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  1. The Libroarian

    TY Stan & Co. for another public slaying. Thought I was doing well til it died, then my screen flickered and I was 4 tiles away from it and the group.... lol. Least my alt was able to heal the horse that the dragon landed its hit on. Shame about the Sermon and people not respecting the list.
  2. No idea when it came about. 2-3 months ago, was told about it after the fact.
  3. Watch the bug, you cannot have a farm planter above another one. Breaks them both. Even 1 above ground and 1 below it doesn't work. Did a nice 3 story underground one a few months ago and found out about it.
  4. [20:48:26] The settlement of Poitot has just been disbanded. One of the deeds I inherited has gone goodbye, it is on the map (F26).
  5. Ohhh, nice, new canal near me. Gotta try it out someday soon!
  6. County Spacy's alt out. RL intervention and I won't be able to get home from work in time. Thanks though.
  7. Oh, nice. My priest is new (45 ish faith) but if I can sneak in that would be great. If not, I am sure there will be others coming up.
  8. [ unintelligible muttering followed by a Thank You ] [ random gif of a thumbs up ]
  9. Cool. I have a crazy schedule during the week this week, will try to catch you on Saturday. Thanks!
  10. 53 at 1.59 kg. Trade chat says 1-2c per crystal, but that feels low. How about 1.59s? Basically 1s per kg or 3c each? Mail would suck as I expect it to charge 1c per crystal, so can arrange to meet up somewhere if that works for you.
  11. How much would you like for the source crystals?