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Found 7 results

  1. Good morn' my friends. Bartender Aetheria here from Cadence. I have been blessed enough to have hit 60 Beveragemaking this eve, toiling day and night to bring you the very best in fine beverages, and now I am able to bring you the sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods! Below you will find the means to get your very own beverages, hand-crafted for you with love and care you won't find anywhere else! I offer access to the goodies below, where you will find the general pricing and turnaround time for these goods. ( All goods will be made to the highest QL I can with my skill, this will generally be above 50QL at minimum, with some room for RNG. I am using a Supreme Oven with a Rare Cauldron to cook and a rare Fruit press for fruits/berries, so rest assured the QL will be as good as I can make it! ) CoD cost is 10c per barrel. Skill Based Beverages: (And Oils for Cooking) {All Orders here need to be run by me first, as they vary wildly depending on the QL of my current stock} Olive Oil Fruit Juices (For Transmutation) Maple Syrup Walnut Oil Fennel Oil Corn Oil Cotton Seed Oil Distilled & Fermented Alcohols: Turnaround time here is 1-2 Weeks, as beverages need to ferment, then distill. I likely can get this to you sooner, but please be aware of the immense time these take. Gin - Can be straight Gin, or a Berry/Fruit Gin! (11 different choices!) - 2s/Small Barrel, (Grape Gin 2.5S/Small Barrel) Vodka - 2.25s/Small Barrel Moonshine - Choose your ingredients, or leave it up to fate! (A minimum of 4 vegetables are included in my recipes) - 2.5s/Small Barrel Whisky - 2.25s/Small Barrel Rum - 2.5s/Small Barrel Fermented Beverages: Turnaround time 4-10 days, depending on fermentation process. Cider (Custom order, tends to be more expensive, as apples are harder to source) Mead - 1.5s/Small Barrel Triple hops - 2s/Small Barrel Stout - 1.5s/Small Barrel Root Beer - 2s/Small Barrel Porter - 1.5s/Small Barrel Pilsner - 1.5s/Small Barrel Pale Ale - 1.5s/Small Barrel Ginger Beer - 2s/Small Barrel Brown Ale - 1.5s/Small Barrel Bitter - 1.5s/Small Barrel Vinegars: Turnaround time 4-10 Days, Depending on Fermentation Process Cider Vinegar (Custom Order Only) Malt Vinegar - 1.5s/Small Barrel Honey Vinegar - 1.5s/Small Barrel Vinegar - 1.5s/Small Barrel (Many varieties available) (3 in que) Other Beverages: Hot Chocolate - Send me Cocoa/Cocoa Beans, I'll make hot chocolate! Need 25 to make 1 small barrel. You supply the cocoa beans, I supply the labour. -50c Honey Water - 1s/Small Barrel Teas - 50c/Small Barrel Currently not offering: White Wine/White Wine Vinegar Red Wine/Red Wine Vinegar Rice Wine/Rice Wine vinegar ***For Wines, I am awaiting a good supplier, if you believe this is you, please reach out to me*** Current Stock: (Discounted, Ready to Ship) Moonshine: Small Barrel - 19.24QL = 1.5s Gin: Small Barrel - 16.24QL = 1s Small Barrel - 16.54QL = 1s Orange Gin: 28KG - 14.50QL = 40c Olive Oil (31Kg avail) - 46.28QL = 15c/Kg Currently Brewing: Price per barrel Whisky: (3) Small Barrel - ~25QL = 1.50s Gin: (3) Small Barrel - ~25QL = 1s Raspberry Gin: Small Barrel - ~25QL = 1s Pale Ale : Small Barrel - ~55QL = 1.5s
  2. I am offering the following potions and oils, made from unique blood: - - All sold for now - - [ S O L D ]: Can be mailed (buyer pays CoD) or picked up in SE Deliverance (Community Map: T19, Ingame Map: q22)
  3. WTS Shoulder pads 1x Dragon shoulder pad 75ql 1s 2x Crafted shoulder pad 75ql 50c each 2x Boar shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Exquisite shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Left elaborate shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Smal shoulder pad 50ql 15c 1x Reight layered shoulder pad 25ql 10c Potion on woodcutting 77ql 2s 73ql 2s Oil of weapon smith 88ql 1,5s 86ql 1,5s 82ql 1,5s 78ql 1,2s 71ql 1,2s 68ql 1s 60ql 1s 2x picknik basket (christmas gift 2016) 1s/each 1x Yule reindeer (christmas gift 2015) 1s Glimmer 84ql 0,34kg 3s Rare 1x Rare fruitpress camelliawood 78,87ql 4s Answer here, send a pm on forum or to Freddykrueger ingame
  4. These oils will improve your max improving levels. i.e. w/ a 96ql oil you can improve your sword from your current max of 80ql to 89-90ql. Weapon-smith oil: 96ql Weapon-smith oil: 92ql 3.5s each or 6 silver for both Armour-smith oil: 84ql Armour-smith oil 69ql 2.5s each or 5 silver for both Message me @ mrzodiac
  5. Fletching 84.89 3 Fletching 74.30 2.5 Oil of Weapon smithing 58.07 1.25 Oil of Weapon smithing 64.89 1.5 Oil of Weapon smithing 66.52 1.5 Oil of Weapon smithing 22.97 1 Oil of Weapon smithing 57.14 -1.75dmg 1.25 Potion of carp 56.51 -1.77dmg 1.5 potion of leather working 93.66 3 potion of leather working 72.62 2 potion of leather working 56.19 1.5 potion of leather working 66.30 1.75 salve of frost 90.65 75c potion of mining 87.27 6s ointment of tailoring 88.71 75c Oil of Armour Smithing 92.55 2.75 Oil of Armour Smithing 25.35 1s Oil of Armour Smithing 75.90 2.5
  6. tailoring potion: 1.5s each armour smith: 2s weapon smith: 2s rare practice doll: 2s rare med wood shield: 3s supreme ring: offer white skull: 4s black skull: sold yule goat: 1s each
  7. Cleaning out some extra items. All items located on Deliverance. Buyer is responsible for COD costs. Rare Rope Tool, Birchwood, 85ql: 1s Rare Studded Leather Boot, 90ql: 1s Rare Studded Leather Sleeve, 80ql: 1s White Dragon Hatchling Drake Hide, 82ql, 0.17 weight: 5s 10c Oil of the Armour Smith, 24ql: 1s Oil of the Armour Smith, 86ql: 1s Longsword, Iron, 73ql (N74, FB64, CoC87): 1.5s Huge Axe, Iron, 73ql (N74, FB78, CoC67): 1.5s Large Maul, Iron, 71ql (N70, FB76, CoC57): 1.25s Chain Coif, Seryll, 30ql: 1s Large Rat Pelt, 92ql (CoC75, WoA69): 35c Hammer, Iron, 81ql (CoC61): 20c Hammer, Iron, 80ql (CoC61): 20c Toolbelt, Leather, 71ql: 20c Thank you.