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  1. Happened to me many times, even going 56kph on a knarr. Tried to reproduce but couldnt
  2. ok so still nothing other than assumptions about the hyper ultra mega dirty meta grind, do you mean just COMMON KNOWLEDGE? some people actually spend some time to find out how grinding works, and is it really that suprising that they can do it a little bit faster than a total noob? look at the top accounts on jackal niarja, I dont see anything weird there btw did you know that jackal skillgain is different than freedom? plz link the dirty tricks I want my body to be strong let me get my pickaxe
  3. if youre throwing around ridiculous claims you should be prepared to back them up with evidence XD
  4. Multiple skills at 90 and 50 body strength for 20$? 20body batteries with nothing but 70faith sell for more
  5. Before you find the deed token, they could already have 100 wagons stocked on their freedom deeds. There's a high probability that its just a token in the middle of the field, or in some old ruins so theres nothing to cart away. With no way of disbanding the deed other than continuous draining it can take a long time before that happens. Also that can be prolonged just by throwing the money into the deed (money acquired from the wagon sales). Before the introduction of the 2s alts, you had to pay 1g for the declaration of independence plus 10s for each alt, so thats 2,5gold in alt premium only, 3,5g total. Now that cost is down to 1,5g total so thats a big difference. You pretty much need to sell 10 wagons and you're in the green. Imo the 2s alts shouldnt count and the wagons created should be normal freedom wagons untill you hit the influence treshold
  6. If youre out of combat for 10sec your stamina is gonna regen anyway. Whats the point of sandwiches then? Just fix the bug so you cant queue them in combat. And if the enemy lets you get out of combat and eat a quick sandwich, whats the problem with that? Just keep people in combat and they wont be able to eat
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to give it a try. I knew that stuff existed but never really had a need to use it. But still, isnt it weird that you have to use 3rd party software to write macros and use wurm assistant just to make that grind acceptable? And even if you get that macro you still need to stand in place for months to get that 70 skill, being totally useless. And it's not even a tiny bit rewarding. If you're making bricks, or mortar you can make like 1k, sell them, get some silver, buy yourself a nice rare chisel, make more bricks, build a house... etc... With prayer? Nope. You just stand there mindlessly clicking one key, and all you get is truckloads of salt, flint and iron coins
  8. I totally understand that, and have no problem with it, thats why I said about the event window spam, sending so many commands every second cant be good for the servers. I was just looking for a way to make this painful grind a little bit easier.
  9. Yeah, thats what I'll have to do. I was just wondering if its possible to make this process a bit easier, because clicking all the time doesnt really let me focus on anything else since im just thinking about the timers and have to press the key all the time. Imo the prayer goal should be changed or the prayer system reworked because now it just means i'll have to keep paying premium for months just to stand next to a wall, pressing one key in regular intervals for many hours a day, cause it cant be automated in any way, like other boring wurm activities, making mortar, bricks, planks etc
  10. Damn, I thought it only applies to a situation when you do it for like half an hour, not a few minutes. I guess im gonna need to just tap the key like a maniac for months then X.x Thanks for the response.
  11. I was wondering, since I'm going for that 70 prayer grind and it's so boring and takes a really long time. Usually when I do multiple actions, for example making mortar I just use the crafting window and click the create button with the windows 'mouse keys' option. However since prayer doesnt take as much stamina, and I've noticed that holding a keybind key for a while automatically fills up your queue, is it legal for me to just hold down the F (bind prayer) key while watching a movie? I think it is, since im not using any external programs to do it, and I'm stopping once in a while to get my stamina regenerated but the event window gets really messy with all the messages, and I know there was a player banned for putting a toothpick in his keyboard to hold a key while going afk for 20minutes. The question is, if that's a bannable thing? Or will I just get a macro question or a GM will come, and when I respond to that I'm not gonna get banned? Just to clarify i dont want to afk-pray, i'm at my PC at the time.
  12. The colour is random, you cant choose it. You can only know what colour it is after you apply the rune [Edit] @down Wow that was quick, well then sorry for misleading information. Free bump i guess