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  1. I know the wiki says the protractor is the basis for the creation chance but what quality was your sight when trying to make it because something doesn't seem right to me. Update: Upon trying to make a Dioptra using a 24ql Protractor and a 24ql Sight I had a success chance of 38%, when I improved the Protractor to 50ql doubling it, the success chance with the 24ql Sight was still 38% and hadn't changed. So, I increased the quality of the Sight instead, with a 30ql Sight, and the previously improved 50ql Protractor my success chance is 43%. At 50Ql Sight my creation chance became 54%. I will go ahead and update the wiki. Thank you!
  2. I could really see jewelry take a turn by having the base item Tiara, and then have another item using this as it's start called Jeweled Tiara, Diamond. I could see this be a variant with all the different kinds of rings and pieces of jewelry where gemstones could be cut and set into them for added effect. +1 from me.
  3. +1 to this. I could see a rowboat in a ship that can take a small cart. I could see a sailboat in a larger ship that can take a large cart or a wagon. It just makes sense.
  4. Since nobody else will say it, let me. You're better off finding a game that appreciates your badly thought out suggestions to drive away their business. Wurm isn't about money moving through the economy. If i want something I make it, you don't like that don't play.
  5. Darmok I understand what you're saying but let me ask you this since you glossed over my question before. How exactly do you think making armor destructible is going to fix any of the issues you brought up. How exactly do you think making one of the more time consuming and expensive items in the game is going to fix an issue of them making more money than other people? Most of the suggestions made here just lump on more issues than any of this solves.
  6. I will point out that wurm had one Dev for a long time, plenty of unpaid help, and has changed hands now at least once. Oh and Notch, can't forget that he was a dev here too so maybe theres a reason it's lasted 18 years. I don't think having a moderator specifically for suggestions would benefit anyone, it just doesn't help we have a few very suggestive members of our community that don't understand how the game works and will suggest anything that crosses their mind be it useful or not.
  7. Sounds like it might have gotten moved to client bugs. Have you considered using the hotkeys for the toolbelt 1-0. it won't fix the problem but it might help if your toolbelt isn't aligned correctly.
  8. This is wurm, it's fantasy and it doesn't need the problems of other MMO's you have played. Everything in this world is made by us for better or for worse, it will continue to be made by us. What value is it to me as a consumer to have my armor be locked and unrepairable when I know it should be. What value is it to me as an armor smith to seal or lock a piece of armor so it cant be repaired. What kind of relationship would that create between myself and my customer who now has the option to make their own repairable armor and kill my business or have me leave it unsealed and continues coming to me for repairs or new pieces. How is this change going to make the game more fun for me, the consumer of it? I make things in real life just like I do in wurm. I can repair those things I made, I can make and repair armor, anyone who has the skill to do so can do that much so why to you does this suggestion make sense to you? Why should it matter to you that Locath wants Dragon armor, and is willing or able to spend out whatever financial resources they want to in order to get it, how does this affect you? Lets put this to terms you can understand, economic: Locath wants to buy dragon armor, So they spend their real money into the wurm machine to buy silver. Or they have a skill they sell to make silver which is bought by other players. Locath gets their dragon armor and they looks fabulous. Wurm Dev's get a paycheck, and the server keeps running because Locath spent their hard earned financial resources on the game in one respect or another. The next player who received that money uses it to buy premium time through the token or spends it on their deed. That money goes poof and somebody has to buy more from the wurm machine so the cycle continues. Everyone involved got something, which is how economics works. You want to fix something broken, you need to have a base of knowledge of how things in the game your making suggestions for work, the comments in this thread and many of your other threads clearly show you have very little experience playing the game or at the very least don't understand the mechanics. I don't want to stop seeing your suggestions, I want to see them made from a place of knowledge.
  9. one recipe I found on a quick google search... seriously there’s a lot of kinds of pumpkin beer and it’s weird but to each their own. Can’t speak for the flavor but why not. That being said, this is only using what wurm already is coded for. It’s just new recipes that could be added in. I really wish the hidden item tags remembered more to help with recipe complexity but that system has needed a fix for a while.
  10. I would be entirely happy if a moi simply gave the skill tick for sure. Think of it as the last peg added to a skill to move you from 99.999 to 100 even a failure you should learn something from it. Doesn’t need to be multiplied but may cut off months of tedious grind that’s entirely unnecessary
  11. I believe you can do this already if the way stone is on deed.
  12. Darnok how much or how long have you played WO? I’ve been around since before boats and I’ve seen a lot of big and small changes to the game. I’ve seen people flock to the game and leave just as quickly because wurm online isn’t the kind of game that gives instant gratification. It’s not that it’s bad or that it couldn’t use some change but your suggestions here are just not thought through well enough and show a lack of understanding. Personally I would love for gems to have a practical application for crafting but you didn’t suggest a practical application you suggested the same things runes already basically do. Your ideas are not awful but they’re a quick fix to a broken system that honestly the bugs need to be fixed before more content is added. There are skills based on literally one item and do absolutely nothing useful like yo-yo I will say this. If your dissatisfied with how it works do as some of the other commenters say, do the work and build your own WU mods to show proof of concept then come back and help fix it from a place of understanding but if you can’t even do that then you may want to find another game. It’s likely not going to change enough to satisfy you based on what you want.
  13. Surprisingly when I was researching beer in real life pumpkin is an actual ingredient lol. as for bitter it is in the game sour is the only one and it’s only a difference in name. as for the affinity calculations they need to be fixed anyway and code wouldn’t really have to change that much it already does most of it.
  14. So in the process of making alcohol in real life most beer comes from a process called Malting which ferments grains before being used to make beer. What I suggest is that Wurm take up this process in addition to it's current recipes and here is how it might work: You would add in the item to be malted. Common ingredients to be malted would include: Barley, Rye, Oat, Wheat Pumpkin, Corn, Potato, Rice Any Starchy Veggie. Depending on the ingredient it could be treated in one of several ways to produce one of three new kinds of malt, for our examples we'll use grain but that could be replaced by any of the items listed above. Base malt. - Would appear as 'Grain, base malt' - Made by using normal ingredients as themselves. Fermented in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 with water for about 3 ingame days. Caramel Malt - 'Grain, Caramel Malt' These Malts are created by the same process as above but also including sugar in the barrel. Crystal Malt - 'Grain, Crystal Malt' Crystal Malts are created in a similar process as above, These are roasted wet with a 2 - 1 ratio of malt to water before being sealed in a barrel to ferment. Toasted Malt - 'Grain, Toasted Malt' Using unfermented malt in a baking stone to 'dry' them before fermenting them in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. Roasted Malt - 'Grain, Roasted Malt' Made by first roasting the unfermented malts in a roasting dish dry then fermenting in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. The process to make one of these unfermented malts would be as follows: Player would activate press or fruit press and 'crush' the item to be malted. This powder or Unfermented Malt would be used in the next step of the brewing process. Once malted, you would begin the process of making beer. First by mashing your chosen Malt, then boiling it with sugar and water to create the intermediary type of alcohol to be fermented in the normal way. Assuming we only use the 8 directly listed ingredients, and each malt could be made from any of those ingredients it gives a possibility for about 800 different affinity possibilities using the 20 known kinds of wood scrap. - This is if we assume only the existing system. I would suggest that beverages be slightly different. It's all about brewing after all. My system is as follows. There would be 8 new recipes, Lager, Ale, Stout, Porter, Pilsner, Bitter, Beer and Sour. The ingredients chosen from among the malts, would look something like this: Cooker: Oven Container: Cauldron, Sauce Pan Must have: Malt (any of the malt types) (one or more) Sugar (one or more) Herb ( Exactly one ) (this would determine which recipe is produced.) Optional (zero or one) Fruit (zero or one) Berry (zero or one) (This would give an added affinity list possibility but is not necessary) Finally, when the recipe has 'cooked' into it's unfermented alcohol, it's color will be determined based on which malt had the most influence on it. So you could get: Pale, black, brown, blonde, golden, clear... (for example) It would need to be sealed in a barrel for 3-5 days with a woodscrap. I really wish the booze remembered the ingredients through fermenting to the affinity wasn't tied to the woodscrap used but there are so many possibilities. Why this suggestion? The problem with the current beverages alcohol system is that the final product lacks any complexity in it's recipes with the exception of moonshine. The end result is that no matter how good or bad you may be at the skill, you're limited to how useful the beverage is because the timers just don't go above 1-2 hours maximum. I feel this is a way to begin fixing that problem by adding in complexity to the recipes without needing to rework the entire system. Please, give me your honest thoughts and opinions towards this idea. What do you like, what doesn't make sense, what seems broken. Would you start doing beverages skill if it was implemented? Thanks for reading.
  15. I have noticed this bug as well with the quality of the alcohol going down due to fermentation. I have also noticed it when distilling spirits in stills. If it helps I have a complete list of all affinities from all known alcohols (from each woodtype including the archeology wood types) (fermented and distilled) There are about 28 or so affinities that are not possible to get depending on your affinity modifier. I didn't include unfermented moonshine or tea as those seem to work as 'intended' from my investigation 90+ql alcohol which is a heckin pain in the butt to make if you don't have the skill for it only gives about an 1-2 hours affinity timers I have not seen how long beer or ale gives at that skill since I cant make it 90ql, but I did manage to make a very complex unfermented moonshine, the timer seemed to translate over when I fermented a barrel and distilled it but the affinity was still the one it always has so that seems like a pretty big bug as well. I will be honest, I really wish our Dev team would make some changes to beverages because the cooking system isn't doing it justice. Maybe a more indepth look at how beverages are made in real life because theres so many ways to actually make each of the different kinds of alcohol, and each way produces variations. We don't even have a malting process or wooden tankards for our brews.