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  1. I would like to suggest the inclusion of a fuel box for furnace type objects such as the oven, forge, stills, fireplaces, campfires to name a few This would be a wooden or stone box where logs, peat, tar, woodscrap could be loaded into, possibly even similar to a crate and planted like how Wagoneer boxes are placed at a waystone. It would hold a certain amount of fuel that would be automatically burned by the associated object or even a radius to keep such items burning for as long as fuel exists in the reserve. The downside is that this would consume more fuel than manually fueling the forge because it should fuel the item as soon as it says "the fire burns with wild flames and still has much unburnt material" Stills specifically to cook their whole load can take at least a day or two so it seems like this should already be an option.
  2. Hello everyone, Thank you for the plug Zachariah I am just making it known I will be visiting the 2022 Lunalong peddling my affinity beverages. I will be visiting on the 10th and 11th and the 17th and 18th If you'd like more information about my product or would like to request a 1kg jar for your visit to the 2022 Lunalong you can checkout my page here: It includes my price list as well as ordering/usage instructions feel free to contact me here on the forums through PM or Ingame to skip the lines. During the event I will only be offering 1kg and 2kg Jars as supplies last these will not decay in your inventory, as well as by the sip for 3c/flask I will also have limited supplies of Mead, Rift Beer, Flavored Gin, Vodka and Whisky and Ale and Cider for the event.
  3. Hello, If you're still taking orders I have a rather large order so please bare with me. I need the following items: 5k Cabbage, 5k Carrot, 5k Corn, 5k Cucumber, 5k Garlic 5k Lettuce, 5k Onion, 10k Pea Pods, 5k Potato, 5k Pumpkin 5k Tomato 20k Barley total order is 80k Crops please let me know a price and I'll send you delivery details at that time. Thank you. (Blacklotus, Celebration server) If this post is no longer operating please say so.
  4. I would also suggest thatch for basket weaving, as the skiller for woven fences and whatnot because it only makes sense instead of leaving the skill with so little use.
  5. Ekcin just because a broken clock is right twice a day doesn't make it not broken. If you're truly content with the current mechanics as they are, that's fine. I'm glad for you. If this is supposed to be end-game community content (pointing at the description given in our last newsletter), and only a privileged few are able to enjoy it because of the way things are currently, and you don't consider that broken, then there is nothing left to discuss. Do I think Devs are influenced by players who don't want things changed, I do. Not out of some cabal reasoning but simple put, every time a discussion about legendary or uniques comes up, it's side-tracked and utterly upended, generally by the folks who do profit from them staying "as is". If the players who do the majority of dragon hunting are also the most vocal about it staying the same, who are you going to listen to? Are the devs dragon hunters? who knows other than them? I just think everyone should have a more fair and equal chance to enjoy the endgame content for Wurm. I don't find the current system fair or equal so say what you will. I'm sorry if that offends you, but ultimately, it's where I'm at.
  6. I don't see a downside, keep the trash heaps for the big stuff, trashcans for the smaller items. +1
  7. Brining up epic and it's specialized situation doesn't help. This is more about the mechanic at large because it is and has been broken for a long time. This thread is to brainstorm a replacement that better fills that place. The devs know it's a broken mechanic/system, its needed to be fixed for the last decade and it just hasn't been because the people who make money off these events don't want it changed, and the community at large don't truly benefit from private slayings short of knowing somebody or extremely rarely getting the chance to find one of the uniques yourself that one of the big hunting groups hasn't. I am absolutely willing to look at and talk about any suggestions that relate to unique mechanics going forward no matter how I feel about the current system. Is it really so magical for the community at large if only a "privileged" few are able to attend such events? Would it not be more enjoyable if such things could happen a little more commonly or fairly to everyone? It would be nice to see changes, I may not know what it needs but thats why we have a discussion about it.
  8. Ok, Tor, enough please. I get what you're saying, and while i appreciate your involvement the point your making is not part of our current discussion and only serves to send us sidetracked. If you have suggestions to improve upon current mechanics or add new mechanics that benefits bringing uniques to our community at large please share them. Aldurair, please read through the thread. While I originally suggested being like a rift, it's more a matter of getting the discussion going and keeping it going until something is ultimately done by the Dev's. I agree we don't necessarily need another rift. I also agree that private slayings can be magical experiences however, it doesn't serve the community with the current game mechanics surrounding uniques/legendaries. If you have suggestions, please add them here as thats what I'd really like to see this thread be. So far, the best suggestions i've seen are dragon hoards from archaeology (maybe we can get map fragments that show a location of a possible hoard?), Having dragon eggs found randomly in the wildness, I really like this idea. I'd like to put forth archaeology as suggested above to find ancient nests that have unhatched eggs as a contender, or even summoning items from high difficulty treasure maps so instead of the hitch of just having spawning dragons they could be found more frequently to both cut down on the value of their drops and make them accessible to everyone. I would also like to see uniques not be pennable. If you find it you got to kill it then and there or hold it off until you can. I would absolutely love to see uniques have a CR based off how many people are there. Make it far more difficult for smaller groups and easier for larger groups. Have hide not be based off how much there is but give each player involved, leaching or otherwise a .25kg piece every time along with a blood or two. Theres so many options we could suggest, what ones do ya'll like best?
  9. Please remember the point of this thread is to discuss the Legendary spawning and what changes we'd like to see, what challenges and difficulties exist that need to be fixed (including but not limited to cheating) and not turn this thread into a mud slinging contest. If you can only point fingers it's not beneficial to this discussion and I'll ask you to take that somewhere else. This is not the place for it.
  10. I am very much in agreement that it should remove the haves and have nots castes. It shouldn't require a GM to make the system work especially since most if not all the GM's are unpaid we don't need to add to their burden. I agree with you. Nobody here is accusing anyone specifically of cheating only that it has happened in the past, and as I said even if it were suspected there is no way to prove such without involving a GM. Ultimately I would like to see a system that doesn't require a GM to be involved at all because the rules of the game and mechanics don't lend to anyone needing to cheat, lie or otherwise over some dragon scale and/or a unique drop. I appreciate your feedback on this. I agree with keeping some of the more fun aspects of dragon hunting. I'd love a system that still rewards players for finding the dragon first, but also makes it harder to really predict where it will spawn. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing smaller dragons roaming more frequently with much much less hide/drops then have a dragon camp/den/nest event similar to the new goblin camps or rifts (much much harder preferribly) as long as it produced a more fair and equalizing experience for new and old players. My belief is that if we get enough of a thread going, and share all the best ideas the Devs can look at it and get a much better sense of how to fix legendary creatures.
  11. Madnath, To address your point, First, It would be damn hard to prove anyone was using a live map without a GM involved and you know that. Second, Somebody with as much knowledge about this system as yourself were to suggest a system to replace it, what would it be? I in no way think my idea is the best or most useful to replace the current system, but the current system doesn't work and needs to change. Ekcin, I wholelly agree these need to be community events but considering the amount of money involved currently with hunting a dragon for a private slaying, things need to change. I know making them exactly like rifts wont fix the issues around them, but it's at least a step towards a better system. If it's awful please please make suggestions that you feel would fix it or help bring it into a space where it could still be a community fight without needing the GM intervention or heavy handed rules or organizers who are having to dedicate their time to making it work. Archaed, Legendary Creatures do need a rework, and this may not be the correct change for them to be another rift, but if you have a suggestion please make it and help make a system that benefits everyone. To everyone, I get where ya'll are coming from with saying this is useless or a bad idea, instead please suggest how it would be improved or if you don't like it, what would you yourself replace it with.
  12. Awesome, I'd love to buy 5k copper and 5k tin 1s/k is fair I can pick it up if it's coastal.
  13. I'm looking to buy metal for metallurgy grind. 5k gold and 5k silver - Gold needs to be as low of ql as possible. 5k copper and 5k tin or 5k Zinc - tin or zinc as low of ql as possible. PM me or post here with what you got and price.
  14. Absolutely love it, The important thing for me is to allow everyone to be involved. I only suggest things the way I do to prevent a level of cheating in finding the spawns or hoarding the resource, as long as these prevent building or blocking them off i'm all for it! The whole point here is to suggest a working fix to a absolutely broken system. I agree with you 100% if it was kept how it is now it wouldn't work, which is why I suggested unique points. nobody gets anything directly from the unique instead everyone who participates would get points equal to their contribution meaning there would be no leeching, only those who contribute something. The things this suggestion changes is 2, loot isn't a massive payout for whatever group finds it, it opens this very fun aspect of dragon hunting and slayings to the community at large without thinning out actual rewards or requiring huge amounts of work and prep by a few to organize them. I'd even be ok if there was an automatic random roll like now when you kill a creature for everyone who fights for a chance at special loot as long as everyone can participate and it's fair. It doesn't mean it'll be an easier fight it might in fact be harder. Also love the suggestion of splitting the hides with a leather knife! It will kill private slayings as they are now too, it'll also provide a lot of value to the community at large because if everyone can go and benefit without dulling out the benefits for how many people show up all the better. The point is to build a system similar to rifts because its fair, and allows everyone equal access to rare resources, everyone a chance to participate and burnout no more than rifts. I really do like sheffie's suggestion above though that provides a hunting aspect and battlewalls suggestion for splitting bits of hide with a knife.