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  1. Lake naming

    I always mentally called the big lake that includes E,F,G 18 Hatchet Lake, as it looks like a hatchet to me.
  2. for tuna is no longer a deed. There is a deed there, however, as they didn't ID themselves probably best to just take it off the map.
  3. Came across a canal. It is usable knarr, and has a road along side it. Looks like it was originally a private access to a single deed, but the old deed (Ak'Anon by the bridge names) has fallen and it looks like it is just wild lands now. 3913,375 South end 3910,273 North End
  4. Hi Dale, these are all basically at the same spot (mission structures) 2415, 557 Abode of Secrets (temple) Sanctuary of Troll (temple) Sanctuary of Heaven (temple) Secret to cat (spirit gate) Valeri Gate (spirit gate) Roundabouts Challenge (obelisk) Wisdom Remembrance (shrine) Borrow of Shame (shrine)
  5. The bridge at 1184, 394 is too low and blocks boats. You need to get out and push your boat (I was in a sailboat) through while swimming along.
  6. If you will go down to 0.70 for the scale (total of 57.4s), you can COD to Spacy. 10s for the three pots of butchery? Again, if that is OK please COD to spacy. Thanks
  7. I remember patch notes a while ago saying they can be loaded, but this page says not. I don't have one handy to try it on, but figure someone might be able to check and update if necessary.
  8. Bloodthirst

    Casted a few boodthirsts lately. The weapon isn't showing the cast in inventory, but if you inspect it, it will show. Have to remove and add back to inventory for it to show. Not a big deal, but I just noticed this.
  9. We (HLL) have tall banners on our merchant, located at convenient Tap Dance Market on Cele. Feel free to pick up as many as you would like at your convenience (note: they are not mailable).