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Found 9 results

  1. Goblin leader = Potion of mining Blue dragon hatchling = Potion of fletching Goblin leader blood - 2s each The rest - 1,5s each
  2. potion of mining, 77ql - 3s potion of mining, 76ql - 3s fletching potion, 79q - 80c oil of the weapon smith, 94ql - 1.5s ointment of stonecutting, 50ql - 1s oil of the armour smith, 95ql - 1.5s
  3. These oils will improve your max improving levels. i.e. w/ a 96ql oil you can improve your sword from your current max of 80ql to 89-90ql. Weapon-smith oil: 96ql Weapon-smith oil: 92ql 3.5s each or 6 silver for both Armour-smith oil: 84ql Armour-smith oil 69ql 2.5s each or 5 silver for both Message me @ mrzodiac
  4. Xanadu Q13 Map location Merchants located Black Forest Bazaar Offering a 10% permanent discount to return customers* 10% bulk order purchase discount on orders over 5 items (stacks with the return discount) *Excluding rares and supremes Bulk purchase discount available *SUPREMES* *RARES* *COMPASSES* *DIOPTRAS* *ENCHANTED TOOLS* *ENCHANTED WEAPONS* *WEAPONS* *TOOLS* *Whetstones* *Special deals* *ARMOUR* *FURNITURE* *JEWELRY SMITHING* *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As I know not everyone has silver coins ready to pay with I take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Gems 2c/QL under 10QL 1c/QL over 10QL Sleep powder 1s Seryll lumps 5s Ash 1s/1k Mortar 2.5s/1k Bricks 2.5s/1k Dirt 1s/1k Slate shards 1s/1k Slate shingles 2.5s/1k Concrete 1s/100 Open to other offers All bulk for barter must be delivered and in crates *DELIVERY* Happy to mail any items for cod fee Any delivery wanted for items not mailable is charged at: 1s for Exodus 1s for Deliverance 1s for South west Xanadu 1.5s for West Xanadu 1.5s for South Xanadu 1.5s for Celibration 1.5s for South and east Independance 1.5s for Release 1.5s for Pristine 2s for South east Xanadu 2s for North west Xanadu 2s for North Xanadu 2s for East Xanadu 2s for North east Xanadu 2s for North and west Independance 2.5s for Central Independance 3s for Central Xanadu (Accessible by knarr only) Chaos willing to discuss
  5. wts 50.03ql oil of the armour smith, 2s buyer pays cod from xanadu.
  6. Hiho, i would like to sell some unused things that pile up. Potion Type QL Woodcutting 89 3s Woodcutting 86 3s Woodcutting 74 3s Woodcutting 15 2s Armour Smith 95 3s Armour Smith 84 2s Armour Smith 76 2s Leatherworking 94 3s Leatherworking 82 2,5s Leatherworking 79 2,5s Leatherworking 78 2,5s Leatherworking 75 2,5s Leatherworking 74 2,5s Leatherworking 73 2,5s Leatherworking 71 2,5s Leatherworking 70 2,5s Leatherworking 69 2,5s Leatherworking 57 2s Leatherworking 38 2s Buyer pays CoD if available. Pickup / Delivery Delivery to coast only (except Pristine) Pickup at O19 on Pristine Free delivery on Pristine and Release Xanadu 2s Any other server 3s No delivery on Chaos Pm here or ingame for information. Please post the order/offer below. ~ Nekoras
  7. WTS woodcutting potions and armour smith oils. 1. potion of woodcutting, 91.52ql - 4s 2. potion of woodcutting, 73.94ql - 3s 3. oil of the armour smith, 90.74ql - 3s50c 4. oil of the armour smith, 72.55ql - 3s Buyers pay COD.
  8. For sale: 42.21ql oil of the armoursmith -->1.5s 81.23ql oil of the armoursmith --->2s Can be collected from Sandhil x23 y31 on Exo. or I can CoD on buyer cost.
  9. Hello! I like participating in unique hunts, and by doing that I managed to amass a good number of those tasty potions. It's time to auction them off. Pickup can be arranged from Xanadu (M20) or Pristine (O16). I can also mail from one of these servers. For everything: Starting bid: 1s Increments: 50c No reserve No buyout 1h sniper protection Current bids: 1# - 4s (Tuanta) 2# - 4s (Tuanta) 3# - 1s (froggeryz) 4# - 1s (froggeryz) 5# - 1s (Ted) 6# - 1s (Ted) 7# - 1s (Ted) 8# - 1s (Ted) 9# - 1s (Ted) 10# - 1s (Ted) 11# - 1s (Ted) 12# - 2s (Ryamu) 13# - 14# - 3s (Tuanta) 15# - 3s (Tuanta) 16# - 3s (Tuanta) Good luck!