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  1. As one of the locals, I say go for it. Enjoy the new home - I just moved in a month ago or so and am just getting going.
  2. I am assuming this is not yet assembled. If so, 8s. (if it is assembled I wouldn't mind buying it for 1s as decoration, but that isn't what the auction is about).
  3. Choir Dragon

    I have heard, from almost reliable sources, that there will be pie.
  4. Rabbits Hole Canal

    I was just informed that Heritage Status has been granted. I found out that the original canal work was done by Serraphine and dksproket. I want to say thank you to both of them for doing that work. If anybody knows them (or how to contact them), appreciate you pointing them to this thread. Also a thank you to all who helped to re-open it, and to do the transformation of it so we can get this vial waterway protected.
  5. The more I think of this, the more I think about how religion needs to be more balanced as a whole. The entire black light vs white light is so unbalanced for pvp in particular it isn't fun. The roll play solution is to force each kingdom to have only 1 god. The easier solution is to allow each kingdom to have any/all gods. Even more interesting would be to either switch Fo to Black Light, or to add in 2 new Black light gods and rebalance Lib to be less of a jack of all trades and more of a specialist (along with a free priest transfer to go with the rebalance). Now that champs are no longer a thing it should make it easier to do an integration. There can even be differences - epic 1 god, chaos all gods, defiance... don't know enough but would guess all gods. Please consider incorporating this balancing within the plans to fix some of the lore and ongoing lopsidedness. Some serious balancing of the effects needs to happen as well. Test server will be great for it, but I look at a zombie companion as a bla, and a new food item sounds good, but in practice won't change much due to complexity limits already in place. A new moon metal sounds really nice - and will love to see how the mithril (or whatever it is called) works - can be a great thing. Skill point bonus basically needs a portable crafting hall, and I will find it funny to see how many forges, looms, etc. suddenly appear at random spots all over each map (as no buildings - like a rift zone I assume). As this is only a sampling, I keep imagining things like a Vyn zone that allows priests to imp and non-priests to cast spells. Having the zones have a serious negative effect might also be nice and help with balancing - you have a 1% increase to rarity, but items (including armor worn, wagons inside the area, forges dropped on the ground) take a 10-20ql hit per hour (man, hate to be that guy that logged out in his scale set and came back nakid). Or for every imp action on an item, there is a 1% cumulative chance that it explodes damaging all other items nearby, including players, horses, etc. Overall, I am enjoying the possibilities and very much looking forward to what is to come.
  6. Tried searching but was getting odd search results, so apologies if this is already known. When leveling a ceiling that has a time greater than 50 minutes to level, instead of giving a time or starting the scroll bar, it says "finishing" like I would normally expect at the end of the leveling process. The mechanic appears to be working fine, and when I get enough shards off and have to pause (stamina, full floor, etc.), when I next restart the process it will show the time as long as it is under 50 min. Haven't been doing it on floors tall enough to know if it is similar as well.
  7. Was thinking - ossuaries were pretty common. And, we have LOTS of skills. Why not let us build an ossuary wall? Basically a reskin of the existing wall types. Material would be mortar and skulls instead of bricks.
  8. Rabbits Hole Canal

    Request for Heritage Status has been made. There is a request to see if there are any "before" pictures of the canal. I don't have any, was hoping others might.
  9. I am happy to show serious folks around. It is a good deed, lots of growth potential and yet, if you want it to be "done", it is good like that as well. Right now I plan on just going and farming / mining it out. If the right offer were to come in I could have everything out in 2 weeks or so.
  10. PM if interested.