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  1. What happens if you de-prem though? Do you still get the extra spots?
  2. Very exciting, can't wait to come see!
  3. @Yldrania will you be around in approx 4 hours?
  4. I'm moving and would be willing to give you my old deed and current buildings. Shoot me a PM in-game if you're interested!
  5. Can you set the epic portal aside for me? Good to see you, by the way!
  6. One time, The Venerable Green Dragon punched me in the face. It was awesome.
  7. So before I go crazy trying to perfect slopes in deedplanner, here's my idea for Blossom: I thought a more minimalistic approach would be nice, but it still includes all of the essentials: A smithy, a kitchen, a church, farmland, an inn, and a pen for animals. The pavement flower mosaic/mural (whatever you want to call it), lavender hedges, and flowerbeds are meant to fit with the "Blossom" flower theme, and I didn't fuss around too much with decorations in deedplanner, but more statues, fountains, flowerpots, etc. might look nice as decoration too. I tried to make it more of a 'park' feel, which is the vibe I get when I think of how Blossom should be. Enjoy!
  8. Love it! Only thing I have to ask.. Isn't the road going through Blossom an official highway? Unsure how the one-tile main road will work with the new highway system coming.
  9. Alyeska's and Ehizellbob's are my favorites so far! You're all very talented, color me impressed.
  10. Currently, no, they cannot.
  11. What about the people who live on the tops of these mountains? What if they don't like the idea of snow year-round?