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Found 108 results

  1. 🩸Saved up a bit from different Uniques.🩸 7 Black Dragon~ 3 silver each 5 Black Hatchling~ 2 silver each 11 Blue Dragon~ 3 silver each 8 White Dragon~ 2 silver each 2 Red Dragon~ 3 silver each 3 Red Dragon Hatchling~ 3 silver each 5 Forest Giant~ 4 silver each Thanks~Amantnovi Updated
  2. Note: when you order please specify the name you want mailed to Available Dye of different colours Tier 1 Green/White 80+ Ql Note white only works for lamps/lanterns doesn't work for armour , wood or anything alse 1kg=10c 10kg=80c 45 kg barrel=3s Tier 2 Red/Blue 80+ Ql 1kg=20c 10kg=1.6s 45 kg barrel=4s Tier 3 Yellow/Purple/Cyan/Pink 80+ Ql 1kg=30c 10kg=2.4s 45 kg barrel=6s Tier 4 Black 70+ Ql 1kg=50c 10kg=3s 45 kg barrel=7s bulk discount available Concrete/ Ash/ Lye 100 concrete = 1s 1000 concrete =8s 100 Ash =80c 1000 Ash = 7s Lye barrel random ql = 50c Use this page for different colours or custom Dye Items for sale below (includes a price, last column) Finally managed to update rare /potions stock Rare items, statues and other rare stuff Items in merchants can also be found at T12 celebration, Archdale
  3. Good time of Day to you all! I have turned my Horde of Blood into a Horde of Potions and Oils! Sales are first come first serve~ Pm Gillie either in Game or right here! Acid Potion Quality Cost potion of acid Q 39.94 2.9 Silver potion of acid Q 84.89 3.4 Silver Oli of Armoursmithing Quality Cost Oli of Armoursmithing Q 67.28 2.9 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Quality Cost Oli of Blacksmithing Q 52.16 2.9 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 91.17 3.1 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 40.35 2.8 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 84.08 3.1 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 64.33 2.9 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 91.12 3.1 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 92.21 3.1 Silver Oli of Weaponsmith Quality Cost Oli of Weaponsmith Q 60.18 2.9 Silver Butchery Potion Quality Cost potion of butchery Q 71.10 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 79.54 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 68.69 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 86.13 3.6 Silver potion of butchery Q 77.96 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 73.45 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 98.35 3.7 Silver potion of butchery Q 93.88 3.6 Silver potion of butchery Q 63.07 3.4 Silver potion of butchery Q 74.19 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 92.28 3.6 Silver Carpentry Potion Quality Cost potion of carpentry Q 89.59 3.8 Silver potion of carpentry Q 57.63 3.2 Silver potion of carpentry Q 83.88 3.7 Silver potion of carpentry Q 81.54 3.6 Silver potion of carpentry Q 97.24 3.9 Silver Fletching potion Quality Cost fletching potion Q 94.11 3.4 Silver fletching potion Q 87.67 3.3 Silver Leatherworking Potion Quality Cost potion of leatherworking Q 83.22 3.2 Silver potion of leatherworking Q 83.87 3.3 Silver potion of leatherworking Q 47.53 2.7 Silver Ropemaking Potion Quality Cost Ropemaking Potion Q 96.59 4.5 Silver Ropemaking Potion Q 76.75 4.4 Silver Mining Potion Quality Cost Potion of Mining Q 96.75 4.4 Silver Potion of Mining Q 87.17 4.3 Silver Tailoring Potion Quality Cost ointment of tailoring Q 55.29 3.8 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 73.58 4.1 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 84.03 4.3 Silver
  4. Selling the following unique potions: 2s per: Potion of Woodcutting 50,18ql 6x Potion of Mining, ql range 52-72 3x Fletching potion, ql range 58-79 2x Oil of the Armoursmith, both 79ql 4x Oil of the weaponsmith, ql range 72-79 2x Oil of the Blacksmith, 71 and 78ql 50c per: 5x Potion of acid 13x Salve of Frost
  5. Rift metal: rare Adamantine 85,21 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Adamantine 81,67 ql / 0.34 kg 2s SOLD Seryll 83.72 ql / 0.25 kg 1,5s SOLD Seryll 86.36 ql / 0.25 kg 1,5s SOLD Glimmersteel 80,40 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Glimmersteel 83,78 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Glimmersteel 84,27 ql / 0.33 kg 2s Glimmersteel 85,04 ql / 0.33 kg 2s Glimmersteel 87,15 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Glimmersteel 58,65 ql / 0.30 kg 1.5s Rift jewelry: Necklace of focus 75 ql / 0 dmg 60c Necklace of protection 50 ql / 0 dmg 60c Shoulder Pads: Crafted shoulder pad 50 ql / 0 dmg 20c Left layered 50 ql / 0 dmg 20c Boar shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Curved shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Small shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Right elaborate 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c SOLD Ribboned/Left 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c SOLD Ointments & Potions Ointment of Stonecutting 66.19 ql 1s Ointment of Stonecutting 70.59 ql 1.1s Ointment of Stonecutting 74.53 ql 1.2s Ointment of Stonecutting 80.65 ql 1.25s Ointment of Stonecutting 91.38 ql 1.5s Potion of mining 54.56 ql 2s Potion of mining 96.18 ql 3.5s Potion of mining 85.85 ql 3s Oil of the Armour Smith 33.64 ql 60c Oil of the Armour Smith 61.74 ql 1s Oil of the Armour Smith 62.09 ql 1s
  6. I am offering the following potions and oils, made from unique blood: - - All sold for now - - [ S O L D ]: Can be mailed (buyer pays CoD) or picked up in SE Deliverance (Community Map: T19, Ingame Map: q22)
  7. Potions Ointment of stonecutting - ql 97.94 Ointment of stonecutting - ql 73.08 Ointment of stonecutting - ql 68.83 Oil of the weaponsmith - ql 51.15 Oil of the weaponsmith - ql 48.077 Oil of the weaponsmith - ql 42.43 Potion of woodcutting - ql 91.39 Potion of woodcutting - ql 71.83 Potion of carpentry - ql 71.53 Potion of mining - ql 63.00 Potion of butchery - ql 95.15 Scales Blue dragon scale - weight: 0.22 Black dragon scale - weight: 0.27 Lumps Seryll - total weight is 0.73, ql 70-91 Rare seryll, 0.26, ql 88 Glimmersteel - total weight: 0.72, ql 83-90 Rare glimmersteel, 0.39, ql 96 Adamantine - total weight 0.44, ql 85-88 Tools Rare pickaxe, iron, ql 92.49, COC 92, WOA 78 Bulk 1.5 k reed, 84ql / 1.5 s free delivery on freedom coastline 1.05k stone bricks, 43ql / 1.5 s, free delivery on freedom coastline 2.4k dirt / 2.5 s, free delivery on freedom coastline more coming.... Make me an offer! You can find me in wurm as Zkovacs.
  8. Goblin leader = Potion of mining Blue dragon hatchling = Potion of fletching Goblin leader blood - 2s each The rest - 1,5s each
  9. Been here before, but lets look at another application of "The Yellow Potion". How about an alchemy feature that it adds some bonus to other potions such as bloods, oils, and even enchant or enhance it with slow decay/ longevity/ no decay(a value the yellow potion can impart. So, how about the addition of a "Longevity Alchemy" in which the yellow concoction added to another mentioned item adds/gives its longevity or no decay value to the item it is used on or in. With the addition of the Alchemy feature of potions and oils it would be nice to put them up with no decay to worry about...and drive the value of the dreaded yellow potion up. Could be added to materials as well using the function of the new slower decay runes too or a third "add" window option to the creation/crafting window. Re-purpose them to good use or at least increase the desire to want and trade them.
  10. Selling the following items: Potions, 1s per: 7x weaponsmithing (60-68ql) 17x fletching (45-94ql) 5x acid (63-96ql) 9x frost (60-99ql) Moonmetals, make an offer: 5x glimmersteel - 0,33kg 81ql, 0,32kg 81ql rare, 0,34kg 83ql, 0,33kg 84ql, 0,34kg 85ql 8x seryll - 0,25kg 81ql, 0,25kg 83ql, 0,25kg 84ql, 0,28kg 86ql, 0,25kg 87ql, 0,25kg 98ql, 0,25kg 99ql, 0,26kg 91ql rare Shoulders, 50c per: right layered, steel, 75ql left shielding, iron, 75ql left basic, iron, 75ql
  11. Everything has to be gone! I am not leaving wurm, just clearing out... Moon metals Bloods&Potions Rift gears Animal parts Mortar/bricks/grass Sprouts&Seedlings Rare trash(and not only!) Food Others: Drake hide Valentines Archaeology statue fragments JK unfinished guard tower If you are looking for favor or digging/mining/woodcutting products up to 100ql PM me on forum or ingame (Szczur) I accept silvers&euros Send me a PM with your offer or questions! Friendly ad:
  12. Please post here or pm me on the forum and I will mail the item to you asap. 89.99ql Oil of Weapon Smith 1.75s 99.32ql Potion of Ropemaker 4s 80.97ql Potion of Leatherworking 2s 79.30ql Potion of Leatherworking 1.5s 95.79ql Potion of Leatherworking 2s 94.24ql Potion of Carpentry 3.5s 34.34ql Potion of Carpentry 3s 91.68ql Fletching Potion 1s 78.69ql Fletching Potion 1s 85.39ql Potion of Acid 50c 75.88ql Salve of Frost 50c 83.02ql Salve of Frost 50c 85.39ql Potion Woodcutting 2.75s 79.20ql Ointment of Stonecutting 1.75s 93.34ql Ointment of Tailoring 1.75s 80.16ql Potion of Butchery 4s 70.71ql Oil of Blacksmith 2.75s 70.07ql Potion of Mining 2.75s 60.93ql Potion of Mining 2.75s
  13. Looking for offers on these items, no sensible offer refused! I'm selling up, so not looking for lots of $$$$, just a fair price.
  14. Looking to sell a lot of different little treasures. Need offers!
  15. Make me reasonable offers on the following: Also have a rare rowboat and an MR wagon for sale, if anyone's interested. Sold: All drake Mining potions Stonecutting potion(s) Sleep powders Dredge Studded set MR wagon What's Left: Some potions* Puppets Anvil Carving Knife Scale Rare rowboat *Tomorrow I'll check specifics, I had all the bloods turned into (high ql thx archaed) potions; they are all weaponsmithing, armoursmithing, and fletching though. Will also update screenshot tomorrow.
  16. Make an offer for these potions if you want them. I'll consider all your offers.
  17. Weapons: 90QL rare maul, iron (N97FB97C96MS90) - 10s (5,46 damage) Enchanted items: 92QL needle,iron (BoTD96) - 1.7s 91QL awl, iron (BoTD97) 1.7s 92QL leather knife,iron (BoTD95) - 1.7s 94QL rare pickaxe, iron (WoA79, 63 Mining Imbue) -> make an offer -< Misc: 90QL toolbelt, leather - 80c Shoulderpads: 75QL left stylish shoulder pad, gold - 2.5s 75QL human skull shoulder pad - 2.5s 75QL skull shoulder pad - 1s 75QL exquisite shoulder pad - 60c 75QL left elaborate shoulder pad - 80c 75QL boar shoulder pad - 1s 50QL left layered shoulder pad - 50c Bloods: 3x forest giant bloods - 2s each 1x goblin leader blood - 2.3s 1x kyklops blood - 1.5s Potions: 85QL oil of the blacksmith - 1.5s 85QL oil of the armour smith - 1.5s 79QL fletching potion - 1.3s
  18. WTS Shoulder pads 1x Dragon shoulder pad 75ql 1s 2x Crafted shoulder pad 75ql 50c each 2x Boar shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Exquisite shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Left elaborate shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Smal shoulder pad 50ql 15c 1x Reight layered shoulder pad 25ql 10c Potion on woodcutting 77ql 2s 73ql 2s Oil of weapon smith 88ql 1,5s 86ql 1,5s 82ql 1,5s 78ql 1,2s 71ql 1,2s 68ql 1s 60ql 1s 2x picknik basket (christmas gift 2016) 1s/each 1x Yule reindeer (christmas gift 2015) 1s Glimmer 84ql 0,34kg 3s Rare 1x Rare fruitpress camelliawood 78,87ql 4s Answer here, send a pm on forum or to Freddykrueger ingame
  19. Shoulderpads: 75ql small shoulder pad 1s. 75ql double shoulder pad 1s. 75ql triple shoulder pad 1s. 75ql left elaborate shoulder pad 1s. 75ql exquisite shoulder pad 1s. 50ql crafted shoulder pad 1s. Potions: 86ql armorsmithing potion 2s. 65ql, 72ql & 77ql leatherworking potions 1.5s each. 89ql leatherworking potion 2.5s. 89ql & 90ql fletching potions 1.5s each. 63ql,68ql & 89ql acid pots 25c each. Sleep powder, 1s each.
  20. Hello! Just find what interests you, pm me with your offer and we will negotiate the price! *Buyer covers the C.O.D. cost. *Don't be shy to ask or present your offer *Enjoy Rares Bloods&Potions Rift Shoulder Pads Rare&Supreme recipes Enchants 80+ Random Enchants Bulks Random stuff - pay as much as you want, everything goes for upkeep
  21. It's time I do a potion sale, been a while. In order to make this post easier to browse I've created spoilers. Special deals Bulk deals of 5 potions or up will get you a discount on the most expensive potion of 20% Bulk deals of 10 potions or up will get you a discount on the most expensive potion of 50% Bulk deals of over 20s worth of potions entitle you to 5% discount (1s or more) Bulk deals of over 40s worth of potions entitle you to 10% discount (4s or more) Will trade potions from these lists for ropemaking potions, PM me for details All potions will be mailed ASAP with a 1 minute timer mailbox free of charge. Orders can be made here or in Forum PM, not in game please (so I can keep a tab on the orders). 1. Potions of Mining 2. Potions of Woodcutting 3. Potions of Blacksmithing 4. Potions of Weaponsmihing 5. Potions of Armorsmithing 6. Potions of Leatherworking - OUT OF STOCK 7. Potions of Fletching 8. Potions of Tailoring - OUT OF STOCK 9. Potions of Stonecutting - OUT OF STOCK 10.Potions of Acid* 11. Potions of Frost* 12. Fighting Potions 13. Yellow Potions 14. Sleep powders Happy shopping everyone!
  22. Hello! I have for sailing some potions!
  23. potion of mining, 77ql - 3s potion of mining, 76ql - 3s fletching potion, 79q - 80c oil of the weapon smith, 94ql - 1.5s ointment of stonecutting, 50ql - 1s oil of the armour smith, 95ql - 1.5s