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  1. Seems to be working again now, done nothing else since .... strange Still getting the Ogg message, but not causing a problem. Thanks for suggestions tho
  2. Thanks for your suggestion - but no luck... I have edited the hosts file ( still had Wurm entry from the DNS issue a while back) I have updated Java (was on 141, now on 144) I have tried deleting the packs I have tried both Stable and Unstable I have cleared the java cache. I have also tried using the play button on main screen I have manually downloaded the packs I have rebooted several times I briefly managed to get past this, but as soon as I logged out - back to square one..... One thing I can see in the log which is a bit strange is this: Sep 23, 2017 5:48:34 PM class.GcGouch1v mMV5oPkCW SEVERE: Input does not appear to be an Ogg bitstream Sorrow
  3. Update Failed! (Error: Error opening connection to patch server.) Anyone else getting this issue ? Been trying for last 5 or 6 hrs with no luck. Was online earlier this morning perfectly OK. Have tried moving packs elsewhere, but no change.... Any help appreciated Sorrow
  4. WTS: Rift Items & Potions

    Hi Xanto I'll hold them for you, and have a few more if interested. I'm on GMT+1 time-zone, will be around for next few hours and 4-5 hrs earlier tomorrow ... Regards Sorrow
  5. WTS: Rift Items & Potions

    [15:17:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  6. WTS: Rift Items & Potions

    I have the following for sale - all unused. Pickup possible - Pest Harbour, Indy G17 86.20ql adamantine lump 0.34kg - 3s 88.10ql adamantine lump 0.35kg - 3s 85.21ql rare adamantine lump 0.34kg - 3.5s 84.27ql glimmersteel lump 0.33 kg - 3s 85.04ql glimmersteel lump 0.33 kg - 3s 75ql small shoulder pad (cotton) - 75c 75ql curved shoulder pad (cotton) - 75c 75ql right elaborate shoulder pad (leather) - 75c 75ql ribboned shoulder pad - 75c 50ql left layered shoulder pad (steel) - 50c 50ql fist bracelet (seryll) - 1s 75ql short sword bracelet (seryll) - 1s 75ql necklace of focus (seryll) - 2s 50ql necklace of protection (seryll) - 1s 85.85ql mining potion - 4.5s 74.53ql ointment of stonecutting - 1.5s
  7. WTS: Rift Items and Sleep Powders

    [20:33:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  8. WTS: Rift Items and Sleep Powders

    Good question, cos my maths wos faulty - thanks for pointing it out - corrected
  9. WTS: Rift Items and Sleep Powders

    There are now 3 seryll lumps, willing to sell them for 3s.....