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Found 22 results

  1. Enchanted Treasures by A.S.K. brings you top quality BOTD tools and much more. We have over 25 years combined experience in WURM and are here to stay. We specialize in high end Blacksmithing (99.99 skill), Leatherworking (99.58 skill), Carpentry (98.86 skill), Fine Carpentry (97.36 skill), BOTD (99 skill+ Bene) and LT (91 Skill + Bene) We offer 100+ BOTD casts and instant mailboxes for 5s anywhere, add a size rune for just 1s extra Message us here or pm us in game at one of the following three names: Ashlynne, Saturnfive, Killashandra Our hardworking priests: Libilia Priest - Kiwiroo Fo Priest - Aetheleflaed CUSTOM BOTD CAST CUSTOM LT CAST 80 + 2s 80 + 2s 90 + 3s 90 + 4s 100 + 5s 100 + 6s FEATURED ITEMS Awl 104 BOTD 95ql 8s File 104 BOTD 95 QL 8s Hammer 104 BOTD 96 QL 9.50s Leggat 104 BOTD 93 QL 8.50s Mallet Oak 102 BOTD 95 QL 9s Saw 104 BOTD 97ql 11s Saddle 101 BOTD 95ql 18s Scissors 100 BOTD 91ql 6.30s Shovel 105 BOTD 95 QL RTV 8s Sickle 103 BOTD 80ql 6s Spatula 104 BOTD 93 QL 8.50s Spindle 100 BOTD 93 QL 8.50s We offer Rune Service on any tool purchased from us for 1s extra and 1.50s guaranteed attach for any item not purchased from us (non-moon metal runes). TOOLS ARCHAEOLOGY WOODCUTTING NATURE FORESTRY & ORGANICS
  2. Came to Wurm looking for an MMO, and what a MMO i've found! I am a RL Greatsword enthusiast, So I thought I could perhaps make some sort of a Blademaster/Barbarian trope! Focusing on Leatherwork (36) and WeaponSmithing (12) (yes, I know it's long) at the moment. I've been on for 3 weeks but an introduction is never bad. As I always say, happy grinding! Nicolás.
  3. Rare Stone Chisel Q90 ! - [00:03:41] A straight tool with a strong hard blade made for cutting stone. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. (Iron) -[00:03:41] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [103] (oof) -[00:03:41] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [91] Starting bid: 20s Increment (minimum): 1 s No Reserve. Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - Quinnybluez (CAD)
  4. Goblin leader = Potion of mining Blue dragon hatchling = Potion of fletching Goblin leader blood - 2s each The rest - 1,5s each
  5. Welcome to Athol, where we don't act like the way the name sounds! Unfortunately my chronic migraines have gotten worse over the past month, so I won't be in game much. if you need something please send me a pm or post here please. Athol Market and **** Creation Services will build any building or bridge, mine any tunnel, and/or dig any hole for you. FREE SHIPPING as long as your deed is part of the highway system on Pristine, or to any coastal water of any other server. Athol Market currently has the following items for sale: Vehicles - can be made to order, half price if mats are provided, have mallet, will travel: Bulk Blacksmithing Items - made to order, iron lump on hand: Bulk Masonry/Stonecutting Items: Bulk Carpentry items - made to order, logs on hand: We can also make low quality items for those that want/need items to grind for imping(needles and rope tools for example). orders are accepted here or you can message me in game(Tomatoes) as well.
  6. WTS contents of pic for listed price OBO
  7. potion of mining, 77ql - 3s potion of mining, 76ql - 3s fletching potion, 79q - 80c oil of the weapon smith, 94ql - 1.5s ointment of stonecutting, 50ql - 1s oil of the armour smith, 95ql - 1.5s
  8. Sold

    WTS potion of woodcutting QL92.38 3.5s potion of woodcutting QL91.34 3.5s potion of woodcutting QL81.40 3.0s potion of woodcutting QL77.06 3.0s feel free to post an offer if you re not happy with the price
  9. WTS all these potions: Ointment of stonecutting QL24.26 - 0.7s (DMG-4.12 ) QL62.31 - 1.3s QL63.57 - 1.3s (DMG-3.17 ) QL78.77 - 1.3s QL92.28 - 2s Potion of carpentry QL79.67 - 1.5s (DMG-1.26 ) QL84.97 - 2.3s QL85.84 - 2.33s (DMG-1.16 ) QL99.43 - 3.9s Fletching potion QL54.84 - 1s QL84.50 - 1.5s QL98.05 - 2s (DMG-1.02 )
  10. Mining, Armorsmith, WC and LW are sold out. Stonecutting - 4s each New Price 3s each Weaponsmith - 2s each New Price 1.5s each Acid - 50c each I will try to check daily and send out. 30% discount for the whole bundle if someone wants to hoard them
  11. Buying stonecutting and masonry potions over 50ql, or troll king bloods. Paying 2s each. Edit: Stonecutting pots covered.
  12. Potion of Leatherworking 52.98 1.5s Oil of the armour smith 61.34 1.5s Oil of the Weapon Smith 78.54 QL 3s Oil of the Weapon Smith 74.17 QL 3s Oil of the Weapon Smith 66.17 QL 2s Oil of the Weapon Smith 60.54 QL 2s Oil of the Weapon Smith 57.93 QL 2s Oil of the Weapon Smith 46.93 QL 1.5s Potion of Mining 86.16 QL 6s Potion of Mining 83.75 QL 6s Potion of Mining 79.52 QL 5s Fletching Potion 86.13 QL 3s Fletching Potion 73.76 QL 2s Ointment of Stonecutting 80.85 QL 2s Ointment of Stonecutting 79.56 QL 2s Ointment of Stonecutting 77.21 QL 2s Potion of Woodcutting 97.80 QL 5s Potion of Woodcutting 90.56 QL 5s Potion of Woodcutting 84.71 QL 4s Potion of Woodcutting 77.56 QL 4s Potion of Woodcutting 68.88 QL 4s Potion of Woodcutting 53.37 QL 3s
  13. #1 Make an offer #2 2s SOLD! #3 1s SOLD! #4 Make an offer SOLD! #5 5s SOLD! All items may be picked up from my deed (Karthwasten, G17) on Pristine or CoD. Everything of value has been sold. Please close the topic.
  14. Item up for auction: 89QL Rare Stone Chisel: [13:31:01] A straight tool with a strong hard blade made for cutting stone. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [13:31:01] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [73] [13:31:01] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [100] Starting Bid: 8s Increments: 1s Buyout: 18s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding!
  15. Buyer Pays COD From Independence. A: Ointment Of StoneCutting: 2.5s Sold B: Oil Of The Amour Smith: 2.5s C: Potion Of Woodcutting: 2s Sold D: Potion Of Mining: 5s Sold PM me on the forums/Post here if interested in purchasing.
  16. Marble statues or even statuettes, maybe even colossus. yay or nay
  17. I am working with a stone chisel to make bricks with a 68ql stone chisel [19:00:12] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [6] I am not getting any higher ql of the bricks than the rock-shards, for me this potion should improve the ql of the bricks I am making and make them little better than the rockshards. It should have them same effect a pick with mining potion has, because I have noticed that potion works. Best regards Stimrol
  18. Buyer pay COD. 1. potion of leatherworking, 80.67ql - 2s 2. oil of the armour smith, 39.63ql - 80c 3. ointment of stonecutting, 67.36ql - 1s 4. ointment of stonecutting, 49.67ql - 90c
  19. 1. Potion of Acid ql. 78,58 >> 2s 2. Potion of Acid ql. 75,37 >> 2s 3. Potion of Mining ql. 64,4 >> 3s SOLD 4. Potion of Mining ql. 84,18 >> 4s SOLD 5. Potion of Mining ql. 94,58 >> 5s SOLD 6. Ointment of Stonecutting ql. 58,47 >> 2s 7. CR potion ql 70 >> 10c 8. 31 yellow potions (ql ranges from 16 to 100, avg. ql 66,9) >> 1,5s SOLD
  20. 1. 78,47 ql 2s 2. 96,47 ql 3s Buyer pays CoD.
  21. I am selling masonry and stone cutting items. I can imp your forge or oven up 95ql or even higher of you want. Prices are as follows 80ql = 1s 90ql = 2s 95ql = 5s My in game name is Greyhound. Minimum order is 2s. I only accept work on Independence atm.