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  1. Hey guys, just a brief note to let you know I have not forgotten you. Sadly, real life is interfering at the moment, so map updates will be postponed for a little while. I'll do my best to be back as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Yaga.
  2. Thank you. Added/modified.
  3. Well, giving only the start and end coordinates would result in a straight transversal line. As I assumed that's not what you had in mind I had to ride to that location and pick all the coordinates needed: (1140,878) (1140,906) (1113,906) (1113,936) (1096,954) (1078,954). This is the result on the map: I hope I got it right.
  4. I am sorry, but this is not how the map works. Please read the OP on how to submit changes. (Aka: if you don't tell us what the changes are, including exact coordinates, we are unable to comply )
  5. Thank you! All added.
  6. You can rotate the staircase until you see a tile border. Then plan your wall and reverse the rotation.
  7. Thanks. Removed the wrong one.
  8. Thank you. All added.
  9. We have a new software version for our community map. Please don't forget to clear your browser cache, or the map will not work properly! Make sure that the map shows SW version 2.11 : As requested by many players guard towers have been moved to the "Special" layer. To help you with your treasure hunts they will now be searchable by their names (tower IDs), similar to deeds and mission structures. The search list will now show mission structures first (marked by the letter "M"), followed by guard towers (letter "T"): Many of the guard towers on the map already have a name tag, reported by helpful Deli citizens. Please help to complete the map by reporting missing towers and/or missing name tags. This is what it looks like with only the "Special" layer showing: Have fun!
  10. Added. Thanks. (I assume it is a deed, right?)
  11. Added. Thanks. (The deed info goes in the mouse-over test.)
  12. Message to all GMS

    ... and many of your readers may still want to know why. You're really making us curious.
  13. We are currently working on a solution for this.