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  1. +1 This feature could also be extended to include a history log of the last x bank transactions.
  2. ... within game rules and implemented mechanisms!
  3. And here is your problem! This is not what Wurm Online is meant to be!
  4. As stated in Wurmpedia: " So a harvest season can begin up to 2 weeks early and also can end up to 6 weeks late, relative to the "default week" as shown in the calendar. " (https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Calendar#Wurm_calendar_system). So, lingonberries can well be ripe in week 4 of Omen. Sorry, there is no such feature. (Sadly, I will not be able to add new features allowing for all the many WU mods out there. That "/season" mod already renders the almanac obsolete and takes away a lot of game immersion.)
  5. This would be very unusual. The harvest seasons are defined in WU code, so should be the same (relative to the Wurm calendar) on every WU server (unless deliberately changed by a server mod). I suppose we have a misunderstanding here. The "/seasons" mod your are using is probably showing the "real" time, while the almanac gives you in-game (Wurm) time. One Wurm year corresponds to 42 day in real life (1 Wurm month = 3.5 real days), so "8 months, 1 week, 3 days " (Wurm time) is consistent with "29 days, 3 hours and 24 minutes" (real time), taking into account that the harvest season can be 2 Wurm weeks off. Thus all is good - no manual correction needed
  6. I'll try to translate some of the most important information for you: Man kann also Wurm Online beliebig lange auch als Nicht-Premium spielen, richtig SpaƟ macht es aber nur mit einem Premium-Account. (Ist mit 8 Euro pro Monat auch nicht wirklich teuer! )
  7. There is a reason for that, of course!
  8. I'll join Wulfgar: Welcome back, LumpyGravy. We were neighbours (sort of) years ago - I remember you had that place which later became the Factional Fight Brothers' "Autumn Twilight". I think my son and I even bought our very first settlement deed from your trader, back in 2011. Have fun and enjoy your time in Wurm.
  9. Elsinore was re-founded shortly after disbanding.
  10. It's not in-game, but you are aware of this tool, aren't you?
  11. One problem with using English as a "lingua franca" in international environments is that native English speakers often tend to ignore the fact that - while it's "their" language that's being used - they are not in "their native environment"! Take Wurm Online as an example: we are using English as our common language, but it is still an international game originating in Sweden - not a US game! So, rather than looking down on non-native speakers (who may have a less than perfect grasp of English) native speakers should be careful to avoid using local or national peculiarities of their language, let alone use slang words. We should all confine ourselves to speaking what we in internationally mixed teams always called "International English": a simple and easily understood version of common schoolbook English. I know, it's not easy for native speakers and they are bound to forget about it frequently. But we can try... We non-natives usually have the same problem when joining voice chats: our native-speaker friends usually don't make themselves aware how hard it must be for a German, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian... whatever... listener to understand (much less react to) their Southern States, Australian, Scottish, or whatever.... accent! So: why not speak slowly, clearly and - whenever possible - in an understandable "International English" way? (I know it's hard... ) And finally: yes - usually, when you see a person using perfect English grammar and orthography, the chances are high that they are non-native speakers .
  12. Looks like a very nice (and also very ambitious) plan. Good luck with your project!
  13. Yes, the information is correct. The file stats.xml is publicly available on WO servers (that's what WurmClock originally was made for), and to be able to access the file it must be publicly available on WU servers too. Some/many hosters have done so - the last info I got was from Citadel servers. I will send you some personal contact info via PM.
  14. Please add "Insomnia Cove" (Q17)
  15. That was fast! Thank you.