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  1. I have several thoughts. 1. This update makes so much sense and I'm very excited to get into animal husbandry because of it. For all those who think it's an unfair nerf, think of any other skill in the game: do you have incentive to stop skilling at 50, or do you need to grind to 90+ to get the best tools, materials, etc? Same should go for horses. This system makes sense and I love that there's a reason to skill higher in AH now! 2. However, why are there 6 pages of comments on this thread but no staff input? That's disappointing to me... There are many good points and questions raised here that seem easy enough to address. At least a "We are not commenting on that at this time since the update is so new" would be nice as a reply. Radio silence seems sketch. 3. I'm recently back from a very long break and I'm out of the loop, so this may have been answered previously, but why was this update not on test server before going live? I feel like a lot of these issues could have been resolved prior to launch if players had been able to test it first and find all these bugs and things that don't make sense. Is test server not utilized anymore? Is there a reason why? 4. Ultimately, I'm glad to get back into the game and this update gives me something new to dig into, so thank you for the hard work, dev team! Glad to be back and glad to get started!
  2. 6s nvm im dumb, still getting used to the new server clusters lol
  3. This week's community stream competition: It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere! Post a screenshot of your favorite location in game to sit back and relax with a cold drink in hand. It could be a winery, a beer garden, a bar, or even just a chair by the lake where you fish! The sky's the limit with this competition, have fun! Post your screenshots here, and we will vote on winners by the end of tonight's community stream. Top 3 winners will receive one month of premium each. Good luck!
  4. This week's stream is a bit sentimental, much like this post here: We want to see your favorite animal and want you to tell us why it's your favorite! In your submission, please include a screenshot and a short explanation of why you chose this critter for the competition. It could be as simple or as complex as you want! It could even be silly! Have fun with your entries. Top 3 entries will be voted on by the stream chat and will receive one month's premium each. Good luck!
  5. Most still do that, yes, but there is a hitching post now if you'd rather try something new. Welcome back!
  6. This. I don’t think any changes should be made to circumvent gathering together with other people to skill up. Too many aspects of Wurm are grossly independent as it is. We need more things that promote gathering together! And since when has 100 faith actually been hard for anyone to achieve?
  7. You can teleport to any starter deed, not player-made deeds.
  8. The winners are... *drumroll* "Pig For Dinner" by @mortarik "Scorpion Boxing" by @Stanlee "Madnath" by @Madnath We will be in touch with your premium coupons! Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for next week's competition... A cow race in-game!!
  9. I like this idea! Good thinking!
  10. You seem like a very generous and considerate person. Unfortunately, not every player is of a like mind. Many will take what they can get without a second thought. Belongings scattered on a deed with pickup permissions enabled is just an invitation to take, take, take. What I have seen some players do is plant chests or BSBs offdeed with free resources. Chests of free newbie tools, BSBs of ore or sprouts, to help players in need. Yes, this means they cannot perform actions on your deed, but at least they have some access to the resources. I would advise locking down your deed permissions ASAP, because GMs will likely not rule in your favor if something valuable goes missing. If the permissions are set to allow it, it’s fair game. Good luck!