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Found 9 results

  1. I have been working with @Yagaover the past few days to provide a new Exodus Community Map Service. @Yagaand @Substr have developed a system which they implemented for the Deliverance server which I have now updated for Exodus EXODUS COMMUNITY MAP LINK Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Layers Deeds, Tunnels, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map layers which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among two map types (Terrain, Topographical). 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Selecting locations and copy coordinates You are able to select any point on the map and save the coordinates for future use. Colours and Symbols Map Information This new map has been reproduced based on the previous map maintained by @NESGameproand as such some elements may not be 100% accurate since we are using a completely different system. To this point, if you notice anything missing or in the wrong place in terms of settlements (deeds), highways, tunnels, canals and landmarks, please post in the thread below using the Adding Data guidelines provided. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, neither on the forum nor in-game! Do not use Discord to add data either!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report, click once to see the coordinates in the "Selected" field, copy the coordinates.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay [1650, 1384]" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Please use this format: "[305,1453], [305,1415], [226,1415], [226,1383], [156,1383]" Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Like highways. These elements can also be given a name. Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as agreed among the local community.) THANKS! I'd like to thank @Yagafor answering the million and one questions I threw at him, and for him to agreeing to host the actual map and input files. Also, I'd like to thank all the previous Exodus Community Map editors, without which this new map wouldn't have been possible. EXODUS COMMUNITY MAP LINK [Updated the Map links to the secure versions]
  2. I would like to call a vote to change the name of the lake south of Greymead to "Lake of the Lamb" Because the island in the middle of the lake kinda looks like a lamb. Don't believe me? Here's the proof ?
  3. Attention, folks! If you are a community map editor or a software tool developer you may be interested in an idea I recently had. This is a concept for a new software tool - and I would like to get your opinion. Managing the community maps and keeping them up to date is a pretty tedious task. I suppose most of our current editors use a tool like Photoshop to add, remove, move and edit the various graphical data on various image layers, according to input from players. This is most probably being done manually, taking some time and effort. So here is my idea for a software tool to "automatically" generate a community map with all the information needed: The tool (shown as the little computer in the image above) would use a static raw map image (basically a flat 2D map dump) and a small SQLite database containing all the dynamic information about deeds, roads, tunnels, bridges etc. By merging these data together the tool would generate the finished community map, without the need to fire up any graphics editor. The person responsible for maintaining the community map would only have to edit the dynamic data tables in the SQLite database, using a simple front-end GUI. The data merging would be based on a generic coordinate grid, related to the tile structure of the map dump (1 tile = 1 unit). What do you think? Community map editors: Would a tool like that help you? Do you have any more ideas, requests, suggestions? Would it be worthwile to create such a tool? Tool developers: Is anybody interested in creating this tool? (I could try to do it myself, and I would probably manage to do it - but my time and resources are limited... so if anyone else is interested, speak up please! ) EDIT: To avoid misunderstandings: this is supposed to be a local PC tool creating a simple image file to be uploaded as a community map to the Wurm Online forum!
  4. The baton has been passed again, and this time it is my turn to run. I'm taking over the job of updating the community map from Huserx, so same as before just post your updates in here and I'll get to them when I can. Naturally big thanks to Darkmalice, Mystecore, Mammadarkness, Maximusi and Huserx for having got us this far, and to maximusi in particular for hosting the site. The link to the map is here: I've also got the deed coordinates listed here: A A Horror Film – 33x 36y A Strange Place – 60x 16y Acme Aerie – 40x 51y Acropolis – 37x 58y Acton – 52x 35y Akhenaten – 12x 50y Alagaesia – 43x 33y Albia Gardens - 28x 44y Albia Estates – 19x 35y Albia Fjord – 23x 13y Albia Heights – 31x 36y Albia Island Retreat – 24x 37y Albia Marina – 30x 38y Allure – 40x 33y Altinkum – 64x 61y Altur’Rang – 14x 36y Alverton – 46x 56y An Gor – 27x 45y Angbar – 45x 33y Angel Coast – 33x 14y Anteos – 42x 29y Appalachia – 21x 48y Apple Beach – 33x 57y Arcane Laboratories – 52x 10y Arma – 59x 58y Arreat Plateau – 7x 47y Arwic Port – 33x 14y Atrestos – 36x 37y Aurora Somnia – 7x 10y Austrialis Gardens – 29x 46y Avalon – 45x 47y Avanlea – 35x 55y Avatari’s Acres – 22x 33y Avernelle – 26x 37y Avocano – 43x 51y Avocano Mines – 42x 52y Azervale – 17x 17y B BackHeaven – 6x 44y BackHeaven Downtown – 7x 43y Bakra – 32x 48y Bay Hill Estates East – 26x 19y Baywatch – 26x 44y Bearshark Bay Trading Company – 40x 54y Bearshark Castle – 27x 44y Bearshark Census Outpost – 43x 54y Bearshark Harbour – 27x 44y Bearshark Overlook – 42x 54y Bearshark Point – 42x 54y Bearshark Water Way Lane – 42x 53y Bearusalem – 57x 16y Berkys – 37x 32y Berrisville – 32x 21y Bespin – 42x 59y Big Sky – 61x 37y Bhreacain Croft – 14x 60y Biberburg – 17x 54y Bird Dream of the Olympus – 41x 31y Birds Hill – 36x 51y Black Dog Market and Stables – 26x 29y Black Dog Preserve – 25x 28y Black Dog Retreat – 26x 28y Black Eden Vale – 55x 48y Black Pine Forest – 31x 7y Black Wolf Cove Estates – 62x 6y Blacklable Shipyard – 45x 41y Blacklight Bay – 45x 45y Bloodforge Bay – 50x 37y Bloodmoon Keep – 14x 46y Bloodmoon Bay – 14x 47y Blue Phoenix – 44x 33y Boondock – 27x 59y Boneyard – 34x 55y Bonnie Doon – 18x 53y Bonsai – 21x 40y Bradford Manor – 53x 14y Brash End – 51x 39y Brash Point – 50x 39y Bremen – 47x 44y Brendenburg Castle – 26x 27y Brig’s Digs – 57x 12y Bright Mine – 44x 45y Brocatraz – 62x 26y Brokenridge – 43x 55y Bromacia – 62x 34y Brotherhood of Steel – 9x 61y Buckeye Bowery – 44x 58y Buckeye Canal State Park – 45x 57y Buckeye Heavy Metals – 40x 54y Buckeye Shipyard – 37x 57y Busan – 34x 15y C Cape Bastion – 34x 22y Cargasmic Coast – 42x 34y Casa Nel Bosco – 58x 17y Castelli Nemi – 46x 53y Casterly Rock – 57x 10y Casting Tower – 61x 54y Castle Anthrax – 10x 60y Castle Poenari – 58x 15y Castor Canadensis – 42x 47y Catan – 10x 54y Catspaw Keep – 29x 12y Cedar Hill – 17x 14y Celtic Highlands – 16x 35y Censurados – 10x 6y Challisland – 62x 5y Chaos Glade – 50x 19y Charis – 17x 38y Charlie’s Point – 62x 6y Charm’s Nest – 13x 28y Chiqqita Bananaland – 42x 54y Chuck Norris lives here – 63x 30y Claymore Beach – 28x 11y Clayworth – 45x 15y Cliff Side – 43x 6y Cliff Side Port – 43x 5y Cliff Side Suburbs – 43x 6y Cliffs of Tyger Bay – 44x 58y Cloakwood – 26x 20y Clochpoint – 24x 43y Clown Town – 45x 28y Copper Cliffs – 26x 17y Copper Fortress – 33x 49y Corner Haven – 28x 41y Cornucopia – 35x 25y Cossack’s Inferno – 61x 41y Cowboys and Angels – 36x 5y Crazytown – 32x 7y Creek Heights – 32x 56y Croc Knob – 8x 53y Crossroads – 22x 47y Crystal City – 51x 41y Crystal Docks – 46x 45y Crystal Hills – 46x 45y Crystal Overlook – 42x 45y Crystal Pastures – 40x 31y Crystl Shores – 17x 16y Cyclone – 13x 10y Cyrodill – 20x 44y D Damascus Shipyard – 31x 30y Dark Ashes – 52x 57y Dark Banjoes – 54x 50y Dark Heart – 51x 45y Dark Forest – 42x 35y Dark Reckoning – 49x 51y Dark Runes – 51x 52y Dark Thoughts – 57x 57y Dark Waters – 61x 54y Dark Wing – 60x 52y Darkened Dreams – 58x 33y Darkenstone Canal – 29x 17y Darkhold – 36x 14y Darkhold – 36x 33y Darklands – 35x 13y Darkmoon Rising – 36x 58y Darkmoore – 42x 34y Darwins Reach – 8x 44y Dawnrise – 29x 15y Dawnshroud Peak – 26x 49y Debits Hide Out – 28x 7y Decption – 21x 60y Deepwater – 41x 58y Defessus Corner Port – 24x 45y Delta Stables – 19x 39y Devils Shadow – 56x 41y Devil’s Peak – 10x 61y Diamond Ridge – 19x 39y Djakarta – 30x 61y Dog Head Homestead – 19x 52y Dogwood – 54x 14y Donner’s Landing – 26x 21y Dracos Tor – 5x 35y Dragon’s Fang – 33x 34y Dragon’s Point – 20x 14y Dragon’s Reach – 54x 33y Dragonfoot – 30x 32y Dragonia – 35x 42y Dream Forest – 11x 46y Drunken Monk – 42x 33y Dun Bhreacain – 13x 61y Dunlap Hill – 28x 19y Dziki Gon – 46x 47y E Eagle’s Peak – 51x 16y Eastern Watch – 6x 60y Edmonton – 32x 15y Edoras – 45x 32y Eireast – 39x 49y Eirska – 33x 46y El Rancho Lago – 14x 12y Elin’s Retreat – 61x 10y Elwood’s Bunker – 31x 6y Elysian Heights – 48x 61y Emerald Bluff – 32x 47y Emerald Buff – 29x 8y Endangered Lemming Habitat – 48x 34y Endler’s Farm – 42x 15y Endor – 62x 26y Enzilo – 18x 53y Epic Outlaws – 22x 29y Erin Go Bragh – 61x 18y Estea – 50x 12y Estwilde – 38x 6y Ethereal Dawn – 34x 14y Europa – 25x 6y Eve of Insanity – 23x 20y Exile’s Gate – 29x 60y Exodus Haven – 46x 53y F Fabled Mesa – 34x 27y Falken Peak – 35x 51y Fedria – 13x 47y Fedria’s Coal Factory – 13x 48y Fedria Harbor – 14x 48y Festival Cove – 31x 44y Fennec Farms – 47x 51y Fiddly Bits – 61x 19y Fire Island – 51x 15y Firefly Harbor – 36x 4y Firelight Island – 29x 39y Foggy Valley – 37x 32y Fomorach – 19x 7y Forest Port – 34x 15y Foresthaven Retreat – 25x 59y Forgotten City – 49x 27y Fort Buda – 50x 7y Fort Greenway – 36x 15y Fort Karhula – 62x 20y Fort Narlis – 42x 58y Fort Riley – 56x 33y Fort Westgate – 4x 59y Forty Eighth And Park – 41x 16y Fospital – 46x 53y Free Barony – 46x 29y Free Bears – 40x 61y Free Bears Shipyard – 39x 62y Freedom Docks – 32x 40y Freedom Harbor – 36x 38y Freedom Market – 32x 38y Frontier – 22x 50y G Galran Zhader – 20x 24y Galazia Akti – 38x 42y Garden of the Gods – 13x 20y Genconia – 20x 42y Genconia Harbour – 22x 41y Gestalt – 60x 56y Ghost Town – 28x 11y Ghostly Emporium – 53x 60y Ghosts of the Revolution – 10x 23y Gideon’s Shire – 49x 16y Glenden Wood – 40x 19y Goblins Surfing – 37x 24y Grand Bazaar of Constantinople – 28x 13y Grand Steppe Wildlife Preserve – 47x 28y Great Western Tiers – 10x 14y Greenborough – 30x 44y Greenwood - 26x 27y Grey Mountain Stables – 43x 57y Grey Tower Clan – 33x 55y Grizzlam Pond – 13x 35y Groveville – 25x 30y Gruberik – 46x 50y Guild of Artificers – 41x 45y Gustaberg – 16x 31y H Hades Creek – 11x 7y Halcyon – 27x 38y Halcyon Interchange – 27x 38y Halcyon Heights – 27x 40y Halos Harbor – 13x 49y Happy Lion Academy – 41x 12y Happy Lion Docks – 35x 22y Harlequin Pass – 31x 13y Harmony Lake – 39x 27y Havenstead – 49x 18y Havilah – 21x 24y Heartland Farms – 45x 25y Heavenly Kingdom – 12x 8y Hedge Row – 53x 38y HeiKin Hollow – 50x 31y Hell – 14x 14y Hell’s Forge – 39x 33y Hell’s Harbor – 40x 34y Hello Harbor – 27x 34y Hermit’s Cove – 6x 8y Hermit’s Heaven – 42x 19y Hermit’s Heaven Zoo – 41x 19y Highgrass Vale – 13x 45y Hilfe Shipworks – 27x 8y Hill Gate – 18x 48y Hillpeace – 26x 13y Hill Side – 29x 34y Hill Top Paradise – 53x 30y Hills of Aenasan – 35x 38y Hillside Hideaway – 35x 4y Hillside Hideout – 29x 19y Hillside Refuge – 29x 45y Himmelspforte – 40x 49y Himmelspforte Mining Two – 36x 49y Historic Vash Naroom – 52x 13y Hobo With a Whetstone – 56x 14y Holmside – 22x 29y Home For Geriatrix – 33x 27y Hopes End – 27x 10y Hope’s Folly – 31x 37y Horde Mountain – 19x 58y Horsedog Harbor – 62x 48y House of Commons – 62x 39y House of Lords – 63x 41y House of Pain – 62x 41y I I H Independence To Deliverance Bridge N – 30x 62y Iceland – 48x 8y Im Back – 63x 61y Indigo Forest – 30x 13y Infidel’s Peak – 29x 33y Inner Sea Harbor – 28x 36y Inner Sea Sanctuary – 27x 36y Insane Lighting Magic – 22x 15y Insanity Hills – 23x 17y Insanity Hills South Harbour – 24x 18y Insanity Overlook – 22x 16y Insanity Retreat – 18x 15y Insanity Valleys – 23x 18y Iron Heaven – 10x 55y Iron Works – 28x 35y Ironridge – 58x 12y Ironwolf Keep – 26x 29y Isenthalpic Tangerines – 34x 54y Island of Bones – 35x 58y Istaria – 27x 37y J Jackal’s Perch – 24x 58y Jardin D’ours – 40x 60y Jaynestown – 18x 8y Jordheim Mine – 19x 46y Juju – 19x 13y K Kalayaan – 17x 37y Keweenaw Land Trust – 27x 29y Killing For Food – 22x 44y Killino’s Hallow – 25x 57y Kilroy Was Here – 23x 32y Kincan – 21x 45y Kingdom of Arkonica – 5x 35y Kingdom of Arkonica Central – 7x 34y Kingdom of Arkonica East – 8x 34y Kings Landing – 48x 53y Kindom of Ryzin – 6x 35y Kingdom of Titan – 6x 33y Kobalt – 30x 15y Korriban – 52x 27y Krondor – 52x 59y Kurak’s Revenge – 58x 27y Kusumvar – 29x 15y Kystran – 10x 20y L Lakeridge Valley – 12x 26y Lakeside Fort – 14x 30y Lakeview Point – 41x 45y Lakewind – 52x 12y Lambeau Field – 25x 30y Lantea – 45x 12y Lava Hills – 34x 38y Legacy of Karhula – 61x 45y Lemon Half Moon – 56x 15y Liberty – 31x 38y Liberty Castle – 29x 38y Liberty Farms – 30x 39y Liberty Metal Works – 28x 38y Liberty Port – 29x 38y Lighthaven – 46x 50y Little Harbour – 33x 28y Little Harbour Preserve – 33x 30y Llamedos – 27x 44y Lonasa W – 4x 32y Lonestar – 36x 19y Lorath – 40x 29y Lost City – 48x 6y Lothlorien Meadows – 49x 14y Lower Dragon’s Gate – 31x 34y Lower Liberty – 30x 38y Lunda – 41x 30y Luskan – 34x 5y M Magas Volar – 48x 59y Magix Mountain – 30x 26y Magranon Bacon – 47x 34y Mahna Mahna – 58x 43y Marvel Chateau – 12x 52y Meow Meow Mountain – 56x 43y Merchant Town – 27x 7y Middle Forest – 12x 46y Midgard – 16x 54y Minas Tirith – 59x 59y Mine All Mine – 46x 5y Mines of Himmelspforte – 38x 50y Mistery Inc – 48x 44y Mistyview Manor – 13x 31y Mithrin – 5x 59y Mithrin Harbour – 5x 59y Mittelaltersheim – 33x 14y Monito Outpost – 21x 62y Moon Rabbit – 45x 55y Moonglow – 13x 59y Moonlight Marina – 40x 60y Moonshine Valley – 9x 22y Moonshine Valley Farms – 9x 23y Mordor – 62x 5y Mount Dread – 59x 36y Mount Vyantubo Meditation Station – 25x 16y Mouse Hole – 8x 33y Mu Draconis – 32x 56y Muspellsheimr – 8x 55y Mystery Glade – 31x 58y Mystic Woods and Gardens – 31x 14y Mystvale – 33x 56y Mythic Harbour – 27x 29y N Nation of Grizzlam – 12x 32y Nature Valley Port – 57x 27y Nature Valley Ranch – 55x 32y Necrotic Existence – 43x 52y New Aura – 10x 7y New BroVegas – 11x 17y New Eden – 60x 5y New Eminence – 32x 63y New Europa – 24x 8y New Forgotten – 41x 32y New Gustaberg – 18x 31y New Minoc – 10x 44y New Port – 11x 7y New Rotterdam Heights – 13x 15y New Soacio Harbour – 53x 12y New Tuscany – 42x 53y NewBerry – 32x 56y Newhaven – 18x 34y Newport Harbor – 17x 35y Night Haunter – 12x 35y Night Sky Weaponsmithing – 33x 51y Nildakar – 8x 19y Nimble Gim’s Bait and Tackle – 59x 14y Nippy Shores – 23x 46y Nolife – 5x 61y Norrljus – 38x 18y Norsklock – 13x 12y North Sea Traders Port – 40x 5y Northern Light – 37x 9y Northwest Haven – 7x 19y Nutter’s Treehouse – 26x 5y O Oak Harbour – 52x 38y Oakvale – 13x 27y Oakwood Grove – 7x 9y Oasis – 57x 35y Oracle Sound – 49x 52y Orpington Bliss – 37x 57y Ortera’s Sanctuary – 20x 33y Ours Des Montagnes – 42x 60y P Packerland – 20x 12y Pagan Grove – 37x 60y Parris Island – 62x 12y PCG Freedom Village – 52x 14y Peaceful Refuge – 25x 60y Pest Harbour – 36x 20y Petbe’s Retreat – 62x 53y Pheonix Enterprises – 12x 57y Phil’s Magic Pumpkinland – 30x 31y Pickle – 33x 22y Pirate Property – 10x 13y Plains of Endeavor – 34x 38y Plattekloof – 33x 43y Plunder Hold – 17x 28y Point Eremite – 41x 59y Pony Land – 50x 44y POP the Magic Dragon – 36x 33y Port Akhenaten – 22x 44y Port Allure – 42x 35y Port Buckeye – 42x 58y Port Eagle – 35x 52y Port Eminence – 32x 62y Port Hemingway – 12x 56y Port Kincan – 22x 46y Port Merevalin – 7x 8y Port Minoc – 21x 43y Port Monito – 23x 61y Port of Jackal’s Perch – 24x 62y Port Onody – 38x 37y Port Onody Farm – 38x 36y Portofino – 11x 53y Potkali se u Kolina – 28x 18y Poxville Farms – 28x 30y Prairie Ranch – 52x 21y Premsalia – 62x 11y Pretoria – 36x 33y Prima Casa – 30x 44y Project Insanity Village – 62x 47y Psychotic Order – 52x 29y Q Quiet Hill – 52x 20y Quincy – 37x 16y Quincy Mines – 33x 23y R Raider Nation – 25x 27y Rajaniemi Retreat – 52x 46y Rancho De La Rosa – 38x 58y Rauma – 20x 44y Raven’s Roost – 10x 40y Ravenstone – 48x 13y Ravenstone Harbour – 45x 48y Razors Edge – 17x 34y Reborn – 15x 16y Red Mountain Trade Port – 46x 58y Redbeard’s Bay – 49x 53y Redi or Not – 31x 36y Redneck Docks – 47x 44y Redneck Stables – 49x 44y Refuge – 13x 10y Regni de Cadentium – 7x 9y Reikdorf – 62x 30y Renadel – 14x 10y Riksdag – 53x 36y Rincon Boricua – 34x 63y Rithol Manor – 12x 48y River Runs Deep – 50x 36y Roadside – 52x 53y Roadside Historical Site – 43x 6y Rock Bottom Mining – 36x 22y Rocky Top – 29x 7y Rohan – 29x 34y Rolling Hills – 29x 7y Rome – 32x 14y Roussas – 59x 28y Royal Oak – 63x 49y Royston Vassey – 62x 30y Rufflehome – 32x 22y S Sacred Peak – 45x 18y Salodurum – 38x 47y Samling – 27x 6y Sanctuary – 51x 28y Sandie World – 36x 36y Sandy Shoal Estates – 17x 50y Sangsara – 25x 60y Sarvesh – 47x 6y Savage Garden – 54x 11y Scarlet Horizon – 15x 60y Scarlet Horizons – 15x 59y Scarlets Horizon – 16x 60y Seaside Sanctuary – 26x 60y Sevens Bay – 35x 17y Shaded Glen – 6x 9y Shadow Realm – 27x 45y Shadowood – 33x 12y Shadowpoint – 26x 37y Shadowthorn – 33x 42y Shady Wolf – 62x 50y Sharfin Landing – 42x 62y Sherwood – 31x 30y Shindor – 33x 6y Shipyard of Flamgra’in – 59x 6y Shorvishid – 63x 38y Silent Hill – 56x 20y Silversky – 60x 26y Silverwing Sanctuary – 10x 20y Sinthoras – 22x 23y Skipo’s Home – 50x 11y Sky Shrine – 56x 26y Sleepy Oaks – 55x 10y Sleepy Oaks Harbor – 54x 10y Small Farm – 61x 51y Snoopz – 11x 27y Solace – 11x 54y Solstice – 20x 45y South Bayshore – 26x 22y Southport – 36x 58y Soylent Green – 33x 47y Sparta – 34x 31y Special Marching Army of Cows – 30x 36y Spider Cove – 54x 11y Spider Crag – 36x 26y Spider Hollow – 38x 29y Spiritfall Barrow – 14x 36y Springton – 38x 33y Springton Port – 38x 34y Starfleet Academy – 27x 34y Steep Area – 33x 40y Stone Harbor – 45x 48y Stone Rose – 10x 16y Stonehaven – 24x 31y Stonehold – 61x 34y Storm’s End – 43x 33y Sunrise Valley – 29x 33y Sunset Cove – 12x 25y Sunshine Harbor – 58x 12y Sunshine Hill – 58x 17y Sunstone Seaport – 44x 51y Sutherland Retreat – 29x 22y Sutherland Shire – 27x 32y Svaneholm – 9x 44y Sweet Southern Side – 6x 61y Symphonies End – 49x 13y T Tackenberg – 53x 19y Tan Bottom – 33x 57y Targoviste – 56x 9y Teamhrach – 8x 45y Tenakill – 6x 42y Tenakill Boat Basin – 6x 39y Terranova – 62x 23y Territoire Nolife – 6x 60y The Climb – 32x 34y The Dark Citadel – 60x 54y The Dark Forest – 22x 24y The Dark Hills – 62x 40y The Dog House – 44x 61y The Electric Mayhem – 26x 38y The Grass Is Always Greener – 49x 24y The Grey Place – 28x 38y The Happy Cave Bug – 32x 36y The Howl – 32x 39y The Infernal Outpost – 63x 60y The Keep – 32x 34y The Mystical Village Mizuho – 45x 42y The Overlook – 34x 17y The Preatorian Guard – 64x 62y The Preatorian Guard Islands – 63x 62y The Republic of Shine – 48x 16y The Sacred Order – 52x 24y The Shop – 62x 36y The Shores of Tanagra – 19x 37y The Sisyphus Endeavour – 34x 25y The Stabbin’ Cabin – 17x 33y The Watchtower – 31x 34y The Weald – 54x 31y The Wild Within – 7x 46y This Is How We Do It – 23x 46y Three Bears – 34x 38y Three Hollows - 37x 46y Three Hollows Docks – 39x 46y Three Hollows Heights – 39x 45y Three Lanterns – 55x 9y Thunder Key – 49x 36y Thunder Valley – 50x 33y Timberwolf Hills – 52x 17y Titans Hideout – 31x 57y Totebo – 40x 30y Tower Point – 51x 8y Tranquility Glade – 34x 25y Trauma – 50x 30y Treehuggers Eden – 62x 23y Trinity Stronghold – 19x 51y Trinsic – 11x 58y Trofan Kingdom – 36x 38y TrollVIll – 22x 8y Tropical – 51x 13y Tuscany – 27x 58y Twilight Sanctuary – 12x 12y Twin Angel Peaks – 55x 46y Tyverium – 28x 13y U Ultimarus – 32x 7y Ultimarus Docks – 32x 3y Ultimarus Shipyard – 31x 3y Underworld – 32x 10y Undine Grotte – 54x 36y Unified Republic of the Red Star – 52x 53y United Bearab Emirates – 12x 37y Unlisted – 50x 40y Uphill Farm -34x 54y Ussta Delmah – 60x 5y V Valley of the Gods – 15x 18y Valrie Reborn – 12x 46y Vicus Arboria – 22x 32y Vilewarren – 47x 50y Village People – 39x 17y Villmanstrand – 53x 16y Voices From The Grave – 51x 17y Volcano Forest – 61x 6y Von Ravenstein – 35x 24y Vorgon – 31x 63y Vulcan Retreat – 22x 31y W Watchtower – 29x 31y Wealdin Arbor – 46x 28y Weathertop – 56x 48y Weeping Angels – 41x 32y Wempire – 42x 34y Weserport – 29x 14y West Hillpeace Estate – 25x 13y West Independia Shipping Company – 10x 20y Whisperglade – 33x 6y Whispering Waters – 47x 54y White Dragon’s Den – 38x 11y Willow Point Trading – 36x 60y Willowpeak Landing – 61x 4y Windsong Farm – 9x 46y Winterfels – 20x 49y Withimund – 35x 19y Woodland Corner – 34x 6y Wylderhurst – 49x 14y X Y Yggdrasil – 27x 39y Yoitsu Medow – 35x 39y Z Zak’s Shipyard – 17x 49y Zalesie – 53x 58y Zanzibar Land – 31x 47y Zenadu Reach – 7x 21y If you want anything to be added (whether it be a village, road, terrain change, tower, etc), post here with the coordinates, and if possible a little image to show exactly where you want it to be placed. If you want something (such as your deed) removed, send me a private forum message and I will remove it. Thanks, Wraithglow
  5. Hello all, Just over a year ago, I took over updating the Independence community map. It's a nice little task to do while you're playing Wurm - not very technical or time consuming. Unfortunately, due to restrictions on my available playtime from RL commitments, I need to cut some things out if possible, and this is what I would call a "non-essential chore" for me. I feel that the 1-2 week wait I now end up having between updates is a bit too much. What I'm looking for is someone to hand the torch to. You don't have to live on Independence or even play the game regularly (I've been on Release since June!). What you do need is to be honest, patient, thorough, dependable, trustworthy, and approachable. No real art skills are required. It may surprise you to learn that up until about 8 months ago you probably could have done it all using MS Paint - I've only recently introduced a second "layer" to allow deed changes to be made quicker. I do more work with the pixel pencil than any other tool. I will warn you - it is not a pretty process. Like sausages, many people would probably prefer not to know how it is made. There's no pay, no reward except what you choose to give yourself (for me, the quotes on the bottom are the highlight). If you've managed to read all this, and are still interested, then either post below, send me a forum-pm, or message me in-game on Wraithfoe. I'd like others to let me know if they know someone who has applied to be suitable or not. If nobody applies, or nobody suitable is found, fear not - I will continue until my successor steps forth.
  6. Not too long ago I mapped a few-square-kilometers area of land that my Alliance inhabits, and in the process I stumbled upon unfinished highways that were consistent with the community map. Since then I've been periodically editing portions of the Community Map that are outdated; including highways, deeds, mailboxes and guard tower icons, and continually submit the changes to be included in the Independence Map. What I propose is more involvement from the community itself. I know many people do not vouch for the community map, and use the dump instead, however it would still be nice to have a more accurate travel system, especially for new players. Not only is this about proper mapping, but this is also about proper highway creations and road systems. In my mapping and editing I've seen many areas where highways twist around through the woods and take travelers a good half kilometer to a kilometer out of their way just to connect them to another highway stretch that is random or unfinished/decayed. With GM approval of course, we could start fixing up these unnecessary highway segments and finishing existing ones or even creating new ones that could replace the old ones. This is a simple, yet useful community project for anyone who is interested in helping out. Mapping and highway restructuring projects are both listed here, however highway reconstruction appears to be more prominent and useful at the moment. Help Wraithglow by documenting your regions as accurately as possible; making note of which highways, mailboxes, guard towers, and merchants are no longer in existence or have been added as new additions. Copying the community map and making the necessary adjustments in color and uploading the finished image seems to work much better than a text explanation of where things are or are-not anymore. Also keep in mind that only your own deed will be added to the map if requested, and not the deeds of others. Along your travels, take note of any highways that are unfinished or unnecessarily routed in odd ways, and proceed to finish them or correct them, or ask people in the area if they'd like to help out. If you find an extensive, important, or complicated highway that you'd like to work on, please message a GM first for approval. Please DO NOT start working on a highway and leave the project unfinished. Make sure you speak to your neighbors in the area before you start a building project that could interfere with their plot of land or deed. I find that most neighbors are alright with some new tidy roads if you just ask nicely! Thank you for your interest in this project; happy paving!
  7. Hey everyone! I have recently decided that I will continue the dump map, that once once started by Tpikol. If you want your settlement added to the map, use the follow: Name of village coordinates Any special features (i.e. merchant, mailbox, etc) Once you leave a comment, I will try to have your settlement up within a few hours. High res (Current as of 5/22/13) Low res (Current as of 5/22/13)
  8. Greetings fellow wurmians! If you would be so inclined I would like to gather your input on the following issue. For years the northeastern most isle of Independence has been known to its residents as Flamgra'in. The name was inspired by the volcano in the center of the island and means "Burning Isle" in Drow. There are many references to it on the forums and the wiki: http://forum.wurmonl...post__p__169385 http://forum.wurmonl...post__p__616377'in It is also currently home to the Flamgra'in Alliance, which consists of most of the active deeds on the island. Your opinion would be most welcome. Map URL: Map Update Thread: http://forum.wurmonl...-map-continued/