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  1. Melody Community Map

    Ai job ste odon, Blodreina. Done
  2. Melody Community Map

    Please read the OP about how to submit new locations. We need map coordinates.
  3. This tool worked with the 2016/2017 file versions of DeedPlanner. As I said earlier, I did not put any effort into further updates, mainly because the tool never had more than a handful of users. I'm sorry, but apparently DPMapAssist does not like any of the current file formats used by DeedPlanner.
  4. It's the same everywhere. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sol
  5. As Jaz said, the coordinates used are tile maps. Please check this post to read the full explanation of the coordinate system: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/168376-deliverance-community-map/ The community maps used by our map engine are based on the official map dumps for the old servers. Each pixel on those map dumps corresponds to one ground tile in game. For the new servers no map dumps exist yet, so the (much less accurate) ingame maps are being used for now. Thus, for the new servers, it will be much more difficult to pick the proper coordinates for highways and such - even more so as those ingame maps are "pseudo-3D" isometric maps, not really suitable for precise coordinate mapping. For that reason, the map managers are reluctant to add highways to the new server maps, as long as no map dump is available. If you are on one of the new servers, I suggest to wait for the official map dumps to be released.
  6. Latest version (V 3.4.2): WurmClock3.exe;F5DB860DAF5D1B2B3E45C11842E8A3F81281CE5F709E7D377D0B7BF45AE3D0BC
  7. Melody Community Map

    Thanks. All done!
  8. Melody Community Map

    The image you may have posted is unavailable. Please read the OP on how to provide locations. We need coordinates!
  9. Melody Community Map

    I'll leave this to the map manager (Yldrania) to answer. Our map engine supports highways as well as tunnels, canals, and several other items. However, keep in mind that the in-game map that we use for now (until we get an official map dump) is not very accurate. It's based on a "pseudo-2D" isometric view that distorts the actual topography, especially in mountain areas. Thus, locations cannot really be placed precisely - and it makes the accurate plotting of highways and tunnels difficult.
  10. Melody Community Map

    Yldrania will be absent for a little while, so I will try to fill in. Done Done Done
  11. Loraeney beat me to it (yours is just awesome, Lora!) - but here is my boring version anyway:
  12. Great news, Aldur! Thank you for keeping this awesome project up and running! After all these years I'm still actively using WA. Fantastic job.