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Found 99 results

  1. Imbue service is back into business! Being the stocks limited by nature, pricing is valid for the first imbue of any type ordered only! (the price will increase as stock thins out). Prices are for level 100 imbue on first order received of a given type of imbue on a single item. 20 silvers: Ointment of stonecutting Fletching potion Oil of the weapon smith The above oils/potions are also available for mailing: 2.5 silvers each 20 silvers: Potion of leatherworking 30 silvers: Potion of woodcutting Potion of mining Oil of the armour smith Oil of the blacksmith 40 silvers: Potion of butchery Potion of ropemaking Potion of carpentry Ointment of tailoring 50 coppers (fixed price, no imbue power applicable and only one of them is needed per item): Salve of frost Potion of acid Salve of frost and potion of acid are also available for mailing for 50c each
  2. Just some possible ideas which could be considered one day. 1. A bug repellent potion: made from plants which in real life repel bugs. (eg. lavender, garlic & mint) This potion would allow you to pass unmolested by scorpions/cave bugs for a period of time. 2. A special 'twin' trait only for twins: As the ability to have twins for an animal is rare and twins themselves are even more rare... then having a super rare trait special to only twins. If the mother for instance births twins that each have 4 draft traits, then they would gain a special unique trait that give them a bonus to their main trait. Making them 'together' not 4 drafts, but 5 drafts. They would both need to be hitched on the same team for this super rare trait to be in effect. It would make twins highly desirable if they got a bonus trait if kept within a couple of tiles of each other. If they were 4 speeds and were ridden by two people riding together across terrain, then if they stay close together, they would get a speed bonus making them 5 speeds. This extra special trait limited by distance between the twins doing a task. This tile distance would have to be determined. 3. The option of a dress for characters: I know this is very minor and hardly worth mentioning, but as a girl... it would be nice if we could have the option of a dress which we could dye. Or just something slightly girlish. 4. Local voice chat option: Not everyone would like this option... but if one is near another character in game, pressing T would allow you to verbally talk to the person, like you would if you were near a person in real life. They would have the option of replying through typing a reply or pressing T to verbally reply. This would be local only and maybe limited to a few tiles from your character... (realistic distance of talking). This option would need to have the ability to turn it off in the options menu if people do not want to verbally hear someone say hi to them in game, or to allow you to block verbal talking from one particular person. It may be more effort than it is worth... but it is just an idea worth putting forward. 5. The ability to remove a tent on your deed: I personally have a tent that belonged ages ago to a new player that set up a tent and quit. The contents in the tent has long since rotted away but the tent which is immortal on a deed... can not be moved or taken down since it belonged to another character. It would be nice if we could remove a tent if the person has not logged in a period of time and the tent is on YOUR deed. Just a little frustrating. I can handle carts and horses left on my deed... as I just starve the horses over time until they die. Then I push the cart off the deed. I can't set fire to a tent, destroy it or push it, no matter how much I may wish to.
  3. blood (red dragon hatchling) - 2.5s 2x rare mallet, oakenwood (blank, QL 50) - 3.5s ea rare Hammer, iron (blank) - 4s 4k stone bricks - 1.9s/k Buy all 4k for 7. 2s (coastal delivery included) restocking
  4. You all like potions right? These are just taking up space in my chest. Acid, Armor, Blacksmithing, Butchery, Carpentry, Fletching, Frost, Leatherworking, Mining, Ropemaking, Tailoring and Weaponsmithing! 10% off orders of 3+ 20% off orders of 7+ 25% off orders of 10+ Leave your purchase requests or questions here, forum DM me, or in game@VirusMDas well. All potions are first come first serve. List Updated: 10/19 Acid Potion Quality Cost potion of acid Q 90.44 2.0 Silver Butchery Potion Quality Cost potion of butchery Q 73.93 3.0 Silver potion of butchery Q 68.57 3.0 Silver potion of butchery Q 85.70 3.1 Silver potion of butchery Q 98.76 3.2 Silver potion of butchery Q 62.30 3.4 Silver potion of butchery Q 57.60 3.4 Silver potion of butchery Q 73.59 3.6 Silver Blacksmithing Quality Cost oil of the blacksmith Q 72.05 3.1 Silver Carpentry Potion Quality Cost potion of carpentry Q 79.27 3.6 Silver potion of carpentry Q 99.91 4.0 Silver Frost Potion Quality Cost salve of frost Q 98.52 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 42.80 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 65.20 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 09.13 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 09.52 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 14.19 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 72.07 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 49.75 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 79.14 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 45.86 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 71.96 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 09.15 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 73.56 2.0 Silver salve of frost Q 54.20 2.0 Silver Fletching potion Quality Cost fletching potion Q 71.23 2.9 Silver Leatherworking Potion Quality Cost potion of leatherworking Q 91.00 3.4 Silver Mining Potion Quality Cost Potion of Mining Q 84.70 4.3 Silver Potion of Mining Q 48.81 4.0 Silver Potion of Mining Q 96.08 4.5 Silver Potion of Mining Q 59.43 4.1 Silver Tailoring Potion Quality Cost ointment of tailoring Q 95.72 3.6 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 84.47 3.5 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 87.71 3.5 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 24.65 2.6 Silver
  5. WTB Red Dragon Blood or Potion of Ropemaker, PM Perlia or Message here
  6. Tailoring ointment - 1s & 1.5s (2s for both) Salve of Frost - 25c Oil of armoursmith - 2s Potion of carpentry - 1.5s Sold (1s) Green scale - 15s .54kg Black scale - 10s .34kg (22s if you buy both green and black) Sold (22s) Fantastic champagne - make offer Spyglass - 1s Sold (50c) White drake hide - 3.2s .12 Sold (3s) Black drake hide - 3.2s > Free red drake hide .08kg if you buy white and black Sold (3s)
  7. Goblin leader = Potion of mining Blue dragon hatchling = Potion of fletching Goblin leader blood - 2s each The rest - 1,5s each
  8. WTS some potions (COD included): Fletching potions, 1s each: WS oils, 1s each:
  9. Looking for offers on these items, no sensible offer refused! I'm selling up, so not looking for lots of $$$$, just a fair price.
  10. Post or PM me offers SOLD: Seryll Chain Sleeve
  11. Hello, I am currently looking to buy some potions of woodcutting and mining for a few items. Hoping to get a deal of some sort! Pm me offers and what you have and we can discuss it! Thanks!
  12. WTS contents of pic for listed price OBO
  13. Pm me with offers All items are on pristine
  14. Hi Everyone! MISC items for sale - mooring ropes (will sell 30 for 50c OBO) - 96.6 ql Weaponsmithing potion 2.5s (Great deal!) Thanks!
  15. WTS a ql 96.6 Weaponsmithing potion - 3s OBO. If you want to buy or barter, shoot me a message!
  16. [SOLD]

    WTS potion of mining 92ql = 3.5s - Sold awaiting mailbox collection
  17. oil of the weaponsmith QL84, 1.5s potion of frost QL99 x2, 50c ea all 3 for 2s sleep pwder, 1s left elaborate shoulder pad, leather QL75, 50c rare seryll lump (QL87, 0.265kg), offer rare frying pan, 2.5s obo rare dirt, 10c rare wool, 10c rare recipe (goblin liver & onion x3, 10c ea rare frying pan, 2.5s rare fsb, offer rare camilla sprout, 10c potion of mining QL98.99, 5.5s potion of mining QL65, 2.75s potion of mining QL75, 3s potion of mining QL75, 3s oil of the blacksmith QL85 x2, 2s ea oil of the weaponsmith QL69, 1.5s oil of the weaponsmith QL66, 1.5s both sold for 2.5 ointment of stonecutting QL89, 2s ointment of stonecutting QL85, 2s (both for 3s) glimmersteel lump QL85 (0.34kg), 3s tripple shoulder pad, leather QL75, 50c referal, 6.5s ofc, feel free to offer if you re not happy with the pricing for buyout or offer -> pls pm me
  18. I've been saving them up for a couple years now and time to raise deed money. Just post the QL you want and I'll try to COD/update list at least daily. QLs Sold: 79.79 83 83 84
  19. For sale; x17 Yellow Potions x17 Sleeping Powders Located at D14, possible delivery. PM me ingame, @HeWhoHordesManyPillowsor reply here. Thanks for looking.
  20. POTIONS AND OILS Potion of Leatherworking 65.34QL 1.5s Oil of the Armour Smith 91.53QL 1s Oil of the Armour Smith 89.05QL 1s Fletching Potion 68.43QL 1s Fletching Potion 73.54QL 1s Potion of Mining 66.94QL 1s Potion of Mining 43.22QL 1s Potion of Woodcutting 94.57QL 1s Potion of Woodcutting 50.17QL 1s Salve of Frost 92.84QL 30c