8. Sad News

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Chaosmeow, but I send deepest condolences to her friends, and family.
  9. Spacy, your HLL thread has been linked to out website for market view. Sugar's Pottery Shoppe has also been linked to the thread. Thanks for supporting our marketplace, I've made some updates to our thread and now everything will be linked or sorted through our homepage.
  10. Thank you for visiting our Market thread, We have updated our thread with a notice for a special market day event coming march 12th and 13th (sat and sunday) where we invite our friends, fellow merchants and our patrons to visit us. Where our merchants and those who wish to join in to offer their services for the two day event live.
  11. Congratulations Shydow!!!
  12. It shouldn't have taken 4 months to fix it, when your customers tell you a system isn't working you get on that and fix it before you let it get abused to the point it was.
  13. They're not going to benefit from it either because people have to make the coffee for them to use and they dont wanna spend money on it so there is no market for it so they might get half decent coffee eventually but this is the deathknell for a potentially great feature.
  14. Now that caffeine buff works as it's supposed too on crossing server borders can we get the same fix applied to all kinds of food buffs so they actually work correctly?
  15. I just don't understand why you keep asking for feedback if you're going to ignore us for the most part. What's the purpose other than to aggravate the community?