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  1. Valrei International. 063

    Woohoo electrum! Woohooooo pretty terrain textures! Welcome to the team, Sindusk!
  2. WTB Single-Named Horses

  3. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Still looking
  4. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Bump again, gimme yer ponies!
  5. WTB Single-Named Horses

  6. Animal Breeding - Rare Horses

    +1 sounds neat
  7. Trolls can swim

    Which server, and how deep was the water?
  8. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Still looking
  9. WTB Single-Named Horses

  10. Winter frozen Lakes

    Also people do live on these small ponds and lakes and wouldn't like their ships being out of commission during the winter.
  11. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Bump, still looking.
  12. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Looking for single-named 5-speeds, any server. For example, “Duke” or “Ida.” Because I’m extra. Any color, though I would prefer younger horses if I can get them. But you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth! (ba dum tss) PM me in-game, on forums, on irc, or on discord with any leads. Or send a carrier pigeon my way.
  13. Hedge Model Updates

    Time for a bump
  14. Derby of 1075

    Bummer, won’t be around at that time. Wish there were multiple events so all time zones could participate. Good luck to all!
  15. Wurmiversary 2018

    What I don't get is whether there's a mission we need to trigger, or if there are items on each server to find. Because missions don't cross server, but maybe it's possible to do a mission to find an item on a different server that's used to trigger a mission on another server? Or it's all on one server and we're taking the "One fer every Freedom Shore" thing too literally.