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Found 6 results

  1. A one-stop shop for arrows as well as a wide range of bulks and other items. All goods available for collection at Glarnfadryn (Xanadu, Q/R24 on in-game map). Delivery can also be arranged to non-Chaos locations for a small fee and will often be provided free of charge. Buyer pays COD on mailed items. Imping services available for – carpentry, fine carpentry, fletching, blacksmithing, masonry, stonecutting, jewellery smithing – up to 90 quality and in some cases higher. Orders taken – most raw materials* or crafted items (see skills above) can be made on demand if not listed here. Feel free to PM me and we can work something out. Contact Gwyn in game. *Excluding fish and foraging/botanizing items. Arrows Available in any quantity, whether several thousand or just a few. More can be made to order. War Quality Price (per 100) Current Stock (Maple / Cedar) 15+ 45c 1755 / 0 30+ 65c 176 / 0 50+ 1s25c 16 / 0 70+ 3s 458 / 0 Hunting Quality Price (per 100) Current Stock (Maple / Cedar) 15+ 43c 966 / 0 30+ 60c 400 / 0 50+ 1s20c 269 / 0 70+ 2s95c 0 / 0 Miscellaneous Bulks Bricks (50+ql unless listed otherwise) Marble – 2s/1k – 7.5k in stock Marble (75+ql) – 3s/1k – 3k in stock Pottery – 3.5s/1k – 2k in stock Rounded stone – 2s/1k – 1.5k in stock Sandstone – 2s/1k – 1k in stock Sandstone (75+ql) – 3s/1k – 2k in stock Sandstone (93+ql) – 5s/1k – 1.4k in stock Slate – 2s/1k – 2k in stock Slate (80+ql) – 3s/1k – 3k in stock Stone – 2s/1k – 15k in stock Stone (75+ql) – 3s/1k – 6k in stock Stone (94+ql) – 5s/1k – 4k in stock Stone (100ql) – 9s/1k – 1k in stock Catseyes (18ql) – 3.5s/1k – 2k in stock Clay (50+ql) – 1s/1k – 15+k in stock Clay (100ql) – 3s/1k – Plenty in stock Concrete – 1s/100 – 0 in stock Dirt – 0.7s/1k – 22k in stock Fence bars – 1s/100 – 600 in stock Iron ribbons – 40c/100 – 2200 in stock Lye (75+ql – Small barrel, 45kg) – 1s each – 4 in stock Lye (80+ql – Small barrel, 45kg) – 1s25c each – 2 in stock Lye (85+ql – Small barrel, 45kg) – 1s75c each – 2 in stock Metal Lumps – Huge selection, ql-range, and stock – Ask for details Mortar (50+ql) – 2s/1k – 12k in stock Mortar (87+ql) – 4s/1k – 14k in stock Nails (80+ql) Large – 2.3s/1k – 1.2k in stock Small – 2.2s/1k – 1.2k in stock Planks (50+ql) – 1.5s/1k – 4k in stock Planks (70+ql) – 2s/1k – 1.5k in stock Shafts (50+ql) – 1.25s/1k – 2k in stock Shingles Pottery – 2s/1k – 400 in stock Slate – 1.4s/1k – 500 in stock Slabs Marble – 1s/100 – 750 in stock Sandstone – 1s/100 – 0 in stock Slate – 1s/100 – 0 in stock Stone (plain) – 1s/100 – 350 in stock Support Beams – 4s/100 – 1200 in stock Tar (68ql) – 1s/1k – 2k in stock Most resources (lumps, shards, clay, dirt, logs, etc.) available up to 100ql – ask for prices and quantities. Food, farm, forestry goods 100-ql goods Barley – 1s/1k – 1.5k in stock Cheese – 1c each Bison – 100 in stock Cow – 150 in stock Sheep – 100 in stock Flour (All varieties) – 20c/100 – ask for quantities Milk (Small barrel, 45kg) – 20c each Bison – 6 in stock Cow – 6 in stock Sheep – 6 in stock Garlic (99ql) – 0.75s/1k — 42k in stock Seedlings and sprouts – 1c each – many in stock, ask for details Trellises (30+ ql) Grape – 5c each – 0 in stock Hops – 5c each – 20 in stock Rose – 5c each – 0 in stock Furnishings, Fittings, Furnaces, Storage, Decoration, Etc. Beehives (70ql, empty, cedarwood) – 40c each – 0 in stock Beehives (active or noisy, cedarwood) 70ql – 80c each – 1 in stock 75ql – 90c each – 2 in stock 80ql – 1s each – 1 in stock 85ql – 1s25c each – 6 in stock Bell Tower (70ql) – 70c each – 2 in stock Bulk Container Unit (70ql) – 60c each – 0 in stock Catapult (70ql) – 50c each – 1 in stock Canopy Bed (70ql) – 1s each – 1 in stock Cupboard (70ql) – 30c each – 2 in stock Fine High Chair (70ql) – 30c each – 6 in stock Furnaces Forge (90ql) – 1s60c each – 4 in stock Kiln (90ql) – 1s70c each – 1 in stock Oven (90ql) – 1s60c each – 4 in stock Smelter (90ql) – 2s each – 3 in stock Larder (70ql with 100 mixed ql snowballs) – 70c each – 4 in stock Lounge Chair (70ql) – 30c each – 4 in stock Marble Planter (70ql) – 30c each – 4 in stock Lighting Hanging Lamps Brass (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Bronze (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Copper (50ql) – 10c each – 5 in stock Gold (50ql) – 12c each – 5 in stock Silver (50ql) – 12c each – 5 in stock Lamps Brass (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Imperial (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Iron – Plain (50ql) – 10c each – 20 in stock Torch (50ql) – 10c each – 6 in stock Marble Brazier Pillars 50ql – 90c each – 6 in stock 70ql – 1s15c each – 3 in stock 85ql – 1s50c each – 0 in stock Mine Door Gold (50ql) – 1s60c each – 2 in stock Rock 70ql – 30c each – 2 in stock 80ql – 60c each – 2 in stock 90ql – 1s20c each – 1 in stock Silver (50ql) – 1s50c each – 1 in stock Steel (50ql) – 90c each – 1 in stock Wood (70ql) – 40c each – 2 in stock Rectangular Marble Table (70ql) – 30c each – 2 in stock Round Marble Table (70ql) – 30c each – 2 in stock Royal Lounge Chaise (70ql) – 50c each – 0 in stock Royal Throne (70ql) – 50c each – 0 in stock Still (70ql, copper) – 70c each – 0 in stock Strange Device (70ql) – 40c each – 2 in stock Wardrobe (70ql) – 40c each – 2 in stock Washing Bowls (70ql) – 50c each – 2 in stock Tools Stock to be updated. Ask for details. Rares, etc. Stock to be updated. Ask for details.
  2. Selling a bit of everything ! Pickup available at Independence House of Lords M25 (ingame map) or 62x41y (community map). Taking sleep powders as payment for crops and enchants now! Taking orders for any items you may need ! For any questions or orders send a forum message or PM Zoranah or Raldon ingame ?Acorns? ?Animal bits? ?Building materials?️ ?Cochineals? ?Collectables? ?Compasses?️ ?Crops? ?Cheese? ?Dyes? ?Eggs? ??Enchants?? ?Fillets? ?Fish? ?Flowers? ?Fruits? Grass? ?Herbs&Spices? ?Hides? ?Imping services? ?Juices? ?Leather? ?Maple sap? ?Meals? ?Meat? ?Milk? ?Oils? Potions Potion mixing ?Rares/Supremes/Fantastics? ?Recipes? ??Rune attaching services?? ??Sacs?? ?Seedlings? ?Silver coins? ?Shoulderpads? ?Sprouts? ?Tomes? Transmutation liquids ?Woad? ?Wool?
  3. Everything has to be gone! I am not leaving wurm, just clearing out... Moon metals Bloods&Potions Rift gears Animal parts Mortar/bricks/grass Sprouts&Seedlings Rare trash(and not only!) Food Others: Drake hide Valentines Archaeology statue fragments JK unfinished guard tower If you are looking for favor or digging/mining/woodcutting products up to 100ql PM me on forum or ingame (Szczur) I accept silvers&euros Send me a PM with your offer or questions! Friendly ad:
  4. All orders are pick up, COD, or Wagoner only. Sealed Barrels COD is 10c Bulks Milk Wool Alcohol! Rares Cooking Oils "Other Items"
  5. Wurm Depot

    Hello, welcome to Wurm Depot Now accepting orders for bulk materials. I use two alts plus another guy and his alt, so we get orders finished pretty fast. Free delivery to any coastal areas except chaos, crate exchange or 10c per crate (crates will be free once I can make them myself). During downtime we will work on stockpiling materials to cut down on the waiting time, we understand that when you want to build something you don't want to wait forever for your materials. Price List: Bricks 2s/k Mortar 2s/k Concrete 1s/100 Support Beams 3.5s/100 Slate Slabs 10s/100 Planks 1s/k If there is anything not on the list just let me know. PM Mousepad, Drual, or Rionor in game or post/PM here. Looking forward to supplying all your building needs. Thanks for your consideration.
  6. We're closed for maintenance, dont mind the stuff below this sentence! Hey Wurmians, Are you looking for bulks, carpentry items and/or some of the oh so well known services from kekstier? Well, you are at the right place to get them! These are the bulks which i offer: -Mortar............................................................../1k in stock, taking orders 3s per 1k -Stone Bricks.................................................../stock is empty, taking orders 2s per 1k -Planks............................................................./stock is empty, taking orders 1s per 1k -Clay................................................................./stock is empty, taking orders 1s per 1k -Sand.............................................................../stock is empty, taking orders 1s per 1k I also offer carpentry items: -Bulk Storage Bins/Food Storage Bins......./stock is empty, taking orders 5c per 1 -Other Carpentry Items not listed here: just pm me (Kekstier) small crates, barrels, etc Dont forget to mention my services: -Digging (you will receive the outcoming materials) 10i per action->1s per 1k actions -Housebuilding (both Stone and Wooden ones) 2c per wall if you provide the mats (any walltype) 4c per normal wooden wall (20 actions + 20 planks + one large iron nail) <-i provide the materials 10c per stone wall (20 actions + 20 mortar + 20 stone bricks) <-i provide the materials not sure on the timber framed walls yet, pm me for closer informations <-i provide the materials My special items in stock: -Gems 37+38ql=75ql in total ............................ /1c per 1ql, so 75c for both -Source Crystals 0 in stock, for free -Others will be added Important: If you dont see anythink you woudl expect here, pm me and i try to sort it out for you! How to get my items: -Pm me on the forum, i will try to check my inbox at least 2 times every day -Pm me ingame, my name is Kekstier --> you can pick them up on Release in Lakeglen Bay (ingame map-> h24) --> OR i will deliver them for 10c per cart load across Release (i wont head to any other island yet, sorry) Other Payment Methods: -a Knarr, any woodtype is worth 15s to me (you will get refund up to 5s if you dont spent the full 15s, and i will deliver your stuff for free trough Release as well as to other islands for any order from you) -im open for other payment methods Have fun and save travels!