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  1. Just added: Blood (Forest giant): 1.00s (will turn into Potion of Woodcutting) Blood (Forest giant): 1.00s (will turn into Potion of Woodcutting) Also reduced prices for other items.
  2. up (There's still some left)
  3. Looks like a network issue. Sometimes it helps to be patient and just try again after a few minutes.
  4. even with sound engine disabled?
  5. I just dug up this old thread. Anyone interested?
  6. Here is another interim report: During the last couple of weeks random crashes happened to various characters apparently regardless of actions or situation (during meditation, while riding a horse or cart, while using the crafting interface, or even when just being idle on deed) with no apparent regularity regarding time (can happen once a day, after 2 hours, or only once a week). However: so far it never happened on my test character with sound engine disabled (might just be lucky though). I am aware this is a terrible kind of bug, as it cannot be reproduced in any way
  7. This is a known bug - will be fixed soon.