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  1. I did 3 things to get mine to 80. Every large chest I found on an abandoned deed I hauled home - and imped to 50 in the hopes of turning it rare and selling it (ditto coffer, etc). I build a LSU and filled all the shelves with small chests - they were easy to put in a lot of them and also, people like them if they go rare so you can sell them. 3rd was the small barrels like Thorin suggested. I just aimed to have all at 50ql and before I did so I was at 78.9 FC and moved onto other projects. If you want a wagon full of chests to imp up let me know!
  2. You put the container(s) in a fenced off area, gated. The key is to the gate on the fence. The price should include the container as otherwise people will need to be finding containers to move the items into. Make sure the deed perms are set to allow people to load so they can actually get the container.
  3. 1 flag, COD to Spacy please
  4. Thanks Stanlee & Co. Skull will be a nice addition to my building.
  5. Building Contest

    Drakka will build it. She wants blueprints.
  6. Buyout 40s. Please contact Spacy in game or via PM here. TY.
  7. Noticed this on many items. It doesn't appear to impact actual crafting however.
  8. I like it. Does the fountain (on non water tile) work with any liquid? Would be nice if I dumped wine in it, we had red water.