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  1. That is strange. Which OS are you running? On windows you can also use 3rd party programs like Winzip or 7-zip to open the zip file.
  2. Make sure you have only one client running while updating. You can use Task Manager to check if there are any remains of previous client sessions left.
  3. I remember well: Our sermon group definitely tested it with furniture. Not quite sure about vehicles.
  4. When we held our last sermon sessions, almost all participants were sitting. And all of them counted as valid listeners. So, if it really is not working anymore, this must be a rather recent issue. Are you sure there were no other reasons?
  5. Fixed by @Substr (SW version 2.01).
  6. We are aware that some of the new UI elements are not positioned correctly on some mobile devices. We are currently trying to find a solution.
  7. There is no problem with allowing two persons as map editors. However, for reasons of accountability and coordination there must be one dedicated map manager per server, so our team has one single contact being responsible for the community map. Just give me a shout when you are ready to go and I'll help with getting the new map up and running.
  8. We just released a new software version for our map engine. This one now has a new UI and should work much better on small screens. Check here: https://deliverance.yaga.host/
  9. We released a major software update (v2.00) of our map engine today. This update only affects the user interface which is more streamlined now and will work much better with smaller screen sizes. The map legend can now be shown as a pop-up window when moving your mouse pointer over the question mark symbol in the upper right corner. Left-clicking that symbol will pin/unpin the map legend. I hope you like the new look! My sincerest thanks go to @Substr who made this update possible!
  10. Thanks, Keenan. You are the best!