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Found 37 results

  1. The glow runes and color runes seem to not apply their effects properly when attached to Statues, Epic Mission Structures, and Guard Towers. I plan on adding specific examples this evening when I can get on the game. Kind of a bummer considering how difficult it is to acquire, manufacture, and apply the runes. Edit: Failed to mention that these effects used to work, but somewhere they stopped.
  2. Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Runes: [19:42:38] A tin rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%) [19:42:38] A adamantine rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase the time an enchant holds its power on the item (10%) [19:42:38] A steel rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) and reduce decay taken (10%)
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to sSmokes' Steelworks! I can currently imp armor up to 80+QL (85QL Coming soon!) All armor that is sold and improved are done so past their QL to the next time a resource is needed to imp. (i'll imp past the desired QL until it needs another lump to imp). This results in armor that has a range of QL, often several points over the desired QL. All helm types are available. When ordering a set please advise which Helm type you would like: Full Helm, Basinet Helm, or Open Helm I only deal with STEEL in regards to armor. If you require other metals or chain, please visit Xerxzies Shop. Number of items I've turned rare by imping: 1 Rare Glove, 1 Supreme Legs! ***NEW***Archeology/Restoration! ***NEW***Meditation, Rune attaching, and Priestly things: Armor imps using your metals (including moonmetals) METALURGY SERVICES OFFERED! Currently in Stock: 80+QL Steel Platemail Set x3 90QL Steel Platemail set x1 70+QL Steel Platemail set (x1) Currently in progress:80+QL Steel Platemail sets PRICES!!! Bulk Steel sales: New Carpentry and Fine carpentry items! All prices above do not include shipping. All armor sets are sold and shipped inside of a backpack. You can either post in this thread, PM me on the forums, or in game: (NFI: Ssmokes) Thank you for your business! ~sSmokes
  4. I'm a bit confused on the effects of runes. Aren't all effects for runes supposed to be a positive effect? Confusion #1: From the above wurmpedia page on Runes, it states that "Runes that increase volume will allow the affected container to hold more of items that already fit." So, what about the runes with an effect of "10% less volume"? Why would decreasing the volume of a container to hold less items be a good effect? Or is this effect to reduce the volume of the item/container itself and not how much it can hold? What I'm trying to do is trying to get a Wagon to hold more Crates. So, I can use the Increase Volume on the wagon, but what do I use on the Large Crates so I can fit even more into the wagon? Do I use the "10% less volume" or "10% reduced size", in which the volume of the large crate uses the size to calculate volume. Confusion #2: "10% increased rarity". If I attach a rune with this effect on an item, for example a tool, will this tool then have increased 10% rarity change when I use it to improve items? Basically, will the items I'm improving with this runed tool have better chances to become rare? Or, Is the increased rarity for that item that the rune is attached to only? If that is the case, then do I attach it to an item I want to become rare, improve the item and hope that it becomes rare eventually, and when it does, remove the rune and attach to another item that I want to rarify?
  5. Got the following runes for sale, feel free to respond to this post, or either PM me on forums or in game (Kasumi) if you are interested in any of them For more information about runes please see the wurmpedia page : Pricing : Stock : A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Libila. It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Jackal. It will activate the refresh effect one time. A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Magranon. It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Vynora. It can be attached to wooden items and will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Fo. It can be attached to any item and will have a chance to increase the effect of tending a field or harvesting a tree or bush (10%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Magranon. It will activate the mole senses effect one time. A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Libila. It can be attached to wooden items and will reduce weight (10%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Libila. It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will reduce weight (10%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Fo. It can be attached to stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will reduce fuel usage rate (10%). A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Vynora. It can be used on stone, leather, cloth and pottery items and will activate the mend effect one time. A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Fo. It will activate the charm animal effect one time.
  6. Welcome to Harmony's Relic Restoration Co. We pride ourselves on unearthing forgotten relics and restoring their luster. No ruin too old or dusty that we can't bring back to glory. We currently have a selection of finewoods and are working on restoring a handful of beautiful statues (some rare). Our curator is Dalden; we can be visited anytime at Timberline (Harmony/O13) overlooking the picturesque Seal Lake. Click here for the Store Page! I'm currently keeping all my stocks and prices on a google sheets page for easier updating and shopping. Inside you will find tabs for each of the goods we offer (archaeology woods, masks, runed tools, etc). Below you will also find links to each individual tab. archaeology woods masks statues runed tools runed weapons glowing items
  7. Sickle blade, iron, 57 ql, 3 runes A iron rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will increase the time an enchant holds its power on the item (10%) and reduce size (10%) A steel rune of Fo has been attached, so it will reduce decay taken (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%) A seryll rune of Jackal has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%) start price 1s bid increase 50c No redemption, no reserve 30 min projectile protection
  8. I may update this a bit more because I'm probably forgetting a few things I've thought of before: Separate forum for people selling accounts as the WTS thread is gets littered with account sales Change dispel so that it dispels priest spells first and runes last (avoids inadvertently destroying runes on items just to dispel priest casts) Ability to plant kingdom flags on tile corners rather than having to manually place them on tile corners Taming mechanics need an overhaul due to several undesirable outcomes Hell horses and unicorns are not practical hunting mounts because they need to be tamed, draw aggro easily and die Same goes for other animals that can be tamed, they are good to stick in a pen to look at but not very useful otherwise Unicorns could be more useful for something but due to taming mechanics they are unsuitable even as a 2-person mount Build rounded structures or parts of structures (e.g., medieval castles often had rounded towers; the closest wurm logic gets to this is paved corners) and pointed roofs New wall type that combines jaw bridges and portcullises (the jaw bridge portion can be locked separately from the portcullis but both would appear on the same wall and use a single wall type) Build floors with murder holes just like medieval castles had used in rooms separated by two portcullises to trap and kill enemies Author books, guides and store them on bookshelves with the option to chain them to the bookshelves for security (just like the medieval chained library IRL; would require hardcover book binding made of oak and blacksmith to make the chain and lock to attach to the book) Farming implements that can be used with animals to increase crop yields (e.g., ploughs, cultivatiors, etc.) Frozen lakes in the winter with ability to use dogs, dog sleds, go ice fishing, etc. Allow QL of bridles affect how well horses and wagons can be turned, WoA increases turn rate and rare bridles turn even better Quenching container that can be used with water or oil (higher chance for successful action) to temper items for blacksmithing, WoA increases speed of tempering Mortar made out of lime (new stone type) baked in a kiln to create quicklime (byproduct) that can then be mixed with sand and water, possibly using a wooden device with a wheel and turning handle to create mortar. The wooden device could be casted with WoA to speed up the process. New rune to increase the age of foals so they can reach the age to be hitched a lot sooner (would only work/apply to foal stages)
  9. Selling a bit of everything ! Pickup available at Independence House of Lords M25 (ingame map) or 62x41y (community map). Taking sleep powders as payment for crops and enchants now! Taking orders for any items you may need ! For any questions or orders send a forum message or PM Zoranah or Raldon ingame ?Acorns? ?Animal bits? ?Building materials?️ ?Cochineals? ?Collectables? ?Compasses?️ ?Crops? ?Cheese? ?Dyes? ?Eggs? ??Enchants?? ?Fillets? ?Fish? ?Flowers? ?Fruits? Grass? ?Herbs&Spices? ?Hides? ?Imping services? ?Juices? ?Leather? ?Maple sap? ?Meals? ?Meat? ?Milk? ?Oils? Potions Potion mixing ?Rares/Supremes/Fantastics? ?Recipes? ??Rune attaching services?? ??Sacs?? ?Seedlings? ?Silver coins? ?Shoulderpads? ?Sprouts? ?Tomes? Transmutation liquids ?Woad? ?Wool?
  10. Price reduced! None of the items im selling were worn or damaged. 86,91ql rare adamantine lump 0.35kg 3s 75ql Ribboned shoulder pad 20c 75ql Left layered shoulder pad 20c 75ql Crafted shoulder pad 20c 75ql ring of the Eye, seryll 40c 75ql artisan ring, seryll 6s (A ring engraved with various artisan symbols. It will improve skillgain for Meditating.) 75ql bracelet of inspiration, seryll 80c 75ql artisan necklace, seryll 1s 75ql Soul Stealer Necklace, seryll 1,6s 85,48ql Salve of frost 1.4s 67,20ql Salve of frost 1.1s ^Or tell me what price you would like to buy those for!^ Also, selling up to 100ql iron lumps - Prices to negotiate RUNES! Stone rune of Magranon, adamantine (It can be attached to any item and will increase vehicle speed (10%).) 27,41ql 4s ~41% Success Chance [~24 Soul Depth] Stone runes of Magranon, zinc [mailbox/wagon rune] (It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 1ql 5c { 2,13ql 5c 2,30ql 5c 3,61ql 5c ~5 - 15% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 3,81ql 5c 7,07ql 7c 10,84ql 10c 11,10ql 12c } 12,48ql 11c { 12,74ql 11c 13,35ql 12c 13,70ql 12c 14,64ql 15c ~15 - 36% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 14,72ql 15c 15,66ql 17c 16,14ql 19c 18,11ql 21c 18,28ql 21c 24,23ql 25c 25,55ql 26c } 40,80ql 40c { 43,70ql 43c } ~63-69% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] Stone rune of Libila, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%).) 5.31ql 5c { 5,65ql 5c 6,10ql 6c 7,96ql 7c 10,04ql 10c ~10 - 20% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 11,98ql 11c 12,44ql 12c 13,19ql 13c 14,64ql 14c } 18,50ql 18c { ~26 - 45% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] } 32,82ql 32c { ~50 - 92% Success [~24 Sould Depth] 48,13ql 48c 62,74ql 62c } Stone rune of Vynora, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).) 12,44ql 11c { 14,01ql 16c ~16 - 22% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 14,17ql 16c 16,16ql 18c } 32,95ql 32c ~50% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] Crystal rune of Vynora, Tin (It can be attached to metal items and will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%).) 18,65ql 20c { 22,79ql 22c 30,42ql 30c ~26-47% Success Chance[~24 Sould Depth] 30,87ql 30c } Stone rune of Fo, bronze (It can be attached to any item and will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%).) 4,09ql 8c ~8% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 15,98ql 17c ~20% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] 46,07ql 50c ~73% Success Chance [~24 Sould Depth] You can leave message here or in game /t Ziem /t Xyndia /t Newageretrohippie
  11. How to buy these items: Contacting one of people at the bottom of this post. Payment Methods: Silver. Euros considered in large orders. CoD only!* ADAMANTINE & GLIMMERSTEEL RUNE CREATION (NON ADDY-JACKAL) Single Rune Creation: 2s Double Rune Creation (If First Rune Is <10QL): 3.5s ADAMANTINE JACKAL RUNES† Pick a Color: 4s † Stock is below. We can offer attachment after purchase, but cannot guarantee attachment. * Unmailable items can be negotiated on case-by-case basis. PM for details. NON-MOONMETAL RUNE CREATION + ITEM ATTACHMENT We can also create non-moonmetal runes, and attach your runes. Contact for details. Adamantine Jackal Rune Gallery (THEY WORK ON MASKS, WEAPONS, BOWS, WAGONS, FORGES, PYLONS, TOWERS, AND MANY OTHER ITEMS): Contacts : Xallo (Discord, Forums, Ingame) | Mclavin (Discord, Forums) Doctorchaos (Ingame) Jakeii (Discord, Forums) Wulfgar (Ingame) | Egard (Discord, Forums) FYI: All orders will be fulfilled on Freedom by high-leveled Carp/SC/JS/SD characters. Check out our other Merchant Ad:
  12. Most of us know by now how hard it is to make (or buy) runes, much less high ql ones - and once you make them the next big hurdle is trying to attach them. What if we can significantly boost your chances of attaching the runes to the items you love? This is the service that Inspira and I are offering here. Using her wonderful Soul Depth (76.67, 2nd in niarja) and my reputation, we will insure that: (1) you get your precious items back to you (with attached runes) (2) with minimal rune expenditure (all remaining runes will be mailed back to you) (3) with a complete log of the events from accepting the mail and until mailing back Here's how to do it: Rename the (mailable) item with your name Rename any runes you want to send with your name Send them to Inspira (or Thorakkanath if you do not trust my gf ) Wait Receive the item back (in any case), including any remaining runes and see the log (if interested) posted as a reply to this thread Cost of this service: 35c per successfully attached rune (so only once per item) If you have items that you cannot mail, you can bring them to our deed to perform the service (Thunderstorm Keep/Thunderstorm Harbor in Q11 Xanadu). Please contact us before to insure that we are on at the time. If no runes get attached to your tools, we will COD the item back to you at 1i cost as a show of good faith (and of course, providing a log of the failure in this thread) - tips are welcome of course, because we will still have to do the work of posting, success or failure. In that sense, if you send a single low ql rune to attach, we will have to charge you a 10c fee in case of failure. Current attach chances: 1ql rune - 69% chance 14ql rune - 88% chance 25ql rune - 94% chance 32ql rune - 97% chance 40ql rune - 99% chance Any constructive suggestions on how to improve the service are greatly appreciated as well! We wish you all the best of luck! Thor & Inspira What if I don't have the runes? Then we offer you two options: (A) you can pay our flat fee of 55c and we will produce any runes needed for the attaching (subject to availability and excluding moon metal runes). This option is only available if you use our Rune Attaching Service but offers guaranteed attaching with unlimited tries in case of failure (B) if the item you want runed is not mailable and you are too far away to sail to us, we can sell you higher ql runes at 2c/ql (please inquire about this option as we do not do runes on demand at high qualities, only if available)
  13. I need several runes 30~40 ql please. Let me know what you ate charging for them
  14. Hi all, this auction is for a metal (iron) hammer, not rare, but with two runes: [17:21:29] A single copper rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) and increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) [17:21:29] A single seryll rune of Fo has been attached to it, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (10%) Double rune from Archaeology, also bears coc 98 and woa 93, will be sent via mailsystem. Starting bid: 10s Increments: 1s Sniper 1h No buyout
  15. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've played Wurm, but I've recently returned and began to dig into some of the newer content that's been implemented. A lot of players have extremely misguided ideas of how runes work. I've heard that applying a usage speed rune on a weapon increases it's swing timer. Another is that using an enchant power rune on a statuette increases the power of enchants you cast, and similarly using a success chance on a statuette would increase your chances of casting successfully. I've spent the last few hours diving into the code of Wurm Unlimited to understand the mechanics of runes as best I can, and my results are incredibly disappointing. In an effort to stop players from wasting their time applying runes incorrectly, I'm going to go ahead and dispel all the rumors about how runes work with certain items, and clarify their actual use cases. To start, I will clarify a few of the common misconceptions that I've heard: Usage speed does not affect weapon swing timers. Although I have not checked specifically, I believe this also implies that it does not increase the speed at which bows fire. "Bows use 10% speed rune but theres a cap on firing speed so it just means you can shoot max speed longer before waiting for stam" [Thank you @Oblivionnreaverfor clarifying this interaction.] Applying any rune to statuette, including skill gain, enchant power, and enchant success, does nothing for your casts or channeling. Instead, you must apply the enchant power or success to the item you are enchanting for it to apply. Vehicle speed does not affect horse gear such as horse shoes and saddles. On another note, damage reduction also does not affect the damage taken from horse shoes and saddles when equipped on a horse. Rarity increase does not work for items you improve with. For example, applying rarity chance to an awl will not give you a higher chance to make something rare when improving using the awl. Instead, you now have a 10% higher chance of making that awl rare when you improve it. I found no evidence of rarity increase working for items that are used for creation. For example, applying a rarity rune to a small anvil and using the anvil to create items will not give a higher chance of the created item to become rare. The only references I found in the code for the rarity runes were under the methods for "improve" "polish" and "temper" (interaction explained above) - nothing for creation. Improve chance does not work for items you improve with. Instead, you must apply the rune to the item you are improving in order to obtain the bonus. More quality when improved also works this way. On the reverse side, here's a few interactions which actually do function as it seems they should: Usage speed on an improvement item does reduce the time for the improvement to take place. Usage speed, when used on an item for creation (eg. small anvil), will apply the speed boost. You can also double this up by applying it to the material used in creation (eg. iron lump). Recipe creation works identically. Resource gathering QL works with the following items: Pickaxe (Mining) Butchering Knife, Shovel (Butchering) Scissors (Shearing) Shovel (Digging) Sickle (Forestry) Rake, Scythe (Farming) [Rakes do not work because hands are used for harvesting if not using a scythe. Thank you @Oblivionnreaver.] Hatchet, and any other item that you use to chop a tree down with (Woodcutting) Skill increase works on items similar to Circle of Cunning or Blessings of the Dark. If CoC or BotD work to increase skillgain, the rune should as well. Finally, the decay rune works a little bit differently than the rest. Decay reduction works on parent items. For example, a barrel with the decay reduction rune will reduce the decay of everything inside, as well as itself. However, the rune can apply only once throughout all parents. For example: You have a ship - no rune. Inside the ship is a raft - decay reduction rune. Inside the raft is a barrel - no rune. Inside the barrel is a backpack - decay reduction rune. Inside the backpack is a silver lump - no rune. In this scenario, the ship takes full decay. The raft, as expected, has reduced decay. Equally, the barrel inside the raft also takes reduced decay, inheriting the rune from the container above. The backpack also has decay reduction, but the rune it has is wasted. It could inherit from the raft that it's contained in. Finally, the silver lump also has decay reduction, inheriting the rune from the raft. I hope this post helps clarify how runes function. I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of choice, resulting in basically just skill gain and usage speed runes being useful for improvement items. I was hoping rarity or QL increase runes could be more enticing for application to improvement items, but sadly they do not work as I thought they would.
  16. Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse! All items are discounted and I am accepting offers on everything. Large Chest Weapons Rack Honey Barrels Rune Merchant Wine Barrels Visit this Google Doc for what each rune does, I am selling for 2c/QL. Not sure what the Honey and Wine goes for nowadays so please offer. Wine was made before the big cooking update. Also Selling 776 Beeswax at 45.09QL. May Libila guide you and have a nice day. #bringlibilatofreedom #libilaistheonetruegod #blacklegionliveson
  17. Many rares have no apparent added functionality, why not let extra runes be attached? One rune for normal, two for rare, three for supreme and four for fantastic. Some runes might need to be one-per item for balance, but most wouldn't need any extra balancing.
  18. After today's update they said the rune to have forges and any item that burns fuel burn 10% slower or use 10% less fuel as it burns, however you want to say it was now working. I'm not finding that to be true. I have a supreme forge at 90 ql, and with the rune on it the forge seems to be burning fuel 10% faster. Could someone please test this to see if I'm right, or just imagining things?
  19. Selling off Rare Pickaxe 82ql Price - 6s
  20. Since you can rune a scythe to improve your farming of grains, how about we add a Garden Glove for harvesting the rest? Then we could add runes to those.
  21. It's been a fair few months now since runes hit the ground running and they've proven to be a wonderful feature to have. The trouble is that priests have next to no chance of every being proficient in creating runes unless they depriest, level FC, JS and SC (all three of which are almost entirely impossible to train to a decent level using creation ticks) and then repriest. Given that soul depth can be trained just as fast as a non-priest this leaves us with non-magic users being the better runesmiths. Given that runes are a form of enchantment; it seems as if magic users would have more knowledge of them and should be the more proficient users. There is also the fact that Mag seems the kind of god who would make great use of runes and Mag's following is extremely low in the PvE worlds. Thus I propose the following changes: 1a. When creating runes priests use their channeling skill OR the creation skill (whichever is higher) OR 1b. Give priests a way to train these skills that is on par with non-priests (giving them stronger "creation" ticks IN THESE SKILLS would be the simplest solution) (edit: added in bold clarification) OR 1c. Add a buff that occurs randomly when praying that allows priests to use their faith score in place of a skill for the creation of a single rune 2. Make the bonus towards creating a rune of one's own god based on faith, giving priests a buff. 3. Give mag priests and followers an additional passive buffing final rune quality (again based on faith) The fact that imbues are also locked to one type of priest is disturbing and seems plain wrong, there is also the follower imbalance since followers of vynora dominate due ot the experience bonus. Thus, the following changes are proposed: 1. Allow all priests to perform alchemy 2. Give fo priests and followers a bonus to natural substance item creation QL (based on faith) These changes should give priests a well-needed edge in rune creation, as well as balance followers a little more.
  22. closed

    Closed Sold..
  23. Free information for runemakers . Crystal metal runes = uses jewelry smithing skill Stone metal runes = uses stonecutting Wood metal runes = uses fine carpentry. Applying runes = uses soul depth to determine success rate. Have fun and enjoy.
  24. So , simple idea, would help a lot of people on Freedom and epic who don't have access to sme,fo or nahjo priests. Add a rune or replace a useless rune we have now with a rune that can cast "gensis" on horses that removes a negative trait. It would massively help horse breeders and farmers in game, without having to track down a priest that casts genesis for them. Not everyone has access to them and rift materials are becoming abundant these days. What say you devs? Good suggestion ?