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  1. You are right, Jaz - I agree. So I should change my words to: "... that's what Wurm Online Freedom should be about! "
  2. ... and that is the exact opposite..
  3. I was going to add some of my experiences, but... Valdor's sad and touching story beats everything I had in mind. Thanks, mate! (And thanks for the OP and its positive spirit - that's what Wurm Online should be about!)
  4. After some more observations it looks like: the farther they are away from the target the more reluctant they seem to be.
  5. This second video shows the problems a lot better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gOjqab4hfA (Guards stop and run repeatedly.)
  6. I tried to capture the guards' erratic behaviour in a short video. What you can see here: - Calling the guard for the first time makes him seem to respond and move - but then he stops again and waits. - Calling a second time finally makes him run. This is just one of many different examples. Sometimes they don't respond at all, sometimes they do so after having been called multiple times, sometimes they run a short distance towards the target and then stop again, etc...
  7. We may indeed have a new problem of this kind. I also observed this several times today on various towers: Creature within tower range, targeted, called guards several times. Some of the guards reacted, others didn't - they just stood there, although I was calling more than three times. EDIT: I watched the guards, and some of them started running, but then stopped again doing nothing afterwards. Calling them again sometimes made them start running again - but not in all cases. Very strange behaviour.
  8. The spot was very easy to find! Thanks for the excellent description and the pointing signs. (I also found the free horses.) This is an exemplary preparation for a public fight - well done!
  9. I'll be short on time as well - will have to leave immediately after the fight, I'm afraid. (Irl appointment...) For that reason I have to sail there right now and wait. Any chance to borrow a horse for the trip to the fighting spot?
  10. A new version (V 3.3.0) was released today with the following changes: WurmClock's taskbar icon now displays basic date and time info when you move the mouse pointer over it. A new mechanism was added which allows to count the number of program users. (No personal data is sent - the program just creates a unique number in the registry to identify the installation). Some minor "cosmetic" changes were made. The manual (https://dl.dropbox.com/s/aocpk0h2yfvbb4d/WurmClock3 Manual.pdf) was updated. A big "thank you" to Substr, who helped me with setting up the software metrics web server!
  11. Price reduction: Blue Dragon Blood is now 1.00s only!
  12. Thank you!
  13. COD to Mykoal?