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  1. Are we still within the OP's scope? 😉
  2. Well, tbh this is not a problem of community map posts. You have the same issue whenever a forum section gets more than a single new post since you last checked - can't be avoided. There is always a chance that you missed multple new posts that came in before the "latest" one. So, if you want to make sure you are not missing anything you cannot avoid opening the forum section and check for new posts.
  3. Melody Community Map

    Well... Guard towers are supposed to be in the "Special" tab for quite a while now (actually since treasure maps were introduced) Maybe you missed the announcement and discussion in our "map management forum conversation" (June 2022)? PM me if you have any further questions.
  4. I remember we once had a bug with clients crashing while taking a screenshot using F11. The reason was: too many files in the screenshots folder! I am pretty sure that very old bug has been fixed years ago, but it wouldn't hurt to check your screenshot folder. Does it contain a large number of files?
  5. Map dumps are officially released by GCG (the game company) - usually on an annual basis, typically within the first two months of a year. So we are all hoping for them to be available soon.
  6. There seems to be some misunderstanding and confusion about how the Christmas stocking works, so let me try to explain : A premium player will find a maximum of 5 gifts (originally meant to be one daily gift between December 23rd and December 27th) . For those of you who are premium and, for some reason, missed the holiday period it is possible to claim those 5 gifts later (until Jan. 11th). The latest bugfix did not change the total number of gifts, so if you already received all 5 there will be no more. 😊
  7. Happy New Year, Delians! 💥🎉
  8. I understand your feelings; it can be frustrating not to receive an answer to your questions. However, you probably misunderstand how CA HELP works, so let me explain. The names that appear in the list on the right-side of the panel are the names of Community Assistants (CAs) currently online on the same server as you are. But that does not mean they are paid employees on duty! CAs are players like yourself who volunteer to help other players by trying to answer questions about the game, the rules and the mechanics. But: primarily they also PLAY the game, so they may just be busy with other things or - like all of us - they may be afk for longer periods. CAs usually try their best to answer any question asked in CA HELP, and no player is deliberately being ignored! But CAs are not omniscient wizards, and sometimes they may just not know the answer or not be available at that moment. Also, there usually are more CAs online than you are aware of. (You can only see CAs on your own server.) So, even if one of them does not know the answer to a question, one of the others might, so a CA may be waiting for others to reply. As Coach pointed out, we don't want the chat being spammed by 10 people telling you "Sorry, I don't know", do we? So, if you don't get a reply just assume that currently nobody knows the answer. You are welcome to ask again after a while. Have fun and enjoy the game.
  9. Oh no! This sad news leaves me speechless. I did not know Minikilljoy personally and we actually never "met" in game, but - as most of you know - we worked together as colleagues in the community map team. He was a nice and pleasant person to deal with, and I had absolutely no idea that something was not right. Only recently he told me that he was going to take a short break from Wurm and the map, but he definitely planned on coming back! 😢 I have not the slightest clue what happened; as I understand he was still young. Being much older myself, sad news like these always make me humble and very pensive. Rest in peace, fellow Wurmian.
  10. Server down?

    All servers are. It's the announced update: