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  1. Congrats! Knight Knight Errant Conan's Brother/Sister Crusader Templar (never mind, that is earlier in the chain, isn't it) Champion Companion Hero Overcompensated
  2. Twas fun. TY
  3. Lunalong 2020

    Happy to help imp lower end carpentry items if needed. 70 carp / 50 FC (can and will be working on these over the next couple weeks so might be slightly higher at the event). Can also bring a few chests of random tools I salvaged for those who might need something or other. And, when I say random, I really do mean random - one place I salvaged had 50 clay spatulas....
  4. COD the remainder to Spacy. TY.
  5. Just tried the link, video not available. Would love to see the fireworks if it made it to youtube.
  6. Update failed

    Never mind, it just worked. No idea what happened.
  7. Update failed

    Nope. Logged off steam, then started the non steam client for my alt.
  8. Update failed

    "Update failed! (Error: Could not copy graphics.jar to graphics.jar.bak)" Any suggestions? Non-steam client. Steam client worked fine.
  9. "Update failed! (Error: Could not copy graphics.jar to graphics.jar.bak)" Any suggestions?
  10. Have had a great time. Turned down 34s and got 5c instead, and had a blast doing so. Thanks for all the fun, imps and casts!
  11. Issue happened to me (my alt). Put in a support ticket. Next day, I was able to loot and butcher. GM asked me to updated thread, making me suspect that they hadn't gotten to this yet, but I didn't do anything other than log out and back in 20 odd RL hours later.
  12. Hi, can I get both staffs, one of the 90's saddles, and the rare sickle? COD to spacy please.
  13. Thanks. I kinda guess it was like that, but figured I would ask in case it wasn't. And, thank you for adding our villages.
  14. If available, I will take the necklace of protection. Cod to Spacy please. Thank you.
  15. 2 new places in F26: 7810, 1820 Poitot 7790, 1880 Syndicate Highway along coast from Tommeki to us has been extended north to Poitot (planned future expansions as well, but months away on the checklists of things we wish to accomplish). Around us are a few deeds that don't wish to be named, but have also done quite a bit of terraforming and they don't mind showing that . No idea what is involved in getting the data to show that, but might make it easier for peeps to find us. Thank you!