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  1. UPDATE: New map dump! Your browser cache may have to be cleared in order to see the new map dump!
  2. Another bug fixed: Version 3.1.5 (https://dl.dropbox.com/s/tyexxzwgw12tn9y/WurmStatus315.zip)
  3. Minor update (removed mechanism counting number of users): https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ppaj2mh02c4qoye/WurmClock343.zip
  4. Melody Community Map

    Happy new year, Melodians. I am sorry for any recent delays in updating the map. For the next weeks health reasons will prevent me from being online as much as usual, so @Yldrania will be back and take over again from now on. Take care, everybody!
  5. I am sorry for any delays that may occur. For a few weeks, health reasons will prevent me from being online as much as usual - but I'll still try to update the map regularly.
  6. Melody Community Map

    Please allow me to repeat one of the rules stated in the OP:
  7. Thank you. Done. The old highway was registered as: [[504,1737], [504,1868], [445,1868], [445,1901], [456,1901]]. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, but I now have it as: [[504,1737], [504,1868], [473,1868], [473,1907]]. I hope that's what you meant.
  8. Melody Community Map

    Done. Thanks. Added. Thanks.