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  1. Wurm Whispers - Community Game Event!

    "The elusive lurking unicorn is forcefully charmed by the crazed Wurmian at a rift." --- deciphered as --- "Grinding puppetry is worse when you're the puppet." by: Saraie, Ancei, Fabricant, Seriphina, Katherine, Perihelion, Ehizellbob, Cipacadrinho, Madnath, Crezena
  2. Wurmiversary 2018

    I am so confused.
  3. Capes ...add capes! Please?

    Did you misspell coops?
  4. Looking for work, but which one?

    Welcome to Wurm!
  5. "Test" action for wand of seas

    1.) I think there are way too many wands of the seas out there... They should be taken out of the rotation of rewards or every server will be littered with multiples of the same island all over the place. 2.) I’m in agreement with the test option, however. It only makes sense, and this is a good suggestion for existing wands. (Seriously stop the madness, too many people have used these lately!) Lol +1 anyway.
  6. new tutorial

    Well he’s asleep right now, Australia and all that.
  7. Can Enchant Grass Inside House?

    Yes they can!
  8. new tutorial

    As an aide to an autistic child who struggles with auditory learning, I personally think that is an amazing idea! I will absolutely discuss it with Retro tonight.
  9. Major issue with rude people

    Maybe they’re shy.
  10. This is actually a wonderful idea! +1 Ooo, or even as a reward for completing parts of the new tutorial.
  11. Dredging QoL

    +1 to all, I wholeheartedly agree that dredging could use an update.
  12. Additions to Harvesting

    Definitely +1 to the Harvester’s Backpack idea!
  13. Green Dog Needs Some Work

    We fixed your issues, Ayes, thanks again! I’ll ask about the spawning in the canal thing, not sure if there’s anything we can do though.