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  1. I would be happy to help. I can offer to provide webspace and our map engine for the Pristine community map; in the same way as for Deliverance, Celebration, Exodus, Xanadu, Harmony, Melody and Cadence. I can also help with transferring data from your current map to our map engine, so you'll have a shiny new map in no time. However, you would still need an operative map manager who will regularly add/remove information in order to keep the community map up to date. The process itself is as simple as adding/removing lines from a spreadsheet - just that I cannot do it myself, due to a multitude of other tasks that keep me busy. As soon as a new map manager is found, please give me a shout and I'll be ready.
  2. Thank you. Changed.
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Sadly, nobody told ME until now, so I am not aware of any problems. Could be a rare browser problem... Anyway, my offer stands. The community decides.
  4. Xanadu Community Map

    This is weird, because nobody ever reported that problem with our maps before (I take it you referred to the maps made with our map engine: Deliverance, Exodus, Celebration, Harmony, Melody, Cadence). Could it be an issue on your side? Maybe we can figure out the reason. Apart from that, our map engine is ready for other servers .
  5. Not a bug - this is working as intended. Fireplaces basically work like lamps on deed, you can't light them (permanently) during daytime either. Maybe worth a suggestion, though.
  6. Please give me coordinates, as described in this post (see "Adding Data"): https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/168376-deliverance-community-map/&do=findComment&comment=1717340
  7. Hey Ayuna, please take a look at our community maps for Deliverance, Exodus, Celebration, Melody, Cadence and Harmony, for example: https://deliverance.yaga.host/ These maps use overlays to show a multitude of special places and additional data. Basically, it would not be difficult to add more data, like the ones you mentioned. (We would just use the "Special Places" overlay and add a few more icons.) However, I am not sure if adding more and more location types would eventually clutter the community maps - but I'd let the community decide. So, from a technical point of view including data like the ones you mentioned can be rather easily done with our map engine. I suggest to let the individual map managers and their community decide if they would like to have that feature. Regards, Yaga
  8. I mostly agree. Uniques are endgame content; if you want them you should invest your time and effort to actively search, hunt and fight. The current system may not be perfect, but it implements that approach pretty well. (Maybe just make the spawn times more random and less predictable.)