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Found 161 results

  1. In-game Coordinates: J-19 Community Map Coordinates: 43x, 27y Some popular world times for the Rift opening: Honolulu Friday 3:34pm Anchorage Friday 5:34pm US Pacific Friday 6:34pm US Eastern Friday 9:34pm Sao Paolo Friday 11:34pm GMT Saturday 1:34am London Saturday 2:34am CEST Saturday 3:34am EEST Saturday 4:34am New Delhi Saturday 7:04am Beijing Saturday 9:34am Tokyo Saturday 10:34am Sydney Saturday 12:34pm Auckland Saturday 2:34pm
  2. Hey i want to sell some rift loot: 84,25ql Glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 3s 84,80ql Glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 3s 84,51ql Adamantine lump 0,34kg 3s 83,84ql Adamantine lump 0,25kg 2s 85,62ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.5s 85,11ql seryll lump 0,26kg 1.5s 75ql Curved shoulder pad 50c 75ql left basic shoulder pad 75c 50ql right basic shoulder pad 50c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 75c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 75c 75ql Left elaborate shoulder pad 50c 81ql Copper lump 96 CoC 1s Stone runes of Mgranon, zinc [mailbox rune] (It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 14,15ql 17c 16,75ql 20c 17,67ql 21c 49,78ql 78c Stone rune of Libia, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%).) 2,75ql 6c 3,68ql 6c 5,32ql 8c 8,18ql 10c 8,50ql 10c 8,90ql 10c 9,69ql 11c 10,59ql 13c 10,82ql 13c 10,97ql 13c 11,07ql 14c 12,68ql 16c 12,86ql 16c 19,51ql 24c 19,81ql 24c 29,19ql 42c Stone rune of Vynora, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1,69ql 5c 2,28ql 6c 2,84ql 6c 3,05ql 7c 5,29ql 9c 5,38ql 9c 13,56ql 15c 13,99ql 15c 15,52ql 18c 20,83ql 24c Crystal rune of Vynora, Tin (It can be attached to metal items and will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%).) 24,17ql 30c 40,00ql 68c Stone rune of Fo, silver (It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will have an okay glow and increase skill level bonus on skill checks (5%).) 11,26ql 14c Stone rune of Fo, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%).) 4,09ql 8c 15,98ql 17c 46,07ql 73c You can leave message here or in game /t Ziem
  3. The ever growing supply list of Jellyfish Incorporated, drop a message here or contact me ingame: Need something you don't see in the list? Just ask, we got a lot more than is listed! VERY HIGH COC & WOA casted TOOLS (all 80+ql and almost all 90+casts): Support Beams, Dirt, Mortar, Bricks, Concrete, Meat, Animal parts, Hides, Sprouts: RARES/SUPREMES/SPECIALS: Birdcage 75c Adamantine Great helm 75ql 96AosP 14s 2025kg of 50ql Lye (45 small barrels full!) 30c per small barrel Marble planters 15c Large Amphoras 10C Rare needle 2s Rare chain gauntlet 1.5s Rare Fine High Chair 2s Rare small barrel 2s Rare sign 1.5s Rare oakenwood loom 6s Rare Unfinished Fireplace 2.5s Rare Unfinished Kiln 6s Rare Marble planter 2s Supreme Unfinished Fireplace 6s Supreme red squire wool cap 5s Supreme Winebarrel rack 12s Rare Saccables: 5c each (37 available) SERYLL, ADAMANTINE AND GLIMMER LUMPS: POTIONS & OINTMENTS: RIFT DROPS: COC casted materials: Runes: NEW PRICING SYSTEM!! (lower pricing) Prices are based on a formula) (more runes will comes soon) NEW! Runing service! Got low Souldepth and tired of too many attaching failures? We offer a guaranteed runing service on all mailable items for just 75 copper! (for all runes except for the moonmetal ones) Simply mail your item, renamed to your name + desired rune to: Macoofer and we rune it and cod it back for 75 copper Magranon Runes: Vynora Runes: Fo Runes: Libila Runes: Jackal Runes:
  4. They can be combined so that cod cost is 1c for 25x of the same kind/QLQuantities won't be updated often, so check for availabilityPM Davih in game, or message on forum18+ql Rift Crystal = 8c each18+ql Rift Stone Shard = 6c each18+ql Rift Wood = 6c each50+ql Rift Wood = 12c each50+ql Rift Stone shards = 12c each50+ql Rift Crystal = 16c each80+ql Rift Wood = 24c each80+ql Rift Stone shards = 24c each80+ql Rift Crystal = 35c each
  5. Yesterday, @Alyeskaand I ran into an issue at the Pristine rift where some rift creatures were already butchered upon us killing them. It happened multiple times (more than a dozen) during wave 1 and it wasn't anyone ninja butchering because we were the only two people at the rift (at that time) . Corpses that fell appeared butchered. When right clicking, no option to butcher, only bury. Nothing in the corpse container either.
  6. In-game Map Coordinates: K-16 Community Map Coordinates: 36x, 31y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Wednesday 1:37pm Anchorage Wednesday 3:37pm US Pacific Wednesday 4:37pm US Eastern Wednesday 7:37pm Sao Paolo Wednesday 8:37pm GMT Wednesday 11:37pm London Thursday 12:37am CEST Thursday 1:37am EEST Thursday 2:37am New Delhi Thursday 5:07am Beijing Thursday 7:37am Tokyo Thursday 8:37am Sydney Thursday 10:37am Auckland Thursday 12:37pm
  7. Hello Folks, the next rift will be at (ingame map) P-13 north side of the lake. If anyone knows the time/date it's to appear please let me know and i'll change the title. Thanks <3
  8. In-game Map Coordinates: H-13 Community Map Coordinates: 19x, 20y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Monday 11:03am Anchorage Monday 1:03pm US Pacific Monday 2:03pm US Eastern Monday 5:03pm Sao Paolo Monday 6:03pm GMT Monday 9:03pm London Monday 10:03pm CEST Monday 11:03pm EEST Tuesday 12:03am New Delhi Tuesday 2:33am Beijing Tuesday 5:03am Tokyo Tuesday 6:03am Sydney Tuesday 8:03am Auckland Tuesday 10:03am
  9. See Niarja for rift time
  10. See Niarja for rift time The latest rift is located in N19 - the beam is just by the tar patch that is just south of the sand tiles that form a path from the coast to the east. The easiest access is probably either along that sand, or the path that comes up from the lake to the north. Those from the west have the option of the mountain pass towards the northern part of N18.
  11. In-game Map Coordinates: N-21 Community Map Coordinates: 49x, 43y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 6:58am Anchorage Thursday 8:58am US Pacific Thursday 9:58am US Eastern Thursday 12:58pm Sao Paolo Thursday 1:58pm GMT Thursday 4:58pm London Thursday 5:58pm CEST Thursday 6:58pm EEST Thursday 7:58pm New Delhi Thursday 10:28pm Beijing Friday 12:58am Tokyo Friday 1:58am Sydney Friday 2:58am Auckland Friday 4:58am
  12. In-game Map Coordinates: O-12 Community Map Coordinates: 18x, 45y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Monday 9:09pm Anchorage Monday 11:09pm US Pacific Tuesday 12:09am US Eastern Tuesday 3:09am Sao Paolo Tuesday 4:09am GMT Tuesday 7:09am London Tuesday 8:09am CEST Tuesday 9:09am EEST Tuesday 10:09am New Delhi Tuesday 12:39pm Beijing Tuesday 3:09pm Tokyo Tuesday 4:09pm Sydney Tuesday 5:09pm Auckland Tuesday 7:09pm
  13. In-game Map Coordinates: P-21 Community Map Coordinates: 49x, 50y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Saturday 5:57pm Anchorage Saturday 7:57pm US Pacific Saturday 8:57pm US Eastern Saturday 11:57pm Sao Paolo Sunday 12:57am GMT Sunday 3:57am London Sunday 4:57am CEST Sunday 5:57am EEST Sunday 6:57am New Delhi Sunday 9:27am Beijing Sunday 11:57am Tokyo Sunday 12:57pm Sydney Sunday 1:57pm Auckland Sunday 3:57pm
  14. Community Map Coordinates: 35x, 32y In-game Map Coordinates: H-17 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 2:50pm Anchorage Thursday 4:50pm US Pacific Thursday 5:50pm US Eastern Thursday 8:50pm Sao Paolo Thursday 9:50pm GMT Friday 12:50am London Friday 1:50am CEST Friday 2:50am EEST Friday 3:50am New Delhi Friday 6:20am Beijing Friday 8:50am Tokyo Friday 9:50am Sydney Friday 10:50am Auckland Friday 12:50pm
  15. Welcome To the Merchant Ad for Helm's Deep Located just West of The Crystal Canal on Indipendence (on the line of R18 and R19 at the base of the mountian) (page still under construction but here is what ive got) Runed Mailbox A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 30.4232, Dam: 0.0. Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [97] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Private message me on the forums or in game Jessemason If you don't see a price next to the item name then send me an offer Rift stuff & other things Weapons Armours Tools Horse Gear
  16. The next rift, as the title says, on the top of the world. One of the tunnels to the top has been reopened - starting from the point marked on the map, and using a combination of tunnels and paths up the ledges on the north side of the mountain. It is a long way up, and is not passable by cart/wagon as there are a number of sections particularly in the upper section of tunnel that needs to be climbed. (the bad slopes have all been eased, so cart access should be possible, though you will still need to sail to the starting point) The top of the mountain has a number of 60 dirt deep trenches carved across its top - which makes the rift area interesting. These trenches show on the 3d map. There is plenty of room on the south side of the top for a safe area to be built. See for rift timing. For map, see
  17. Community Map Coords: 48x, 49y In-game Map Coords: P-21 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Tuesday 12:45pm Anchorage Tuesday 2:45pm US Pacific Tuesday 3:45pm US Eastern Tuesday 6:45pm Sao Paolo Tuesday 7:45pm GMT Tuesday 10:45pm London Tuesday 11:45pm CEST Wednesday 12:45am EEST Wednesday 1:45am New Delhi Wednesday 4:15am Beijing Wednesday 6:45am Tokyo Wednesday 7:45am Sydney Wednesday 8:45am Auckland Wednesday 10:45am
  18. They can be combined so that cod cost is 1c for 50x of the same kind/QL Quantities won't be updated often, so check for availability PM Davih in game, or message on forum 15ql Rift Crystal = 9c each 25ql Rift Stone Shard = 8c each 19ql Rift Wood = 8c each 50+ql Rift Wood = 16c each 50+ql Rift Stone shards = 16c each 50+ql Rift Crystal = 20c each 80+ql Rift Wood = 30c each 80+ql Rift Stone shards = 25c each 80+ql Rift Crystal = 35c each
  19. Lot of Rift Stone Shards, asking 7s for it, pick up welcomed, mailing posible
  20. Both jewels and shoulder pads were never worn. Contact me (Luttuosa) or Davih here, in game or leaving a message on the forum. Feel free to make an offer for all the items without a specific price. Below you can find the links explaining how all the different kind of shoulder pads and jewels work. Here a complete list of what we have. SHOULDER PADS: boar shoulder pad (Ql 75). chain shoulder pad (Ql 75). crafted shoulder pad (Ql 75, Ql 25). curved shouder pad (Ql 25, cotton). double shoulder pad (Ql 75, cotton). dragon shoulder pad (Ql 75, Ql 50, steel) 4 silver the 75 Ql and 2 silver the 50 Ql.. exquisite shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather). human skull shoulder pad (Ql 75) 5 silver. left basic shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron). left elaborate shoulder pad (Ql 75, Ql 25, leather). left layered shoulder pad (Ql 75, steel). left shielding shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron). ribboned shoulder pad (Ql 75). right basic shoulder pads (Ql 75, iron). right elaborate shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather). right layered shoulder pads (Ql 75, steel). skull shoulder pad (Ql 75). small shoulder pad (Ql 75, cotton). JEWELS: artisan necklace (Ql 75, seryll). bracelet of inspiration (Ql 75, seryll). dark ring (Ql 75, seryll). fist bracelet (Ql 50, seryll). huge sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). necklace of focus (Ql 75, Ql 50, Ql 25, seryll). necklace of protection (Ql 75, seryll). ring of the eye (Ql 75, seryll). short sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). socketed ring (Ql 75, seryll). soul stealer necklace (Ql 75, seryll). soul stealer necklace (Ql 75, seryll). spear bracelet (Ql 75, seryll). spear bracelet (Ql 50, seryll). Here the Wurmpedia page for shoulders pads: Here the page about jewels:
  21. Community Map Coords: 36x, 42y In-game Map Coords: N-17 Some popular world times for the rift spawn: Hawaii Sunday 11:00am Alaska Sunday 1:00pm US Pacific Sunday 2:00pm US Eastern Sunday 5:00pm Sao Paolo Sunday 6:00pm GMT Sunay 9:00pm London Sunday 10:00pm CEST Sunday 11:00pm EEST Monday 12:00am India Monday 2:30am Beijing Monday 5:00am Tokyo Monday 6:00am Sydney Monday 7:00am Auckland Monday 9:00am
  22. hello I am selling everything that's in this pic thanks
  23. I have some rift loot and a piece of high-end armor I wish to sell. lump, glimmersteel, 84.57 QL 0.28kg lump, adamantine, 84.00 QL, 0.33kg rift crystal, 11.70 QL, 0.20kg rift crystal, 11.70 QL, 0.20kg rift crystal, 4.22 QL, 0.20kg rift stone shard, 13.68 QL, 0.20kg Also, a seryll plate vambrace at 77 QL. This is armor for an arm and I'm reliably informed one of the better types of armor available in game. Bright red in color when worn. It weighs 2.2kg, so will apparently smelt down to just under 2kg of seryll if you just need the lumps. Taking all offers in-game to Ajala or here.
  24. Should be very easy boat access this time, I have not verified if the narrow canals still work though. Timers are not my friends, but I hope this is correct.
  25. Community Map: 46x, 26y In-game Map: i-20 Some popular world times for the rift spawn: Hawaii Friday 9:44am Alaska Friday 11:44am US Pacific Friday 12:44pm US Eastern Friday 3:44pm Sao Paolo Friday 4:44pm GMT Friday 7:44pm London Friday 8:44pm CEST Friday 9:44pm EEST Friday 10:44pm India Saturday 1:14am Beijing Saturday 2:44am Tokyo Saturday 4:44am Sydney Saturday 5:44am Auckland Saturday 7:44am For those who are new to rifts, including returning veterans ("Hi,@GorgonKain!"), please see rift information at: