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  1. Deliverance Community Map

    The coordinates of a Wurm tile are actually the coordinates of its NW corner. So the mouseover may show different values while you move across a tile and approach the NW corner of the next tile. (It's the corners actually instead of the tiles, which explains your observation.)
  2. Deliverance Community Map

    Guard towers are work in progress. There is a long wish list of things to improve; I'm sure@jackjoneswill surprise us with some nice updates soon!
  3. Deliverance Community Map

    Added. Nobody added any so far (oh wait - I think I added one, can you find it? ) Problem with guard towers is that they don't have a symbol yet . They just show up as (almost invisible) mostly transparent circles. @jackjones
  4. Deliverance Community Map

    Done. Thank you.
  5. WTS Various potions and oils

    Added today: Potion of Carpentry - 96ql : 2.00s
  6. - - S O L D - - I am selling 0.41 kg of black dragon scale: [20:38:18] Light but extremely tough, these scales will withstand even the hardest of blows and the sharpest of cuts.. Price: 20.50s PS: I know it looks like a red scale, but it actually is a black one
  7. [CLOSED] WTB Grapes or Grape Juice

    Waiting for offers
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    "Create 5000 liters of wine" "It's fun" they said. "Can be easily done" they said.
  9. [CLOSED] WTB Grapes or Grape Juice

    still in need of juice!
  10. blue grapes/juice

    I'd like to take 30 barrels. Can pick up. I'll PM you. Order cancelled due to no response.
  11. [PURCHASED] I'm looking for up to 30 small barrels of grape juice, depending on your price offer. (Alternatively: up to 5,000 grapes.) Please PM me with your offer.