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  1. The game is full of top tier accounts with 90+ skills and the prices are constantly dropping. This would make it easier to get a high skill, which would only make things worse. -1 Yep. I like it.
  2. Farming Enhancements? Sowing/Harvest

    Even if its slow, you could just make a strip farm and just press 'x' to auto-run and go afk. I see a lot of potential to exploit this system.
  3. Farming Enhancements? Sowing/Harvest

    I like this idea but imo its gonna cause a drop in prices, sowing and harvesting is pretty time consuming now, so "Farmer X" only has a 100x100 field cause he doesnt have the time to maintain a bigger farm. With tools like that he could make a 1000x1000 farm and just get massive amounts of veggies. Even if without tending you'd get a 1-2 yield per tile it still might be worth it since it would be really easy to replant the fields - just hitch 2x5speed hell horses with rare gear to it and plow the fields 30km/h
  4. WTS Tome of incineration

    You can buy Slime or Blood of angels for that price (or even cheaper), this tome never went for this much. Good luck anyway
  5. Wickedwench Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Great seller! Thanks very much for the studded armour
  6. WTS bloods and potions

    What's wrong with that? I wasnt sure about the prices, but I did some research and edited the post.
  7. WTS bloods and potions

    I can sell them for 2s each
  8. WTS bloods and potions

    Goblin leader = Potion of mining Blue dragon hatchling = Potion of fletching Goblin leader blood - 2s each The rest - 1,5s each
  9. For Auld Lang Syne

    Nah just drop them on the ground and call it an event
  10. For Auld Lang Syne

    Well you created that 'system' so who's fault is it? The community? Creating a flawed system that allows people to exploit will always cause that. Also you had some experience from the last year so you could make some changes, but you decided to do exactly the same thing, and people did exactly the same as last year. Why not give an announcement that an event is happening in 30mins or something like that? There's no GL freedom window on Chaos so I guess the entire chaos playerbase cant enter the box event because of... Reasons? So you have to be on a certain server (one of the freedom isles), you'll have to actually be online for the entire 24hours a day and watch the GL freedom chat (last quiz event was 4AM my time), AND then you have to win the event. If I didnt make a post about it, we wouldnt even know that there's gonna be more quiz events. Dont get me wrong, its nice that you're actually doing this but the entire thing doesnt make sense to me. I guess I'll stick to streamer/community events since somehow they manage to make it fair, and announce things properly.
  11. For Auld Lang Syne

    Yep. Same. And there was a dragon spawn? Some quiz on GL freedom to win more chests? And none of these things were announced??? Seems like they just wanna give the rewards to anyone just so they can say they did it. Doesnt matter that it only targets a few lucky people, instead of giving everyone a fair chance.
  12. For Auld Lang Syne

    An event like that should be announced a day before to give everybody a fair chance of getting the rewards. Too bad I didnt make a suicide alt, because that was the best way to get 'rewarded' in this 'event'. People got like 5 chests just suiciding all over xanadu starter deeds in the first hour of the event, and chaos players that actually have to risk their life and items in order to find those chest couldnt find any in hours of searching. It was exactly the same with the last year chest and people exploited it as much as they could, so.... you did it again? Just with better rewards so people will exploit even more? Great event 10/10 will have a suicide alt ready for the next year