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  1. Hi, what would be the price for: Stud Jacket & Pants @ 93ish quality + reg leather gloves, boots and sleeves @ 85ish quality? Similar to your balanced sets, really. I was wearing my plate at the rift this past weekend and my house got robbed, so I lost my normal cloths. Have an extra witches hat, and can mix up the dye again I guess, but walking around in the slow plate is making life rough so figure I might as well get an upgrade out of the loss (was wearing the above but all at 70-75ish ql. Thanks PS will be off a lot over the next couple days, so might be slow in responding.
  2. I resemble that lime green wagon!
  3. If you have the butchering knife, Trowel, and stone chisel available (4s each, 12s total) I would be interested.
  4. Still a work in progress as I carve out the floor and add in flooring under the water, but shows the flags and the concept.
  5. Have also added JK and Ebonaura. That is actually 1 more than I originally planned, so will likely remove the freedom green. However, if there are others out there, feel free to contact me. I can adjust plans to add in more. Thank you.
  6. Please add Joymaker to the Mag list, if there is a list and it is still in operation. Thanks!
  7. Have added a BL and Macedon, so looking for 1 more.
  8. I have the following: Anubis, DD, MR and HotS I need 3 more to fill the space I am working on. Want something different than the ones I have. Not to picky as to which ones, to be honest. I was never a part of any of these groups so it is just decoration as far as I am concerned, not anything of any sentimental value. Worse comes to worse, I will leave the dyed flags up and call it good enough. PM me here (please not in game) if you have one or more and are willing to part at a reasonable rate. I can do silver, trade for mats, sleep powder, even have a few extra bloods/scales I can trade (prefer silver, to be honest, but I know how it goes). Thanks for taking the time to read.
  9. Hi Dale, I know you probably already saw, but the links to the upgraded maps are here just in case you missed them. Thank you for keeping this up!
  10. I think the whale changed also. Wasn't it an omnivore - I swear I heard people that had them as "pets" say that they fed them grass. Thanks for the update!
  11. Must see places

    One last one. Again, on the page of lost note. Over in Q12, nice use of lights.
  12. Must see places

    Another lost set of notes. I remember it was something like "German Pride", but I know that isn't right.
  13. Must see places

    I regret to say that I lost my notes for the name of this deed. I didn't stop, but was impressed by the scale, and by the obelisk on top of the lighthouse. Didn't realize this could even be done.
  14. Must see places

    House of Gunn Didn't stop, but the scale of what they have done from sailing by as you exit the canal is real nice.
  15. Must see places

    Sunrise Bay Market. OK, there is no amazing architecture, nothing in the way of landscaping that will be a WOW. In terms of a market, about the only thing I saw for sale were halter ropes.... But, if you are into collectables, this is the place to see. I think I saw one of every wagon and tall banner there. I was in a rush, so just a few quick snaps and on my way.