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  1. Edgewater Market on deli seems to have become abandoned with only 2 merchants in it at the moment.
  2. I can come pick it up if you're willing to do that price. I'm water accessible on celebration.
  3. Item bought, please close.
  4. That is true it takes the one sleeve spot but i figure for the right person it'll be worth it. It is a supreme with a high cast and vs rift monsters or lava creatures it would provide a fire defense which does the same job as armor would in preventing some of that damage. If you matched it with rings of fire protection it would work even better.
  5. I am looking to sell my supreme bracelet, gold 54.03ql cast with fire protection 97 Looking for offers, PM or post here thanks.
  6. So here we see my mallet. I was unable to place it in that side of the table inside my house unless i had my table this far off the wall. when it was outside I had no issue placing it on the table from the same position but when it gets next to the wall I am not able too. When I rotate the table so this corner is on the other side i cannot place it while it's next to the wall but I can place items in that newly rotated corner that i wasn't able too. I seem to have the same issue with shelves while inside a building. I get no placement issues what-so-ever next to walls if the item be it shelf or table is outside even if it's right up next to a wall. It doesn't seem like it's an issue with the model itself but more with the collision area of certain models being inside a building. I hope i put this in the correct spot otherwise I sincerely apologize. Blacklotus~
  7. How much you asking for the Seryll lump?
  8. When pulling a small cart, large cart or ship transporter all of these seem to be bugged out badly. They visually show being in the wrong place but work as if they're in the correct place it's wonky at best. The only thing that i noticed did work correctly is a large cart being pulled by horses.
  9. I'm interested in buying a 50ql Seryll Pendulum. Please message Blacklotus ingame or post here. Thanks
  10. I was trying to decorate the third floor of my house, and I had put an empty shelf down and secured it, only to recieve the message: [21:57:50] You cannot reach that spot to place the backpack. Try as I might I cannot seem to place any items on one side of the shelf. Trying a bit later on the ground floor of this same house i get the message again, though this time i was able to fix it by pull the the shelf away from the wall a bit. It doesn't seem quite intelligent that i can reach one side of the shelf but not the other, and that pulling the shelf away from the wall ever so slightly should fix it... Thanks.
  11. Aye the main difference is that it'd be a different item, and be untradable and has to be in inventory so it has to be used by the person who recieved it. It'd just be easier on folks who either don't have enough room in their sleep bonus pool or just like having the option of when to use this boon from the devs.
  12. All i'm saying is that it's still an inconvinence for me just like you, and at the end of the day If i have not used it or if maybe i didn't login until tomorrow i didn't know and wasn't able to use it in time i'd not get it. I just thought it'd be easier on folks like me who do have a life and cant always use their sleep bonus as much as we might like.
  13. I really wish we got something akin to sleep powder for the sleep bonus instead, like i've got 10 hrs already and it'd be awesome if we just got like 'golden' sleep powder that was untradable, undroppable but worked to give the 5h bonus. Just sayin.
  14. OK I can login to indy on another character same pc but cant connect to celebration.