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  1. I'm looking for supreme small anvil (preferably with 90+ WOA/BOTD).
  2. close
  3. Starting bid: 18s Increments: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: 25s Sniper 30 minutes
  4. zamiast muwic o planach muwmy o pszyczynach

  5. [19:49:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  6. 70QL supreme large metal shield (C94) - 20s 91QL supreme great helm, steel (WA83) - 20s 85QL supreme axe, iron (N94, LT92, C92) - 30s 90QL~ 4x rare horse shoes, iron (W95, W97, W98, W97) + 90QL~ rare saddle (W94) - 30s 70QL supreme backpack, leather - 10s 90QL~ rare maul, iron (N97FB97C96MS90) - 11s
  7. Just get 'jre8-openjdk' and 'iced-webtea' via pacman and run wurmonline.jnlp applet by 'javaws'. Don't forget about getting graphic card drivers
  8. Did you recived them?
  9. Coz you are not able to receive private messages on forum im posting here Would you accept them all :P?
  10. I think they are just not intended to be painted. You can paint your great helms too but their colours will be not visible when worn on head.
  11. Looking for someone to convert my 30faith follower in to a priest. I'm going to travel.
  12. Yeah.. and can be reversed in 180 days since transaction for any reason in any time. Sellers wants to feel safe too but most of people doesnt understand that. It's amazing payment method for both sides but not when you are going to exchange your virtual goodies for real money.
  13. My offer is 6s for 91QL rare small anvil (w95, c63). CoD to Chemiq if its fine for you