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  1. Mantra Of Dreams obelisk 7800, 1878 Heaven Fist obelisk 6699, 2570 Island Obelisk obelisk 6672, 2685 And THANK YOU Dale. I know you don't use these, but those of us who do the missions do and having them on the map is a great help.
  2. Place of business (it's a museum, although it is still a work on progress).
  3. Flintstone shirt would be cool.
  4. Do you know if the picnic baskets take damage if on display on a table on deed? If not, I will offer 1s for one.
  5. Needle of Tongue obelisk 4578, 2402 Sleep Obelisk obelisk 4754, 2066 Rest of Strength Pylon 4758, 2060 Fist of Running obelisk 7624, 1248 (yes, same name as another one, this one is on Sleepy's island)
  6. I will start you off with 20 (only want 1 of the flags really).
  7. Winter Needle obelisk 6853, 4999
  8. Rift June 6

    Did a little more prep last night when I got in, including a vyn and mag altar.
  9. In xan chat today, we compared different AH ranks, and discovered that Bred in Captivity appears at 53 skill. Thanks to Halliah and Seriphina for figuring it out.
  10. I always get times mixed up, can you add in the countdown timer like they have on auctions? Thank you either way.
  11. No rush. Enjoy your crap stuff! I am out this weekend as well.