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Found 270 results

  1. It's a rift! In the north! Pick your jaws off the floor and go about HERE:
  2. Black Friday Sales! Active now, until december the 2nd 2019, the annual Black Friday weekend sales are back! Check the website for the various discounts, discounts are valid on stock items only. If it's sold, its sold !!!Location Change!!! The shop has moved from the forums to our own website Https:// Updates! (November 28, 2019) - With one of the new updates came the new journal rewards, also a line for the priests. One of the rewards for those is a +5 in casting power and we now have the ability to cast the already known casts upto 109 cast power!! Have look inside for new superfancy stuff with some incredible casts (more to come soon) - Another change that was made was how the color runes work, the rune now gets a RGB value upon creation (which can be found by examining the rune) So you can tell upfront which color your item will be! To make your new color search even easier I've added a feature to the website that actually shows you a cell in the table with the actual color the rune will give! - Also tons of new stuff has been added and discounts on different sections may pop on and off at any moment, so make sure you keep an eye on it all - Over 350 new skillers added! - New Rift drops section added! - Juices and beverages section added! - Odds & Ends section added!
  3. November 16th, 2021. 1603 Hours local time Participants are massing up ready to begin the slaughter of a Rift. Private Ltnicolas (yes, it's named as a lieutenant but is as green as a rookie. Great start), 8th class, is finishing up his preparatives. 2H Sword? Check Leather Armor while riding a horse? Check 40 units of wool? Check (Spoiler: I ran short) Horse Armor? (What's that? can you eat it?) Mouse cursor running lightning fast across the screen, hovering over every player, hoping to find someone known to me to follow in hopes of getting some clues as to what the hell I have to do here. The Rift opens. Creatures start to litter the area. The slaughter begins. Player count: 34. I feel safe. Well, not for long... (Extract from PMs with Baeowuf while rifting. Timestamps are local time. Post-notes are marked with asterisk and brackets) [16:47:55] <Ltnicolas> doing my first rift ever [16:48:03] <Baeowuf> Oooh, fun! [16:48:06] <Baeowuf> Be careful [16:48:14] <Ltnicolas> man this is a massacre *(OFC it's a massacre: It's so damn easy to swing a huge blade trying to cut some flesh and (hopefully) avoid being hit. Especially if no one's hitting you) [16:48:33] <Baeowuf> XD [16:48:37] <Baeowuf> The NOISES [16:48:40] <Baeowuf> Are awful *(Yes they are) [16:48:45] <Baeowuf> I always have to disable sound at rifts [16:49:19] <Ltnicolas> 125% agree. Summoners hit sound like a mix of a donkey and a mosquito *(No exaggeration here) [16:50:07] <Baeowuf> LMAO yeah [16:50:13] <Baeowuf> Seen any ogres yet? [16:50:39] <Ltnicolas> yeah they are right in front of me [16:50:44] <Ltnicolas> they asound like a 50cc scooter *(again: they sound BAD. not like a bad boy, but just plain bad) [16:50:57] <Baeowuf> Hahaha (So far so fun, right?) [16:51:15] <Baeowuf> Those ogre mages can put a hurting on you fast if you don't watch out for their AoE spells (I should have known better. Now here comes the other kind of "fun") [16:51:49] <Ltnicolas> [16:51:33] <Laval> oh boy a champ *(Another player spots a champ moments later. DUH) [16:52:00] <Ltnicolas> we could call it a SNAFU [16:54:46] <Baeowuf> Never been a more accurate word for it *(SNAFU: Situation Normal: All F*cked Up) [16:55:12] <Ltnicolas> there is [16:55:17] <Ltnicolas> [16:55:06] You see a severe fracture at the right calf. The wound is worsening. *(Took a HUGE blow. Severe leg bruise, worsening. Adding all other small wounds the situation is really dire.) [16:55:24] <Ltnicolas> see? *(Low First Aid means repeated failures to bandage) [16:55:38] <Baeowuf> OOF [16:56:15] <Ltnicolas> what could possibly be worse? *(As soon as i was typing...) [16:56:18] <Ltnicolas> how about... [16:56:19] <Ltnicolas> [16:56:07] You try to treat the wound with a healing cover but fail. [16:56:25] <Ltnicolas> (my 20 power cover) *(my ONLY cover, and had run out of bandages) [16:56:38] <Ltnicolas> this is (almost) hilarious actually *(Sometimes, like with all things in life, big or small, when things go waaaay bad it starts to become hilarious. Or almost hilarious) [16:57:13] <Baeowuf> No Fo priests? [16:57:20] <Ltnicolas> yes there are [16:57:42] <Ltnicolas> but at 28% health i dont want to risk one-shot, as we're focusing champ *(OFC! I lost more than 50% HP in a single blow, no covers, no bandages. i don't want to risk getting one-shotted) [17:02:32] <Ltnicolas> and while i was typing [16:59:13] <Ltnicolas> need a priest, have a bad wound [17:02:52] <Ltnicolas> lit while i was typing someone casted light of fo or whatever. My arse is safe for now *(somehow I got healed. I was getting ready to die with honor already) [17:02:58] <Baeowuf> Hahaha [17:03:03] <Baeowuf> You have good armor, right? [17:03:25] <Ltnicolas> .............i think? ... Spoilers: I survived. I completed my first rift. I had a laugh. What could possibly go wrong? How about... Not bringing any tool at all? No pickaxe, no butchering knife, nothing. But hey! I scored 122pts and got a fantastic or whatever it was called (i forgot now) on my *first* rift ever. Got 233 pts that wouldn't let me redeem anything with it. But hey! I had a laugh... And a heart attack, in that order and then another laugh. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The End (For now) ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** THANKS: Baeowuf that gave me permission to share PM and for all the laugh and moral support Tpicant for all the kind help, as usual from you Pukaria that was that Fo priest that saved my arse that time. All Harmony Rift participants (37+ at the end). Done in 1hr56min!! Not bad for NFI, I was told All situations and conversations here are real and I give my word of honor that it has not been altered. DISCLAIMER: Electro-Cardiogram results after the rift were fine. EEG and impact on cognitive skills unknown. No animals were harmed during the whole event. *(read post-edit *3) (I think?) *(I thought) Post-edit: 1*someone asked my fighting skills. 23. 2*No enchants. No LT, WA, whatever. No. Nada. None. Nichts. 3*[19:02:33] <Laval> was reading your rift experence post Nic, animals did get harmed, 2 hens and I think a pig died [19:03:37] <Laval> I made a grave for one of the hens (lol)
  4. They've done it. Windows 10 edition beta, claim your free key from your mojang account. (if you already bought the game) It's better to download it from the Oculus store, the windows store version just installed the 3d/2d version so i had to install it again for 3d/3d. Available on the GearVR and Rift (and DK2) .. hopefully the Vive will follow. I can't speak for windows 7 or pirated copies of either. I can say, it's bloody brilliant, no ghosting or latency or lag of any kind. truly immersive. I think MS are trying to cash in on texture packs but im sure there will be a way around that if there isn't already.
  5. Rift 24th Sept

    Rift located North East of Amore in P15 Safe Pen setup on south side of rift, road in and sign on highway See you there, Shamank For local times
  6. Rift 15th Sept

    15th Beam has been scouted at N19 , above fraggle canal again See you there Shamank, omw to setup
  7. so i got a vive recently and vr is super fun with motion controllers ended up reading a bit about VR and Java and it seems theres some wrapper code out there and a few vr programs run in java now you cant really spend hours with the headset on but i still find myself wanting to dig in wurm with a shovel attached to motion controllers or craft something by smooshing the items together in my hands just wondering if its even possible or if we are talking apples and oranges with 3d vs 2d environments and if any moders got a vive? discuss. post links etc.
  8. So, I couldn't get close before the servers shut down, but was able to see it is in this general area. More then likely M18 as usual. I will get closer and get actual location after shutdown is over.
  9. Does anyone have the coords of the rift location that starts tonight? If so - can you post them please? Thanks
  10. Hey north of thule (greymead) is a side road straight to it safe pen setup on side road - shamank
  11. Anyone know which deed it is near. Also, if it is near water? Thank you!
  12. Hello, if you want to buy something write to me here. After reading this I can send it in 30 minutes mail. Thanks o7 xN - quantity of goods. Standard weight of 1 piece = 0,2 kg Rift woods: 20ql = 20c/ea x138 31ql = 30с/ea x14 40ql = 40с/ea x65 50ql = 50с/ea x10 60ql = 60c/ea x54 80ql = 80c/ea x10 91ql = 90c/ea x3 SOLD Rift stone: 21ql = 20c/ea x30 51ql = 50c/ea x15 60ql = 60c/ea x6 SOLD 70ql = 70c/ea x12 80ql = 80c/ea x40 91ql = 90c/ea x1 Rift crystal: 30ql = 30c/ea x3 SOLD 41ql = 40c/ea x6 SOLD 51ql = 50c/ea x2 SOLD 65ql = 60c/ea x14 83ql = 80c/ea x4 SOLD 91ql = 90c/ea x3 SOLD Rift metals: Rare Glimmersteel 97ql 0,40kg = 4,5s SOLD Seryll 90ql 0,27kg = 2,4s SOLD Seryll 95ql 0,29kg = 2,8s SOLD Adamantine 98ql 0,38kg = 3,7s SOLD
  13. Rift 03/26 2021 Xan

    New rift , heading there 25th opens 26th J 14 nearest deed Adalon access from highway on north side of desert I will be there Shamank o7
  14. Rift 20210224

    PST: Feb 22, 2021 10:50:15 AM Rift A new Rift has been reported! N21
  15. Rift 12/16 Xan

    K16, cobble road north off hellhound trail, 684 from Rome, 700 from Carpentaria - Shamank
  16. Please reduce the number of rifts you are required to close to complete that portion of destinations unknown. Requiring 100 rifts is just way too much for your average player to complete. I understand this portion of the journal is meant to be hard but at a point it becomes nearly impossible unless you are someone who doesn't have rigid responsibilities. Due to work and the need to sleep I currently can only make on average 1 rift a week, if I'm lucky 2 and very rarely 3. Heck due to nearly all of last weeks being early AM for me I didn't get to participate in any. At this rate it is going to take me close to 2 real life years to complete from start to finish. How can I keep my attention on this for that long? I get that you want people to keep playing so you get their premium. I mean come on though, isn't 2 years of a persons life asking a bit much to be able to complete this journal? If the number I can do is average then halving it to 50 would be a very reasonable request. That is still an entire year spent going to rifts if you can only do one a week. Another point to make is that everything else in destinations unknown is complete-able with a year of dedication to playing daily, so why is this so much longer? Just as a visual aid here are the upcoming rifts in my timezone: Also I know there are going to be those who have finished this requirement posting -1's because they had to do it so everyone else should to. To those that might I simply request that you don't unless you have legit input as to why this is a bad idea. Thank you and have a great day
  17. Hello , stuff available to selling: -Glimmersteel lump 90,5ql, 0,35kg : 2 silvers coins. -Longsword 61ql with Wind of Ages [82] and Frostbrand [35]: 75 copper coins. SOLD -Ointment of stonecutting: 1 silver coin. SOLD Rift stuff: -Rift wood 23ql ,1 units: 4 copper coins . SOLD -Rift stone shards 33ql,4 units: 5 copper coins each. SOLD -Rift crystals 37ql,2 units: 5 copper coins each. SOLD GEMS: Batch of gems: 20 copper coins. SOLD -Star ruby 44ql= 3 silver coins. Services: Enchanting grass = 50 copper coins per tile if is in Deliverance , if is in another server then 35c more (PVE). Planning buildings (Masonry 93,Carpentry 92) 1 copper coin per tile + 25c for travel.
  18. In-Game Map Location: P20 Community Map Location: 5685,5755 Bring Stuff. Kill things. Probably won't be watching this thread so you do you boo boo. xoxo
  19. WTB dragon scale set currently located in Laithlind SW of Greymead willing to buy outright with Silver or trade ingame services for.
  20. Hi everyone, the Archendale Shop is open! I sell Rift Wood/Stone, Planks and Enchanted Grass Service Current list (update 07/04/2020) Maple sap: 12x Sealed Small barrel of 56+ ql Build material: Planks: 1s/1k Adamantine: 4s/kg - Glimmersteel: 4s/kg 0.37kg 93.65ql Seryll: 4s/kg 0.11kg 80.81 ql 2 damage Rift Material Wood: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Stone: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Crystal: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Thanks for reading!
  21. Server: Deliverance Date: May 26 Item: Seryll lump, QL 54.35, Rift reward Ingame ticket: #62655 The seryll lump, weight 0.25, was placed in a BSB. When retrieved shortly afterward, the lump was weight 0.22. There was no material in the BSB. Effect was tested again. Input weight was 0.22. Retrieved weight was 0.19. No seryll remained inside BSB.
  22. Silver coins: 0s; 1s=0,9 eur or 1 $ PayPal Please write me in the game in private chat /tell Djont. Rift metal: Glimmersteel 82 ql / 0.33 kg ----> 90c SOLD rare Adamantine 90 ql / 0.36 kg ----> 2,5s SOLD Seryll 92 ql / 0.28 kg ----> 2,4s SOLD Adamantine 91,42 ql / 0.36 kg ----> 2s SOLD Glimmersteel 96 ql / 0.37 kg ----> 2,2s SOLD Glimmersteel 94 ql / 0.37 kg ----> 2,2s SOLD Glimmersteel 85 ql / 0.35 kg ----> 2s SOLD rare Seryll 91,86 ql / 0.28 kg ----> 1,7s SOLD Seryll 90,85 ql / 0.26 kg ----> 1,8s SOLD Rift jewelry: Ring of the Eye 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 50c Ring of the Eye 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 60c SOLD Short sword bracelet 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 60c SOLD Bracelet of inspiration 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 1,3s SOLD Socketed ring 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 60c SOLD Spear bracelet 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 60c SOLD Necklace of focus 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 60c SOLD Rift resources: Rift stone 27 ql / 8,6 kg ----> 2,40s SOLD Rift stone 57 ql / 2,4 kg ----> 1,44s SOLD Rift wood 41 ql / 2,2 kg ----> 66c SOLD Rift crystal 41 ql / 1,6 kg ----> 48c SOLD Shoulder Pads: Right stylish shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 1,3s SOLD Skull shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 1s Chain/Boar/Left layered x2/Left shielding/Right basic/Right elaborate/Crafted x2/Curved shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 35c for each Ribboned/Left elaborate x4/Triple/Small shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg ----> 35c for each Ribboned/Triple shoulder pad 50 ql / 0 dmg ----> 20c for each Gems: 235 ql / 17 pieces / > 10QL ---> 2,35s SOLD Blood: Kyklops blood 0,1 kg ----> 1,3s SOLD
  23. Anyone up for a serious rift challenge today? i15 Exodus - ingame map It is likely that this rift will only be able to be dealt with from one side of the mountain: http:// If you are up for it, from the Jolly Porkies road follow the checkered double road nearly to the top of the mountain: http:// There is quite a large safe zone area: http:// We are going to need all the help we can get with this one, so please come and assist.
  24. Location of the newest Rift. For opening time, check This is mostly flat slightly terraced area with plenty of trees (there was a deed at the location couple years ago). It is literally on my backyard, but It's very unlikely I'll be there myself (partly because of time and partly because I'm currently non-prem and wasn't planning to premium quite yet). But if you need something for the rift, pm me and I should be able to get an alt provide stuff there. Northwind Cove is my first deed and should have most things you might need (except horses). If you come from north and follow highway through the tunnel, continue towards Two Silvers and then turn east on the paved road, it will turn back north to the edge of desert. Or you can just follow road visible on the map and take straight south to eastern edge of desert. Easy access either way.
  25. Server: [RU] [RIFTS] in list. About video: 1st public Rift test. Action from 2h55m. 2nd test planned in near feature (17-18 or 24-25 of June) with bug fixes, balance and adding skills to mobs. You can follow the news on our forum Note: If you decide to join us, please note - this is a Russian server, be more reserved in a game chat with your native language. More info about rift: 3 waves + 1 boss wave Rift resources can be collected Players have 3 hours for killing mobs/collecting resources and killing the boss After killing boss - all in rift zone get reward: adamantine/glimmer/seryll lump and chance to get shoulder pads + rift accessory and rift resources from tiles disappear More screenshoots from dev-testing: