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  1. This is interesting: I found a map dump on the webs which apparently shows the "original" Deliverance. (Unfortunately it has some deeds and roads drawn on it, but otherwise it seems to be pristine - no pun intended )
  2. Got more sleep powders. Price reduced to 0.60s each.
  3. Update (v3.0.4): Updated status server URL for Celebration https://dl.dropbox.com/s/8gb38bq4ec7xq7k/WurmStatus304.zip
  4. Update failed

    Please make sure that you don't have multiple clients running.
  5. Done. I have a request for all of you, guys: As described in the OP this map is based on a web-based software that automatically creates all map elements from tables with coordinates. I am NOT manually "drawing" deeds, highways or anything else, as it was done in the old times. That's why the OP says: You help me a lot (and speed up the process as well) by following that rule. Updating the map will usually take considerably longer if you leave the coordinate picking (and sometimes coordinate "guesssing") to me. There were cases when I literally had to ride out there to check a new highway in order to get the proper coordinates. I really try hard to keep this map up to date, but I also rely on your cooperation. Giving me the full set of coordinates for highways, tunnels, canals really helps getting my job done. Thank you.
  6. The rules are clear and have been stated here:
  7. Along with the tutorial, this Wurmpedia page may help to answer a few "first day questions" : https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Your_first_days_in_Wurm_Online
  8. Welcome to Wurm Online, Scorchy. Your question is best answered here: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Your_first_days_in_Wurm_Online#How_do_I_get_iron.3F "Finding iron during your first days is important, because you will need it for many items you want to craft. There are several ways to get iron: you can either forage on grass tiles or rummage on rock tiles with a chance of finding “iron rocks”, which can then be smelted into iron lumps. Or you can use an underground mine to find an iron vein, which will give you iron ore when you mine it using your pickaxe. Most of the starter towns have public iron mines in their neighbourhood – just walk around and explore the surroundings until you find an open mine entrance with a sign saying “Public mine”. Walk inside and carefully study the tunnel walls until you find a wall segment that looks different. Right-click the wall, and if it says “Iron vein” you can use your pickaxe to mine pieces of iron ore. Then use a campfire or a forge to smelt them into iron lumps." Later you will want to prospect for iron (https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Prospecting) and open your own mine. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask in CA HELP chat. Good luck!
  9. - S O L D - I recently got 8 sleep powders. Offering them for 4.80s. Pick up in SE Deliverance; I may also be able to deliver, depending on location.