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  1. Eh, the bucket helm I like a lot more than I do the candycane short sword.....
  2. I expect stan my have slipped with that barrel of dye... oops.
  3. Thanks, I enjoyed. After today I needed some enjoyment.
  4. I believe Rocklobster is the winner, congratulations. Feel free to contact Comodo direct, and I will make sure he knows that you won. Thank everybody for bidding.
  5. How did you get those circular stone rings, like around the waystone? I don't think I have ever seen them before.
  6. 1 tile per QL does not sound correct. I am not sure of the exact math formula however, and I don't see one on the wiki. The only variable that you control is the QL of the altar, and the location. Assuming location isn't changing, the only thing I could suggest would be to increase the QL of your altar.
  7. Warning when leveling mine ceilings that the next action will make the ceiling tile you are under unlevel. It really is just a check to see that the two corners next to the tile you are on are not going to be adjusted and if they are to do a popup window with a y/n (default being n). Character customization. The world has changed a lot in the past 20 years, lets get wurm to appreciate that. Docks. A building built underwater, on level ground. It is little more that the "2nd floor floor" of the building, and comes in standard heights of 15 dirt (with only additional docks being allowed to be built on top of it to raise the height). Water depth needs to be at least 10 deep, and you use bridges to connect it to land across the sloping terrain. Both wood and stone varieties available. Very high decay off deed. More visibility for some things: Diseased creatures / players Casts on mailboxes Window sizing and column spacing on many things Better imp symbols - my old man eyes have a hard time seeing the difference between scissors and needle - why not just change the angle of one so it goes upper left to lower right instead of both being lower left to upper right. Easy changes, Metal types put an A for Ada, I for iron, L for lead, etc on the middle of the lump. Being able to dye many more things, and to have it be stronger Timber framed walls have 2 dye zones, the wood and the plater part Wood part should have wood type dyes, but the plaster part should be strong colors, not the weak pastels that currently happen Many other things need to be dyable - rugs, big beds, etc. Rebalance the gods and their spells. Show Lib some love! Revised skills. Some ideas are below: Remove Treb, just make all siege machines the same skill (War Machines), use it for a new skill (to be determined) Fix hammers so it makes more sense with warhammers, ditto axes and hatchets. Remove preaching, use this for a new skill. Preaching (not prayer) is only used when doing sermons and most players stop doing sermons after 100 faith and 100 sermons for the journal, whichever comes later. Remove tracking, use this for a new skill Adjust archery; it is hard to learn how to do it, and I think should be revised to be more accessible to newer players. The mechanics of picking a target and getting the bow to shoot it is just confusing. The regular bow is also kinda worthless - but you can add in things like the Mongol horn bows or compound bows or crossbows and perhaps change that up. Add in practice arrows (shaft + flint = stone tipped practice arrow with no imp ability, -33% damage and +25% skill gain). Toymaking - add in some more toys that have some social and/or decorating aspects. Unfortunately many of these are very art intensive. Additional puppets, not just the gods. Just generic professions like Brewer, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Milkmaid, Witch, Alchemist, etc. Great seasonal potential for monthly gifts with this as well. More board games - Morris Boards, Go, Backgammon, etc. Playing cards would be nice - though the gambling associated with games like poker might be an issue. Foosball tables or similar though not medieval in nature would be fun additions Marbles, Dolls, balls, tops, mini figures etc. were common. Not sure how to add them in or not, but balls can be made of leather or scrap wood, and thrown at players like snowballs? Marbles made of clay. dollmaking with 4-8 different dolls would be a good subskill with lots of growth potential New skill - glassblowing. Make a subskill of pottery Add in glass bottles - just reskinned pottery but also add in a special liquor and wine bottle Add in a wine and liquor cabinets (fine carp, but new items - see how popular the new desk is!) Add in stained glass windows - for now stick with the 4 gods but leaves lots of room for future options. Would be super cool if they would fit in window openings and fill the opening. Include a clear option. Higher QL equals better colors or more clarity of the window (1ql no light penetration, 100ql is there even glass there?) Add in mosaic tile floors. Think how walls are made now - you have a base "empty" floor and then you add to it various glass / ceramic bits. Combined with various dyes to make different colors ceramic tiles: Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, White, Cyan, Magenta, Pink, Orange. Probably too many, but you get the idea. People will hate me for this, but balance boats Knarr holds too much stuff (ya, this is why people will hate me). Cog, Corbitta, and Caravel don't hold enough Be able to tow a rowboat (or load one, make it similar in size to a creature cage) Add in a few new boats Life Jacket - something that helps people swim for various projects like canal work. Portable, slow to move around, but prevents drowning damage when worn (put in cape slot, or make an active tool, something). Barge - slow, flat bottomed, holds a lot. Think roman square rigged paddled warship for graphics. Moves like a canoe but holds cargo like a cog Dhow. Something between sailboat and Corbitta. I would make it wagon sized - 10-20 crates. About 5 dirt deep and 10 high. Faster than a sailboat. Add in more unique monsters, animals and other things to interact with. Unfortunately most are pretty graphic intensive so Dwarfs are on the new stamps. Would be cool to come across a dwarf camp that would trade for things like buying your sadstone shards and giving you gems, metals, etc. Gnomes we have old statues / containers. Just a friendly Fey. Neutral gnomes could have villages spawn (like the upcoming goblin camps) that you can go and interact with them, trade for some special sprouts that will grow special trees - like coral trees from Jackal. However, adjustments to these trees would need to be made so that they don't ever make sprouts on their own on Freedom to keep it a special and limited resource. Griffins, Sphynx, Hydra, manticore, wyvern, basilisk, Centaur, Headless men - were all pretty common medieval monsters, and would be great for small group encounters. Death treasure shouldn't be as rewarding as the existing unique - perhaps a treasure chest spawn or a 1 step map on the body, with a selection of things like existing treasure chests, but a few additional ones as well that are special to these critters. Make them slow to agro so new players can run away easy enough even on foot. Goal is to have something that should be challenging to 3-5 players of 90+ fight skill. They shouldn't wander around much, and should die of old age in a couple of weeks to make the spawning reasonable. It should be a viable gameplay to go out monster hunting to earn loot, but more so on places like Xan that have the space to also include as a time sink travel and finding the critters. Undead critters like Ghouls could be a nice seasonal thing. As much as I enjoy the existing event, adding more to it would be fun. For new players, have the starter villages be actual villages. This might be a good thing for GV, where there are houses assigned to players (instances would be good for this, I know, I know) and players can stay there until they get something like 3 skills up to 20. The crafting would be limited but would be easy to get into - so someone could try out smithing without having to do mining to find metals and smelt them. But QL would be capped. No fighting other than archery targets and training dummies (but that should be enough!). Someone wanting to do carpentry, for example, could exit their house, go to the carpentry building, and find free pegs, planks, etc. and have an NPC give them some basic quests & instructions. Same would apply to most skills. They build a cabinet or small crate or pet bowl, then get mission credit. Ditto smithing, pottery, glassmaking, tailoring, etc. Use the existing mission system, but cater it to new players and their goals. Big goals would be to allow social interactions and to be able to explore different crafting styles. Encourage players to build up initial skills. When they leave, have it be a ceremony type event to "join the pioneers on the Freedom isles to tame the wilderness" They cannot take anything with them and are given the starter tools after they leave the starter village and go to Freedom. Have decay be super fast so that things don't stick around. Do things that encourage players to work together, to form friendships. People stick around mostly by having friends in game. Alliance based custom graphics. Similar to PMK's but done in a way that is easily changeable without needing the devs to be involved, and that isn't persistent like PMK items. If you are familiar with the game Stelaris, they have a symbol maker at the species creation opening of the game. I am thinking something similar to that. A couple geometric or wurm specific symbols, able to be done in layers. Basically 1 background color. 1 shape (circle, shield, etc) with its own color (can be same as background). 3 layers of symbols (stars, boxes, moons, the gods, trees, axes, swords, boats, etc) so that people can do something say a Pink background, an Orange shield with a black stripe going rampant on it, and a purple pumpkin). These can be shown on Alliance Tabards (like PMK tabards), a new Alliance Sign Post, and on new Alliance Wagons that have a sign on the side and the background color is the same as the wagon cloth covering. Leave the tall banners to the PMK's, ditto tents. Pavilians would be good for the new art colors. Have all alliances be democracies so the leaders can be changed, have the alliance leader buy (cheap like 1s) the alliance charter similar to the PMK charter, have alliances require 5+ different deeds to encourage cooperation but also allow individuals who just want to have their own pretty art have it. The alliance charter holder is the person who can do the art, and forcing all alliances to be democracies (deed holders have votes) removes the drama of people going away. If the alliance disbands then the items turn blank (ie wagons look like the wagoneer wagons, tabards are off white, etc.). If a wagon owner changes alliance, the art on the wagon changes to the new alliance. This might be nice to add a new ship (Dhow) that the sail has the alliance colors, or that the has a flag on it with the alliance symbol on it. Lots of easy possibilities and if the mechanic for the art is part of the game then there should be little supervision from the devs needed to "approve" art.