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  1. Awesome thank you. I got to it when I saw this in CA. Thanks that's a good catch!
  2. Lets not forget rare coffee cherries (gardening from herb planter), rare coffee beans (beverages from being roasted), (neither of which transfers rarity to their next point of use) rare cacao pods (gardening from herb planter) theres so so many.
  3. I've updated a few more merchants, a new merchant of the week will be coming on monday but I'm a bit behind because i've been dealing with illness so things may progress slowly for the next couple weeks.
  4. Then you should know by experience without having to be told that every time rolf tried to fix the whole game into 'pvp' it lost players, when he tried to 'fix' population and migrated the whole population to a brand new world it ended badly for our playerbase because rolf didn't ever ask what the players wanted he just did and thats why those options you're suggestion don't work. It will end very badly and seeing as you've been around then you ought to already know that. What wurm needs is advertising, idk about you but i've never seen any advertisements for wurm anywhere, have you?
  5. You didn't play 13 years ago when rolf was around so lets be clear, that option, any of those options is not acceptable. You wanna see wurm die, do that by all means but I wont be one of the players on the new map. I like where I am and what I have. I've played for years and theres plenty of players who came after me who have far surpassed me so don't think for a moment that new players don't have a competitive advantage.
  6. I think that would depend on the skill of the person planning it honestly. I wouldn't say 280 as a wall simply because that point it's sheer cliff already lol
  7. So I suggest giving us the ability to build a retaining wall. The idea is that it would be planned similar to how bridges are planned on flat or mostly flat tiles with one player at each opposite corner affecting the tile border between them. x00000 00000x then once the wall is planned and built, dirt or rock (or as a way of raising rock itself using concrete) could be added to either side of the wall to raise that tile without raising the other side of the tile border. It would have a ql and could be repaired/imped as normal. If the ql of the wall falls below 10ql the wall will not allow a player to raise the tile on either side. If it falls apart then the dirt or rock would equalize the difference between the tiles as if dirt were dropped and have it roll down hill until it no longer could, for example if a building was in the way. Maximum height could be based on the skill of the one planning it, same for the length of the wall. Shorter walls could be longer for instance.
  8. Would be nice if swimming (land based) animals like horses and donkeys and bears naturally gravitated towards land instead of swimming or at least go towards land if they're left at sea.
  9. weee, this is good timing As a thought will the type of stone matter for what a given forge/oven/smelter/kiln be useful for since they are based off metals instead of how wood works i'd assume there may be some difference between stone types?
  10. For me the real question to you @Keenanis this, why are you trying to design a mechanic that is solely focused on casual players? I say this will all due respect but that's just bad design. If you only wanted a mechanic that's focused on casual players remove ways to gain sleep bonus other than actually using a bed and you're done but that being said I think this mechanic has some great potential, but it has some problems beyond the way the caffeine buff currently works. To those that claim Fatigue is the answer, you're wrong. Some actions don't use fatigue such as cooking and fighting. I went from 50 to 95 beverages in the matter of 5 days and could have done so much faster had I had the resources to continue my grind. Oblivionreaver hit 100 in one of his shield skills because of it, I know at least two other brewers who hit or are extremely close to 100 beverages because of there being no hard limit on caffeine and I'm sure if you looked around there are way more stories of extreme skillgains. Caffeine needs a hard limit. For me the choice is this: Do I have limited resources available for my grind? Do I have plenty of resources, but is the skill insanely annoying to grind (like channeling or weaponsmithing) that's it, that's all I care about when choosing to use coffee or not... not if it'll stop me from using it later or if it's 'meta'. I also personally am Looking at the cooking and brewing side of things. I feel very much slighted by how coffee was added. I know ya'll are adding more ingredients to the different caffeine recipes but making coffee currently doesn't feel fun or feel skilled. Tea leaves especially urk me because it could have been a damn good reason to add a drying rack, or drying table. Beverages in general just needs an overhaul to match the quality of cooking, it was the stepchild of cooking that got the short end of the stick. Why does caffeine remove drunkness, and why doesn't drunkness work for increasing difficulty? Caffeines debuff should be 'the Jitters' which builds up as caffeine is used (maybe this debuff could have a timer based on how long you use coffee for once your coffee burn expires). The jitters causes you to fail actions, damage items as you imp them or break things if it's power is high enough. The buff should be affected by the following: how skilled the brewer was, how many ingredients were used, and how those ingredients were prepared. A base level coffee would still give the buff/debuff but why not have the bad side effects be somewhat mitigated by having a really good coffee. Still gives new players a way in, but also gives those of us who are skilled an edge for the amount of effort put into grinding up the skill. Caffeine should give us a limited stamina regen effect, you're supposed to be bounding with energy when you're high on caffeine, and in the debuff have it slow stamina regen for as long as caffeine was used (for the crash) Some things that need to be fixed before you even attempt to fix caffeine: Buff's and Debuffs breaking on crossing to a new server. - This has to be fixed first, it's been broken for such a long time and your intoxication or whatever you choose to limit caffeine isn't going to do much if we can dispel it by crossing the server. Some things that really should be fixed: Beverages needs an overhaul, it could be so much better than what it is. Drying rack/table please! Tea shouldn't be changing just sitting in any old container, it makes no sense what so ever!!!
  11. I support toggling snow because I happen to know at least one player who gets severe migraines and cant/doesn't play when it's winter because of the snow. I fully support this option for that reason alone. On another point it's just graphical the snow doesn't actually benefit or cause any effects beyond snowballs so I say give us the option to toggle it.
  12. Thats a very good point Katrat. It could be that each MoI gave a random number of points, Its true it would reduce the overall number of rares but being able to rare, supreme or even fantastic the items of your choice instead of random grinding hundreds of items for one seems more fun to me, it would also in theory increase the number of supreme and fantastic items produced as a counterpoint.
  13. So maybe this is just me but I often find myself crafting, making bricks, imping tools and no moments of inspiration. The second I start farming I get multiple MOI in a row with no real benefit. I suggest a rebalance to the MOI system that would work based less on wildly random RNG and more about the actions your doing. As it sits, building houses doesn't invoke MOI's but it is strongly biased towards resources, felled trees and the like and strongly discourages crafted items for this very minor upgrade. How the new MOI would work is that every time you get an MOI farming or mining or anything really you get points towards converting one item of choice to a rare, supreme or fantastic version of an item at varying cost in points. Each moI would still generate 1 2 or 3 points based on if the MOI would have made a rare, supreme or fantastic item, after collecting say 20, you get a rare of your choice, 65 a supreme of your choice and 125 for a fantastic of your choice. (numbers not necessarily have to be those but you get the idea) The benefits of this is you wouldn't be mass producing items to get a rare, or worry about raring something you don't want to. You would have some level of control over your MOI for that rare oven, or rare tool etc. The problem is that you wouldn't get rare logs, or rare coffee beans or rare dirts at random.. Less random junk rares, more impactful rares is my suggestion! Just my MOI for the day, Thanks for reading.