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  1. I FEEL THIS SUGGESTION IN MY SOUL Just ask @Retrograde, who has to warn me before taking bites of food ingame (and out) because I’ve been known to physically rip off my headset and throw it across my desk as a “fight or flight” response. It’s uncontrollable rage and the reaction is embarrassing and irrational but unavoidable. I absolutely understand. +100, if there can be a toggle for arachnophobia, there should be one for misophonia as well.
  2. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences!
  3. Congrats, @Samool! @Budda, you will be missed @Quicktor, Retro’s contract is very secure... Don’t you worry!
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    Lol admittedly, I read the forums backwards and didn’t realize he was responding to Brash_Endeavors. My bad!
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    This post was meant to start a community discussion. Nothing is set in stone, which is why it may seem like Retro and Rolf aren’t “on the same page.” There is no page written yet; this is simply the drawing board. (At least from my understanding.)
  6. It will teleport you to freedom. But you need rift mats to make it, so currently it’s a bit difficult at most people’s skill.
  7. Archaed on all of it.
  8. Bump, make me an offer. Really wanting to sell this asap.
  9. 180e, PM Joelle or Archaed
  10. Bump... Back from a long Wurm break, on the prowl for more single-named ponies and heck ponies!
  11. The Quest!

    Any updates on this? Curious.