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Found 205 results

  1. Server: [RU] [RIFTS] in list. About video: 1st public Rift test. Action from 2h55m. 2nd test planned in near feature (17-18 or 24-25 of June) with bug fixes, balance and adding skills to mobs. You can follow the news on our forum Note: If you decide to join us, please note - this is a Russian server, be more reserved in a game chat with your native language. More info about rift: 3 waves + 1 boss wave Rift resources can be collected Players have 3 hours for killing mobs/collecting resources and killing the boss After killing boss - all in rift zone get reward: adamantine/glimmer/seryll lump and chance to get shoulder pads + rift accessory and rift resources from tiles disappear More screenshoots from dev-testing:
  2. Rift - 12 July

    For your local times - For those coming from the west, there is a partly completed highway over Rifter's Pass (N21) - the approach to the west side is still being worked on, but the road over the pass is complete, and catseyed from the summit to the east. While setting up for the rift, please try and respect the tundra.
  3. Rift for 12 July

    Community Map Coordinates: 38x, 28y In-game Map Coordinates: K-18 Local time zone information is found at
  4. WTS 50QL Skull Shoulder Pad

    WTS all items stated down below. Price negotiable (reasonably ), contact me in-game or here! - 50QL Skull Shoulder Pad - 2s -87QL Seryll Lump 0,26 - price to negotiate - SOLD -Rift wood x2 - 8c/each -Rift crystal - 8c -Rift Shard x2 - 8c/each ~Whylack
  5. !!!Location Change!!! The shop has moved from the forums to our own website Https://
  6. Rift for 2/3 July

    Community Map Coordinates: 49x, 23y In-game Map Coordinates: H-21 Local time zone information is found at:
  7. WTS Assorted loot

    Looking to sell a lot of different little treasures. Need offers!
  8. New Rift of 22 June

    New rift location. "Jun 22, 2018 2:50:58 AM Rift A new Rift has been reported!" I got no idea timing of rifts, but this is the location of the new rift. Someone was here already and has started clearing the trees. Thanks for the start preps whoever you are o7. TeeeBOMB
  9. Rift for 14/15 June

    Community Map Coordinates: 39x, 20y In-game Map Coordinates: G-19 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 12:40pm Anchorage Thursday 2:40pm US Pacific Thursday 3:40pm US Eastern Thursday 6:40pm Sao Paolo Thursday 7:40pm London Friday 11:40pm CEST Friday 12:40am EEST Friday 1:40am New Delhi Friday 4:10am Beijing Friday 6:40am Tokyo Friday 7:40am Sydney Friday 8:40am Auckland Friday 9:40am
  10. Rift 8. June

    For your local times -
  11. Rift for 5 June

    Community Map Coordinates: 19x, 31y In-game Map Coordinates: J-12 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Tuesday 8:58am Anchorage Tuesday 10:58am US Pacific Tuesday 11:58am US Eastern Tuesday 2:58pm Sao Paolo Tuesday 3:58pm London Tuesday 7:58pm CET Tuesday 8:58pm EET Tuesday 9:58pm New Delhi Wednesday 12:28am Beijing Wednesday 2:58am Tokyo Wednesday 3:58am Sydney Wednesday 4:58am Auckland Wednesday 6:58am
  12. Rift for 27 May

    Community Map Coordinates: 48x, 23y In-game Map Coordinates: H-21 Honolulu Sunday 7:14am Anchorage Sunday 9:14am US Pacific Sunday 10:14am US Eastern Sunday 1:14pm Sao Paolo Sunday 2:14pm London Sunday 6:14pm CET Sunday 7:14pm EET Sunday 8:14pm New Delhi Sunday 10:44pm Beijing Monday 1:14am Tokyo Monday 2:14am Sydney Monday 3:14am Auckland Monday 5:14am
  13. Rift 9.5.

    This week's Rift is right between G19 and G20, at the turn of the one tile road through the backlands. It opens at 9:22 PM CET (Obligatory Niarja link) Travel is relatively straightforward. 1. Either come to Windspears (free beds at the Inn and some harborspace for your boats) and travel the road uphill east until you reach the mountain, then turn south. In Windspears, just go past my house "Flubb's BOP" and turn right after the sheep pen. The way up is pretty obvious from there. 2. Anchoring on a Wonders deed or coming via land from the south, follow the highway accordingly until you find yourself at the foot of a steep and long incline in the highway with a guard tower and a slabbed/paved area that obviously once had a deed on it. Turn north there. EDIT: Camp is setup in the east, right next to the road. Need to bring some more locks though.
  14. Hello, Indy has mapped every rift since September 2016 here on our forum. As a result, it's easy to populate a "heat map" showing the number of times a rift has spawned in a general location. Here is the data through 21 April 2018: The two 3s in the west and northwest are all relatively recent. The rules as I understand them include that a rift cannot spawn within 50 tiles of a deed, and cannot spawn on a building tile. Something about the deed disband/deed forming pattern of Indy has shifted a lot of the rifts to the west and northwest. (Or it's just a short term coincidence; the data set is too small to be conclusive.) Finndar
  15. Rift for 9 May

    Community Map Coordinates: 46x, 27y In-game Map Coordinates: J-20 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Wednesday 2:40am Anchorage Wednesday 4:40am US Pacific Wednesday 5:40am US Eastern Wednesday 8:40am Sao Paolo Wednesday 9:40am London Wednesday 1:40pm CET Wednesday 2:40pm EET Wednesday 3:40pm New Delhi Wednesday 6:10pm Beijing Wednesday 8:40pm Tokyo Wednesday 9:40pm Sydney Wednesday 10:40pm Auckland Thursday 12:40am
  16. Rift 02.05

    If you come from Linton, go north at Mottistone Trading Post. Coming from Rome, you can ride off from Hellhound Trail and through the cherries. Visibility is not perfect, but terrain is friendly. for your local times.
  17. WTS Rift items & runes

    Price reduced! None of the items im selling were worn or damaged. 84.14ql glimmersteel lump 0,34kg 2s 75ql Ribboned shoulder pad 50c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 50c 75ql Crafted shoulder pad 50c 75ql Chain shoulder pad 85c { Get pair 75ql Chain shoulder pad 85c } for 1.5s 75ql right stylish shoulder pad 1.5s 75ql ring of the Eye, seryll 1s 75ql artisan necklace, seryll 1.5s (or offer) 75ql Soul Stealer Necklace, seryll 2s (or offer) 85,48ql Salve of frost 70c 67,20ql Salve of frost 50c ^Or tell me what price you would like to buy those for!^ ^Can also trade stuff up here for sleep powders in 1silver = 1sleep powder ratio^ ^I10 coast on Pristine^ Also, selling up to 100ql iron lumps (Prices to negotiate, not much tho ) RUNES! Stone rune of Magranon, adamantine (It can be attached to any item and will increase vehicle speed (10%).) 2.12ql 80c Stone runes of Magranon, zinc [mailbox rune] (It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1.54ql 5c { 3,47ql 5c 3,84ql 5c 4,33ql 6c 5,05ql 7c 5,95ql 7c 7,72ql 9c ~5 - 15% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 7,77ql 9c 9,12ql 10c 9,12ql 10c 9,37ql 10c 9,69ql 10c 11,10ql 12c } 11,24ql 12c { 11,40ql 12c 14,09ql 15c 14,56ql 15c ~15 - 29% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 15,51ql 17c 16,57ql 19c 20,03ql 24c } 24,66ql 32c { 25,12ql 34c 25.13ql 34c 25,97ql 34c ~36 - 60% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 34,08ql 50c 38,86ql 57c } Stone rune of Libia, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%).) 2,75ql 6c { 3,68ql 6c 5,32ql 8c 8,18ql 10c 8,50ql 10c ~5 - 13% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 8,90ql 10c 9,69ql 11c 10,59ql 13c 10,82ql 13c 10,97ql 13c } Stone rune of Vynora, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1,69ql 5c { 2,28ql 6c 2,84ql 6c 3,05ql 7c ~6 - 8% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 5,29ql 9c 5,38ql 9c } 13,56ql 15c { 13,99ql 15c 15,52ql 18c ~18 - 29% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 20,83ql 24c } Crystal rune of Vynora, Tin (It can be attached to metal items and will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%).) 24,17ql 30c ~36% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 40,00ql 56c ~60% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] Stone rune of Fo, silver (It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will have an okay glow and increase skill level bonus on skill checks (5%).) 11,26ql 14c Stone rune of Fo, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%).) 4,09ql 8c ~8% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 15,98ql 17c ~20% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 46,07ql 73c ~73% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] Taking a break, but still selling all above. You can leave message here or in game /t Ziem /t Xyndia
  18. Rift 30th April 2018

    Pretty sure the rift if in the red circle here, at 46x50y. There was also a friendly goblin, and I love goblins. I haven't slept in 2 days, so more accuracy and time zones will have to be done by someone without a melted brain.
  19. Rift for 21 April

    Community Map Coordinates: 20x, 20y In-game Map Coordinates: G-13 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Friday 6:10pm Anchorage Friday 8:10pm US Pacific Friday 9:10pm US Eastern Saturday 12:10am Sao Paolo Saturday 1:10am London Saturday 5:10am CET Saturday 6:10am EET Saturday 7:10am New Delhi Saturday 9:40am Beijing Saturday 12:10pm Tokyo Saturday 1:10pm Sydney Saturday 2:10pm Auckland Saturday 4:10pm
  20. WTS Rift items ++

    WTS the following: ring or the eye, seryll (stealth detection) 75ql -> 5s 4.5s ring socketed, seryll 75ql -> 5s skull shoulder pad (aoe damage reduction) 1 75ql -> 2s 1.5s double shoulder pad, cotton (Cloth Armour pieces glance bonus versus slashing) 75ql -> 1.5s 1s right stylish shoulder pad, gold (face protection) 75ql -> 3s 2.5s 1.5s triple shoulder pad, leather 75ql -> 2s 1s lump, Adamantine .36kg 92.70ql -> 2.5s 2.25s lump, Adamantine .36kg 88.25ql -> 2.25s 2s lump, glimmersteel .36kg 84.82ql -> 2.5s rare lump, seryll .20 76.38ql -> 2.5s white dragon hatchling drake hide, leather .05kg 80.83ql -> 2s white dragon hatchling drake hide, leather .05kg 80ql -> 2s white dragon hatchling drake hide, leather .04kg 80ql -> 1.6s white dragon hatchling blood .30kg 100ql -> 1s white dragon hatchling blood .30kg 100ql -> 1s white dragon hatchling blood .30kg 100ql -> 1s PM Degrath in game or reply here please and thank you
  21. Rift for 11/12 April

    In-game Map Coordinates: N-21 Community Map Coordinates: 50x, 44y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Wednesday 4:30pm Anchorage Wednesday 6:30pm US Pacific Wednesday 7:30pm US Eastern Wednesday 10:30pm Sao Paolo Wednesday 11:30pm London Thursday 3:30am CET Thursday 4:30am EET Thursday 5:30am New Delhi Thursday 8:00am Beijing Thursday 10:30am Tokyo Thursday 11:30am Sydney Thursday 12:30pm Auckland Thursday 2:30pm
  22. Closed. Order filled

    WTB Dragon Shoulder Pads x2 Would Prefer 75QL with 0 smh Please PM me with Requested price I am willing to pay generously
  23. Rift for 2/3 April

    In-game Map Coordinates: I-12 (i as in igloo) Community Map Coordinates: 19x, 26y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Monday 2:30pm Anchorage Monday 4:30pm US Pacific Monday 5:30pm US Eastern Monday 8:30pm Sao Paolo Monday 9:30pm London Tuesday 1:30am CET Tuesday 2:30am EET Tuesday 3:30am New Delhi Tuesday 6:00am Beijing Tuesday 8:30am Tokyo Tuesday 9:30am Sydney Tuesday 10:30am Auckland Tuesday 12:30pm
  24. As title says, looking to sell some items that come from rift rewards. Prices are not 100% fixed so feel free to offer on anything you feel is overpriced You can reach me by PM on forums, PM ddrosler in-game, or reply here! Will either COD items to you, or be available for pickup on Celebration. Stonehaven, T8 (Southwest Island) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoulder Pads: Left elaborate shoulder pad, leather. 75ql. 40c Exquisite shoulder pad, leather. 75ql. 40c Crafted shoulder pad. 25ql. 25c Double shoulder pad, cotton. 75ql. 40c Left stylish shoulder pad, gold. 75ql. 1s Jewelry: Socketed ring, seryll. 75ql. 75c 2x Ring of the eye, seryll. 75ql. 50c each Lumps: Adamantine Lump. 97ql. 0.38kg. 3s Runes: Currently have 3 stone rune of Vynora, steel for sale! (10% less damage taken) 45.53ql, 50c 19.95ql, 20c 15.33ql, 15c Miscellaneous: 2x Sleep Powder. 1s each ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. Server: Deliverance Date: May 26 Item: Seryll lump, QL 54.35, Rift reward Ingame ticket: #62655 The seryll lump, weight 0.25, was placed in a BSB. When retrieved shortly afterward, the lump was weight 0.22. There was no material in the BSB. Effect was tested again. Input weight was 0.22. Retrieved weight was 0.19. No seryll remained inside BSB.